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(London, February 20.) At a time when the great questions of merce, our manufactures, or our agricul. foreign trade and internal distress are likely ture, were such as to render this change, to undergo renewed discussion in both though desirable, not a matter of urgent Houses of Parliament, and the Committee necessity. This is unfortunately not the on Foreign Trade is about to proceed in case ; for though it is allowed that an im. collecting information on that complicated provement in some branches of manufacsubject, it would be a vain speculation in us ture has really taken place, yet this is but to discuss the alterations which it might be a partial alleviation of a distress which is advantageous or practicable to make in our but too generally felt. present system. On all hands, it appears Coffee.-The market has declined consi. at least to be acknowledged, that some derably in the first half of the present change is desirable, though, amidst such month. The large East India sale on the a variety of conflicting interests, both 31st January (10,000 bags, chiefly Cheforeign and domestic, it would be difficult ribon) contributed to keep down the prices, to decide on its nature and extent. Happy till its result was known, and has conti. should we be if we could flatter ourselves nued to influence the market since. The with the belief that the actual situation, or following are the particulars of that the immediate prospect of either our com- sale.

EAST INDIA SALE, 31st January.
Coffee-10,224 Bags.

damaged 1st class. 2d class.
Cheribon good pale....1188. a 120s. 6d.

ordinary.....114s. a 1168.......110s. a 113s.....1038. a 106s.

light yellow 120s. 6d. a 122s... 114s. a 1168.....1058. Sumatra 113s. 6d. a 114s... 1098.

..106s. 6d. a 1078. Bourbon


113s. 6d........

....Ills. At the public sales in the week after this, coffee on the 13th, and we believe no priEast India coffee went about 2s. higher, vate contracts whatever: the market was but West India coffee in general declined in consequence nominally the same as for 1s. to ls. 6d. and was heavy at that re- some days preceding, but exceedingly headuction. In the second week, that is, up vy, and the offers made for coffee 28. a 3s. to the 13th, the public sales consisted of lower than the nominal quotations. 527 casks and 671 bags; a reduction of Sugar.—The demand has been rather 2s. a 3s. per cwt. took place in the Jamaica limited, and prices low, though no condescriptions, and 38. a 4s. in the Demerara siderable reduction has taken place in and Berbice coffee ; good ordinary Jamaica raw sugars, and good qualities have been sold at 115s. a 1178.; fine ordinary, 118s. scarce, and have obtained high prices. The and 119s.: Demerara good middling, which hopes of a favourable alteration in the previously sold at 133s. 6d. and 134s. went Russian tariff seem to have been disapat 129s. 6d. and 130s.; niddling, 125s. 6d. pointed. On the 31st January there was and 126s., which had previously been sell- a very extensive sale of sugar at the India ing at 1308.: several parcels of St. Domin. House, of which the following are the par. go, of good quality, pale, sold at 117s. 6d. ticulars. and 1188. There were no public sales of

Bourbon, 10,000 bags, in mats

si d.

d. $. &.
...29 0 a 29 6

.26 0 a 27 0
23 6 a 28 6.

.21 0 a 25 0)
brown ordinary and soft..17 6 a 21 0.

.16 0 a 19 0 Java, 1400 packages white, strong dry.. ........35 6 a 38 0..

33 0 a 35 0 grey, strong dry ........33 0 a 33 6..

29 0 a 29 6 yellow, soft .26 6 a 27 6..

.24 0 a 24 6 brown, soft

.21 0 a 25 0..........20 6 a 23 6 Bengal, 2400 packages white, fine .46 6

.37 0 a 38 0 ordinary .32 6 a 36 6,

.27 6 a 32 6 yellow

.27 6 a 29 0. ....26 6 a 27 0 brown or drabs

13 0 a 14 0 Benares, 3750 bags white and strong.

.38 0 a 46 0...... .39 6 a 40 6 grey .31 0 a 36 6.

29 0 a 32 6 yellow

28 0 a 32 0..... 23 0 a 26 0

S. d.

S. d.


China, 1000 chests

S. d. s. d.

8. d.
white ordinary
31 6

.27 0 a 27 6

.23 6 a 25 6 Siam, 600 bags

.38 6 a 41 0..........37 6 a 38 0 grey

.35 6 a 36 0..........34 0 yellow

..29 6 a 32 0..........26 6 a 31 0 Rice, 7000 bags

Bengal, fair quality in bond ..., 8 6 a 9 6
Patna, ditto ...

9 6 a 10 6
Java, duty paid

12 6 The good and fine sugars went at prices Last week the market for raw sugar was rather higher than the previous currency; dull, with rather better prices for good quathe inferior went off much about the former lities, and worse for inferior. The demand rates about a fourth part was taken in. for lumps has recovered a little, but without Very little of the rice was sold; the very materially affecting the prices. reduced prices not inducing the buyers to Average prices of Raw Sugar by Gazette. come forward.

Jan. 27.

.35s. 8 d. At a public sale, in the second week of Feb. 3.

.36s. 44d. February, 3816 bags of Bourbon went from


...35s. 4 d. 2s. to 3s. lower than at the India sale.

17. ........355. 84d.

Cotton.— The prices have remained buyers could come to market at lower rates pretty steady in the month that has than the late nominal quotations. elapsed since our last report. In the last Oils. The prices of Greenland oil have week of January about 1000 bags were receded to very low rates, which have atsold. It is now reported that the East tracted the attention of the buyers ; several India Company have purchased 1000 bags parcels have been taken for export; yet, of Bengal cotton at 6d. to 64d. good se- notwithstanding this demand, and the proscond quality, to complete their shipments pect of an extensive spring trade, the for the season to China.

prices are rather on the decline, on account Rum, Brandy, and Hollands.-Not. of the extensive quantity at market. Seed withstanding the advertisement of a go- oils are quoted at a small reduction. vernment contract of 100,000 gallons of Hemp, Flax, and Tallow.—The demand Rum, the market was not at all improved, for Baltic produce continues exceedingly and the contract was taken on the 13th languid : tallow may again be quoted at a Feb. at 11s. 10d. per gallon. Brandy and small decline, and the very reduced prices Geneva are dull of sale, and the demand do not facilitate sales.—Hemp and flax for the former has not improved, though a may both be quoted lower. The last let reduction in the price has taken place. ters from Petersburgh state the exchange a

Tobacco.-Tobacco has continued so ex- shade lower, 913 ceedingly languid for some months, that

Spices. East-India Company's SALE on the 12th Feb. Saltpetre - Company's, 1000 tons taxed at 26s.- sold 26s. 6d. a 28s. a few lots 29s.

Licensed 250 tons—chiefly 298. a 3ls, a few lots 28s. a 28s. 6d. Cinnamon-1485 bales

1st quality taxed at 8s. - only a small proportion sold 8s. ld. a 8s. 5d. 2d taxed at 75.- a small proportion sold 78. ld. and 78. 2d.

3d taxed at 6s.--a few lots 6s. ld.broken 3s. Ild. a 4s. ld. Cloves123 chests, taxed at 35.-sold at 3s. 6d. a 3s. 9d. Mace—330 casks, no taxed price

ordinary lst quality, or fine 2ds, sold 4s. 10d. a 58. 1d.

3d quality, 28. Od. a 28. 3d. Nutinegs 497 casks—Ist quality taxed at 3s. 6d.-sold 3s. 6. and 3s. 8d.

garbled abroad, no taxed price-sold 28. ld. a 28. 5d. Licensed --Cloves 48 bags, Amboyna good sold 3s. 6d. and 38. 7d. Cassia lignea 280 chests-good 81. 4s. a 81. Ils.

-ordinary 5l. 155. a 61. 5s. Sago, chiefly good palc, 8s. 6d. and Is. Ginger 1300 bundles, fair quality, ils. 6d. a 13s. 6d.-a few lots 14s. and

148. 60. Pepper and pimento are higher and in demand : Company's black pepper 740 ; very little fine pimento ai anarket, middling sells 8 d. a 8 d.

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Corn. We have no particular observa- purchases have been made by private oontions to offer on the state of the corn mar- tract at the prices paid at the public sales ; ket for this month past, further than to say but many holders ask more. We shall that it has been in general heavy; and that have a sale of 300 bales of Bengal on the our opinions on the opening of the ports for 1st March.-Coffee.-The demand being foreign corn are unchanged.

rather brisker, is held at higher prices. Aggregate average of the 12 maritime Spices.-Several purchases of pepper have districts of England and Wales for the six rendered the prices more firm. Pimento weeks preceding the 15th Feb. by, which and ginger also keep up.---Indigo, Gum importation is regulated in Great Britain. Senegal, and Logwood, are held at rather

Wheat 54s. 5d. Oats 18s. 6d. higher prices.- Rice firmer in price, in Rye 34s. 8d. Beans 32s. 6d.

eonsequence of some demand this week.Barley 25s. Od. Peas 355. Od. Corn.--Nothing doing except for the con

sumption of the place.--Fine rape-seed is

in demand, but not to be had.—Sugar. FOREIGN COMMERCE.

There has been less doing in Hamburgh St. Petersburg, 24th Jan. On taking refined, this week than last; but as no a general view of the commerce of St. great quantities have been brought to mar. Petersburgh in the year 1820, we find the ket, the prices have been fully maintained. following remarkable result; the value of The prices of lumps being rather lower, goods imported was 167,388,897 r., to namely, good strong middling at 1148. to which must be added the sum of 23 mil. 11d., prettly large purchases have been lions, arrived by the last vessels, and not made. Raw sugar has been little asked yet entered at the Custom House, making for, and the prices unchanged, in expeca grand total of 190,388,897 r. The tation the new arrivals, which if the value of the goods exported amounted to frost, which has again set in, should be of only 105,085,920 r.: thus the value of the any duration, may probably be delayed for imports exceeds that of the exports by some time. above 85,300,000 r. This great difference Amsterdam, 10th Feb.-Cotton without in the balance is unparalleled in the his- purchasers, even at reduced prices.comCorn, tory of the commerce of this port. The hardly any sales ; so that prices are nomireceipt of the customs of St. Petersburg was nally the same. - Rapeseed is held at higher 29,747,994 r. The number of vessels ar prices, but without purchasers : but Rape-, rived was 1090; sailed, 1070.

oil has more buyers than sellers, at the The port of Kunda in Esthonia, on the following increased prices : ready money, Gulf of Finland, between Narva and 77 A.; for delivery on 1st May, 75 to Reval, has now obtained a custom-house, 754 A.; for 1st September, 72 il.--Spices subject to the same regulations as are in keep at good prices, especially pepper and force in' all the other parts of the empire; pimento, of which our stock is small.-so that foreign vessels may export from it Sugar, the prices of Muscovado remain directly, the productions of the country, steady, and also of loaves. without being obliged to clear out from Naples, 23 Jan. -Sugar.-There have another port. The neighbouring country been some sales at the same prices as last produces large quantities of timber.

week.-Cottons continue to be in some Riga, 26 Jan.The prices of most of request : the exportations to France give our export articles remain nearly the same reason to hope a sensible amelioration. as at the date of our last report (see Lox. Brandy has suddenly risen, in consequence DON MAGAZINE for February).— Flax is of a contract for the army, and of some still in demand; and the arrivals being in- little demand for Malta and Gibraltar. considerable (till within these few days) Our other productions are lower and in no held at rather high prices.

request.—Good paper on Paris and London Gothenburg, 8th Jan. In the course of has been rare and eagerly sought after ; a last year there were exported from this city great deal has been done above the noted 92,180 ship pounds of bar-iron ; 4627 ship prices : 10,0001. sterling in London was pounds of finer and wrought-iron ; and negociated at 594. 3977 ship pounds of steel : of this quan- Genoa, 27 Jan.-Commerce is gradually tity, 71,595 ship pounds of bar-iron, reyiving, and more is doing than appears, 2725 ship pounds of fine, and 468 ship because many transactions do not come to pounds of steel, were exported to North the knowledge of the public.—Grain.America alone.

There are no purchasers for speculation. Copenhagen, 29th Jan.-Corn begins to We continue to send cargoes to Naples ; draw more attention, and in consequence three vessels have sailed for that port this of the accounts received from abroad, the week.-Coffee, 15 barrels of Martinico continuance of pretty mild weather, and have been sold at 32 sols ; 64 bags of Rio the re-opening of the navigation, many at 26 sols the pound.--Sugar, 60 barrels purchases are already made; and barley, of crushed 554 to 64 fr. according to quaoats, and rye are particularly in demand. lity.--Pepper, 12,000 lbs. of Malabar at

Hamburgh, 10th Feb.--Cotton.-Some 11$ sols per Ib.

WORKS PREPARING FOR PUBLICATION. Dr. Leach has nearly completed his Crabbe, engraved by Heath from DrawSynopsis of British Mollusca.

ings by Westall, are preparing for publiThe Rev. Thomas Boys is printing a cation. Volume of Sermons on Various Subjects. Miss Porden, has in the Press, Cæur de

The Rev. Newell is about to pub- Lion, or the Third Crusade, a Poem, in lish Letters on the Scenery of Wales, in Sixteen Books. cluding a Series of Subjects for the Pencil, John Dalzell, Esq. has nearly ready, and Instructions to Pedestrian Tourists. the Substance of the Lectures on the Ana Royal 8vo. with Plates.

cient Greeks, and on the Revival of Greek Ăn interesting Volume for Schools, en- Learning in Europe, delivered by the late titled Sketches of the Domestic Institutions Professor Dalzell, in the University of and Manners of the Romans, is in the Edinburgh. Press.

M. Malte Brun's System of Universal In the course of this month will be pub. Geography, translated from the French, is lished, Sir Ronald, and other Poems, in printing in 5 Vals. 8ro. 8vo.

A Biographical Work of 3000 Living A Collection of Sermons, by the late Public Men of all Countries, with nearly Rev. Joseph Pickering, AM. Curate of 300 engraved Portraits, is printing, to corPaddington, is preparing for publication, respond in size with Debrett's Peerage. in 2 Vols. 8vo.

Mr. Wood has in the Press, the LinAn Essay to prove the Identity of the nean Genera of Insects, illustrated by 86 Rivers Nile and Niger, by J. Dudley,MA. coloured Plates, and general observations is in the Press.

on each genius. Proposals are in circulation for printing, Mr. J. H. Wiffin, Author of " Aonian by Subscription, a new Edition of that Hours,” &c. has in the Press, The Fourth Scarce Work, The Remains of Japhet; Book of Tasso's Jerusalem delivered ; being Historical Enquiries into the Affinity being the Specimen of an intended new and Origin of the European Languages. By Translation in English Spenserian Verse, James Pearson, MD. in one Volume, 4to. with a Prefatory Dissertation on existing

A New Novel, entitled the Sisters, in Translations. 4 Vols. 8vo. is in the Press.

A new edition of the Pleasures of Home, Speedily will be published, in 2 Vols. a Poem, with Corrections and Improve8vo. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of ments, and additional Pieces by the same the Right Rev. Brian Walton, DD. Lord Author, is in preparation. Bishop of Chester. By the Rev. Henry The Rev. Ř. Warner, is preparing for Todd, MA. FRS.

publication, Church of England Theology, P. E. Laurent, Esq. is preparing for in a Series of ten Sermons, (separately publication, in 4to. Recollections of a Clas- printed, in Manuscript Character) on the sical Tour, in 1818—1819, in different following subjects. — 1. The Scriptural parts of Turkey, Greece, and Italy. Doctrines of the Fall, and Corruption of

In a short time will appear, the Beauties, Mankind.—2. Do. of Repentance.-3. Do. Harmonies, and Sublimities of Nature. By of Faith.-4. Do. of Good Works.-5. Do. Charles Bucke, Esq.

of Conversion and Atonement through The Works of John Home, Esq. author Christ.–6. Do. of Regeneration.—7. Do. of Douglas, with an Account of his Life of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. - 8. Do. of and Writings; by H. Mackenzie, Esq. the Holy Trinity.-9. Do. of the Holy will soon appear, in 3 Vols. 8vo.

Sacrament.--10. On the Figurative Lan. Otto Von Kotzbue's Narrative of a guages of Scripture. Voyage round the World, in the Russian Dr. Henry Reader, will shortly publish Ship Revric, is translating for the Press. in 8vo. A Practical Treatise on Diseases

Mr. John Dunkin, is preparing the of the Heart, in which will be comprised History and Antiquities of several Parishes a full Account of all the Diseases of that in the Hundreds of Bullington and Plough. Organ. ley, Oxfordshire, illustrated by engravings. Mr. Faulkner has issued Proposals for

The Rev. Wm. Wilson, BD. Fellow of publishing by Subscription, a Series of Queen's College, Oxford, has in the Press, Etchings, illustrative of the History and the Articles of the Church of England illus- Antiquities of Kensington, from Original trated by Copious Extracts from the Homi. Drawings, by R. Banks. lies, &c.

In the Press, Observations on the ReElementary Illustrations of the Celestial ports of the Earl of Sheffield at Lewis Fair, Mechanics of Laplace, comprehending the July 26, 1820. By James Bischoff. first Book, for Students in the Mathema. Dr. Forbes is about to publish his , Obticks, may be shortly expected, in 8vo. servations on the Climate of Penzance, and

A Series of Thirty-three Plates, include the Districts of the Land) End, in Corn. ing a Portrait, to illustrate the Works of wall.

WORKS LATELY PUBLISHED. Antiquities, Architecture, Astronomy,

History. and the Fine Arts.

Historic Prologues; or, Characters and Index Monasticus ; or the Abbeys and Events, from the Conquest to the Death of other Monasteries, Alien Priories, Friaries, George III. By the Rev. John Davis, MA. &c. &c. formerly established in the Dio- 8vo. 58. boards. cese of Norwich, and the ancient Kingdom An Historical and Critical Account of a of East Anglia. By Richard Taylor, fof Grand Series of National Medals, pubNorwich, folio, 31. 38.-Large Paper 5l. 58. lished under the Direction of James Mudie,

Memoirs of a Goldfinch, a Poem, prin- Esq. 4to. with Plates, 1% 11s. 6d. cipally on the Motion of the heavenly Bo.

Law. dies, in Answer to Mr. Friend. 25. 6d.

An Analytical Digest of the Reports half-bound.

of Cases decided in the Courts of Common The Grecian, Roman, and Gothic Ar. Law and Equity of Appeal and Nisi Prius, chitecture, considered as applicable to pub in the Year 1820. "By Henry Jeremy, lic and private Buildings in this Country. Esq. Royal 8vo. 9s. By William Fox. 5s. boards.

A Treatise on the Law relative to Sales 'A Picturesque Tour of the Seine, from of Personal Property. By George Long, Paris to the sea. Plates highly coloured, Esq. Barrister at Law. Royal 8vo. 135. No. I. Elephant. 4to. 148.--or, 11. ls. boards. large paper to be completed in Six

A Treatise on the Law of Landlord and Monthly Parts.

Tenant. By R. B. Comyn, Esq. Royal A Series of Designs for private Dwell

8vo. 17. 38. ings. By J. Hedgeland. Part I. 4to.

A Treatise on the Pleadings in Suits for 11. 18. boards. Twelve Plates of Birds, designed for the Esq. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

Tithes in Equity, &c. By Charles Elis, Use of the Artist, the Connoisseur, and

A Treatise on the Law of Injunctions. the Naturalist. Demy folio. 5s.

By the Hon. Robert Henley Eden, royal Biography.

8vo. ll. ls. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of A Treatise on the Law of Mortgage. Victor Alfieri. with a Portrait. 58. 6d. By R. H. Coote, royal 8vo. 168. boards. Memoir of Mrs. Dyott, under the so

Medicine, Surgery, and Physiology. lemn Form of an Oath, written by herself,

Peptic Precepts : pointing out Methods accounting for her Separation from General to prevent and relieve Indigestion, and to Dyott. 8vo. 2s.

regulate and invigorate the Action of the Memoirs of the Life of Anne Boleyn, Stomach and Bowels. 12mo. 38. boards. Queen of Henry VIII. By Miss Benger, rious Species of Palsy. By John Cooke,

History and Method of Cure of the va2 vols. crown 8vo. 16s. Drama, Novels, fc.

MD. 8vo. 6s. boards. Palmyre et Flaminie, ou le Secret. Monthly Journal of Popular Medicine. 2 vols. 12s.

By Charles Haden, Surgeon. No. I. 1s. 6d. The Fair Witch of Glasllyn; a Ro

Miscellaneous. mance, 3 vols. 24s.

A Defence of Mr. Brougham's Bill on Zelica, the Creole; or, Death of Chris. Free Grammar Schools. 8vo. ls. 6d. tophe. 3 vols. 21s.

A Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Mary de Courtenay, a Novel, from the Institution. By the late Rev. Charles French ; with a Preface. By Miss Ben- Burney, DD. arranged with an Alphabeger. 12mo. 58. 6d.

tical Index of Authors. By William Har. The Republican Mistress, a Novel, ris, Keeper of the Library. Royal 8vo founded upon facts. By Charlotte Smith. considerably enlarged, ll. Is. 3 vols. 185.

Nuptiæ Sacræ ; or, an Inquiry into the Therèse, the Orphan of Geneva. Is. 6d. Scriptural Doctrine of Marriage and Di. The Village of Mariendorp. By Anna vorce. 8vo. 53. 6d. Maria Porter. 4 vols. 12mo. 11. 88.

The Cadet's Guide to India. By a Lieu. Precaution, a Novel, 3 vols. 12mo. tenant of the Bengal Establishment. 2s. 6d. 17. ls.

A Letter to a Member of Parliament, Education.

showing the dangerous Defects of the BriAnalecta Græca Minora ad usum Tiro. tish and Foreign School, and of Mr. num accommodata. By G. Dunbar, AM. Brougham's Education Bill. By Richard 88. bound.

Lloyd, AM. 8vo. ls. 6d. The New Pronouncing and Spelling Histoire de la Secte des Amis, suivie Book. By John Bigland. ls. 6d. bound. d'une Notice sur Madame Fry, et la Pri

Key to the Second and Third Parts of son de Newgate. Par Madame Adele du Ellis's Exercises, from the Writings of Thou. 12mo. 58. boards. Cicero, with References to the Passages in The Scrap Book : containing a Collec. the Original. 12mo. 38. bound.

tion of Amusing and Striking Pieces in

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