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with my words, my words with non verè turpem et odiosum. my actions, my actions with my Quod ad me, curæ mihi sit, ut heart; and let all of them be professio mea cum verbis, verba approved of the God of cum actionbus, actiones cum Truth.

corde conspirent; utque omnia hæc à Deo Veritatis approbentur.

On a penitent male- LXXXIV. De scelerato quodam serið pænifactor.

tente. I KNOW not whether I should Nescio mirernèmagis sapientiam more admire the wisdom or the an misericordiam Dei, in rebus mercy of God, in his proceed- humanis administrandis. Nisi ings with men. Had not this ita flagitiosè peccâsset hic homo, man sinned thus notoriously, he nunquam tam fælix fuisset. had never been thus happy. Dum se inculpatè gesserat prius; While his courses were fair and gratiâ interim destituebatur: civil; yet he was graceless : now, nunc, illud in quod inciderat crihis miscarriage hath drawn him men gravissimam ipsi calamitainto a just affliction; his afflic- tem superintulit; humiliavit eum tion hath humbled him. God illa calamitas. Humiliationis ishath taken this advantage of his tius ansam arripuit Deus, hohumiliation, for his conversion. mini opportunè convertendo. Ni Had not one foot slipped into pes illi unus in os inferni colthe mouth of hell, he had never lapsus fuisset, nunquam profectò been in this forwardness to ita cælo appropinquasset. heaven.

There is no weak or Nemo hominum ita væcors foolish, as that he hath not aut imbecillus est, ut cui parùm strength or wit enough, to sin, suppetant ingenium viresque, et or to make ill use of his sin: it peccandi, et peccato utendi pesis only the goodness of an In- simè: una Infiniti Numinis bofinite God, that can make our nitas est, quæ peccatum, in se sin good to us, though evil in malum, nobis commodum ac saitself..

lutare potest efficere. O God, it is no thank to our_ O Deus, nihil nobis peccatisve selves or to our sins, that we are nostris debemus, quòd malis nosbettered with evil. The work is tris meliorescimus. Opus tuum thine : let thine be the glory. est : tua solius sit gloria.

On the sight of a lily. LXXXV. Ad conspectum liliorum. This must needs be a goodly Non potest non esse flos pulflower, that our Saviour hath 'cherrimus, quem selegit Servator singled out, to compare with So- noster, ipsi Solomoni; non quolomon; and that not in his or- tidiano quidem habitu, induto, dinary dress, but in all his royal- sed splendore regio jam tum orty. Surely, the earth had never, natissimo; conferendum. Cer.

so glorious a king as he. Nature tè, nullus unquam rex terræ fuit, yielded nothing, that might set æquè ac ille gloriosus. Nihil forth royal magnificence, that sanè produxit natura, regiæ maghe wanted: yet he, that made nificentiæ illustrandæ idoneum, both Solomon and this flower, quod ipsi defuit: ille tamen, qui says, that Solomon, in all his utrunque et Solomonem et floroyalty, was not clad like it. rem hunc fecerat, ait, Solomonem,

vel regio apparatu insignem, huic

flori parem non fuisse. What a poor thing is this. Quàm frivola est terrena istæc earthly bravery, that is so easily gloria, quæ tam facilè potest exovermatched! How ill judges uperari! Quàm iniqui sumus nos are we of outward beauties, that formarum externarum judices, contemn these goodly plants, qui speciosas hasce plantas, quas which their Creator thus mag- ita laudat Creator, adeò contemnifies; and admire those base nimus; admiramurque viliora metals, which he, in comparison quæque metalla, quæ ille, istahereof, contemns! If it be their rum habitâ ratione, contemnit! transitoriness, that embaseth Quid vero est ? nunquid istæ them, what are we? All flesh is tam citâ aritudine vilescunt ? at grass; and all the glory of man, nos ipsi quid sumus? Omnis as the flower of grass. As we caro fænum ; et omnis gloria hocannot be so brave, so we cannot minis, ut flos agri. Ut nos æquè be more permanent.

speciosi esse non possumus, ita

neque magis permanentes. O God, let it be my ambition, Ó Deus, illa mihi ambitio to walk with thee hereafter in esto, tecum postmodò albis inwhite. Could I put on a robe dutum ambulare. Vestem si of stars here, with proud Herod, ego istic stellis ornatam, cum suthat glittering' garment could perbo Herode, gestavero, splennot keep me from lice or worms. dida illa toga non me poterit à Might I sit on a throne of gold pediculis vermiculisve vindicare, within a house of ivory, I see Insiderem modò throno aureo in I should not compare with this domo eburneâ, cum istoc tamen flower: I might be as transitory; flore minimè forem comparanI should not be so beautiful. dus: æquè certè caducus esse What matters it, whether I go possem; non æquè speciosus, for a flower, or a weed, here? Quid refert, pro florenè, hìc, baWhethersoever, I must wither. bear, an herba noxia? Uterlibet O thou, which art greater than sim, arescam necesse est. O Solomon, do thou clothe me tu, qui major es Solomone, inwith thy perfect righteousness : due me perfectâ justitiâ tuâ : so shall I flourish for ever, in sic ego, in atriis domus Dei mei, the courts of the house of my æternum efflorescam.' God.

On the sight of a coffin stuck with LXXXV.. Visa sandapild Aoribus ore flowers.

nata, Too fair appearance, is never Quæ nimis pulchra videntur, vix free from just suspicion. While unquam à justâ suspicione imhere was nothing but mere wood, munia sunt. Dum nil præter no flower was to be seen here: lignum hic fuit, nullus istoc fios now, that this wood is lined with decorabat : nunc, ubi lignum an unsavoury corpse, it is adorn- hoc olido farcitur cadavere, suaed with this sweet variety. The vissimâ hâc forum varietate fir, whereof that coffin is made, adornatur illico. Abiegna hæc yields a natural redolence alone: sandapila, de se quidem suaviter now, that it is stuffed thus noi- redolet : foetidum verò hunc hossomely, all helps are too little pitem nacta, ita nimis florum to countervail that scent of cor- adipiniculo indiget, ut, ne horum ruption.

omnium ope, putridum hunc

odorem evincere possit. Neither is it otherwise in the Neque aliter se in vivis habet: living : perpetual use of strong perpetuus unguentorum aromaperfumes, argues a guiltiness of ticorum usus, malesuavis cujussome unpleasing savour. The dam odoris reatum secretum arcase is the same spiritually : an guit. Idem etiam spiritualiter over-glorious outside of profes- usuvenit : nimis gloriosa profession, implies some inward filthi- sionis facies, internam aliquam ness, that would fain escape no- fæditatem, quæ lucem refugit, tice. Our uncomely parts have vulgò innuít. Partes magis pumore comeliness put on. Too dendas minùsque decoras, vestimuch ornament imports extreme mus honoratiùs. Nimium ornadeformity. For me, let my menti intolerandam deformitashew be moderate : so shall I tem subindicat. Quod ad me, neither deceive applause, nor nil nisi mediocre ac moderatum merit too deep censure.

ostentem : ita neque fallam applausum, neque nimium merebor censuræ,

On the view of the world. LXXXVII. Conspectá mundi fabrica. It is a good thing, to see this Vel materialem hunc mundum material world; but it is a better cernere, bonum est; melius ta. thing, to think of the intelligi- men, mundum intelligibilem coble world. This thought is the gitare. Cogitatio hæc anima sight of the soul, whereby it quædam visio est, quâ res sui sidiscerneth things like itself, spi. miles, spirituales scilicet immorritual and immortal; which are talesque contemplatur; quæ so much beyond the worth of quidem objecta, sensibilia quæthese sensible objects, as a spi- quæ non minùs exuperant, quàm rit is beyond a body, a pure sub spiritus materiam corporean, stance beyond a corruptible, an substantia pura corruptibilem, Infinite God above a finite crea Deus Infinitus finitam creaturam, ture.

transcendit. () God, how great a word is O Deus, quale illud Psaltis de that, which the Psalmist says of te tui verbum est, Humiliare te thee, That thou abasest thyself, nempe temetipsum, ut contemple. to behold the things both in heaven ris et quæ in cælo sunt et quæ in

and earlh! It is our glory, to terrá! Haud parum nobis glo. look up even to the meanest riæ est, vel infimam cæli partem piece of heaven: it is an abase- contueri : humiliatio verò quæment to thine incomprehensible dam tui est, vel optimam cæli Majesty, to look down upon the partem despicere. Quanta mihi best of heaven. *Oh, what a felicitas erit, adeò exaltatum iri transcendent glory must that oculos meos ut te videant, cujus needs be, that is abased to be tam immensa est gloria, ut vel hold the things of heaven! locum statumque beatitudinis What a happiness shall it be to meæ videre, quoddam demisme, that mine eyes shall be sionis genus sit! Imò, ipsi illi exalted to see thee, who art angeli, qui faciem tuam adspihumbled to see the place and ciunt, ita gloriosi sunt, ut si quam state of my blessedness! Yea, unius istorum faciem intueremur, those very angels, that see thy tantæ nos gloriæ diutius superface, are so resplendently glo- esse non possemus, qui tamen rious, that we could not over interea faciem suam ab aspectu live the sight of one of their tui splendoris abscondunt. Quot faces, who are fain to hide their horum myriades, et throno tuo faces from the sight of thine. in cælis, et scabello in terris, How many millions attend thy Sanctis istic tuis, ministraturæ, throne above, and thy footstool sive adstant, sive provolvuntur! below, in the ministration to thy Mundus ille tuus alter invisibilis, Saints ! It is that thine invisible is est, cujus communio nos verè world, the communion where- fælices præstare potest. () Deus, with can make me truly blessed. si corpus meum hic cum brutis, O God, if my body have fellow- quorum terrenam substantiam ship here amongst beasts, of participat, versetur; uniatur ani. whose earthly substance it par- ma mea tecum, Spirituum Deo; ticipates ; let my soul be united et ad insensibilis beatorum tuoto thee, the God of Spirits; and rum angelorum societatis fruibe raised up to enjoy the insen- tionem elevetur. Fac præ manu sible society of thy blessed an- intercedat mihi cum civibus regels. Acquaint me beforehand busque cæli tui sancta quædam with those citizens and affairs of familiaritas ; neque sim futura thy heaven; and make me no gloriæ hospes ac peregrinus. stranger to my future glory.

On the stinging of a wasp. LXXXVIII. De respæ aculeo. How small things may annoy Quàm minima possunt vel max. the greatest! Even a mouse imis molestiam facessere! Mus troubles an elephant ; a gnat, a elephantum, cules leonem, imò lion : a very flea may disquiet a vel pulex gigantem, vexare pogiant. What weapon can be test. Ecquod telum minus esse nearer to nothing, than the sting potest vespæ aculeo ? quantum of this wasp ? yet, what a pain- tamen doloris, vel ex tantillo ful wound hath it given me! hujus ictu sentio ! Vix visibilis

* This sentence is omitted in the Latin. Epitor.

That scarce-visible point how it ista acies, quàm venenavit, quàm envenoms, and rankles, and tumefecit mihi carnem! Sed et swells up the flesh! The tender- non parum dolori addit, partis ness of the part adds much to teneritas quædam et mollities. the grief.

And if I be thus vexed with Quòd si vel iratæ muscæ tactu the touch of an angry fly, Lord, minimo sic torquear, quomodo bow shall I be able to endure ferre potero dirum cruciatricis the sting of a tormenting con- conscientiæ stimulum? Ut pars science? As that part, is both illa, et maximè agit, et sentit exmost active, and most sensible ; quisitissimè; ita, vulnus, quod so, that wound, which it receives sibi infligit, necesse est ut supra from itself, is most intolerably modum grave sit et dolorificum : grievous : there were more ease , tutiùs profectò quis inter crabroin a nest of hornets, than under num examina volutaretur, quàm this one torture. O God, how- uni hujus cruciatui subjaceret. soever I speed abroad, give me () Deus, quicquid de me forìs peace at home; and, whatever fiat, da mihi pacem domi; et, my flesh suffer, keep my soul quicquid caro mea patiatur, anifree.

mam mihi sanám servato et in

columen. Thus pained, wherein do I Ecquod verò sic cruciato refind ease, but in laying honey medium, nisi parte affectâ melle to the part infected? That me- statim illitâ ? Ea sola medicina dicine only abates the anguish. dolorem minuit. Quàm prope How near hath nature placed the noxam collocavit remedium naremedy to the offence! When- tura! Quandocunque cor meum soever my heart is stung with peccati aculeo pungitur, sola tua the remorse for sin, only thy dulcissima, () Servator, presweet and precious merits, ciosissimaque merita, mitigare Blessed Saviour, can mitigate dolorem ac sanare vulnus posand heal the wound: they have sunt: illa medendi virtutem havirtue to cure me; give me bent; da mihi unà applicandi grace to apply them: that sove- gratiam : pharmacum hoc ilicet reign receipt shall make my pain certissimum dolorem meum fahappy : I shall thus applaud my ciet salutarem : sic ego cruciatui grief: It is good for me that I meo gratulabor : Bonum mihi was thus afflicted.

est, quòd sic fuerim afflictus.

On the arraignment of a felon. LXXXIX. Viso reo pro tribunali consistente, WITH what terror doth this ma- QUANTO cum terrore pro tribulefactor stand at that bar! his nali stat reus iste! iremit illi hand trembles, while it is lift up manus, dum probationis ergò for his trial : his very lips quake, elevatur: motitantur timore lawhile he saith, Not guilty: his bia, dum se insontem pronuncountenance condemns him, be- ciant: vel ante judicis sentenfore the judge; and his fear is tiam, damnat illum facies pallida ready to execute him, before et consternata; ante carnificis his hangman. Yet this judge is manum, mortem illi metus in

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