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Come, go, good Juliet.—[noise again.] I dare stay no longer.

[Exit. Ju. Go, get thee hence, for I will not away.“ What's here? a cup, closed in my true love's

hand ?
Poison, I see, hath been his timeless end.-
O churl! drink all; and leave no friendly drop,
To help me after ?-I will kiss thy lips;
Haply, some poison yet doth hang on them,
To make me die with a restorative. [kisses him.
Thy lips are warm !

1 Watch. [within.] Lead, boy :—which way?
Ju. Yea, noise ? then I'll be brief.-0 happy

dagger! [snatching Romeo's dagger. This is thy sheath ; [stabs herself.] there rust, and let me die.

[falls on Romeo's body, and dies.


Enter watch, with the page of Paris.
Page. This is the place; there, where the torch

doth burn.
1 Watch. The ground is bloody. Search about

the churchyard :
Go, some of you ; whoe'er you find, attach.

[Exeunt some.
Pitiful sight! here lies the county slain,
And Juliet bleeding, warm, and newly dead,
Who here hath lain these two days buried.-
Go, tell the prince ;-run to the Capulets ;-
Raise up the Montagues ;—some others search.

[Exeunt other Watchmen.

We see the ground whereon these woes do lie;
But the true ground of all these piteous woes,
We cannot without circumstance descry.

Enter some of the watch, with BALTHASAR. 2 Watch. Here's Romeo's man; we found him

in the churchyard. 1 Watch. Hold him in safety till the prince come


Enter another WATCHMAN, with FRIAR LAURENCE.

3 Watch. Here is a friar, that trembles, sighs,

and weeps :

We took this mattock and this spade from him,
As he was coming from this churchyard side..

1 Watch. A great suspicion: stay the friar too.

Enter PRINCE and Attendants.

Prince. What misadventure is so early up, That calls our persua from our morning's rest ?

Enter CAPULET, LADY CAPULET, and others. Cap. What should it be, that they so shriek

abroad? L. Cap. The people in the street cry Romeo, Some Juliet, and some Paris; and all run, With open outcry, toward our monument. Prince. What fear is this, which startles in our 1 Watch. Sovereign, here lies the county Paris


slain ;

And Romeo dead; and Juliet, dead before,
Warm and new kill'd.
Prince. Search, seek, and know how this foul

murder comes. 1 Watch. Here is a friar, and slaughter'd Romeo's

With instruments upon them, fit to open
These dead men's tombs.
Cap. O heavens !-0 wife! look how our daughter

This dagger hath mista'en : for, lo! his house 1
Is empty on the back of Montague,
And is mis-sheathed in my daughter's bosom.

L. Cap. O me! this sight of death is as a bell, That warns my old age to a sepulchre.

Enter MONTAGUE and others.

Prince. Come, Montague; for thou art early up, To see thy son and heir more early down.

Mon. Alas, my liege, my wife is dead to-night; Grief of my son's exile hath stopp'd her breath. What farther woe conspires against mine age ?

Prince. Look, and thou shalt see.
Mon. Othou untaught! what manners is in

To press before thy father to a grave?

Ti. e. the scabbard.

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