Our Gold-mine: The Story of American Baptist Missions in India

W. G. Corthell, 1879 - 411 páginas

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Missions -- India.
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Página 15 - Let me not yet, O Varuna ! enter into the house of clay ; have mercy, almighty, have mercy ! ' If I go along trembling, like a cloud driven by the wind; have mercy, almighty, have mercy...
Página 13 - HAD I the tongues of Greeks and Jews, And nobler speech than angels use, If love be absent. I am found Like tinkling brass, an empty sound. 2 Were I inspired to preach and tell All that is done in heaven and hell; Or could my faith the world remove, Still I am nothing without love.
Página 96 - my mind is distressed; I can neither eat nor sleep, since I find you are going away. I have been around among those who live near us, and I find some who are even now examining the new religion. Brother Myat-yah is one of them, and he unites with me in my petitions.
Página 91 - In regard to the objects of your petition, his majesty gives no order. In regard to your sacred books, his majesty has no use for them ; take them away.
Página 15 - Whenever we men, O Varuna, commit an offence before the heavenly host ; whenever we break the law through thoughtlessness ; punish us not, O God, for that offence.
Página 45 - Thomas's account we saw,' said Mr. Fuller, ' there was a gold mine in India, but it seemed almost as deep as the centre of the earth. Who will venture to explore it ? 'I will go down,' said Mr. Carey to his brethren, ' but remember that you must hold the ropes.
Página 133 - THANKS BE TO GOD, I CAN NOW SAY, I HAVE ATTAINED! I have knelt down before him, with the last leaf in my hand, and imploring his forgiveness for all the sins which have polluted my labors in this department, and his aid in future efforts to remove the errors and imperfections which necessarily cleave to the work, I have commended it to his mercy and grace; I have dedicated it to his glory.
Página 98 - Do you wish to receive baptism in public or in private ? " "I will receive it at any time, and in any circumstances, that you please to direct." I then said, " Teacher, I am satisfied from your conversation this forenoon, that you are a true disciple, and I reply, therefore, that I am as desirous of giving you baptism as you are of receiving it.
Página 411 - Lone Star! " I would not dim The light that gleams with dubious ray; The lonely star of Bethlehem Led on a bright and glorious day. Shine on, " Lone Star ! " in grief and tears, And sad reverses oft baptized; Shine on amid thy sister spheres; Lone stars in heaven are not despised. Shine on,
Página 123 - ... ancient times God created the world ; All things were minutely ordered by him. In ancient times God created the world ; He has power to enlarge, and power to diminish, God created the world formerly ; He can enlarge and diminish it at pleasure. God formed the world formerly ; He appointed food and drink. He appointed the fruit of trial ; — He gave minute orders.

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