House of Commons Debates, Official Report, Volumen1

E. Cloutier, Queen's Printer and Controller of Stationery, 1880

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Página 187 - The privileges, immunities, and powers to be held, enjoyed, and exercised by the Senate and by the House of Commons, and by the Members thereof...
Página 421 - Why then, take no note of him, but let him go ; and presently call the rest of the watch together, and thank God you are rid of a knave.
Página 360 - Justices shall have full power and authority to do, and if upon the trial of the person so accused as first aforesaid it shall be proved by the oath or affirmation of any credible witness that any person whose deposition shall have been taken as aforesaid is dead or so ill as not to be able to travel, and if also it be proved that such deposition was taken in the presence of the person so accused, and that he or his counsel or attorney had a full opportunity of cross-examining the witness, then if...
Página 5 - Committees shall severally be empowered to examine and enquire into all such matters and things as may be referred to them by the House, and to report from time to time their observations and opinions thereon ; with power to send for persons, papers and records.
Página 246 - The parliament of Canada may, notwithstanding anything in this act, from time to time provide for the constitution, maintenance and organization of a general court of appeal for Canada, and for the establishment of any additional courts for the better administration of the laws of Canada.
Página 565 - Sykes' hydrometer, and so in proportion for any greater strength than the strength of proof, and for any greater or less...
Página 477 - The administration of justice in the province, including the constitution, maintenance, and organization of provincial courts both of civil and criminal jurisdiction, and including procedure in civil matters in those courts.
Página 59 - And we do further declare it to be Our Royal Will and Pleasure, for the present as aforesaid, to reserve under Our Sovereignty, Protection and Dominion, for the Use of the said Indians, all the Lands and Territories...
Página 360 - ... to be signed by the justice by or before whom the same purports to have been taken, it shall be lawful to read such deposition as evidence in such prosecution...
Página 178 - We, Her Majesty's dutiful and loyal subjects, the Commons of Canada, in Parliament assembled, beg leave to approach Your Excellency with the expression of the deep feeling of regret which we experience at your approaching departure from Canada. '

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