Houlston and Son, 1829 - 101 páginas
This volume includes Mary Martha Sherwood's Arzoomund, a tale set in India and the Middle East, aimed at young readers.

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Página 78 - The dark places of the earth are full of the habitations of cruelty;
Página 108 - Od. in extra boards. MEMOIRS of EMMA and her NURSE ; or, the History of Lady Harewood. Price 2s. 6d. in extra boards. SOPHIA ; or, The Source and Benefit of Affliction. Price 2s. 6d. in extra boards. The WILLOUGHBY FAMILY. Price 2s. 6d. in extra boards. The WORKHOUSE. A new Edition, revised and corrected by the Author. Price Is. 6d. The HISTORY of MARTEN and his SCHOLARS. Price Is. 6d. The HISTORY of FIDELITY and PROFESSION. Price Is. The FAITHFUL LITTLE GIRL. Price Is. The CAUTION; or, Infant Watchfulness....
Página 9 - ... admire the glories of creation, and these poor villagers were so besotted by their idolatries and the delusions of their false religions, that they had no other cares but the providing themselves with food, and no other pleasures than the enjoyment of that ease of body and indolence of mind which are considered as the sum of human felicity by the majority of the natives of India. One of the most opulent persons of Dira, about the year 1770, was a Hindoo carpenter of the name of Mockdoom, who...
Página 111 - The PEACEFUL VALLEY; or, The Influence of Religion. A Narrative of Facts. By a Clergyman of the. Church of England.
Página 107 - Price 6s. in extra boards. The INDIAN PILGRIM. 12mo. Price 4s. in extra boards. A GENERAL OUTLINE of PROFANE HISTORY, from the Beginning of the World to the present Period. Price 3s.
Página 111 - EIGHT LECTURES on some STRIKING PROOFS of the BEING of a GOD, and the TRUTH of the BIBLE.
Página 108 - Price 2s. fid. in extra boards. The HISTORY of THEOPHILUS and SOPHIA. Price 2s. in extra boards. An INTRODUCTION to GEOGRAPHY. Price 2s. half-bound. PERE la CHAISE. Price 2s. in extra boards. The PULPIT and the DESK. Price 8d. A SERIES of QUESTIONS and ANSWERS, illustrative of the Church Catechism. Price 2d. The DRY GROUND. Price Id. The LADY in the ARBOUR. Price Id. By Mrs. CAMERON. The TWO MOTHERS; or, Memoirs of the last Century. 12mo. Price fcs.
Página 112 - Price Is. EXAMPLES of LESSONS and QUESTIONS, for the Use of Schools. Designed chiefly to excite and exercise the youthful Mind on various Subjects connected with religious Knowledge and Practice. Price 6d.
Página 27 - silver. Such was the female who now stepped forward, flaming with indignation, and was followed from the dark recess of her cabin by a woman, who, to judge by her wrinkles and haggard expression, might have been supposed to be, at least, ninety years of age, though, probably, we might with truth deduct thirty from the number. This poor wretch was, at once, the slave and counsellor of the...
Página 69 - ... ran gurgling down from the higher points of the hill, at no great distance from the hut, had not the brown flush on his dark features, and the increasing fire in his eye, led to the suspicion, that somewhat else had crept into the cup of the saint besides the pure dew of heaven. The whole of the kid and the greater part of two immense dishes of rice had disappeared before Ram...

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