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An account of Dr. Swift has been already collected, with great diligence and acuteness, by Dr. Hawkesworth, according to a scheme which I laid before him in the intimacy of our friendship. I cannot therefore be expected to say much of a life> concerning which I had long since communicated my thoughts to a man capable of dignifying his narrations with so much elegance of language and force of sentiment.

JONATHAN SWIFT was, according to an ac. count said to be written by himself*, the son of Jonathan Swift, an attorney, and was born at Dublin on St. Andrew's day, 1667: according to his own report, as delivered by Pope to Spence, he was born ■^at Leicester, the son of a clergyman, who was minis'ster of a parish in Herefordshire -f-. During his life the place of his birth was undetermined. He was

* Mr. Sheridan in his Life of Swift observes, that this account was really written by the Dean, and now exists in. his own handwriting in the library of Dublin College. R.

f Spence's Anecdotes, vol. II. p. 273.

Vol. XI. B con

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