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His hypocrisy. CHAP. XLIV. Egypt's conquest foretold. word of the LORD, ye remnant of 3 But Baruch the son of Neriah Judah ; Thus saith the LORD of setteth thee on against us, for to hosts, the God of Israel; If ye deliver us into the hand of the wholly set your faces to enter Chaldeans, that they might put us into Egypt, and go to sojourn to death, and carry us away cap there;

tives into Babylon. 16 Then it shall come to pass, 4 So Johanan the son of Kareah, that the sword, which ye feared, and all the captains of the forces, shall overtake you there in the and all the people, obeyed not the land of Egypt, and the famine, voice of the LORD, to dwell in the whereof ye were afraid, shall fol- land of Judah. low close after you there in Egypt; 5 But Johanan the son of Kareah, and there ye shall die.

and all the captains of the forces, 17 So shall it be with all the men took all the remnant of Judah, that that set their faces to go into Egypt were returned from all nations, to sojourn there; they shall die by whither they had been driven, to the sword, by the famine, and by dwell in the land of Judah; the pestilence : and none of them 6 Even men, and women, and shall remain or escape from the children, and the king's daughters, evil that I will bring upon them. and every person that Nebuzar

18 For thus saith the LORD of adan the captain of the guard had hosts, the God of Israel; As mine left with Gedaliah the son of Ahianger

and my fury hath been pour- kam the son of Shaphan, and Jereed" forth upon the inhabitants of miah the prophet, and Baruch the Jerusalem ;, so shall my fury be son of Neriah. poured forth upon you, when ye 7 So they came into the land of shall enter into Egypt: and ye shall Egypt: for they obeyed not the be an execration, and an astonish-voice of the LORD: thus came they ment, and a curse, and a reproach; even to Tahpanhes. and ye shall see this place no 8 11 Then came the word of the more.

LORD unto Jeremiah in Tahpan19 1 The LORD hath said con-hes, saying, cerning you, O ye remnant of Ju 9 Take great stones in thy hand, dah; go ye not into Egypt: know and hide them in the clay in the certainly that I have admonished brick-kiln, which is at the entry of you this day.

Pharaoh's house in Tahpanhes, in 20 For ye dissembled in your the sight of the men of Judah; hearts, when ye sent me unto the And say unto them, nus saith LORD your God, saying, Pray for the LORD of hosts,,

the God of Isus unto the LORD our God; and rael; Behold, I will send and take according unto all that the LORD Nebuchadrezzar the king of Babyour God shall say, so declare unto lon, my servant, and will set his us, and we will do it.

throne upon these stones that I 21 And now I have this day de- have hid; and he shall spread his clared it to you; but ye have not royal pavilion over them. obeyed the voice of the LORD your 11 And when he cometh, he sha!! God, por any thing for the which smite the land of Egypt, and delihe hath sent me unto you.

ver such as are for death to 22 Now therefore know certainly death; and such as are for capthat ye shall die by the sword, by tivity to captivity; and such as are the famine, and by the pestilence, for the

sword to the

sword. in the place whither ye desire to 12 And I will kindle a fire go and to sojourn.

in the houses of the gods of CHAP. XLIII.

Egypt; and he shall burn them, Jeremiah, &c. carried into Egypt. and carry them away captives A

Jeremiah had made an end of the land of Egypt, as a shepherd speaking unto all the people all putteth on his garment; and the words of the LORD their God, he shall go forth from thence in for which the LORD their God had peace. sent him to them, even all these 13 He shall break also the images words,

of Beth-shemesh, that is in the 2 Then spake Azariah the son of land of Egypt; and

the houses of Hoshaiah, and Johanan the son of the gods of the Egyptians shall he Kareah, and all the proud men, burn with fire. saying unto Jeremiah, Thou speak

CHAP. XLIV. est falsely : the LORD our God Judah's Desolation foreshevon. into Egypt to sojourn there:

all Jews 699


with heavy judgments. CHAP. XLVI. Baruch comforted. fathers, your kings and your his enemies, and into the hand of princes, and the people of the them that seek his life; as I gave land, did not the LORD remem- Zedekiah king of Judah into the ber them, and came it not into his hand of Nebuchadrezzar king

of mind ?

Babylon, his enemy, and that 22 So that the LORD could no sought his life. longer bear, because of the evil of

CHAP. XLV. your doings, and because of the Jeremiah com fortcth Baruch. abominations which ye have com HE word that Jeremiah the mitted; therefore is your land a desolation, and an astonishment, the son of Noriah, when he had and a curse, without an inhabitant, written these words in a book at as at this day.

the mouth of Jeremiah, in the 23 Because ye have burned in-fourth year of Jehoiakim the son cense, and because ye have sinned of

Josiah king of Judah, saying, against the LORD, and have not 2 Thus saith the LORD, the God obeyed the voice of the LORD, nor of Israel, unto thee,

O Baruch;
walked in his law, nor in his sta 3 Thou diust say, Wo is me
tutes, nor in his testimonies; there- now! for the LORD hath added
fore this evil is happened unto you, grief to my sorrow; I fainted in
as at this day.

my sighing, and I find no rest.
24 Moreover, Jeremiah said unto 4 T Thus shalt thou say unto
all the people, and to all the wo-him, The LORD saith thus; Be-
men, Hear the word of the LORD, hold, that which I have built will
all Judah that are in the land of I break down, and that which I


planted I will pluck up, even
25 Thus saith the LORD of hosts, this whole land.
the God of Israel, saying; Ye and 5 And seekest thou great things
your wives have both spoken with for thyself? seok them not: for
your mouths, and fulfilled with behold, I will bring evil upon all
your hand, saying, We will surely flesh, saith the LORD : but thy life
perform our vows that we have will I give unto thee for a prey in
vowed, to burn incense to the queen all places whither thou goest.
of heaven, and to pour out drink-

offerings unto her: ye will surely The Defeat of Pharaoh's army,
accomplish your vows, and surely THE word of the Lord which

26 Therefore hear ye the word of against the Gentiles ;
the LORD, all Judah that dwell in 2 Against Egypt, against the
the land of Egypt; Behold, I have army of Pharaoh-necho king, of
sworn by my great name, saith the Egypt, which was by the river
LORD, that my name shall no more Euphrates

in Carchemish, which
be named in the mouth of any man Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon
of Judah in all the land of Egypt, smote in the fourth year of Jehoi-
saying, The Lord God liveth. akim the son of Josiah king of

27 Behold, I will watch over Judah.
them for evil, and not for good : 3 Order ye the buckler and
and all the men of Judah that are shield, and draw near to battle.
in the land of Egypt shall be con 4 Harness the horses; and get
sumed by the sword and by the up, ye horsemen, and stand forth
famine, until there be an end of with your helmets; furbish the

spears, and put on the brigandines.
28 Yet a small number that es 5 Wherefore have I seen them
cape the sword shall return out of dismayed and turned away back ?
the land of Egypt into the land of and their mighty ones are beaten
Judah; and all the remnant of Ju-down, and are fled apace, and look
dah, that are gone into the land of not back: for fear was round
Egypt to sojourn there, shall know about, saith the LORD.
whose words shall stand, mine, or 6 Let not the swift flee away,

nor the mighty man escape: they
29 T And this shall be a sign shall stumble, and fall toward the
unto you, saith the LORD, that I north by the river Euphrates.
will punish you in this place, that 7 Who is this that cometh up as
ye may know that my words a flood, whose waters are moved
shall surely stand against you for as the rivers ?

8 Egypt riseth up like a flood,
30 Thus saith the LORD; Be- and his waters are moved like the
hold, I will give Pharaoh-hophra rivers; and he saith, I will go upi
king of Egypt into the hand of and will cover the earth; I will


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The conquest of Egypt. JEREMIAH,

Jacob comforted destroy the city and the inhabitants them, and the time of their vi thereof.

sitation. 9 Come up, ye horses, and rage, 22 The voice thereof shall go ye chariots, and let the mighty like a serpent ; for they, shall men come forth: the Ethiopians march with an army, and come and the Libyans, that handle the against her with axes, as hewers of shield; and the Lydians, that han-wood. dle and bend the bow.

23 They shall cut down her fo 10 For this is the day of the rest, saith the LORD, though it canLord God of hosts, a day of ven- not be searched ; because they are geance, that he may avenge him of more than the grasshoppers, and his adversaries : and the sword are innumerable. shall devour, and it shall be satiate 24 The daughter of Egypt sha!! and made drunk with their blood : be confounded; she shall be delifor the Lord God of hosts hath a vered into the hand of the people sacrifice in the north country by the of the north. river Euphrates.

25 The LORD of hosts, the God U Go up into Gilead, and take of Israel, saith; Behold,

I will balm, o virgin, the daughter of punish

the multitude of No, and Egypt: in vain shalt thou use many Pharaoh, and Egypt, with their medicines; for thou shalt not be gods, and their kings even Phacured.

raoh, and all them that trust in 12 The nations have heard of thy him : shame, and thy cry hath filled the 26 And I will deliver them into land for the mighty man hath the hand of those that seek their stumbled against the mighty, and lives, and into the hand of Nebuthey are fallen both together. chadrezzar king of Babylon, and

13 | The word that the LORD into the hand of his servants and spake to Jeremiah the prophet, afterward it shall be inhabited, how Nebuchadrezzar king of Ba- as in the days of old, saith the bylon should come and smite the LORD. land of Egypt.

27 But fear not thou, O my 14 Declare ye in Egypt, and pub- servant Jacob, and be not dismay lish in Migdol, and publish in Noph ed, O Israel : for behold, I will and in Tahpanhes: say ye, Stand save thee from afar off, and thy fast, and prepare thee; for the seed from the land of their captivisword shall devour round about ty; and Jacob shall return, and be thee.

in rest and at ease, and none shall 15 Why are thy Valiant men make him afraid. swept away? they stood not, be 28 Fear thou not, O Jacob my cause the LORD did drive them.

servant, saith the LORD: for I am 16 He made many to fall, yea, with thee; for I will make a full one fell upon another : and they end of all the nations whither I said, Arise, and let us go again to have driven thee: but I will not our own people, and to the land of make a full end of thee, but corour nativity, from the oppressing rect thee in measure; yet will I not sword.

leave thee wholly unpunished. 17 They did cry there, Pharaoh

CHAP. XLVII. king of Egypt is but a noise; he The Destruction of the Philistines.

18 As I live, saith the telling, THE word of the Lord that whose name is The LORD of hosts, phet against the Philistines, before Surely as

Tabor is among the that Pharaoh smote Gaza. mountains, and as Carmel by the 2 Thus saith the LORD; Behold, sea, so shall he come.

waters rise up out of the north, and 19 O thou daughter dwelling in shall be an overflowing flood, and Egypt, furnish thyself to go into shall overflow the land, and all that captivity; for Noph shall be is therein; the city, and them that waste and desolate without an in-dwell therein: then the men shall habitant.

cry, and all the inhabitants of the 20 Egypt is like a very fair hei- land shall howl. fer, but destruction cometh ; it 3 At the noise of the stamping of cometh out of the north.

the hoofs of his strong horses, at 21 Also her bired men are in the the rushing of his chariots, and at midst of her like fatted bullocks; the rumbling of his wheels, the fafor they also are turned back, and thers shall not look back to their are fled away together : they children for feebleness of hands; did not stand, because the day 4 Because of the day that coof their

calamity was come upon I meth to spoil all the Philistines and

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Judgment of Moab CHAP. XLVIII. for pride, contempt, &c to cut off from Tyrus and Zidon his taste remained in him, and his every helper that remaineth : for scent is not changed. the LORD will spoil the Philistines, 12 Therefore, behold, the days the remnant of the country of come, saith the LORD, that I will Caphtor.

send unto him wanderers that 5 Baldness is come upon Gaza; shall cause him to wander, and Ashkelon is cut off with the rem- shall empty his vessels, and break nant of their valley : how long wilt their bottles. thou cut thyself ?

13 And Moab shall be ashamed 60 thou sword of the LORD, of Chemosh, as the house of Israel how long will it be ere thou be was ashamed of Beth-el their conquiet? put up thyself into thy scab- fidence. bard, rest, and be still.

14 How say ye, We are mighty 7 How can it be quiet, seeing and strong men for the war? the LORD hath given it a charge 15 Moab is spoiled, and gone up against Ashkelon, and against the out of her cities, and his chosen sea shore ? there hath he appoint- young men are gone down to the ed it.

slaughter, saith the King, whose CHAP. XLVIII.

name is The LORD of hosts. The Judgment of Moab, 16 The calamity of Moab is near AGAINST Moals thuse saith the to.come, and his affliction hasteth Israel; Wo unto Nebo! for it is 17 All ye that are about him spoiled: Kiriathaim is confounded bemoan him; and all ye that know and taken: Misgab is confounded his name, say, How is the strong and dismayed.

staff broken, and the beautiful 2 There shall be no more praise rod! of Moab: in Heshbon they have 18 Thou daughter that dost indevised evil against it; come, and habit Dibon, come down from thy let us cut it off from being a nation. glory, and sit in thirst; for the Also thou shalt be cut down, O spoiler of Moab shall come upon Madmen ; the sword shall pursue thee, and he shall destroy thy thee.

strong holds. 3 A voice of crying shall be from 19 0 inhabitant of Aroer, stand Horonaim, spoiling and great de- by the way, and espy; ask him struction.

that fleeth, and her that escapeth, 4 Moab is destroyed; her little and say, What is done? ones have caused a cry to be heard. 20 Moab is confounded; for it

5 For in the going up of Lubith is broken down: howl and cry continual weeping shall go up; for tell ye it in Arnon, that Moab is in the going down of Horonaim spoiled, the enemies have heard a cry of 21 And judgment is come upon destruction.

the plain country ; upon Holon, 6 Flee, save your lives, and be and upon Jahazah, and upon Melike the heath in the wilderness. phaath,

71 For because thou hast trust 22 And upon Dibon, and upon ed in thy works and in thy trea- Nebo, and upon Beth-diblạthaim, sures, thou shalt also be taken: and 23 And upon Kiriathaim, and Chemosh shall go forth into cap- upon Beth-gamul, and upon Bethtivity with his priests and his meon, princes together.

24 And upon Kerioth, and upon 8 And the spoiler shall come upon Bozrah, and upon all the cities every city, and no city shall escape: of the land of Moab, far or the valley also shall perish, and the near. plain shall be destroyed, as the 25 The horn of Moab is cut off, LORD hath spoken.

and his arm is broken, saith the 9 Give wings unto Moab, that it LORD. may flee and get away : for the 26 11 Make ye him

drunken; for cities thereof shall be desolate, he magnified himself against the without any to dwell therein. LORD : Moab also shall wallow in

10 Cursed be he that doeth the his vomit, and he also shall be in work of the LORD deceitfully, and derision. cursed be he that keepeth back his 27 For was not Israel a derision sword from blood.

punto thee? was he found among. 11 1 Moab hath been at ease from thieves ? for since thou spakest of his youth, and he hath settled on him, thou skippedst for joy. his lees, and hath not been emptied 28 Oye that dwell in Moab, from vessel to vessel, neither hath leave the cities, and dwell in the he gone into captivity: therefore rock, and be like the dove that


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