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By the Lord Bishop of Worcester.


Degree. College. University. Carter, G.

B.A. St. John's Cambridge Gem, Arthur Stevenson

B.A. Magdalen Hail Oxford Roberts, T.

B.A. Trinity

Dublin Sherwood, Henry Martyn

B.A. Queen's


PRIESTS. Couckman, J.

B.A. Clare Hall Cambridge Crow, F. A.

B.A. Christ's

Cambridge Fox, Octavus.

B.A. Lincoln

Oxford Hetherington, Joseph

M.A. Queen's T - - Oxford Sikes, Robert Paxton

B.A. Magdalen Hall Oxford Spencer, C.

Christ's Cambridge Taylor, Thomas .

B.A. Magdalen Hall Oxford Whorwood, Thomas Henry

M.A. Fell. of Magdalen Oxford


By the Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells.

(let. dim.) B.A. Christ Church

Marsh, G. T.


PREFERMENTS. Rev. T. Carr, D.D. late Archdeacon of Bombay, has been consecrated Bishop of that Diocese.


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Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese.


£ Beadon, R. A. Cheddar

203 Somerset P.of D.&C.of W.D.&C.of Wells Brooke, W. Kingston

Camb. Ely King's College
Bryan, R. S.

51 Devon Exeter G. Luxton, Esq. St. Paul's Chap. Caunter, J. H.


350 MiddlesexLondon The King Clarke, H.. Guisborough

72 York York Abp. of York Corbett, W. Preb. of Moreton Parva Hereford Hereford Cath. Dawes, R. Kings Somborne 696 Hants Winchest. Sir C. Mill, Bart.

Glascombe Evans, B. with Colva and 171 Radnor St.David's Bp. of St. David's

Rulen Fothergill, Belstone

154 Devon Exeter Rev, J. Hole Gamlen, S. Bossal

445 York York D. & C. of Durham. Goodden, G. South Barrow

80 Somerset P.of D.&C.of W. Mrs. Toogood. Hardwicke, T. P. Neen Solars 360 Shropsh. Hereford Worcester College Heald, W. M.. Birstall Hull, w. St. Gregory

120 Norwich Norwich D. & C. of Norwich Hurlock, J.. Ixworth

101 Suffolk Norwich R.N.Cartwright, Esq. Woodbastwick Kerr, W.

206 Norfolk Norwich J. Cator, Esq. with Panxworth Lee, P. H.. Stoke Bruern

422 Northam. Peterboro' Brasennose College Lethbridge, T. B.. St. James, Taunton 254 Somerset B. & W. Sir T. P. Lethbridge Marsh, B. T.. . Sutton Benger

Wilts Salisbury D. & C. of Salisb. Mozley, T. Cholderton

225 Wilts Salisbury Oriel College Murray, W. St. Peter's, Colchester 285 Essex

J. Thornton, Esq. Orger, W... New Church, Shirley Overton, J. Sessay

574 York York Viscount Downe Parker, H. T., Blandford

167 Dorset Bristol D. & C. of Winchest. Phelps, T..s. . Weston Bampfylde 193 Somerset B. & W. Rev J.Goldesbrough T. Dunne, and E. 94 Hereford Heref.

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Preferment. Net Vahe, County.


FugglestoneSt. Peter

482 Wilis Salisbury Earl of Pembroke
with Bemerton
94 Hereford Hereford

ST. Dunne, and

E. Evans, Esqs. Deddington

133 Oxford Oxford D. & C. of Windsor Badley

40 Suffolk Norwich Earl of Ashburnham Wetheringsett

604 Norfolk Norwich A. H. Steward, Esq. with Brockford Hanghain

Sir J. C. Thorold with Marston Sulham

147 Berks Salisbury F. Wilder, Esq. Holton

197 Suffolk Norwich The King

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Thorold, H. B.
Wilder, G.
Worship, W. T.

CLERGYMEN DECEASED. Death of AN AMERICAN Bishop.—Bishop White, of the diocese of Pennsylvania, died at Philadelphia on July 17th, at the age of 88. He was consecrated to the Episcopacy in 1787, by Dr. John Moore, Archbishop of Canterbury, and assisted by Dr. William Markham, Archbishop of York; and he consecrated every Bishop of the Episcopal church at present in the United States, excepting only the Bishop of Michigan, who was consecrated subseqnently to Bishop White's confinement. He may truly be styled the father of the Episcopal Church of Eng. land in America, and the American papers speak of him as having acquired during his long life universal respect. “The Christian world,” says a Philadelphia paper, “ is much indebted to his example, precept, and steady adherence. In his death the Church mourns one of her great apostles. With his bereaved family we sincerely sympathize ; but may they not be consoled by the reflection that he has departed full of honours as of years ?" At his funeral it has been arranged that a suspension of business shall take place throughout the city and liberties. The funeral will, probably, be the largest since Dr. Franklin's. He died at his residence in Walnut-street, Philadelphia. “When his death became known (says

one account) the bells of the several churches in Philadelphia were muffled, and 1. a general sorrow seemed to pervade the community."

Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese.



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Butcombe Luxton, J. Brushford Martyn, J. L.

Queen Square
Milne, Dr. J..

Chignall St. James
and Mashbury

Winksley and
Oates, J.


and Sawley in Ripon Simons, J.

Paul's Cray
Spooner, R. D. R. Worlaby
Whitney, G. Stretford
Woodford, F. . Weston Bamfylde

101 Suffolk Norwich R. N.Cartwright, Esq.
205 Bucks Lincoln Earl Spencer
360 Shropsh. Hereford Worcester Coll, Oxf.
30 Somerset B. & W. W. Hoskins, Esq.
99 Devon Exeter Vicar of Porixham

C. Ellison, T. Brown, 197 Durham Durham andSirT.Clavering,

alt. 240 Somerset B. & W. Rev. R. P. Hasell

51 Devon Exeter G. Luxton, Esq. 569 MiddlesexLondon, Duke of Buccleugh 430 Essex

B. 68

York York D. & C. of Ripon 66 483 Kent Rochester Viscount Sydaey 278 Lincoln Lincoln J. Webb, Esq.

{ {

Evans, Esq. 193 Somerset B. & W. Rev.J.Goldesbrough

King's Coll. Camb. 192 Lincoln Lincoln and Earl of Scar

boro', alt. 262 Cornwall Exeter R. P. Carew

Yonge, D...





Archibald, J. Chapl. to Central Work house of Newent Union, Gloucestershire.
Atwood, H. A.S. . Chapl. to the Lord Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry.
Barber, J. R. Curacy of St. Mary Somerset, Thames-street, London.
Birkett, J.: Curacy of St. Margaret's, Hollingwood, Lancashire.
Bury, C. A.

Chapl. of Hertford County Gaol.
Kennedy, Dr. Head Mastership of Shrewsbury Free Grammar School.
*Maule, H. A. Mastership of St. John's Hospital, Huntingdon.
Pitman, J. R. Chapl. to Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent.
Smyth, J. W.

Curacy of St. John Beckermont, Durham.
Sykes, s.

Curacy of Coley, in the Parish of Halifax.
Tonson, L.

Chapl. to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland.
Williams, A.. Chapl. to the Workhouses of the Bath Union.
Wood, J. R. Resident Deputy Clerk of the Closet to His Majesty.

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B. A. of Brasennose College (Bucks) ;

Frederick Pyndar Lowe, B. A. of UniverWm. Robertson, M.A., Thomas Harris, sity College, (Nottinghamshire). M.A., the Rev. John Rouse Bloxam, M.A, Demics. - Francis Minden Knollis, of John Montague Cholmeley, M. A., and Lincoln College, (county of Berks); DawCharles Reade, B.A., Probationer Fellows son William Turner, of Exeter College, of Magdalen College, have been admitted

(diocese of Norwich); Thomas Pearse, of Actual Fellows of that Society. At the Wadham College, (county of Oxford); same time the following gentlemen were Henry Cadwallader Adams, of Balliol admitted Probationary Fellows and De- College, (city of London); William Geo. mies

Henderson, Wadham College, (diocese of Probationary Fellows.The Rev. Wm. Winchester); Arthur Alcock Barker, (dioWheeler, M. X., Rev. Edward Greene, cese of Norwich); John Earle Welby, great M.A., Edward Meyrick, M. A., Bernard grandson of the late Dr. Horne, President Smith, B.A., John Edward Chaplin, B.A. of Magdalen College, and Bishop of Nor. late Demies of Magdalen ; John Fisher, wich, (county of Lincoln).



Dec. 4. Coll. Joh.
Ang. 7. Coll. Trin.

11. Mr. Packe, Chr. 14. Coll. Joh.

18. Mr. Adams, Regin. 21. Mr. Penneck, Pet.

25. Fest, NATIV. 28. Mr. Bateman, Regin.

POSTER COMB. Sept. 4. Mr. Wrench, Corp. 11. Mr. Beechey, Cai.

Aug. 7. Mr. Frost, Clar. 18. Coll. Regal.

14. Mr. Mills, Clar, 25. Coll. Trin.

21. Mr. North, Clar. Oet. 2. Coll. Joh.

24. Fest. S. Bart. Mr. Lindsell, 9. CONCIO AD CLERUM.

Jes. 16. Mr. Daniel, Chr.

28. Mr. Stevenson, Jes. 23. Mr. Borton, Cath.

Sept. 4. Mr. Newberry, Regin. 30. COMMEM. BENEFACT.

11. Mr. Sikes, Regin. Nov. 6. Mr. Thornton, Corp.

18. Mr. Fitzherbert, Regin. 13. Mr. Smith, Cai.

21. Fest. S. Matt. Mr. Barwick, 20. Coll. Regal.

Regio. 27. Coll. Trin.

25. Mr. Venn, Regin.

1837. Jan. Rev. J. H. Marsden, St.Johu's

Feb. Rev. H. Melvill, St. Peter's.
Mar. The Hulsean Lecturer.
April Rev. H. V. Elliott, Trinity.
May, Rev. J. Gibson, Sidney.

CLARE HALL. The Rev. J. E. Kempe, M.A. of Clare Hall, has been elected a Foundation Fellow of that Society.

Sept. 29. Fest. S. Mich. Mr. Stuart,

Regin ; Mr. Tinkler, Corp. Oct. 2. Mr. King, Corp.

9. Mr. Cape, Corp. 16. Mr. Cumby, Corp. 18. Fest, S. Luc. Mr. Newland,

Corp. 23. Mr. Colbeck, Emman. 28. Fest. SS. SIM. ET Jud. Mr.

Bunch, Emman. 30. Mr. Daniel, Chr. Nov. 1. Fest. OM. SANCT. Mr. Packe,

6. Mr. Deans, Chr.
13. Mr. Smith, Magd.
20. Mr. Owen, Magd.
27. Mr. Hodgeon, Magd.
30. Fest. S. AND. Mr. Dayrell,

Dec. 4. Mr. Pinder, Cai.

11. Mr. Eade, Cai.
18. Mr. Howarth, Cai.
21. Fest. S. Thom. Mr. Burnaby,

25. FEST. NATIV. Mr. Kelly, Cai.
26. Fest.S.STEPH. Mr. Beechey, Cai.
27. Fest. S. Joh. Mr. Jarrett, Cath,
28. Fest. INNOC. Mr. Power, Cath.

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MARRIAGES. Rev. John D'Urban, Curate of High Halston, Kent, to Anne, relict of Thomas Aveling, Esq. of Eaton Socon.

At Marylebone, the Rev. F. Du Boulay, of Clare Hall, Cambridge, to Sybilla, daughter of the Lord Bishop of Exeter,

July 9, the Rev. Richard King Bed ingfield, of Queen's College, Cambridge, Assistant Curate of Wokingham, to Charlotte Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Robert Trower, Esq. of Woburn. place, Russell-square.

July 14, the Rev. Francis A. Jackson, B.A. of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, Vicar of Riccall, Yorkshire, to Charlotte, daughter of the late Colonel Kirke, of East Retford, Notts.

At Cartmal, Lancashire, the Rev. Edmond Townly, to Margaret, second daughter of James Losh, Esq. of Northumberland.

July 12, the Rev. Edmund Gilbert Roberts, youngest son of the late Sir Walter Roberts, and only brother of Sir Thomas Roberts, Bart. of Britfieldstoon, county Cork, Ireland, to Elizabeth Anne, daughter of R. Joyce, Esq. of Elm Cottage, Teignmouth.

July 21, the Rev. R. W. Scurr, Vicar of Aldeburgh, Suffolk, to Miss Julia Slight, of York-place, Portman-square.

At St. Pancras New Church, the Rev, Stephen Hurst Langston, M. A. of Wad-' ham College, Oxford, Rector of Aston Sandford, Bucks, and Perpetual Curate of St. George's, Sheffield, to Maria, youngest daughter of B. Rotch, Esq. of Sidmouthstreet, Regent-square.

At Woodchester, James Mactaggart; Esq. late a Gentleman-Commoner of Christ Church, Oxford, to Helen Emma, eldest daughter of James Smith Adams, Esq. of Tower House, Woodchester.

At Kingston, the Rev. John Lukin, M.A. of Oriel College, Oxford, and Rector of Nurseling, Southampton, to Lucy Elizabeth Byng, eldest daughter of the late Lord Torrington.

In Dublin, the Rev. J. T. O'Brien, to

Mr. Beynon, Magd.

Mr. Atkinson, Trin.

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Ellen, daughter of Edward l'ennefather, Henry Thomas Attkins, of Langley Esq.

House, to Penelope, eldest daughter of July 26, the Rev. William Wales, M.A. the Rev. W. G. Freeman, Rector of MilVicar of All Saints, Northampton, to ton, Cambridgeshire. Frances, seventh daughter of Launcelot In Belfast, the Rev. W. Campbell, of Haslope, Esq. of Selly Hall, Worcester- White Abbey, to Maria, daughter of the shire.

late Lieut.-Col. Campbell, 5th Bengal, Hon. and Rev. John Grey, of Trinity Native Infantry. College, Cambridge, second son of Earl August 10, at St. George's, HanoverGrey, to Georgiana, second daughter of square, the Rev. George Goodenough the Most Noble the Marquis of Bristol. Lynn, of Christ's College, Cambridge, to

July 23, the Rev. Thomas Spyers, of the Hon. Elizabeth Lucy Fraser. St. John's College, Cambridge, Head August 10, at Ryburgh Church, by the Master of Aldenham School, to Eleanor Right Hon, and Rev. Lord George GorFrances, only daughter of the late S. don, the Rev. Arthur Loftus, second son Doorne, Esq. banker, of Rochester. of the late General and the Right Hon.

Rev. W. H. Tudor, M.A. of Trinity Lady Elizabeth Loftus, to Mary Anna College, Cambridge, and Domestic Char. Ray, only child of the Rev. Wm. Ray Jain to the Marquis of Cholmondeley, to Clayton, of Norwich, and Rector of RyJulia Arabella Maria, fourth daughter of burgh, in the county of Norfolk. the late Lieut.-Gen. Campbell, Lieut.- At Wem, Salop, the Rev. W. F. Governor of Gibraltar.

Sanders, B.A. Master of the Grammar Rev. John Gore, Rector of Aghada, School, Goudhurst, Kent, to Jane Ann, Cork, to Elizabeth, daughter of M. daughter of the Rev. F. Salt, M.A. Rector Harris, Esq. of Upper Merrion-street, of Grimshill, &c. Salop. Dublin.

At Bedminster, the Rev. D. Thomas, At Shanklin, Isle of Wight, the Rev. to Charlotte, daughter of the late J. Samuel Prosser, M. A. of St. John's Saunders, Esq. of Plymouth. College, to Eliza, only daughter of R. J. At Killaloe, the Rev. R. W. Nisbett, Williams, Esq. of Chatham-place, Hack- of O'Gonoloe Glebe, Clare, to Alicia,

daughter of the late Ringrose Drew, Esq. At Layton, Essex, by the Rev. W. of Drewsborough. Wilson, B.D. Vicar of Walthamstow, the Rev. T. Conyers, of Guyers, Wilis, to Rev. Benjamin Parsons Symons, D.D. Eliza Octavia Woodcock, daughter of Warden of Wadham College, Oxford, to John Richards, Esq. of Hythe, near Lydia, eldest daughter of John Master- Southampton. man, Esq. of Layton.

At Kensington, the Rev. G. W. T. At Mark's 'Tey, near Colchester, the Carwithen, of Littleham, Devon, to Rev. Thomas Farley, B.D. late Fellow Louisa, daughter of H. Hoffham, Esq. of Magdalen College, and Rector of of Clapham-road. Ducklington, in this county, to Eliza- At Ålderbury, Wilts, William Leyland beth, eldest daughter of the Rev. Peter Woods, Esq. M.A. of St. John's College, Wright, M.A. of Balliol College, Rector and of Chilgrove Sussex, to Mary Anne, of Holy Trinity, Colchester, and Vicar of eldest daughter of George Furt, Esq. of Mark's Tey, Essex.

Alderbury House. August 4, at Sunning-hill, Berkshire, The Rev. Arthur Browne Spry, the Rev. J. W. Geldart, D.C.L. Regius B.A. of Trinity College, third son of Professor of Civil Law, and of Trinity James Hume Spry, Esy. of Charter Hall, Cambridge, to Mary Rachel, House-square, to Matilda, third daughdaughter of Mrs. Desborough, of Hem- ter of Harry Browne, Esq. of Diss, ingford Grey, Huntingdonshire.

Norfolk. August 4, the Rev. John White, Vicar At Trowse, near Norwich, the Rev. J. of Fairfield, and Perpetual Curate of Edmund Cox, B.A. of All Souls' Col. Thanington, Kent, to Mary Ann, eldest lege, Oxford, to Jane, only child of James daughter of the late George Baker, Esq. Bell, Esq. of the fornier place. of St. Stephen's, and grandaughter of the At Stow Bardolph, Norfolk, the Rev. late Very Rev. Gerrard Andrews, D.D. Edward Freeman, M.A. of East DereDean of Canterbury.

ham, to Anne Sturley, only daughter of August 4, the Rev. E. Rice, Head Mr. John Busli, of Stow Park Farm, near Master of Christ's Hospital, to Sophia Downham Market. Beman, daughter of the late Mr. Blount, By special licence, at the Cathedral of Uxbridge.

Church of Durham, by the Rey. George August 8, at Langley, Bucks, the Rev. Townsend, Prebendary of Durham, Vis

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