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A complete Set of Spelling and Reading The Importance of the Sabbath ; a Ser- Lessons, adapted to Dr. Bell's Plan of Edu. mon, preached before the Magistrates of cation, 8s. 6). Hull, on occasion of the present Mayor's en- The Great Importance of Peace and Pros: trance upon his office: to which are added, perity to Christian Societies; a sermon at two appendices--1. On Societies for the Greenwich Tabernacle : with an appendix. Suppression of Vice: 2. On Sunday Evening By J. Townsend, 7s. 6d. Lectures. By John Scott, M. A. Hull. Se- The Importance of Personal Religion: cond edition, 1s. 6d.; or, 15s. per dozen, Fast Sermon. By J. Cobbin, 15s. inferior form, 10s. per dozen. (See Eclec. A Sinner Saved: an authentic narrative Rev. Jan. 1808, p. 89.)-The first Appen- of the dealings of God with Mr. G. Foxwell, dix separate, 3d. or 2s. per dozen.

12mo, 2s. 6d. Dr. Prideaux's Old and New Testament, Sermons, by the late Rev. D. Black, one connected in the History of the Jews and of the Ministers of Edinburgh, 8vo. Deighbouring Nations ; a new edition, with Appendix to Remarks on a recent Hypoa full Life of the Author, not before prefixed thesis, respecting the origin of moral evil ; to any edition ; new maps, &c. 4 vols. 8vo. occasioned by the reply of M. Gilbert. By 11. 8s, boards.

W. Bennett. 8vo. 1s. Dr. Shuckford's Sacred and Prophane Miscellaneous Works of Robert Robinson, History of the World connected with the late Pastor of the Baptist Church at CamCreation and Fall of Man. (Printed uui- bridge; with a fine portrait, and memoirs of formly with Dr. Prideaux's Connection,) re- his life and writings. By B. Flower. demy vised, corrected, and the language improve 8vo. 4 vols. 11. 12s. superfine royal hoted throughout. By the Rev. James Creigh. pressed, 21. ton, A. B. With a few notes, and the anci- A Course of Lectures on the fundamental ent alphabets and inscriptions. By Adam and most essential Doctrines and Subjects of Clarke, LL. D. Including Bishop Clayton's Christianity. By the Rev. J. Proud, 4s. Strictures on the work, and with a new set of Strictures on Subjects ,chiefly relating to Maps, 4 vols 8vo. 11. 125. boards.

the established Religion and the Clergy. By Dr. Prideaux's Life of Mahomet, 10th the Rev. Josiah Thomas, 3s. 6d. edition, with his Letter to a Deist, and fine The Right and Duty of a faithful and fearportrait, 1 vol. 8vo.

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less Examination of the Scriptures, in a Baxter's Reformed Pastor, abridged and farewell sermon, preached at Hull. By improved. By Samuel Palmer, 2d edition, James Lyons, ļs. 60, revised and corrected, &c. 1 vol. 12mo.

Dr. Dodd's Comfort for the Afflicted, un- A General Collection of Voyages and Trader every Distress, a new edition, being the vels. By John Pinkerton, Part III. 4to. 5th, 12mo. 4s.

10s. 6d. Zeal without Innovation ; or the present Travels in Asia and Africa ; including a State of Religion and Morals considered; journey from Scanderoon to Aleppo, and with a view to the dispositions and manners over the Desart to "Bagdad and Bassora ; A required for its improvement; to which is Voyage from Bassora to Bombay, and along subjoined, an Address to young Clergy- the Western Coast of India : A Voyage from men, intended to guard them against some Bombay to Mocha and Suez in the Red Sea, prevalent errors, 8vo. 7s.6d.

and a Journey from Suez to Cairo and RoNo. XIX. of the Transactions of the Mis- setta, in Egypt. By the late Abraham sionary Society, with a fac simile of Pomare's. Parsons, Esq. Consul ond Factor Marine at Letter, 8vo. 1s.

Scanderoon, 4to. ll. 5s.


CORRESPONDENCE. In answer to the complaint of some most respectable friends, that we have iately deviated froin our pledged neutrality with regard to points of minor importance on which sincere Christians unfortunately differ, we beg leave to observe, that such apparent deviation has been wholly unintentional. The fundamental principles of the Eclectic Review remain unaltered and analterable ; and its general tenor, we are persuaded, will demonstrate our habitual wish to maintain them inviolate. So far is it from being generally supposed unfavourable to that large proportion of the Christian world with which our esteemed remonstrants are connected, that we have received, within these few days, a complaint that it is wholly devoted to their interest ! Faithfully as we shall endeavour to preserve a spirit of impartiality in the management of the work, it is evident that we must be under the occasional necessity of relying on a spirit of candour in its readers.

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