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Rural Deanery of Kidderminster.
Curacy of the Parish of Halifax.
Chaplaincy of the Blean Union Workhouse.
Of St. John's, Chief Justice of Madras.
Curacy of St. Paul's, Cheltenham.
Archdeacon of the Island of Van Dieman's Land.
Assistant at Harrow School.
Head Mastership of Shrewsbury Royal Free Grammar School.
Head Mastership & Chaplaincy of Exeter Free Gram. School.
Mastership of Aldenham School, Herts.
Chaplaincy of the Devon County Prison.
Second Mastership of Shrewsbury Royal Free Gram. School.
Head Mastership of Harrow School.
Curacy of the Archdeaconry of Dyserth, and Vicar Choral of

St. Asaph Cathedral.



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OBITUARY. We announce with deep regret the death of the Rev. Dr. Valpy, upwards of fifty years an inhabitant of Reading. He was nearly the whole of that time Head Master of the Grammar School of that place. To deep classical learning he united the most extensive general knowledge ; habitually studious, and having enjoyed the advantage of travelling in foreign countries, his tact was very great in communicating classical literature. His powers of conversation were transcendent. As a preacher, his eloquence was fervid and persuasive. He was often called into the service of the public charities with great success; always devoted to genuine Christianity, his piety was sincere, kind, and unostentatious. Name

Appointment or Residence. Chester, G.

Master of Free Gram. School at Stamfordham, Northumberl. Evered, J.

Of Queen's College and of Bridgewater. Flower, R. H.

Curate of St. Giles in the Fields, London. Moxon, R. .

Curate of Ilkiston, Derbyshire. Ozanne, M.

Scholar of Pembroke College. Pickart, S.

Rural Deanery of Kidderminster. Strong, G..

Vicar Choral of St. Asaph Cathedral. Wasney, R.

Curate of St. Thomas Chapel, Newcastle.


OXFORD. Congregations will be holden for the

NEW PROCTORS. purpose of granting Graces and conferring

SENIOR PROCTOR. Degrees, on the following days in the en

Rev. Robert Hussey, M.A. Student of suing Term: viz.

Christ Church.

May, Thursday 5. May, Friday 13.
May, Saturday 21.

Rev. Henry Thorpe, M.A. late Fellow

of St. John's. Mr. Denver's Prizes for two Disserta

The former was presented by the Very tions in English have been adjudged as

Rev. the Dean of Christ Church ; the follows:

latter, by the Rev. Philip Wynter, D.D.,

President of St. John's College. After “On the Doctrine of Faith in the Holy taking the oaths, and being admitted by Trinity;" to the Rev. Henry William the Vice-Chancellor, with the usual cereWilberforce, M.A. of Oriel College.

monies, to the office of the Proctorship, the “ On the Sufficiency of the Holy Scrip- new Proctors nominated the following gentures for the Salvation of Man;" to the tlemen to be the Pro-Proctors for the Rev. James Stevens, M.A. of St. John's ensuing year:College.

Rev. Jacob Ley, M.A. Stud. of Christ Church,

Rev. Walter Lucas Brown, M.A. Stud. of Christ Church.

Rev. Lancelot Arthur Sharpe, M.A. Fellow of St. John's.

Rev. George Adams, M.A. Fellow of St. John's.

Rev.T.H.Whorwood, Fell.of MagdalenColl. Thomas Harding Newman, Demy of Mag

dalen Coll, Rev. Henry Trevor Wheler, Merton Coll. Charles Winser, Wadham Coll. Rev. J. Longueville, Wadham Coll. John Phillips, Scholar of Pembroke Coll.


The Rev. T. S. L. Vogan, M.A., of St. Edmund Hall, was nominated to preach the Bampton Lectures for 1837.

John Moore Capes, Balliol Coll.
Samuel Dendy, Trinity Coll.
Thos. Alexander Matthews, Trinity Coll.
William Surtees Raine, Exeter Coll.
Robt. Wilson, University Coll. grand comp.

At the Public Examinations the number of names inserted in the Proctor's list amounted to 198, of which 59 were those of candidates for classes.

The number of Essays sent in for the Theological Prize, founded by Dr. Ellerton, for the present year,



DOCTOR IN MEDICINE. William Dallas Bernard, Wadham Coll. grand comp.

BACHELORS IN DIVINITY. Rev. J. Menzies, Pell. of Corpus Christi Coll. Rev.T.Medland, Fell.of Corpus Christi Coll.

BACHELOR IN CIVIL LAW. Rev. James Buckingham, Wadham Coll.

MASTERS OF ARTS. W. E. Surtees, University Coll. gr. comp. Rev. George Lillingston, Worcester Coli. Henry Hilton, Worcester Coll. G. Waring Ormerod, Brasennose Coll. Dugald Campbell Gill, St. John's Coll. Fitzharding Berkeley Portman, Fell, of

All Soul's Coll. grand comp. John Basset, Christ Church, grand comp. Rev. Fred. Francis Fawkes, Christ Church. Henry Wall, St. Alban Hall. Henry Byne Carr, University Coll. Rev. J. Walrond Burrough, Queen's Coll. Rev. William Stone, Wadham Coll. J. Mont. Cholmeley, Fell. of Magdalen Coll.

BRASENNOSE COLLEGE. A Fellowship is vacant, open to Graduates of this University, being natives of the county of Chester, or of Lancaster, south of the Ribble, and not exceeding eight years from the day of their matriculation.

Candidates are required to announce themselves to the Principal, on or before Thursday, the 21st instant, and to deliver, at the same time, Testimonials from their respective Colleges or Halls.

MERTON COLLEGE. Mr. John Thomas Henry Peter, B.A. of Christ Church, has been elected a Fellow of Merton College.

ORIEL COLLEGE. The following gentlemen were elected Fellows of Oriel College :- William Sheppard, B.A. Scholar of Trinity; Charles Daman, B. A. Demy of Magdalen; Henry Shepheard, B.A. Scholar of Worcester: and Edward Arthur Litton, B.A. Balliol.

TRINITY COLLEGE. There will be an Election of Four Scholars on Monday, May 30. Candidates must be above sixteen and under twenty years of age, and will be required to present, in person, to the President, certificates of baptism, and testimonials of conduct, together with a Latin epistle, to request permission to offer themselves, at pine o'clock on Wednesday morning, May 25.

CAMBRIDGE. Regulations for Tyrwhitt's Hebrew 2. That the candidates for these schoScholarships.—The Syndicate appointed larships shall be, first, (actualiter) Bachelors to re-consider and renew the Tyrwhitt's of Arts or Inceptors, who are not of suffiScholarship regulations, which have ceased cient standing to be created Masters of to be in force, have recommended to the Arts; or, secondly, Students in Civil Law Senate as follows:

or Medicine, of not less than four, or more 1. That there shall in future be six than seven years' standing, who shall be scholarships, called Tyrwhitt's Hebrew required, before they are admitted to beScholarships.

come candidates, to produce certificates

from their respective professors, that they shall be competent for them to elect one have kept the exercises necessary for the scholar only, with the stipend of 20%. degree of Bachelor of Law or Physic. a-year.

3. That out of the net annual proceeds 12. That in case there shall be a defi of Mr. Tyrwhite's benefaction, the sum of ciency of deserving candidates for the two 1501. be divided among the six scholars, Scholarships in any year, the electors shall in the proportions hereinafter specified. have power, in the second or third suc

4. That the electors to these Scholar- ceeding year, to elect additional scholars ships shall be the Vice-Chancellor, the into the vacancy or vacancies thus occaRegius Professor of Hebrew, the Professor sioned ; after which the stipends, belongof Arabic, and two members of the Senate, ing to the Scholarships which have not to be nominated by the different colleges, been filled up, shall be appropriated in the according to the cycle of Proctors.

manner appointed in the next regulation. 5. That if the Regius Professor of 13. That the residue of the net annual Hebrew, or the Professor of Arabic, or proceeds of Mr. Tyrwhitt's benefaction both of them, shall decline, or be pre- not already disposed of by the third reguvented from examining, a deputy or de- lation, together with all accumulations puties shall be appointed by a Grace of the which may arise under the twelfth regulaSenate.

tion, shall form a fund to be expended in 6. That if it shall happen at any time, the promotion and encouragement of that two of the offices severally consti- Hebrew Literature, at the discretion of tuting electors are united in the same the examiners, provided that not more person, the deputy for the elector in re- than a third part of such fund be expended spect of one of the said offices shall be the in any year. Lord Almoner's reader in Arabic ; but if 14. That the account of this bequest be in any case the Lord Almoner's reader kept distinct from the general account of shall decline the office of deputy examiner, the University, and be annually audited by or shall be prevented from undertaking the electors in Michaelmas term before the the said office, a deputy examiner shall be first of November; and being so audited, appointed in his place by a Grace of the shall be laid on the Registrary's table in Senate.

the Senate-house at the next congrega7. That if the Vice-Chancellor, the tion, for the inspection of the Senate. Regius Professor of Hebrew, the Professor 15. That these regulations shall be in of Arabic, or any two of them, shall be force until the first congregation in Lent members of the same College, no elector term, 1842, shall in that case be appointed by that College, according to the cycle of Proctors;

ELECTION, but the appointment shall be made by a The election for the office of the Public Grace of the Senate.

Orator terminated on Wednesday evening, 8. That the appointment, when requi- the 27th ult. The votes were, for site, of an examiner or examiners by Mr. Crick

357 Grace of the Senate take place at the first Mr. Thorp

316 congregation in the Lent term of the year, and that the examiner or examiners so

GRACE. appointed continue in office until the first A grace passed the Senate, appointing congregation in the Lent term of the fol- Joseph Waikins Barnes, M.A., Fellow of lowing year.

Trinity College, Deputy Proctor in the 9. That the examination for these absence of Mr. Heaviside. Scholarships commencé annually on the The designs for the Enlargement of the second Wednesday in May; and that University Library have been deposited persons intending to be candidates send in in the Library for the inspection of Memtheir names to the Vice-Chancellor on or bers of the Senate. before the first day of May. 10. That two scholars be elected in

TRINITY COLLEGE. each year; that the first in the order of Philip Howard Frere, B.A. Scholar of merit of these two receive an annual Trinity College, has been elected one of the stipend of 301., and the second an annual Travelling Bachelors on the Foundation stipend of 201., for three years from the of William Worts, Esq. time of election ; that in case of equality The Rev. M. Prickett, M.A. has been of merit, the stipend of each be 251. elected by the Master and Seniors of

11. That should it appear in any case Trinity College, one of the Chaplains of to the majority of the electors that no one that Society, on the resignation of the of the candidates is deserving of a Scho- Rev. G. A. Smedley, M. A. Vicar of larship with the stipend of 301. a year, it Chesterton.



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The following gentlemen of Trinity Rev. Edward Thompson, cousin of the College have been elected Scholars of Earl of Lonsdale, to Miss Ellen Percy, that Society:

fifth daughter of the Bishop of Carlisle. C. M. Phillipps J. A. Frere

At North Elmham, Norfolk, by the Thacker *** Heath

Rev. H. E. Knatchbull, the Rev. W. H. Sadler Gregory

Hanson, Fellow of Caius College, CamStooks Vaughan

bridge, and Rector of Hockwold, near Sykes Edlestone

Wilton, Norfolk, to Anne Frances, daughBlake

Pollard, sen. ter of the late, and sister of the present Maitland Hardcastle

Right Hon. Sir Edward Knatchbull, Hodgkinson

Bart. M. P.


Rev. Edward Harston, of Burton-on-

Trent, to Anne Grenville, eldest daughter Barton

of R. W. Buttemer, Esq. of Kenning


At St. Mary Magdalen Church, by the The following gentlemen have been Rev. Dr. Gilbert, Principal of Brasennose elected Fellows of St. John's College College, the Rev. Richard Greswell, B.D. Rev. William Pound and William Hey, on Fellow and Tutor of Worcester College, to the Foundation: and the Rev. James Wil- Joana Julia, youngest daughter of the late liam Inman, on Mr. Platt's Foundation. Rev. James Armetriding, M. A. Rector of

Steeple Aston, and formerly Fellow of PHILOSOPHICAL Society. Brasennose College. At the request of the Plumian Pro- On the 5th ult., at Birmingham, the fessor, with the sanction of the Vice-Chan- Rev. James Appleton, M. A. of St. Nents, cellor and Plumian Trustees, and by to Lucy Mary, only daughter of the late permission of the Lords Commissioners of Mr. Nathaniel Lea, of the former place. the Admiralty, the Astronomer Royal has At. St. Luke's, Chelsea, by the Rev. commenced a course of Experimental John Rush, LL.B., father of the bride, Lectures on Optics, Mechanics, and Hy- c. E. Broome, Esq. B.A. of Trinity Hall, drostatics, in the room beneath the Univer- to Charlotte Harmah, grand-daughter of sity Library.

the Rev. Montague Rush, of Heckfield, Meetings of the Cambridge Philoso- Hants. phical Society for the present term: At St. Margaret's, Lothbury, by the Monday, May 2; Monday, May 16. Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Lincoln,

At a meeting of the Philosophical John Banks Hollingworth, D.D., Norrisian Society, April 18, Professor Sedgwick, V.P. Professor of Divinity, and Archdeacon of in the chair, various presents of books, &c. Huntingdon, to Mary Ann Tabor, third were announced. At the end of the daughter of John Tabor, Esq. of Finsburymeeting, Professor Sedgwick gave an square. account, illustrated by drawings, of the Rev. Richard William Wake, youngest geology of Wales, and the sequence of son of the late Sir William Wake, Bart. the older rocks, as made out by his own and Rector of Courtenhall, Northamptonresearches, and those of Mr, Murchison. shire, to Harriet, youngest daughter of

the late Right Hon. Henry Gratian.

Rev. S. J. Love, of Keady, Armagh, to MARRIAGES.

Emily, daughter of R. S. Johnston, Esq.

of Manchester. At Trinity Church, Chester, Robert Rev. Edward Powell, Vicar of Gurteens, Lowe, M.A. Probationer Fellow of Mag- county Sligo, to Louisa, eldest daughter of dalen College, to Georgiana, second daugh- Lieut.-Col. E. T. Fitzgerald, K.H. of Tur: ter of the late George Orred, Esq., of lough Park, county Mayo. Aigburth, near Liverpool.

At Alveston, Gloucestershire, by the Anthony Cleasby, Esq., Barrister-at- Rev. Dr. Charleton, the Rev. E. P. Morgan, Law, and Fellow of Trinity College, Cam- late of Jesus College, to Charlotte, third bridge, to Lucy Susan, youngest daughter daughter of the late Rev. John Sibley, of the late Walter Fawkes, Esq. of Farn- Rector of Walcot, Bath. ley Hall, Yorkshire.

On the 6th ult., at Charlton Kings, At the British Embassy, at Paris, Wil- Gloucestershire, the Rev. James F. S. liam Ricketts Parker, Esq., late a Gentle. Gabb, M. A. Fellow of Jesus College, and man-Commoner of Oriel College, to Anna Incumbent of Charlton Kings, to Eliza, Maria, daughter of the late Henry Taylor, daughter of W. Baylis, Esq. of Hearne Esq. of the Civil Service, Madras.



The Rev. George Knight, B.A. of St. Edmund Hall, to Sophia, eldest daughter of the Rev. John Hill, Vice-Principal of St. Edmund Hall.

At St. George's, Hanover-square, London, Lord Oxmontown, eldest son of the Earl of Rosse, and B.A. of Magdalen College, Oxford, to Mary, eldest daughter of John Wilmer Field, Esq. of Heaton Hall, and Helmesley Lodge, Yorkshire.

At All Souls', Marylebone, London, Henry Iltid Nicholl, M.A. of St. John's College, Oxford, eldest son of Iloid Nicholl, Esq. of Portland-place, to Mary Anne, second daughter of Henry Hoyle Oddie, Esq. of the same place, and of Colney House, Herts.

At Weobly, the Rev. George Enoch, of Aberdovy, Merionethshire, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Mr. James Baskerville.

At the residence of the British minister, Copenhagen, by the Rev. R. Stevenson Ellis, M. A. Chaplain to the Mission, &c., the Rev. Nugent Wade, M. A. British Chaplain at Elsinore, to Louisa, fourth daughter of the late Charles Fenwick, Esq. his Britannic Majesty's Consul iu Denmark.

Rev. John Wylde, of Bellbroughton, Worcestershire, to Jane, youngest daughter of the Rev. Thomas Philpott, Rector of Pedmore, Worcestershire.

Rev. Benjamin Hemming, Curate of Broadway, Worcestershire, to Caroline, youngest daughter of Mr. Beesley, of the city of Worcester.

On the 2d ult. at St. Pancras Church, London, Martin, youngest son of the Rev. Arthur Annesley, M. A. of Trinity College, Cambridge, Rector of Clifford Chambers, Gloucestershire, to Sarah Charlotte, daughter of William Penn, Esq. of Brighton.

BIRTHS. March 19, at Mickleton Vicarage, Gloucestershire, the lady of the Rev. J. N. Edwards, of a son.

March 20, at Bickenhill, the lady of the Rev. C. T. Elers, of a daughter.

March 22, at Oddington, the lady of the Rev. R. Eldridge, of a daughter.

March 23, at her mother's, (the Viscountess Glentworth), at Clifton, the

Hon. Emily Gray, lady of the Rev. Henry Gray, Rector of Almondsbury, near Bristol, of a daughter.

March 24th, the lady of the Rev. John Bentall, of Little Dean's-yard, Westminster, of a son.

On the same day, the lady of the Rev. R. R. Faulkner, Perpetual Curate of Havering-atte-Bower, Essex, of a stillborn son.

March 30, at Pulham, the lady of the Lord Bishop of London, of a daughter,

On the same day, the lady of the Rev. H. C. Knox, of Loughton, Sussex, of a


On the same day, at Ashleworth, near Gloucester, the lady of the Rev. C. Hardwicke, of a daughter.

April 8, at Baughurst, the lady of the Rev. B. Pinniger, M.A. of Pembroke College, of a daughter,

April 9, at Southrepps, the lady of the Rev. John Dolphin, of a daughter.

April 10, at Amen-court, St. Paul's, the lady of the Rev. W. J. Hall, of a daughter.

April 10, the lady of the Rev. William Andrewes, of Buckingham, of a daughter, still-born.

April 11, at Hatton Parsonage, near Warwick, the lady of the Rev. John Lynes, of a daughter.

April 11, at Tunstall Rectory, Suffolk, the lady of the Rev. 1. G. Ferraud, of a


April 12, at the residence, St. James's Chapel, Hampstead Road, the lady of the Rev. Henry Stebbing, of a daughter.

April 14, at Reading, the lady of the Rev. F. Valpy, of a daughter.

April 17, in New Bridge-street, London, the lady of Edward Baldwin, Esq. M.A. of St. John's College, of a son,

April 18, at Merriman's Hill House, the lady of the Rev. George St. John, of

a son.

At the Rectory, Beaumont, Essex, the lady of the Rev. B. J. Harrison, of a son.

At Great Rissington, the lady of the Rev. W. S. Escott, of a daughter.

At the Vicarage, Ware, the lady of the Rev. H. Coddington, of a daughter. At Speenbamland, the lady

of the Rev. John A. D. Meakin, M.A. Curate of St. Mary's Chapel, of a son.

NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS. Our opinion as to the evil tendencies of such appointments as are alluded to by “H. M. Laicus" coincides with his own, but to the remedy he prescribes we demur.

We admire the spirit of " A Layman," and would have published his letter had we space,
The same must be our apology to "X." and to numerous other friends.

Page 193, line 5 from bottom, for " violence," read " violation."
Page 212, line 8 from bottom, for “ Sacrament," read “salvation."

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