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David's thanksgiving. CHAP. XVIII.

His victories. and according to all this vision, so tines, and subdued them, and took did Nathan speak unto David. Gath and her towns out of the

16 17 And David the king, came hand of the Philistines. and sat before the LORD, and said, 2 And he smote Moab; and the Who am I, O LORD God, and Moabites became David's servants, what is my house, that thou hast and brought gifts. brought me hitherto?

31 And David smote Hadarezer 17 And yet this was a small king of Zobah unto Hamath, as he thing in thine eyes, O God; for went to establish his dominion by thou hast also spoken of thy ser- the river Euphrates. vant's house for a great while to 4 And David took from him a come, and hast regarded me ac- thousand chariots, and seven thoucording to the estate of a man of sand horsemen, and twenty thouhigh degree, O LORD God. sand footmen : David also houghed

18 What can David speak more all the chariot-horses, but reserved to thee for the honour of thy ser- of them a hundred chariots. vant ? for thou knowest thy ser 5 And when the Syrians of Davant.

mascus came to help Hadarezer 19 O LORD, for thy servant's king of Zobah, David slew of the sake, and according to thine own Syrians two and twenty thousand heart, hast thou done all this great- men. ness, in making known all these 6 Then David put garrisons in great things.

Syria-damascus; and the Syrians 20 O LORD, there is none like became David's servants, and thee, neither is there any God be- brought gifts. Thus the LORD sides thee, according to all that we preserved David whithersoever he have heard with our ears.

went. 21 And what one nation in the 7 And David took the shields of earth is like thy people Israel, gold that were on the servants of whom God went to redeem, to Hadarezer, and brought them to his own people, to make thee a Jerusalem. name of greatness and terribleness, 8 Likewise from Tibhath, and by driving out nations from before from Chun, cities of Hadarezer, thy people, whom thou hast re- brought David very much brass, deemed out of Egypt?

wherewith Solomon made the 22 For thy people Israel didst brazen sea, and the pillars, and the thou make thine_own people for vessels of brass. ever;

and thou, LORD, becamest 9 Now when Tou king of Hatheir God.

math heard how David had smitten 23 Therefore now, LORD, let all the host of Hadarezer king of the thing that thou hast spoken Zobah; concerning thy servant, and con 10 He sent Hadoram his son to cerning his house, be established king David, to inquire of his welfor ever, and do as thou hast said. fare, and to congratulate him, be

24 Let it even be established, cause he had fought against Hathat thy name may be magnified darezer, and smitten him ; (for Hafor ever, saying, The LORD of darezer had war with Tou;) and hosts is the God of Israel, even a with him all manner of vessels of God to Israel: and let the house gold, and silver, and brass. of David thy servant be established il' Them also king David dedibefore thee.

cated unto the LORD, with the 25 For thou, O my God, hast silver and the gold that he brought told thy servant that thou wilt from all these nations; from Edom, build him a house: therefore thy and from Moab, and from the chilservant hath found in his heart to dren of Ammon, and from the pray before thee.

Philistines, and from Amalek. 26 And now, LORD, thou art 12 Moreover, Abishai the son of God, and hast promised this good-Zeruiah slew of the Edomites in ness unto thy servant :

the valley of Salt eighteen thou27 Now therefore let it please sand. thce to bless the house of thy ser 13 | And he put_garrisons in vant, that it may be before thee Edom; and all the Edomites befor ever: for thou, blessest, Ocame David's servants. Thus the LORD, and it shall be blessed for LORD preserved David whitherever.

soever he went. CHAP. XVIII.

14 1 So David reigned over all David subdueth the Philistines. Israel, and executed judgment OW after this it came to pass and justice among all his people. that David smote the Philis

15 And Joab the son of Zeruiah

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David overcomes the I. CHRONICLES, Ammonites and Syrians was over the host; and Jehosha- battle was set against him before phat the son of Ahilud, recorder; and behind, he chose out of all the

16 And Zadok the son of Ahitub, choice of Israel, and put them in and Abimelech the son of Abia- array against the Syrians. thar, were the priests; and Shay 11 And the rest of the people he sha was scribe;

delivered unto the hand of Abishai 17 And Benaiah the son of Je- his brother, and they set themselves hoiada was over the Cherethites in array against the children of and the Pelethites; and the sons of Ammon. David were chief about the king, 12 And he said, If the Syrians CHAP. XIX.

be too strong for me, then thou David's Messengers ill-trcated.shalt help me: but if the children

COW it came to pass after this, of Ammon be too strong for thee,

that Nahash the king of the then I will help thee. children of Ammon died, and his 13 Be of good courage, and let son reigned in his stead.

us behave ourselves valiantly for 2 And David said, I will shew our people, and for the cities of our kindness unto Hanun the son of God: and let the LORD do that Nahash, because his father shewed which is good in his sight. kindness to me. And David sent 14 So Joah and the people that messengers to comfort him con- were with him drew nigh before cerning

his father. So the servants the Syrians unto the battle; and of David came into

the land of the they fled before him. children of Ammon to Hanun, to 15 And when the children of comfort him.

Ammon saw that the Syrians were 3 But the princes of the children fled, they likewise fled before of Ammon said to Hanun, Think- Abishai his brother, and entered est thou that David doth honour into the city. Then Joab came to thy father, that he hath sent com- Jerusalem. forters unto thee? are not his ser 16 il And when the Syrians saw vants come unto thee for to search, that they were put to the worse beand to overthrow, and to spy out fore Israel, they sent messengers, the land ?

and drew forth the Syrians that 4 Wherefore Hanun took David's were beyond the river and Shoservants, and shaved them, and cut phach the captain of the host of off their garments in the midst Hadarezer went before them. hard by their buttocks, and sent 17 And it was told David ; and them away:

he gathered all Israel, and passed 5 Then there went certain, and over Jordan, and came upon them, told David how the men were and set the battle in array against served. And he sent to meet them: them. So when David had put the for the men were greatly ashamed. battle in array, against the Syrians, And the king said, Tarry at Jeri- they fought with him. cho until your beards be grown, 18 But the Syrians fled before and then return.

Israel; and David slew of the Sy61 And when the children of rians seven thousand men which Ammon saw that they had made fought in chariots, and forty thouthemselves odious to David,

Hanun sand footmen, and killed Shophach and the children of Ammon sent a the captain of the host. thousand talents of silver to hire 19 And when the servants of them chariots and horsemen out of Hadarezer saw that they were put Mesopotamia, and out of Syria- to the worse before Israel, they maachah, and out of Zobah.

made peace with David, and be7 So they hired thirty, and two came his servants : neither would thousand chariots, and the king of the Syrians help the children of Maachah and his people, who Ammon any more. came and pitched before Medeba.

CHAP. XX. And the children of Ammon ga Rabbah besieged and taken. thered libemasel ves together from And it came to pasireh, at a time

8 And when David heard of it, time that kings go out to battle, he sent Joab, and all the host of Joab led forth the power of the the mighty men.

army, and wasted the country of 9 And the children of Ammon the children of Ammon, and came came out, and put the battle in and besieged Rabbah. But David array before the gate of the city: tarried at Jerusalem. And Joab and the kings that were come were smote Rabbah, and destroyed it. by themselves in the field.

2 And David took the crown of 10 Now when Joab saw that the l their king from off his head, and


Philistine giants subdued. CHAP. XXI. The three days' pestilence found it to weigh a talent of gold,, score and ten thousand men that and there were precious stones in drew sword. it; and it was set upon David's 6 But Levi and Benjamin counthead: and he brought also exceeded he not among them for the ing much spoil out of the city. king's word was abominablo to

3 And he brought out the people Joab. that were in it, and cut them with 7 And God was displeased with saws, and with harrows of iron, this thing, therefore he smote and with axes. Even so dealt | Israel. David with all the cities of the 8 And David said unto God, I children of Ammon. And David have sinned greatly, because I have and all the people returned to Jeru- done this thing but now, I besalem.

seech thee, do away the iniquity of 4 11 And it came to pass after this, thy servant; for I have done very that there arose war at Gezer with foolishly. the Philistines: at which time Sib 9 11 And the LORD spako unto bechai the Hushathite slew Sippai, Gad, David's seer, saying, that was of the children of the 10 Go and tell David, saying, giant: and they were subdued. Thus saith the LORD, I offer thee

5 And there was war again with three things; choose thee one of the Philistines; and Elhanan the them, that I may do it unto thee. son of Jair slew Lahmi the brother 11 So Gad came to David, and of Goliath the Gittite, whose said unto him, Thussaith the LORD, spear's staff was like a weaver's Choose thee beam.

12 Either three years' famine; or 6 And yet again there was war three months to be destroyed beat Gath, where was a man of great fore thy foes, while that the sword stature, whose fingers and toes of thine enemies overtaketh thee; were four and twenty, six on or else three days the sword of the each hand, and six on each foot LORD, even the pestilence, in the and he also was the son of the land, and the angel of the LORD degiant.

stroying throughout all the coasts 7 But when he defied Israel, Jo- of Israel. Now therefore udvise nathan the son of Shimea, David's thyself what word I shall bring brother, slew him.

again to him that sent me. 8 These were born unto the giant 13 And David said unto Gad, I in Gath; and they fell by the hand am in a great strait : let me fall of David, and by the hand of his now into the hand of the LORD; servants.

for very great are his mercies CHAP. XXI.

but let me not fall into the hand of David numbereth the People. man.

ND Satan stood up _against 14 LORD sent pestilence number Israel.

seventy thousand men. 2 And David said to Joab and 15 And God sent an angel unto to the rulers of the people, Go, Jerusalem to destroy it: and as he number Israel from Beer-sheba was destroying, the LORD beheld, even to Dan; and bring the num- and he repented him of the

evil, and ber of them to me, that I may said to the angel that destroyed, know it.

It is enough, stay now thy hand. 3 And Joab answered, The LORD And the angel of the LORD stood by make his people a hundred times the threshing-floor of Ornan the Je80 many more as they be : but, busite. my lord the king, are they not all 16 And David lifted up his eyes, my lord's servants? why then and saw the angel of the LORD doth my lord require this thing ? stand between the earth and the why will he be a cause of trespass heaven, having a drawn sword in to Israel ?

his hand, stretched out over Jerusa4 Nevertheless the king's word lem. Then David and the elders prevailed against Joab. Wherefore of Israel, who were clothed in sackJoab departed, and went through- cloth, fell upon their faces. out all Israel, and came to Jerusa 17 And David said unto God, lem.

Is it not I that commanded the 5 1 And Joab gave the sum of the people to be numbered ? even I it number of the people unto David. is that have sinned and done evil And all they of Israel were a thou- indeed; but as for these sheep, Band thousand and a hundred what have they done ? let thy thousand men that drew sword : hand, I pray thee, O LORD my and Judah was four hundred three-! God,'be on me, and on my father's


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Destroying angel stayed. I. CHRONICLES, David's preparation house; but not on thy people, that

CHAP. XXII. they should be plagued.

David prepareth for the Temple. 18 Then the angel of the LORD THEN David said, This is the that David should go up, and set this is the altar of the burnt-offerup an altar unto the LORD in the ing for Israel. threshing-floor of Ornan the Je 2 And David commanded to busite.

gather together the strangers that 19 And David went up at the were in the land of Israel; and he saying of Gad, which he spake in set masons to hew wrought stones the name of the LORD.

to build the house of God. 20 And Ornan turned back, and 3 And David prepared iron in saw the angel; and his foursons abundance for the nails for the with him hid' themselves. Now doors of the gates, and for the joinOrnan was threshing wheat. ings; and brass in abundance with

21 And as David came to Ornan, out weight; Ornan looked, and saw David, and 4 Also

cedar-trees in abundance : went out of the threshing-floor, and for the Zidonians and they of Tyre bowed himself to David with his brought much cedar-wood to Daface to the ground.

id. 22 Then David said to Ornan, 5 And David said, Solomon my Grant me the place of this thresh- son is young and tender, and the jpg-floor, that I may build an altar house that is to be builded for the therein unto the LORD: thou shalt LORD must be exceeding magnifigrant it me for the full price: that cal, of fame and of glory throughthe plague may be stayed from the out all countries: I will therefore people.

now make preparation for it. So -23 And Ornan said unto David, David prepared abundantly before Take it to thee, and let my lord the his death. king do that which is good in his 6 " Then he called for Solomon eyes : lo, I give thee the oxen also his son, and charged him to build a for burnt-offerings, and the thresh- house for the LORD God of Ising instruments for wood, and the rael. wheat for the meat-offering ; I give 7 And David said to Solomon, it all.

My son, as for me, it was in my 24 And king David said to Or- mind to build a house unto tho nan, Nay; but I will verily buy it name of the LORD my God. for the full price: for I will not take 8 But the word of the LORD that which is thine for the LORD, came to me, saying, Thou hast nor offer burnt-offerings without shed blood abundantly, and hast cost.

made great wars: thou shalt not 25 So David gave to Ornan for build a house unto my name, bethe place six hundred shekels of cause thou hast shed much blood gold by weight

upon the earth in my sight. 26 And David built there an al 9 Behold, a son shall be born to tar unto the LORD, and offered thee, who shall be a man of rest; burnt-offerings and peace-offer- and I will give him rest from all bis ings, and called upon the LORD; enemies round about: for his name ani he answered him from heaven shall be Solomon, and I will give by fire upon the altar of burnt-of-peace and quietness unto Israel in fering.

his days. 27 And the LORD commanded 10 He shall build a house for my the angel; and he put up his name ; and he shall be my son, sword again into the sheath and I will be his father; and I will thereof.

establish the throne of his kingdom 28 [ At that time when David over Israel for ever. saw that the LORD had answered 11 Now, my son, the LORD be him in the threshing-floor of Ornan with thee; and prosper thou, and the Jebusite, then he sacrificed build the house of the LORD thy there.

God, as he hath said of thee. 29 For the tabernacle of the 12 Only the LORD give thee wis LORD, which Moses made in the dom and understanding, and give wilderness, and the altar of the thee charge concerning Israel, that burnt-offering, were at that season thou mayest keep the law of the in the high place at Gibeon. LORD thy God.

30 But David could not go be 13 Then shalt thou prosper, if fore it to inquire of God : for he thou takest heed to fulfil the stawas afraid because of the sword of tutes and judgments which the the angel of the LORD.

LORD charged Moses with con 408

for the temple.

CHAP. XXIII. Ordering of the Levites. cerning Israel: be strong, and of 7 1 of the Gershonites were good courage; dread not, nor be Laadan and Shimei. dismayed.

8 The sons of Laadan; the chief 14 Now behold, in my trouble I was Jehiel, and Zetham, and Joel, bave prepared for the house of the three. LORD a hundred thousand talents 9 The sons of Shimei ; Sheloof gold, and a thousand thousand mith, and Haziel, and Haran, talents of silver; and of brass and three. These were the chief of the iron without weight; for it is in fathers of Laadan. abundance: timber also and stone 10 And the song of Shimei were, have I prepared; and thou mayest Jahath, Zina, and Jeush, and Beadd thereto.

riah. These four were the sons of 15 Moreover, there are workmen Shimei. with thee in abundance, hewers 11 And Jabath was the chief, and workers of stone and timber, and Zizah the second: but Jeush and all manner of cunning men for and Beriah had not many sons ; every manner of work.

therefore they were in one reck 16 Of the gold, the silver, and oning, according to their father's the brass, and the iron, there is house. po number. Arise, therefore, and 12 | The sons of Kohath; Ambe doing, and the LORD be with ram, Izhar, Hebron, and Uzziel, thee.

four. 17 || David also commanded all 13 The sons of Amram; Aaron the princes of Israel to help Solo- and Moses: and Aaron was sepamon his son, saying,

rated, that he should sanctify the 18 Is not the LORD your God most holy things, he and his sons with you ? and hath he not given for ever, to burn incense before the you rest on every side ? for he hath LORD, to minister unto him, and given the inhabitants of the land to bless in his name for ever. into my hand; and the land is sub 14 Now concerning Moses the dued before the LORD, and before man of God, his sons were named his people.

of the tribe of Levi. 19 Now set your heart and your 15 The sons of Moses were, Gersoul to seek the LORD your God; shom, and Eliezer. arise therefore, and build ye thé 16 Of the sons of Gershom, Shesanctuary of the LORD God, to buel was the chief. bring the ark of the covenant of 17 And the sons of Eliezer were, the LORD, and the holy vessels Rehabiah the chief. And Eliezer of God, into the house that is had none other sons; but the song to be built to the name of the of Rehabiah were very many. LORD.

18 of the sons of Izhar; SheloCHAP. XXIII.

mith the chief. The Ordering of the Levites. 19 Of the sons of Hebron; Je

of days, he made Solomon his Jahaziel the third, and Jekameam son king over Israel.

the fourth. 2 1 And he gathered together 20 Of the sons of Uzziel ; Micah all the princes of Israel, with the the first, and Jesiah the second. priests and the Levites.

21 The sons of Merari; Mahli, 3 Now the Levites were num- and Mushi. The sons of Mahli; bered from the age of thirty years Eleazar, and Kish. and upward and their num 22 And Eleazar died, and had no ber by their polls, man by sons, but daughters: and their breman, was thirty and eight thou-thren the sons of Kish took them. sand.

23 The sons of Mushi; Mabli, 4 Of which, twenty and four and Eder, and Jeremoth, three. thousand were to set forward the 24 | These were the sons of Levi work of the house of the LORD; after the house of their fathers; and six thousand were officers and even the chief of the fathers, as judges:

they were counted by number of 5 Moreover, four thousand were names by their polls, that did the porters; and four thousand praised work for the service of the house the LORD with the instruments of the LORD, from the age of twenty which I made, said David, to years and upward. praise therewith.

25 For David said, The LORD 6 And David divided them into God of Israel hath given rest unto courses among the sons of Levi, his people, that they may dwell in namely, Gershon, Kohath, and Jerusalem for ever; Merari.

26 And also unto the Levites s


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