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pared for it. The door will be shut, and afterwards, tho’ the foolish Virgins come and cry, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us, yet will Christ reply. Verily, I say un. to you. I know you not.

Observe here, 1. That afterwards, when the door was shut, these foolish Virgins came; they had confidence yet to come, in hopes to be let in. Wicked Men's confidence doth often our last the day of Grace, and hold out, when they have no reason at all for it. It may be os. served in dying Sinners, when they are told of the dan. ger they are in, and how necessary Repentance is, and Faith that worketh by Love, it is hard to beat down their Confidence: Still they will say, they hope God will shew them mercy, they hope they Believe, they hope they Repent, and so they hope to be Saved? Yea,

2. They cry, Lord, Lord open to us, they hope to be Heard and Pitied for their carnest Importunity, for their Cries and Tears, calling Christ their Lord, and begging of him to open to them. And truly, this is it that a great many, 'is to be feared, deceive themselves into Hell withal. They can say often and earnestly, God be merciful to me, and this they hope will do. This, indeed is all that too many mean, they know of no other, nor will learn to understand that it can be any thing else, but a forrow that they have done amiss and a confeflion that they are Sinners and deserve Hell, and a crying with Tears for Mercy.If they find they can do thus, they think they nave got Oil enough, tho' late, and are confident they shall be admitted in But,

All that they shall get by all this, will be the fad answer of the Bridegroom to the foolish Virgins, verily, I know you not, i.e. I know you not to belong to me, or that ye have any relation to me. I own you not for Christians, whatever you call your felves, nor do your Cries and Tears move me now at all. It may do well to confi. der what People in this Case are apt to plead for themselves, and what the Blessed Saviour of Sinners, when he comes to Judge them in Righteousness, will answer to it.

1. They will be apt to say, Lord, tho' we were not ready just when the first notice was given us by Sickness, of thy coming to calz us out of the World ; yet, to shew how desirous we were of being entertained by thee, we bave lince done all that we could, to make our felves


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ready for thee, and therefore tho'a little with the latest, yet thou leeft we are come, and we hope thou wilt mot reject us.

Now to this our Blessed Jesus will answer, I know you not. For ye are none of those that ever loved me, or desired my appearance ; but had rather by far I had faid away, and that ye might have Slept on still in your Sins. Had ye loved and desired my appearance, ye' would for Love of me have taken care before-hand to please me, and to be ready as these were. All the pains that ye have taken fince the cry of my coming was heard by you, proceeds only from your fear of Hell, and desire to be happy somewhere, now ye can live no longer. This fear set you on work, but no love to me. A day of Mercy you had, and ye have Slept it out, and nothing but just Judgment remains, and ye are not able to abide it, for I see not your Righteousness, the Oil in your Lamps, which you must be tried by.

2. They will be apt to say again, yes Lord; We were Baptized in thy Name, Renouncing all other Lords buc thee; we have always Worshipped God' in thy Name, and have constantly called thee our Lord and Saviour, and thou art the Lord our Righteousness; we neyer trusted to our own Righteousness, but to 'thine on: ly; on thee we have believed, that we shall be saved by thy Merits; and thou didit promise that whosoever believeth on thee shall not perish, but have everlasting Life. And therefore we hope thou wilt open unto us.

To this Christ will answer, I know you not any otherwise than as false Rebels, who have constantly broken the Covenant of Baptism, whereby ye were bound to be mine, and have all your days lerved those very Lords, whom ye then Renounced ; and why called ye me Lord, Lord, whilst ye did not the things that I said unto you? Lu. 6.46. Ye never Worshipped God but formally, and for a Cloke to your Wickedness and this was all the Righteoufness ye trusted to. Yebelieved not in me as your Lord, but only relied on me vainly as your Saviour, when you would not obey me as your Lord. Had ye believed in me, ye would have believed my Word, that no Faith without Works can save a Man, and that no Unrighteous Man can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. And because ye have not been Holy and Righteous, E

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know you not.

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Ž. Yea, but they will be apt to plead: We confess we have been Sinners, and through infirmity we:Slept too long ; but we were awakered with the cry of thy coming, and have never been idle since, but have run to buy Oil, and having got it we are come. For we are brought to Repentance, we confels and forsake our Sins ; and thy Apostle hath told us, that if we confess our Şins, thou art faithful and just to forgive us our Sins, Joh. 1. 1.9. we claim therefore thy promise to the Penitent, and hope thou wilt yet open tous,

To this Christ will say, I know no such Penitents aš you ; who have Slept out the whole Season of repentance, and now confess it only for fear you should suffer Vengeance. You Slept wilfully, and not thro’ Infirmity, for then ye would have ftriven by all means to keep yourselves Awake, which ye have not done. Ye delighted in Sin, and would yet be very well pleased to live in it still, therefore, depart, I know you not.

Let us all then, as we desire to die with comfort, and to be admitted into Joy when we die, labour to be always ready for God's call. And let us not delay, and put off our Repentance, and change of Life so long, till Christ disown us for his. What is it, I beseech you, tha we can flatter ourselves withal? Is there any one promise to be found in our Bibles, that one repenting in his fast Sickness shall be faved ?' And tho’ we dare not judge that all, who defer their Repentance till then, are certainly Damn’d, and would tain hope as charicably and favourably as we can of such Persons; will any therefore rely on fo slender a Foundation as this, to continue in a careless way of Living, only becausé good Christians dare not faythat such an one cannot be saved ?One would think that Salvation and Damnation are things of so much weight, and so great concernment to us, that we should not securely put it to the venture which of them should be ours, and take the more unlikely course of the two, for no other reason but because some good men would hope the best of us, when yet neither hath God made us any promise, nor can men give us the least reason to hope thar it shall go well with us. Men only fay, they know not whether God will save a late Penitent or non Yer may Christ say for all that, to all such Penitents, know you not.



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ther on Phil. II. 3. grown scarce. So Published again since the Author's Death.



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p. 182. 1.

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Age 2. line 12. for you read thence. p. 5. 1. 9. f. ? r. :

5. 1. 19. f. Sins r. Sense. p. 8. 1. 28. f. is r. is not. p. 29. 1. 13. f. Sins r. Sense. p. 48. 1. 27. after love r. it. p. 50. l. ult. after needs r. not. P. 52. 1. 20. f. Wealth r. Health. p. 57.1. 15. after knows r. best. p. 57. 1. ult. f. be r. been. P. 59.1. 34. after Good Man r.than. p. 67. 1. 3. after Choice del of. p. 75. 1. 7 d. the. P: 76. 1. 35. f. More tal r. Moral. p. 101. 1. 8. after we are del yet. p. 123. 1. 26. f. could r. couldft: p. 126. 1. 2. f. besure we may r. wo may be sure. p. 145. 1. 34. del. he. p. 150. 1. 28. d. bere. p. 157. 1. 9. f. Modestness r. Modishness. p. 178. 1. 33. f. of r. or. p. 182. 1. 12.f. was r. am.


f. that r.than. p. 244. 1. 17. del. a before natural. p. 246. 1. 15. r. are we. p. 247. 1. 24. f. use him r. use him not. p. 251. 1. 20. f. particular r. particularly. p. 254. 1. 28. f. to go r. we go. p. 268. 1. 22. f. deviling r. Devil. p. 272. 1. 11. f. Men r. of Men. p. 273. 1. 5. f. about r. about it. p. 275. 1. 18. after bring them r. up. p. 279. 1. 19. f. Notice r. no No. tice. p. 283.1. 12. f. hadit r. baft. p. 296. 1. 1. f. take care 1. take no care. p. 296. l. 2. f. we will r. we hall. P. 299. 1.4. f. whence r. when. P. 305. !. 9. after that r. God is not. p. 316. 1. 21. f. haft r. bave lojt. P. 325. 1. 25. f. have r. bath. p. 326.1. 8. f. vainful r. vain. 1. 30. f. that r. than. p. 327. 1. s. f. Mafters r. Wafters. p. 329. 1. 23. del of. p. 331. I. 8. d. us." p. 309. '1. 12. * f. Casuits r. Casuists. P. 345. penult. f. Par r. Perdition. p. 361. 1. 6. f. hist. ibèir. p. 391. 1. §. f. therein r. therefore. p. 372. 1. ter right add band. p. 379. 1. 2. f. they r. that, p. 379. 1. 3. f. certain s. uncertain. p. 403. ult. f. is r. its. p. 427. 1. 18. del. Such. p.435. 1. 35. f. trime r. trim. p. 448. 1, $. f. Powers r. Vows. p. 451. 1. 10. f. vein f. vain.

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