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Thall perish.

but the desire of the righte- then cometh 'fhame: but ous shall be granted. with the lowly is wisdom.

25 As the whirlwind par 3 The integrity of the upseth, so is the wicked no right shall guide them: but more: but the righteous is an the perverseness of transgrefeverlasting foundation. fors Thall destroy them.

26 As vinegar to the teeth, 4 Riches profit not in tho and as smoke to the eyes, fois day of wrath : but righteousthe sluggard to them that fend ness delivereth from death. him.

5 The righteousness of the 27 The fear of the Lord perfect shall direct his way: prolongeth days: but the but the wicked shall fall by years of the wicked shall be his own wickedness. Thortened.

6 The righteousness of the 28 The hope of the righte- upright shall deliver them : ous shall be gladness, but the but transgressors shall be takexpectation of the wicked en in their own naughtiness.


When a wicked man 29 The way of the Lord dieth, his expectation shall is strength to the upright: perish : and the hope of unbut destruction Mall be to the just men perisheth. workers of iniquity.

8 The righteous is de30 The righteous shall livered out of trouble, and never be removed: but the the wicked cometh in his wicked shall not inhabit the stead. earth.

9 An hypocrite with his 31 The mouth of the just mouth destroyeth his neighbringeth forth wisdom: but bour: but through knowthe froward tongue shall be ledge shall the just be decut out.

livered. 32 The lips of the righte 10 When it goeth well ous know what is acceptable: with the righteous, the city but the mouth of the wicked rejoiceth: and when the Speaketh frowardness. wicked perish, there is shout

ing. CHAP. XI.

11 By the blessing of the False balance is abomi- upright the city is exalted:

nation to the Lord: but but it is overthrown by the a just weight is his delight. mouth of the wicked. 2 When pride cometh, 12 He that is yoid of wil.

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holdeth his peace.

dom despiseth his neighbour: 22 As a jewel of gold in a but a man of understanding swine’s snout, so is a fair wo

man which is without discre. 13 A tale-bearer reveal- tion. eth secrets : but he that is of

23 The desire of the rightea faithful spirit concealeth ous is only good: but the exthe matter.

pectation of the wicked is 14 Where no counsel is, wrath. the people fall: but in the 24 There is that scattermultitude of counsellors there eth, and yet increaseth; and is safety.

there is that with-holdeth 15 He that is surety for a more than is meet, but it stranger shall smart for it: tendeth to poverty: and he that hateth suretyship 25 The liberal foul shall is sure.

be made fat; and he that 16 A gracious woman re- watereth shall be watered altaineth honour : and strong so himself. men retain riches.

26 He that with-holdeth 17 The merciful man do- corn, the people shall curse eth good to his own soul; him: but blessing shall be but he that is cruel troubleth upon the head of him that his own flesh.

selleth it. 18 The wicked worketh 27 He that diligently seeka deceitful work: but to him eth good, procureth favour: that soweth righteousness shall but he that seeketh mischief, be a sure reward.

it shall come unto him. 19 As righteousness tend 28 He that trusteth in his eth to life : fo he that pur- riches shall fall: but the sueth evil pursueth it to his righteous shall flourish as a

branch. 20 They that are of a He that troubleth his froward heart, are abomina- own house fhall inherit the tion to the Lord: but such as wind: and the fool shall be are upright in their way are servant to the wise of heart. his delight.

30 The fruit of the righte21 Though hand join in ous is a tree of life: and he hand, the wicked shall not that winneth fouls is wife. be unpunished: but the feed 31 Behold, the righteous of the righteous shall be shall be recompensed in the delivered.

earth: much more the wick


own death.



ed and the finner.

gardeth the life of his beast:

but the tender mercies of the CHAP. XII.

wicked are cruel. HOSO loveth in II He that tilleth his land

struction, loveth shall be satisfied with bread : knowledge: but he that hat- but he that followeth vain eth reproof is brutish. perfons is void of understand

2 A good man obtainething. favour of the Lord: but a 12 The wicked desireth man of wicked devices will the net of evil men: but the he condemn.

root of the righteous yieldeth 3 A man shall not be e- fruit. stablished by wickedness: but 13 The wicked is snared the root of the righteous shall by the transgression of his not be moved.

lips : but the just shall come 4 A virtuous woman is a out of trouble. crown to her husband: but 14 A man shall be satisThe that maketh ashamed is fied with good by the fruit as rottenness in his bones.

of his mouth : and the re5 The thoughts of the compence of a man's hands righteous are right; but the shall be rendered unto him. counsels of the wicked are 15 The way of a fool is deceit.

right in his own eyes : but 6 The words of the wick- he that hearkeneth unto ed are to lie in wait for counsel is wise, blood : but the mouth of the 16 A fool's wrath is

preupright shall deliver them.

fently known : but a pru7 The wicked are over- dent man covereth shame. thrown and are not: but the 17 He that speaketh truth house of the righteous shall theweth forth righteousness : stand.

but a falfe witness deceit. 8 A man fhall be com 18 There is that speaketh mended according to his wif- like the piercings of a sword: dom: but he that is of a per- but the tongue of the wise is verfe heart shall be despised. health.

9 He that is despised, and 19 The lip of truth shall hath a fervant, is better than be established for ever: but he that honoureth himself a lying tongue is but for a and lacketh bread.

moment. IO A righteous man re 20 Deceit is in the heart

Bb 3


of them that imagine evil: 2 A man shall eat good by but to the counsellors of the fruit of his mouth : but peace is joy.

the foul of the transgreffors 21 There shall no evil Mall eat violence. happen to the just : but the 3 He that keepeth his wicked shall be filled with mouth keepeth his life; but mischief.

he that openeth wide his lips 22 Lying lips are abomi- shall have destruction. nation to the Lord: but they 4

The foul of the sluggard that deal truly are his de- defireth and hath nothing : light.

but the foul of the diligent 23 A prudent man con- Thail be made fat. cealeth knowledge: but the 5 A righteous man hateth heart of fools proclaimeth lying: but a wicked man is foolishness.

loathsome, and cometh to 24 The hand of the dili-shume. gent shall bear rule: but the 6 Righteousness keepeth Mothful shall be under tri- him that is upright in the bute.

way: but wickedness over25 Heaviness in the heart throweth the finner. of man maketh it stoop; but 7 There is that maketh a good word maketh it glad. himself rich, yet hath no

26 The righteous is more thing: there is that maketh excellent than his neighbour: himself poor, yet hath great but the way of the wicked se- riches. duceth them.

8 The ransom of a man's 27 The slothful man roast- life are his riches: but the eth not that which he took in poor heareth not rebuke. hunting: but the substance of 9 The light of the rightea diligent man is precious. ous rejoiceth: but the lamp

28 In the way of righte- of the wicked shall be put ousness is life; and in the out. path-way thereof there is no 10 Only by pride cometh death.

contention ; but with the

well-advised is wisdom. CHAP. XIII.

11 Wealth gotten by vaWise son heareth his nity shall be diminished: but

father's instruction : he that gathereth by labour but a scorner heareth not re-shall increase. buke,

12 Hope deferred maketh




the heart fick: but when the

23 Much food is in the defire cometh it is a tree of tillage of the poor : but there life.

is that is destroyed for want 13 Whoso despiseth the lof judgment. word shall be destroyed : 24 He that spareth his but he that feareth the com- rod hateth his fon : but he mandment shall be rewarded. that loveth him chasteneth

14 The law of the wise is him betimes. a fountain of life, to depart 25 The righteous eateth from the snares of death.

to the satisfying of his soul : 15. Good understanding but the belly of the wicked giveth favour : but the way thall want. of tranfgreffors is hard. 16 Every prudent man

Char. XIV. dealeth with knowledge: but

VERY wife woman a fool layeth open his folly.

buildeth her house: but 17 A wicked messenger tre foolish plucked it dowil falleth into mischief: but a with her hands. faithful ambassador is health. 2 He that walkeih in his

18 Foverty and shame fall uprightness feareth the Lord: be to him that refuseih in- but he that is perverse in his struction : but he that re-ways despiseth him. gardeth reproof shall be ho 3 in the mouth of the noured.

foolish is a rod of pride: but The desire accomplish the lips of the wife shall preed is sweet to the soul: but ferve them. it is abomination to fools to 4 Where no oxen are the depart from evil.

crib is clean: but much in20 He that walketh with crease is by the strength of wise men shall be wise : but the ox. a companion of fools fhall 5 A faithful witness will be destroyed.

not lie: but a faise witness 21 Evil pursueth sinners : will utter lies. but to the righteous good

6 A scorner feeketh wisshall be repaid.

dom and findeth it not: but 22 A good man leaveth knowledge is easy unto him an inheritance to his chil- that understandeth. dren's children: and the 7 Go from the presence of wealth of the finner is laid a foolish man, when thou up for the just.

perceiveít not in him the



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