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By the Lord Bishop of St. David's, October 4.

DEACONS. Davies, T.

St. David's Evans, T.

B.A. Jesus Howell, G.

St. David's Hughes, Jacob

St. David's Hughes, S. J.

St. David's Jones, Isaac

St. David's Meyler, William

B.A. St. John's

PRIESTS. Brondey, W.J.. .

B.A. Caius Desprez, B, Soulbien .

St. David's Evans, E.

Sr. David's Jones, R. Bowen

B.A. Jesus Jones, W.

St. David's Morris, John

B.A. Jesus Rees, B. .

B.A. Jesus





By the Lord Bishop of Barbados.


B.A. Trinity
B.A. Trinity


Morison, G..
Phillips, H. N.


PROMOTION. The King has been pleased to order a congé d'élire to the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Ripon, empowering them to elect a Bishop of that see; and his Majesty has also been pleased to recommend to the said Dean and Chapter the Rev. Charles Thomas Longley, D.D., to be by them elected Bishop of the said see.



Blackburne, T.
Brown, J.
Cartwright, W.
Clarke, T.
Evans, H.



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Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese.


217 Durham Durham D. & C. of Durham | Prestwich-cum

1230 Lancash.Chester Earl of Wilton
St. Paul, Chichester

240 Somerset B. & W. Rev. J. Royle
Christ Church, Preston Lancash.

St. James, Taunton 254 Somerset B. & W. J. Cottle, Esq.

81 Somerset B. & W. H. Dawes, Esq.

P. of D

563 Chesh. & C. of Bp. of Lich. & Cov.


445 York

York D. & C. of Durham Llawhaden

152 PembrokeSt.David's Bp. of St. David's
Meer Green, Sulton

Stratton Audley 89 Oxford Oxford D. & C. of Chr. Ch.


The King

120 Durham Durham. D. & C. of Durham Fovant

465 Wilts Salisb. Earl of Pembroke

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Preferment. Net Value. Coun!y. Diocese. Patron.
S Henstead with

423 Suffolk


244 Wilts Salisb. Dr. Radcliffe
St. Chad's,Shrewsbury 350 Salop L. & C. Lord Chancellor

Sheriffe, T.
Sissmore, H.
Yardley, J..


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CLERGYMEN DECEASED. Died, on Wednesday, 5th ult. at the Lodgings of University College, after a short but severe illness, the Rev. George Rowley, D.D. Master of that Society, and Vice-Chancellor of the University Oxford. Dr. Rowley was educated at Abingdon School, under the late Dr. Lempriere, and entered as a Member of University College, November 1, 1799, being then 17. Having received the highest honours at the public examination in the Easter Term preceding, he took the degree of B.A. June 21, 1803 ; became M.A. May 8, 1806; was elected to a Fellowship of University, February 13, 1807; appointed Tutor of that College in the course of the next year, and nominated Public Examiner in 1810. Upon the death of Dr. Griffith, in 1821, he was unanimously chosen to succeed him in the Mastership of University, to which he was elected on the 1st of June in that year; and immediately after he proceeded B.D. (June 9) and D.D. (June 15, 1821). In October, 1832, Dr.Rowley, who had previously, for some years, acted as a Pro-Vice-Chancellor,was nominated by the late Lord Grenville, Vice-Chancellor of the University: and it is remarkable that, having filled that distinguished post for the usual period, he was on the very eve of resigning office, when he was seized with the fatal malady which has, in a few short weeks, terminated his valuable life. During the Vice-Chancellorship of Dr.Rowley, independent of several very important academical occurrences, three of a peculiarly interesting nature have occurred, -the visit of her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent and the Princess Victoria, the election and installation of the Duke of Wellington as Chancellor of the University, and the royal visit of her Majesty to Oxford. In his official duties he was noted for his punctuality and decision: nor was he more remarkable for his firmness of character, and a straightforward and fearless determination to perform, in all cases, what he deemed his duty, than for a kindness of disposition, and a constant readiness to consult the wishes and convenience of all who were officially connected with him. There is no person throughout the University, whatever be his grade, who does not respect his memory, and lament his loss.-On Monday, October 10, his remains were interred in the chapel of University College. In conformity with the wishes expressed by the deceased, the funeral was strictly private, being attended only by his relatives and the members of the College. Name. Preferment. Net Value. County.

Diocese. Patron.

£ Bamford, H. L. · Aconbury 258 Hereford Hereford Guy's Hospital

(P. of D.) Browne, J. { and Taddington

& C. of Vicar of Bakewell

Lich. Chapman, R. Tannington

196 Suffolk Norwich Bp. of Rochester Duncall, J.. Peak Forest

70 Derby

Duke of Devonshire Foster, R. Sutton Bonnington 219 Notts York Lord Chancellor

Lord Howard of EfLacy R.. Whiston 868 York

Prestwich cum
Lyon, J.

Lancash. Chester Earl of Wilton
Madan, S. Ibstock

964 Leicester Lincoln Bp. of Rochester Fisherton Anger 160

W.H.F.Talbot, Esq. Nicholas, J. Bremitham

121 Wilts Salisb. Lord Northwick Westport 310

Lord Chancellor Papillon, w. Wymondham 515 Norfolk Norwich Bp. of Ely. Preedy, J.. Hinton with Stene 343 Northam. Peterboro Earl Spencer Rowley, G., D.D. Stanwick

373 Northam. Peterboro Lord Chancellor Wheeler, c. Stratton Audley 89 Oxford Oxford D. & C. of Chr. Ch. Wrench, T. R. St. Michael, Cornhill 387 Middlesex London Drapers' Company


10;} Derby



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Burke, E. J...

Cogan, L.
Creyke, S.
Green, C. S.
Hughes, H. .
Jennings, T. F.
Kempe, J. E.
Rimell, E.
Sturgiss, F.
White, S..

Appointment. (One of the most learned of the Roman Catholic Clergy,

and lately converted from Romanism), Curacy of Dro-
more, County Tyrone, Ireland.
Chapl. 10 the Work house, St. George's, in the Clifton

Examining Chapl. to the Abp. of York.
Mastership in Collegiate School at Leicester.
Afternoon Lectureship of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch.
Chapl. to the Work house, Pennywell Lane, in the Clifton

Second Mastership of Free Gram. School, Bury, Suffolk.
Curacy of St. Blazey, Cornwall.
Curacy of Sutton, in Holderness, Yorkshire.
Chapl. to the Union at Warminster.

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Name. Bale, S. S. Browne, J. Claye, w. Daubeny, A. .


Appointment or Residence.
Witham, Sussex.
Mastership of Free School at Bakewill.
Domestic Chapl. to his Grace the Duke of Grafton.
Of Pembroke College, Oxford, and Blackwell House,

Chapl. General of the Colony of Hobart Town, Van Die-

man's Land.
Park Crescent, Worthing.
Curate of Hawkedon, Suffolk.
Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and late of Albany, U.S.
Lympsham, Somersetshire, and of Queen's Coll. Oxford.
Stanwick, Northamptonshire.

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OXFORD. In consequence of the death of the Vice- This nomination having been unaniChancellor (Dr. Rowley) it became neces- mously approved, the Senior Pro-Vicesary to install some other Head of a House Chancellor present, the Rector of Exeter, in that distinguished office. Accordingly, a after a brief but very apposite and affecting Convocation has been held, when (the occa- eulogium on the merits of the late chief sion of the meeting having been formally officer of the University, placed the books, announced) the following letter from the keys, &c. (the insignia of office) in the Duke of Wellington, as Chancellor, was hands of the Senior Proctor ; and the read:

Vice-Chancellor elect, having first sub" To the Rev. the Senior Pro-Vice-Chan

scribed the declaration enjoined in lieu of cellor of the University of Oxford. To

the sacramental test, and taken the accusbe communicated to the Heads of

tomed oaths, received the same, and immeHouses, and proposed in Convocation.

diately proceeded to the official seat. The

new Vice-Chancellor then addressed the “Mr. Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Gentlemen, Convocation in a very eloquent and manly

“ The lamented death of our late friend, oration. In the first place, alluding to the the Rev. Dr. Rowley, making it necessary especial difficulties and dangers of the prethat I should nominate another Vice-Chan

sent times as regarded the University, Dr. cellor, I do hereby nominate and appoint Gilbert expressed his determination, imparthe Rev. Ashurst Turner Gilbert, D.D., tially and fearlessly, to do his duty, not Principal of Brazennose College, to be my doubting but that the cooperation and Vice-Chancellor for the ensuing year. assistance of the members of Convocation Therefore, wishing you all happiness and would be readily afforded him, and that a prosperity under his good government, I favourable construction would, at all times, remain, Mr. Pro-Vice-Chancellor and

be put upon his acts and intentions. The Gentlemen, your affectionate friend and

indulgence of the University was, he reservant, “ WELLINGTON.

marked, more peculiarly due to him on “ The Grange, near Winchester,

the present occasion, since the loss recently “ Oct. 6, 1836."

sustained by the whole body in tbe death

President of Corpus-the Vice-Chancellor dissolved the Convocation.

of his highly-valued predecessor was to himself, individually, of a still more trying nature; for he had looked forward to the kindness and experience of Dr. Rowley for that assistance, advice, and cooperation which the late Vice-Chancellor's attention to business, his firmness, his discretion, and, above all, his high principle and strict integrity of purpose, would have rendered invaluable to one succeeding to the important pose he was himself now called upon to occupy.

The Vice-Chancellor concluded his short but very impressive address, by an earnest hope and prayer that the University right, by the blessing of Providence, triumph over the machination of her enemies, open and concealed, and finally be preserved and continued as a means of keeping up true religion, promoiing virtue, and extending the benefits of sound and useful learning through the British empire. Having nominated the following Heads of Houses Pro-ViceChancellors-viz. the Rev. Dr. Jenkins, Master of Balliol; the Rev. Dr. Jones, Rector of Exeter; the Rev. Dr. Bridges,

Congregations will be holden for the purpose of granting Graces, and conferring Degrees, on the following days in the present Term, viz. :Nov. Thursday, 10 | Dec. Thursday, 1

1 Thursday, 17 Thursday, 8

Thursday, 24 | Saturday, 17 No person will, on any account, be admitted as a Candidate for the Degree of B.A. or M.A., or for those of B.C.L. or B. Med. (without proceeding through Arts) whose name is not entered in the book, kept for that purpose, at the Vice-Chancellor's house, on or before the day preceding the day of Congregation.


The Rev. John Armstrong, of Balliol College, Oxford, admitted to the degree of Master of Arts.


To re-appoint the Macartney Museum The Vice-Chancellor.

Syndicate, with the addition of Professor W. French, D.D. Mast. of JesusColl.-Div. Cumming's name, for the purpose of J.W. Geldart, D.C.L. Trinity Hall-Law. drawing up and submitting to the Senate T. Ingle, M.D. St. Peter's Coll.— Physic. such Regulations as may be thought best R. Crory, B.D. Emman. Coll. -Sen. Non. for the future management and care of the Reg.

Macartney Museum and Anatomical PreJ. Mills, jun. M.A. Pemb. Coll.Sen. Reg. parations.

The Syndics of the Pitt Press having

purchased certain premises, which they The following gentlemen have been

considered to be of great advantage to the elected University Officers :

property of the University connected with PROCTORS.

the Press, for the sum of 11871. 12s. 2 d.; Rev. F. Martin, M.A. Fell. of Trin. Coll. to authorize the payment of the said sum, Rev. G. R. Tuck, M.A. Fell. of Emm. Coll. To allow the wardens of the Market the

usual stipend.

At the same congregation, the Rev. Rev.G.F. Nicholas, M.A. Fell.of King'sColl. Rev. J. W. L. Heaviside, M.A. Fell. of

Joseph Watkins Barnes, of Trinity Col

lege, and the Rev. Robert Birkett, of Sidney Sussex Coll.

Emmanuel College, were appointed ProMODERATORS.

Proctors. Rev. J. W. L. Heaviside, M.A. Fell. of

Sidney Sussex Coll. Rev. E. Steventon, M.A. Fell. of Corpus Meetings of the Cambridge PhilosoChristi Coll.

phical Society for the present Term-Mon

day (Anniversary) Nov. 17; Nov. 14; Rev. G. E. Corrie, B.D. Fell, of Cath. Hall.

Nov. 28; Dec. 12.
Rev. W. Hodgson, B.D. Fell. of Si.
Peter's Coll.






The following Graces have passed the Senate :

Henry Barratt, Pembroke Coll.
Charles Robert Darwin, Christ's Coll.

Rev. C. Boileau Elliott, Queen's Coll.
James Cheadle, Queen's Coll.
Alexander Ellis, Caius Coll.

Delves Broughton, Caius Coll.
D. M. Mackintosh, Corpus Christi Coll.
Charles Fardell, St. John's Coll.
G. Gardiner, St. John's Coll. (Comp.)
Heorg James Jackson, Catharine Hall.

The following gentlemen, scholars of
Trinity College, have been elected Fellows
of that Society ;- viz. Messrs. Lushington,
Rawle, Howes, and A. Smith.

MARRIAGES. At Clifton, the Rev. Richard Tawney, M.A. Rector of Willoughby, Warwickshire, to Susanna James, youngest daughter of Dr. Bernard, of Clifton.

At Farnham, the Rev. W. Hurdis Lushington, M.A. of Oriel College, and Rector of Eastling, Kent, to Caroline, second daughter of John Menzies, Esq.

At Derby, the Rev. Thomas Mozley, M.A. Fellow of Oriel College, and Rector of Cholderton, Wilts, to Harriet Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late John Newman, Esq. of London.

Rev. W. C. A. Maclaurin, Episcopal Minister of Blair Athol, to Helen, only surviving daughter of James Milne, Esq. of Edinburgh.

Rev, John Prior, eldest son of Dr. Prior, Senior Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin, to Sarah, eldest daughter of the Hon. C. B. C. and Lady Sarah Wandesforde, of Castlecomer, in the county of Kilkenny, and Kirklington Hall, Yorkshire.

At Boston, the Rev. C. Mossop, M.A. Vicar of Helpston, Northamptonshire, Domestic Chaplain to his Grace the Duke of Somerset, to Lucy Burrough, relict of the Rev. E. Booth, Vicar of Friskney, and daughter of the Rev. S. Partridge, late Vicar of Boston.

At Prittlewell, Essex, the Rev. D. L. Weddall, M. A. Rector of Chillesford, Suffolk, to Louisa Mary, second daughter of the late Rev. C. Smear, of Frostenden, in the same county.

At Bishops Cannings, the Rev. Geo, Thomas Marsh, Vicar of Sutton Benger, to Frances Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Rev. Archdeacon Macdonald.

At St. James's, London, the Rev. R.

Sherson, Rector of Yaverland, I. W. to
Catharine, daughter of the late Isaac
James, Esq. of East Acton, and Charles-
street, St. James's.

At Honingham, Norfolk, the Rev. William Frost, to Caroline, fourth daughter of Richard Crawshay, Esq.

At St. Margaret's, Westminster, the Rev. R. B. Hone, Vicar of Hales-Owen, Salop, to Frances, youngest daughter of J. Rickman, Esy, House of Commons.

At Tunbridge Wells, the "Rev. Erskine W. Holland, A.M. Rector of Warehorne, in Kent, nephew of the Rt. Hon. Lord Erskine, to Caroline Bennett Gray, daughter of Mrs. Oliphant, relict of the late Campbelt Oliphant, Esq. of Grove House, near Henley-on-Thames.

At Cambridge, Alfred Power, Esq. Barrister-at-Law, and Fellow of Downing College, to Lucyanne Starkie, eldest daughter of Thomas Starkie, Esq. K. C. of Bedford-square, London.

At Welcon, the Rev. Richard Ward, late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, to Elizabeth, only daughter of the Rev. Joseph Walls, of Boothby Hall, near Spilsby, Lincolnshire.

At Banwell, the Rev. Reginald Pole, Rector of Sheviock, Cornwall, third son of the Rev. Dr. Pole, Rector of Barford St. Martin, Wilts, to Jane, third daughter of Alex. Powell, Esq. of Hurdcott House, Wilts.

At Walthamstow, Essex, Edm. Barker Ray, Esq. M.A. of Brasennose College, youngest son of Robert Ray, Esq. of Grove House, Edmonton, to Frances, youngest daughter of William Tooke Robinson, Esq. of Walthamstow.

Rev. John Ferdinand Collins, B.A. of University College, to Sarah, youngest daughter of the late John Hawthorn, Esq. of St. Ann's, Jamaica.

At Overton, Flintshire, the Rev. Henry Knapp, M. A. of St. John's College, Curate of Overton, to Anna Maria, third daughter of the late G. Kenyon, Esq. of Cefu, Denbighshire.

Rev. Hewitt O'Bryen, second son of the late Henry Hewitt O'Bryen, Esq. of Whitepoint House, in the county of Cork, to Louisa Grace Anne, eldest daughter of the late Rev. John Hoare, Chancellor and Vicar-General of the diocese of Limerick.

At Brighton, Joseph Kenworthy, Esq. of Caius College, Cambridge, to Ann Maria, eldest daughter of John Cass, Esq. of Ware, Herts.

At Upper Clapton, the Rev. Joseph Esmond Riddle, M. A. of St. Edmund Hall, and of Brunswick Chapel, London,

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