Travels in New-England and New-York, Volumen4

W. Barnes and Son, 1823

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Página 126 - ... hear such principles confessed — to hear them avowed in this house, or in this country ; principles equally unconstitutional, inhuman, and unchristian.
Página 175 - I give these books for the founding of a college in this colony...
Página 116 - Name of the Council Established at Plymouth in the County of Devon, for the Planting, Ruling, Ordering and Governing of New England in America...
Página 126 - I know not what ideas that Lord may entertain of God and nature ; but I know, that such abominable principles are equally abhorrent to religion and humanity. — What...
Página 302 - Into one place, and let dry land appear.' Immediately the mountains huge appear Emergent, and their broad bare backs upheave Into the clouds; their tops ascend the sky: So high as...
Página 131 - For arts like these preferr'd, admir'd, caress'd, They first invade your table, then your breast; Explore your secrets with insidious art, Watch the weak hour, and ransack all the heart; Then soon your ill-plac'd confidence repay, Commence your lords, and govern or betray.
Página 379 - The wigwam to which they were conducted, and which belonged to the savage who had claimed them as his property, was inhabited by twelve persons. In the month of April, this family set out with their captives for an Indian settlement, still more remote; and informed them...
Página 378 - ... travelling. The air was chilly and keen, and the earth covered alternately with snow and deep mud. Her conductors were unfeeling, insolent, and revengeful. Murder was their glory, and torture their sport. Her infant was in her nurse's arms ; and infants were the customary victims of savage barbarity. " The company had proceeded but a short distance, when an Indian, thinking it an incumbrance, took the child out of the nurse's arms, and dashed its head against. a tree. What...
Página 94 - When he arrived at the principal settlement of the tribe, on the southern border of the St. Lawrence, it was proposed by some of the captors that he should be put to death.
Página 169 - British post, the capture of General Wadsworth was soon announced and the shore thronged with spectators, to see the man, who, through the preceding year, had disappointed all the designs of the British in that quarter ; and loud shouts were heard from the rabble which covered the shore ; but when he arrived at the fort and was conducted into the officers' guard room, he was treated with politeness.

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