Memoirs, Journal, and Correspondence of Thomas Moore: Diary

Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1853

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Página 42 - Who steals my purse, steals trash; . . . But he that filches from me my good name, Robs me of that which not enriches him, And makes me poor indeed.
Página 24 - Left Padua at twelve, and arrived at Lord Byron's country house, La Mira, near Fusina, at two. He was but just up and in his bath ; soon came down to me ; first time we have met these five years ; grown fat, which spoils the picturesqueness of his head. The Countess Guiccioli, whom he followed to Ravenna, came from thence with him to Venice by the consent, it appears, of her husband. Found him in high spirits and full of his usual frolicksome gayety.
Página 251 - Such things give me no uneasiness : I know perfectly well my station in the world ; and I know all that can be said of me. As long as the few friends that I really am sure of speak kindly of me (and I would not believe the contrary if I saw it in black and white), all that the rest of the world can say is a matter of complete indifference to me.
Página 24 - Found him in high spirits and full of his usual frolicksome gaiety. He insisted upon my making use of his house at Venice while I stay, but could not himself leave the Guiccioli. He drest, and we set off together in my carriage for Venice; a glorious sunset when we embarked at Fusina in a gondola, and the view of Venice and the distant Alps (some of which had snow on them, reddening with the last light) was magnificent; but my companion's conversation, which, though highly ludicrous and amusing,...
Página 352 - Byron, whom he saw both going and coming back. Expressed to R. the same contempt for Shakespeare which he has often expressed to me ; treats his companion Shelley very cavalierly. By the bye, I find (by a letter received within these few days, by Horace Smith) that Lord B. showed Shelley the letters I wrote on the subject of his
Página 163 - Do you know the reason why I published the ' White Doe' in quarto ?' ' No, what was it ?' ' To show the world my own opinion of it.
Página 347 - A long conversation with Hobhouse about Lord B.'s " Memoirs," which confirmed me more and more in my satisfaction in having rescinded the bargain. Hobhouse an upright and honest man. In speaking of Lord B. he said, " I know more of B. than any one else, and much more than I should wish anybody else to know.
Página 259 - I'll know you'll not betray me, sir: but just look there, and tell me whether that's the real thing" pointing to a soi-disant portrait of Buonaparte, which was neither more nor less than a print of Marshal Saxe, or some such ancient. Denon told an anecdote of a man, who having been asked repeatedly to dinner by a person whom he knew to be but a shabby Amphitryon, went at last, and found the dinner so meagre and bad, that he did not get a bit to eat. When the dishes were removing, the host said, "Well,...
Página 27 - Lord B., Scott says, getting fond of money : he keeps a box into which he occasionally puts sequins ; he has now collected about 300, and his great delight, Scott tells me, is to open the box, and contemplate his store.
Página 281 - Bold and erect the Caledonian stood; Old was his mutton, and his claret good ; Let him drink port, the English statesman cried— He drank the poison, and his spirit died.

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