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Página 545 - The sun had long since, in the lap Of Thetis, taken out his nap, And, like a lobster boil'd, the morn From black to red began to turn...
Página 466 - Her defence was (I have the trial in my pocket), ' that she had lived in credit, and wanted for nothing, till a press-gang came and stole her husband from her; but, since then, she had no bed to lie on; nothing to give her children to eat; and they were almost naked ; and perhaps she might have done something wrong, for she hardly knew what she did.
Página 273 - Ah! Then, if mine had been the Painter's hand, To express what then I saw, and add the gleam, The light that never was, on sea or land, The consecration, and the Poet's dream; I would have planted thee, thou hoary Pile Amid a world how different from this!
Página 325 - Thou metest him by centuries, And lo! he passes like the breeze; Thou seek'st in globe and galaxy, He hides in pure transparency; Thou askest in fountains and in fires, He is the essence that inquires. He is the axis of the star; He is the sparkle of the spar; He is the heart of every creature; He is the meaning of each feature; And his mind is the sky Than all it holds more deep, more high.
Página 539 - ... upon being exposed to the air, and by burning, form the substance so abounding in saltpetre and in the ashes of burnt wood : these, surely, are things to excite the wonder of any reflecting mind — nay, of any one but little accustomed to reflect.
Página 468 - ... listener. Years passed on ; and while that younger student raised up and re-established the literature of his country, and came at last, in his prime and in his age, to be acknowledged for the wisest of modern men, he never ceased throughout to confess what he owed to those old evenings at Strasburg.
Página 464 - and who have you got to dine with you to-day ? The last time I dined in your house, the company was of such a sort, that by I believe all the rest of the world enjoyed peace for that afternoon.
Página 465 - As these accelerating utensils were demolished in the course of service, Sir Joshua could never be persuaded to replace them. But these trifling embarrassments only served to enhance the hilarity and singular pleasure of the entertainment.
Página 545 - At last the golden oriental gate Of greatest heaven 'gan to open fair, And Phoebus, fresh as bridegroom to his mate, Came dancing forth, shaking his dewy hair, And...
Página 545 - ... plants and animals to breathe ; that these operations, so unlike to common eyes, when examined by the light of science, are the same — the rusting of metals — the formation of acids — the burning of inflammable bodies — the breathing of animals — and the growth of plants by night. To know this is a positive gratification.

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