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VIRGINIA. The managers of the Connecticut Asylum for the Deaf and Dumh, advertise that the Asylum after a session ofabout three months, having

The Legislature of Virginia has adjourned will be open for the reception of another class of

The resolution of the pupils, on the 7th May next. Application must be passed 229 acts. made at least one month previous to the time

House of Delegates, for erecting a statue of above mentioned--and at the expiration of one

Patrick Henry, was rejected by the Senate. month after that time oo pupil can be adınitted

The profits arising from the penitentiary till the ensuing year.

in this state the last year, ending on the

30th of November last, were $13,303. The model of a machine has recently been exhibited in the city of New-York, to cut, thresh, and clean wheat, rye, oats, &c. at one operation. Two large deposites of Gypsum have lately The machine is constructed to be moved by the been discovered in Overton County about 30 strength of one horse-enters a field of wheat, rye, miles west of Nashville, and near Cumber. &c. will take " a two men's land ahead," and land river. cut, thresh, and fan the grain fit for the mill or market, and without waste or leaving any thing behind to be cleaned. This complete operation At Chillicothe, on the 10th January the can he performed as fast as a horse can walk.- Mercury stood at 24 deg. below Ó, of The machine may be separated and used only for Fahrenheit-several degrees colder than ever cutting and gathering the grain, which will render

before had been observed there. it extremely simple and effective. It is calculated that two horses, and one man to attend them, will cut and gather the grain for twenty-five acres

TO CORRESPONDENTS. per day. The net cost of a machine for cutting and gathering the grain will not exceed one hun

We have on file a variety of communicatious dred dollars ; and a machine complete, for

which we have omitted to acknowledge, but

performing the whole operation of preparing the which, for positive or negative reasons, we base grain for the mill, about double that sum.

decided not to publish. Sometimes the topics PENNSYLVANIA.

treated of have been objectionable, sometimes An ox was not long since sold in Philadelphia the objection has lain against the manner of treatfor $1,300. It was the largest ox ever in that ing them, and very often both the subject and market, and weighed 2,000 pounds. It was rais

the style have been alike exceptionable, or equal. ed by Job Tyler of Salem, New-Jersey.

ly nugatory. In the selections we have made DELAWARE.

from the contributions which we have received, Notice has been given, in compliance with an

the preference has been given to communicatioas act of the legislature of this state, for incorporat

of a useful, rather than of a fanciful, or of an am.

bitious nature. But still we have studied variety, ing an agricultural society in the county of NewCastle, that a book will be opened at the residence and have regretted that our materials were do of John Merritt in Middletown, until the 1st Mon- more various

« It is the life and soul of a Ma. day in May next, to receive the signatures of gazine," says Goldsmith, “never to be long dull those gentlemen who wish to become members. upon one subject.” Our pages are open to the MARYLAND.

grave and to the gay, and we are anxious that The committee of the grand jury, appointed to they should be rendered the medium, not only of inspect the penitentiary, have reported that there instruction, but of entertainment. were confined in the penitentiary 305 persons, of which 234 are males and 71 females, and that cleanliness, system, and good order prevails

ERRATA. throughout the institution.

In communication of Dr. Clements in No. The Legislature of Maryland has virtually abo- iv. of this volume, page 249, dele, and the best lished imprisonment for debt in that state. and for tough read rough.


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