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Pros PERo and ARIEL remain invisible. Enter CALIBAN, STEPHANo, and TRIncu Lo, all wet.

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A noise of hunters heard. Enter divers Spirits, in shape of
bounds, and bunt them about; Pros PERo and ARIEL set-
ting them on.
Pro. Hey, Mountain, hey!
Ari. Silvert there it goes, Silvert
Pro. Fury, Fury! there, Tyrant, there ! hark, hark!
[CAL. Ste. and TRIN. are driven out.
Go, charge my goblins that they grind their joints
With dry convulsions; shorten up their finews
With aged cramps; and more pinch-spotted make them,
Than pard, or cat o' mountain.
Ari. Hark, they roar.
Pro. Let them be hunted soundly: At this hour
Lie at my mercy all mine enemies:
Shortly shall all my labours end, and thou
Shalt have the air at freedom: for a little,
Follow and do me service. [Exeunt.


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