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The following gentlemen of this Uni

EXETER COLLEGE. versity were admitted to their Degrees as An Examination will take place on Barristers-at-Law, by the Hon. Society of Thursday, the 2d day of June, in order to the Inner Temple :-St. George Gore, Election to Three Scholarships in this Oriel College ; Edward Kensington, M.A. College. One, open to all, Undergraduates Balliol College; Matthew Henry Marsh, or others about to enter at the University, M.A. Student of Christ Church; and above the age of 16; the second, limited Charles Henry Ansley Martelli, B.A. Tri- to sons of clergymen of the county of De.. nity College.

von, under the age of 19, with preference to The following gentlemen were called to the kindred of the Rev. Thomas How, the Degree of Barristers-at-Law by the late Rector of Huntspill, Somerset ; and Hon. Society of Lincoln's Inn :- John the third, limited to persons educated in Henry Barker, M.A. Christ Church ; Wil- the county of Devon, with preference to liam Robert Ward, B.A. Balliol College ; Ashburton School. and Charles Greville Prideaux, M.A. Bal- Candidates are required to call on the liol College.

Rector, with the necessary certificates, on
or before Wednesday, the 1st of June.

President in the chair. The Rev. W.

Two of Lord Crewe's Exbibitions, now Lee, of New College, and J. Peter, Esq.

vacant, will be filled up on Saturday,

June 11th. of Merton College, were elected members.

N.B. Candidates must be natives of the The Secretary announced, that a limited number of copies of the Memoirs printed

Diocese of Durham ; or, in default of such,

of Northallertonshire and Howdenshire, by the Society were on sale at Mr. Parker's. Mr. Philip Duncan read a

in the county of York; or of the counties Paper on the Remains of Roman Art

of Leicester, Northampton, or of the Diofound in Britain, as illustrated by speci

cese of Oxford, and are desired to call, mens in the Museum ; and Dr. Daubeny

upon the Sub-Rector with an affidavit of made some comments on a passage in Dr.

their place of birth, on or before WedJohn Davy's recently published Life of his

nesday, June 8th. Brother, Sir Humphrey Davy ; and re

John Lucena Ross Kettle, Esq. M.A. plied to some objections brought against

and one of Lord Crewe's Exhibitioners, the chemical theory of volcanoes in the

Lincoln College, has been elected a Fellow

of that Society. last number of the Quarterly Review.


Two Fellowships are vacant in this PRASENNOSE COLLEGE.

College, open to any Members of the

University of Oxford, who are natives of A Fellowship is vacant, founded in

Buckinghamshire or Nottinghamsluire. 1522, for persons born in the City or Candidates must be Bachelors of Arts, at County Palatine of Chester, of the cou

least, at the pericd of Election, which sinage or lineage of John Williamson,

takes place on Tuesday, the 26th day of sometime Rector of St. George's, in Can- July; and they are required to present. terbury; or of the name, cousinage, or of

themselves to the President on or before the lineage of Sir John Port, Sergeant

the Thursday previous to the election, at-Law, or of his heirs, born within the

with certificates of baptism, and testimosaid City or County of Chester; who are,

nials from their Colleges or Halls. however, required to be Graduates of this

WORCESTER COLLEGE. University, not exceeding eight years from the day of their matriculation.

There will be an Election of a Scholar, Candidates are required to announce

on the Foundation of Mrs. Sarah Eaton, themselves to the Principal, on or before on Thursday, the 16th of June. Thursday, June 2, and to deliver, at the The Examinatiou will begin on Monsame time, in support of their claim of day, the 13th ult., at ten o'clock; and consanguinity, pedigrees authenticated by candidates are required to present to the the seal of the Heralds' College, together

Provost certificates signed by the Bishops with certificates of baptism, and testimo- of their respective dioceses, by the Minials from their respective Colleges or

nisters of their parishes, and by two or Halls.

more respectable inhabitants of the same, Thomas Chaffers, B.A. and Hulme's that “they are sons of Clergymen of the Exhibitioner of Brasennose College, has Church of England, and want assistance been elected a Fellow of that Society. to support them at the University."


QUEEN'S COLLEGE. The Annual Election of Scholars on the Old Foundation, open to natives of Cumberland and Westmoreland, between the ages of sixteen and twenty-one, will take place on Thursday, the 9th of June. Candidates are required to present themselves to the Provost on Saturday, the 4th, with certificates of baptism, and testimovials. The examination will commence on Monday, the 6th of June.

WADHAM COLLEGE. There will be an Election of a Scholar on Thursday, June 30th. Candidates must not have exceeded the nineteenth year of their age, and are required to

deliver to the Warden certificates of bap. tism, and of their parents' marriage, on or before Saturday, June 25, at nine o'clock,

WORCESTER COLLEGE. There will be an Election of a Scholar, on the Foundation of Mrs. Sarah Eaton, on Thursday, the 16th of June.

The Examination will begin on Monday, the 13th, at ten o'clock, and candidates are required to present to the Provost certificates signed by the Bishops of their respective Dioceses, by the Ministers of their parishes, and by two or more respectable inhabitants of the same, that "they are sons of Clergymen of the Church of England, and want assistance to support them at the University."


of the expenditure may be materially afThe Vice-Chancellor having issued a

fected by the nature of the stone and other notice to the Members of the Senate, that

materials employed. on the 11th ult. the voting for the selection

The Syndicate lately appointed to conof a design for the New Library would

sider and report upon the expediency of take place ; the three plans proposed were

purchasing the Museum and Anatomical those of Mr. Cockerill, Messrs. Rickman Preparations of Dr. Macartney, the Proand Co., and Mr. Wilkins. At the close fessor of Anatomy in Trinity College, of the voting, at two o'clock, Mr. Cock

Dublin, have made their report to the erill's plan was declared to be chosen by a

Senate. This report strongly recommends large majority.

the purchase, and it is believed that a At the same congregation the following grace will shortly be introduced to carry grace passed the Senate :- To appoint the

the recommendation into effect. Vice-Chancellor, the Master of Jesus Col

DEGREES CONFERRED. lege, Dr. Haviland, Mr. Peacock, Mr.

Worsley, Mr. Willis, and Mr. Hymers of
St. John's College, a Syndicate to consider Rev. John Stoddart, Clare Hall.
and report to the Senate whether the des

HOXORARY MASTERS OF ARTS, sign selected for the New Library, be in Chas. Wentworth Geo. Howard, Trinity conformity with the instructions given to

Coll. fourth son of the Earl of Carlisle. the Architects.

D'Arcy G. Osborne, Mag. Coll. fourth son The following report has been made to of Lord Godolphin. the Senate :

They have examined Mr. Cockerill's design with reference to the instructions

Henry Raikes, Corpus Christi Coll. given to the Architects, with regard to

Thomas Tower, St. John's Coll. the nature, extent, and arrangement of the

Rev. W. Pound, Fell. of St. John's Coll. accommodation required, and they are of

Rev. C. B. Lockwood, St. John's Coll. opinion that it is in conformity with those

Rev. F. Myers, Fell. of Clare Hall. instructions.

Rev. F. R. Begbie, Fell. of Pemb. Coll. With respect to the probable cost of the

Rev. W. Grigson, Corpus Christi Coll. buildings to be erected in the first instance,

Rev. H. T. C. lline, Corpus Christi Coll. they have made inquiries of Mr. Coek

Rev. W. W. Harvey, King's Coll. erill, who is of opinion that the portion of

G. Whitaker, Fell. of Queen's Coll. the design which is marked in lsis drawings

A. Peters Birrell, Sidney Coll. (see Portfolio, No. 5,) as purposed for in

BACHELORS OF ARTS. inediate execution, and which coinpre- W. A. Westohy, Trinity Coll. hends all the accommodation immediately Richard Jennings, Trinity Coll. required by the instructions, may be built John L.. Ison, St. John's Coll. and prepared for the reception of its fit- John Williamson, St. John's Coll. tings, for a sum not exceeding 25,0001. William Sparling, St. John's Coll. Mr. Cockerill, however, declines pledging William Williams, St. John's Coll. himself to this precise i um, as the amount Thomas T. Leete, Caius Coll.


Society, on the Foundation of Mr. Taylor.

T. Brotherton, Corpus Christi Coll.
Tliomas Coward, Queen's Coll.
James Bell, Queen's Coll.
Thomas Sandon, Queen's Coll.
John C. Glaves, Catharine Hall.
James Edw. Downing, Catharine Hall.
George Dover, Catharine Hall.
James Williams, Christ Coll.
W. H. Ibotson, Magdalen Coll.
John G. Johnson, Trinity Coll.
John G. Packer, Trinity Coll.
Joseph Pinilips, Trinity Coll.
John Johnstone, St. John's Coll.
Henry B. Jones, St. John's Coll.
Henry Drury, Caius Coll.
Robert A. H. Hirst, Caius Coll.
James Buller, King's Coll.
George Williams, King's Coll.
Benjamin Ayres, Queen's Coll.
Thomas Minster, Catharine Hall.
Robert John Morris, Jesus Coll.
Henry C. Knightley, Jesus Coll.
G. Leveson Gower, Trinity Hall.
T. Dawson, Downing Coll. (Comp.)

Rev, N. J. B. Hole, Pemb. Coll.

PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY. At a meeting of the Philosophical Society, Dr. Thackeray, V. P., in the chair; a letter from A. De Morgan, Esq., to the Rev. George Peacock, was read, containing a sketch of a method of introducing discontinuous constants into the arithmetical expressions for infinite series. Also a memoir by P. Kelland, Esq. of Queen's College, on the mathematical results of a mixture of elastic fluids (as air and vapour in the atmosphere), and on the theory of heat. With regard to the latter subject, the object was to show that there is a translation backwards or forwards of the colorific particles, consequent on and varying in intensity with the transverse vibration. Mr. Hopkins made some statements respecting experiments recently made on the temperature of mines and the doctrine of central heat. Mr. Airy gave an account of observations of temperature made during the great solar eclipse of Sunday, May 15th.

At a meeting of the Philosophical Society, Dr. Clark, the President, in the chair.' The Astronomer Royal (lately Professor Airy) read a communication on the intensity of light in the neighbourhood of a caustic. One object of this investigation was to determine what must be the circumstances of the rainbow on the undulatory theory of light. Afterwards Mr. Hopkins gave an account of the agreement between the results of his theory of elevatory geological forces, and the phenomena of gaults, as observed by him in the strata of Derbyshire.

The Chancellor's Prize for the best English Poem has been adjudged to Thomas Whytehead, of St. John's Col. lege. Subject—"The Empire of the Sea."

Graces also passed the Senate-To appoint Mr. Phillips, of Queen's College, an examiner for Tyrwhitt's Hebrew Scholarship in the place of the Regius Professor of Hebrew; and Mr. Browne, of Emnanuel College, in the place of the Professor of Arabic; also to appoint Mr. Skinner, of Jesus College, and Mr. Rose, of St. John's College, Examiners for the Tyrwhitt's Hebrew Scholarships.

Thos. Atwood Walmisley, Mus. Bac., of Jesus College, was appointed Professor of Music, in the place of the late Dr. Clarke W bitfield. Also, the Report of the Syndic of the Tyrwhitt's Hebrew Scholarships was confirmed.

Thomas Hunt, M.A. of Christ Church, was admitted ad eundem of Cainbridge.

MAGDALEN COLLEGE. Edward Warter, B.A. and the Rev. S. G. Fawcett, have been elected Senior Fellows, and H. H. Swinney, B.A. a Fellow, of Magdalen College.

MARRIAGES. At Arthuret Church, Longtown, Cumberland, the Rev. William Irving, M. A. of Jesus College, and of Weare, near Cross, Somersetshire, to Jane Ann, only daughter of the late Captain Rome, of the 28th Regiment of Foot.

At Claines, by the Rev. W. H. Weston, the Rev. William Holden, B. A. of Worcester College, Assistant Chaplain of St. Oswald's, Worcester, to Hannah Elizabeth, daughter of John Goldingham, Esq. F.R.S. of Britannia-square, in that city,

At Alderford, Norfolk, the Rev. Edmund Smith Ensor, son of John Ensor, Esq. of Rollesby Hall, to Ellen, second daughter of the late Charles Thompson, Esq. of Witchingham Hall.

John Baily, Esq. Fellow of St. Jolin's


Mr. Robert Phelps, M.A. Scholar of Trinity College, has been elected, by the Master and Fellows of Sidney Sussex College, Mathematical Lecturer of that

College, Cambridge, and of Lincoln's Inn, to Susan, daughter of Richard Smith, Esq. of Stoke Newington and Basinghall-street.

At Dunchurch, the Rev. Edward Blick, M. A., late Fellow of Clare Hall, in this University, Rector of Rotherithe, London, to Louisa Augusta, second daughter of the late Rev. William Hutchinson, Vicar of Colebrook, Devon.

The Rev. John Hutchinson, M. A., Perpetual Curate of Handford, Trentham, to Martha Oliver, third daughter of the before-mentioned Rev. William Hutchin

cester, and Chaplain to Earl Ferrers, to Mrs. Roberts, of Coed-mawr, Carnarvon,

At Walcot Church, Bath, the Rev. William Littlehales, of Exeter College, third son of Rear-Admiral Littlehales, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Captain W. H. Cleather, of his Majesty's 1st Ceylon Regiment, and many years Deputy Judge Advocate to his Majesty's Forces in that Island.

At Stoneaston, the Rev. Francis Annesley, M. A. of St. John's College, eldest son of the Rev. Arthur Annesley, M. A. of Trinity College, Rector of Clifford Chambers, Gloucestershire, to Charlotte, only daughter of the Rev. Henry Hodges Mogg, M. A. of Oriel College, Vicar of High Littleton, Somersetshire.


At Wateringbury, the Rev. Edward John Shepherd, Rector of Trotterscliffe, to Catherine Hoyman, youngest daughter of M. P. Lucas, Esq. of Wateringburyplace, Kent.

At Norwich, the Rev. Paul Johnson, Rector of Sidestrand, to Eliza, daughter of N. Bolingbroke, Esq.

Rev. T. Wyld, of North Wraxall, Wilts, second son of the Rev. G. Wyld, of Speen, Berks, to Maria, daughter of the late J. Neeld, Esq. of Gloucester-place, Portman-square.

The Rev. J. Pierce Morrice, Rector of Rympton, Somerset, to the Hon. Jane Lucy Powys, youngest daughter of the late Lord Lilford.

The Rev. Martin John Lloyd, M. A. of St. John's College, Cambridge, Domestic Chaplain to his Grace the Duke of Richmond, and Rector of Depden, Suffolk, to Sarah Loretta, eldest daughter of Joseph Timperen, Esq. of New Barnes House, Herts.

The Rev. William Kemble, of Swindon, Wilts, to Mary Anne, eldest daughter of the late John Henry Wackerbath, Esq. of Upton, Essex.

The Rev. James Philip Hewlett, of Dodbrook, Devonshire, to Miss Elizabeth Shackleford, of Cheltenham.

The Rev. William Corfield, to Henrietta Louisa, second daughter of Lady Maria Coles.

At Stonefield, Argyleshire, N. B., the Rev. Alexander Cameron, B. A. of Magdalen Hall, and of Kitchoman, Islay, to Mary, daughter of the late Carter Siiles, Esq. of Bristol.

At Llanbebleg, the Rev. Edward Morgan, M. A., late Fellow of Jesus College, Vicar of Syston, in the county of Lei.

BIRTHS. April 26, at Poets' Corner, the Lady of the Bishop of Hereford, of a daughter.

April 29, at Tunbridge Wells, the lady of the Rev. John Forster Alleyne, M. A. of Balliol College, of a daughter.

April 21, at the Rectory, Cricklade St. Mary, the lady of the Rev. Huglı Allan, of a son.

April 27, at High Park, the lady of the Rev. Edward Ward Wakeman, M. A. of Wadham College, of a son and heir.

April 29, at Hallow Vicarage, Worcestershire, the lady of the Rev. W. J. Phillpotts, of a daughter.

At the Vicarage, Adderbury, the lady of the Rev. Charles Alcock, of a daughter, still-born.

At Leamington, the wife of the Rev. C. H. Hartshorne, of a daughter.

May 1, at Chilham, near Canterbury, the lady of the Rev. W. Yorke Draper, of Wadham College, of a daughter.

At Swindon Rectory, the lady of the Rev. S. Raymond, of a son.

May 6, at Woodford, Essex, the lady of the Rev. William Macjanley Oliver, of a daughter.

May 10, the lady of the Hon. and Rev. S. Best, of a daughter.

At the Rectory, Great Bromley, Colchester, the lady of the Rev. W. H. Graham, of Exeter College, of a daughter.

At Aspeden Rectory, the lady of the Hon. and Rev. Grantham Yorke, of a daughter.

The lady of the Rev. Henry Reeks, of Warnford, Hants, of a daughter.

TO CORRESPONDENTS. It will give us pleasure to hear from “An Incumbent" again. "Swift," and our numerous other Correspondents, shall not be forgotten.



JULY, 1836.


Art. I. - Ecclesiastes Anglicanus : being a Treatise on the Art of

Preaching, as adapted to a Church of England Congregation : contained in a series of Letters to a Young Clergyman. By tlie Rev. W. GRESLEY, M. A. Curate of St. Chad's, Lichfield, and late Student of Christ Church, London: Rivingtons. 1835. 8vo. Pp. xvi. 472. Our views on sermons and sermon writers have been detailed at some length in our critique on Mr. Simeon's works in the three first numbers of our sixteenth volume. The subject, however, is one of great extent as well as importance, and admits continually of new illustration. It is therefore somewhat surprising that so little has been written on it in a country where this species of writing is so much cultivated, and which may more than challenge competition with every other in the world in regard to the eloquence, profundity, and doctrinal instruction of its preachers. Our Barrows, Tillotsons, Taylors, of other days, and our Blomfields, Bensons, Dales, of the present, are only individual stars in a galaxy of sermon-writers ; and yet we are not aware that any treatise of any great weight and authority on the art has hitherto appeared in our language, except that of Claude, which is, after all, a translation, although highly enriched by the improvements of its gifted editor. Many valuable hints, it is true, may be found in the writings of various divines; still, however, they are only hints. Mr. Bridges, in his Christian Ministry, has some good observations on the subject; but he observes that “ a full discussion of its several particulars would furnish ample materials for a volume.” The volume is supplied by Mr. Gresley, with what success we shall proceed to consider. His treatise has this advantage over Claude's, that it is not adapted to, but composed for, the English pulpit ; a consideration by no means unimportant to the English student.



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