Rediscovering Revernce, The Path To Intimacy

Amuzement Publications, 2005 - 192 páginas
Are you aching for an intimate walk with God? One where you know He understands you and what you are going through? Where you understand His heart and desire for you, and you see His plan unfolding in your life? Rediscovering Reverence unlocks the mystery of walking in daily intimacy with God. Reverence due the Almighty is rarely taught from the pulpit anymore, and a lack of knowledge of this important principle is robbing God's people of the intimacy they desire. This roadblock keeps many from discovering a more fulfilling relationship with God today and the glorious future planned for them tomorrow. Fear swirls around us, insecurity becomes a good friend, and terror seems to dwell on our doorstep. We sense we need help but we don't know where to turn. God tells us He is that dwelling place where we can hide from fear, insecurity and terror. But if we don't know who He is, we won't know where to run. This book has its biblical roots embedded in the numerous examples of great men and woman of faith, whose destinies were released only as they walked in the fear of the Lord. The author also shares personal examples of his own journey in fearing the Lord. Rediscovering Reverence explores the divine sequence in a reverent and intimate relationship with God. Many people understand and long for intimacy with God, but few in the West realize that the fear of the Lord is a foundation for that. You can't have intimacy without reverence. This fast-paced and readable book maintains a compassionate and personable tone while challenging the reader spiritually and intellectually. Every Christian who yearns to discard his discontented, lukewarm lifestyle and pursue a serious and fulfilling life in God should read Rediscovering Reverence.

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