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Daily increas'd his love of cheer.-
Ah, little thought he I was near;
Gradual indulgence on him stole:
Frequent became the midnight bowl.
I in that bowl the HEAD-ACHE plac'd;
Which, with the juice, his lips embrac'd.
SHAME next I mingled with the draught:
Indignantly he drank and laugh’d.
In the bowl's bottom BANKRUPTCY
I plac'd—he drank with tears and glee.
REMORSE then did I in it pour :
He only sought the bowl ihe more.
I mingled next joint-tort'ring PAIN:
Little the less did he refrain.
The DROPSY in the cup I mist:
Still to his mouth the cup was fixt.

My emissaries thus in vain
I sent, the mad wretch to restrain:
On the howl's bottom then MYSELF
I threw; the most abhorrent elf
Of all that mortals hate or dread:
And thus in horrid whispers said.
« Successless ministers l've sent,
" Thy hast'ning ruin to prevent :
“ Their lessons naught-now here am I;
“Think not my threat’nings to defy.
“ Swallow thou this, thy last 'twill be:
" For with it thou must swallow me."

Haggard his eyes; upright his hair ;.
Remorse his lip; his cheek despair;
With shaking hands the bowl he grasp de
My meatless bones bis carcase clasp'd,
And bore it to the churci-yard; where
Thousands 'ere I would call, repair.

DEATH speaks-ab, reader, dost llou hear?
Hast thou no lurking cause to fear?
Has not o'er thee the sparkling bowl
Constant, commanding, sly control?
Betimes reflect-betimes beware-
The ruddy, healthful, now, and fair,
Before slow reason seize the sway,
Reform-postpond another day,
Too soon may mix with common clay.


Perchè in preda ob Dio ti dai

Alle tenebre ed al duolo ?
Perchè il cielo empi di lai
Dolce-querulo usignuolo ?

Tu ben sai che non è lunge

La gentil madre de' fiori,
Pace avrai quand' ella giunge,
Avrai gioja, e nuovi amori.

Ma se gemi o Filomela,

Per pietà che il cor ti fiede,
Gemi gemi e ti querela,
L'uom da te lamento chiede.

Tu la calma a lui ristora;

Come te la gioja ei perde ;
Ma la tua rinasce ancora,
La sua va, nè più rinverde.

Da confine a noi remoto

Cintia a languida riluce,
Sparger par nell' ampio vuoto
Scarsi rai di fragil luce.

10. Pur la vidi poio pria

Maestosa in alto alzarsi,
E le stelle, ove apparia,
Nel fulgor parean celarsi.

Ruota ruota, o bella luna,

Compi lieta il corso usato;
Se il tuo volto ora s'imbruna
Tornerà nel primo stato;

Ma dell' uom caduca gloria

Passa, vola, e non riviene,
Ahi che il misero si gloria.
Di fugace ombra di bene!

Notte regna: â campi, e à prati

De' colori invola il vanto :
Pianto io spargo, o poggi amati,
Ma per voi non è il mio pianto.

Per sentier di gigli e rose

Verrà l'alba, e al suo ritorno
Le bellezze al guardo ascose
Brilleran brillando il giorno.

Ne mi lagno allor che il verno

Nuoce a' fiori, a' fruttii, all'erba ;
Chè Natura il germe eterno
Nel suo greinbo anima, e serba.

Ma fia mai che Primavera
Su funerea urna risplenda,
E di morte entro la nera
Feral notte un raggio scenda ?

Così a lampo lusinghiero

Di saper falso e bugiardo
Che disvia dal buon sentiero,
E abbagliando accieca il guardo.

Miei pensieri incauti e sciocchi
D'ombra in ombra errando vanno,
Colla morte innanzi agli occhi,
Ed a tergo onta ed affanno.

A literary friend has furnished us with the follow.

ing translation, into Italian, of Beaulie's Hermit, by Lorenzo Da Ponte, one of the most eminent poets now in Italy.

Translation into Italian, of Beattie's Hermit;

by Lorenso Da Ponte.

Gjà il silenzio della notte

Copria'l mondo e gli animali,
Che dormian in selve e in grotte
In un dolce obblio de' mali.

Non s'udiva che'l torrente

Che dal monte al pian cadea,
E le note onde il gemente
Usignuolo il bosco empiea.

Allor fu che la campagna

Del suo cantico notturno
Fe' suonar dalla montagna
L'eremita taciturno.

Con sè stesso ei non ha guerra,

A natura egli ubbidisce :
D'uom è il cor che in petto serra,
Ma pensar da saggio ardisce.

Deh soccorri, o Padre e Dio,

Della luce a' dubbj miei !
Di tua destra opra son io,
Nè da te partir vorrei.

Prosternato nel mio fango

Io te invoco; e so che puoi
Dalla notte in ch'io rimango
Trarmi sol co' lumi tuoi.

Dissi ! e sparve immantinente

Degli error la nebbia oscura;
Onde pria vagò la mente
In incerta congettura.

Così a stanco e in suc viaggio

Traviato peregrino
D'improvviso appare il raggio
Del balsamico mattino:

Già disoende trionfante

Verità, Grazia, ed Amore,
E Natura giubilante
D'Eden veste il prisco onore.

Di sorrisi e fior novelli

Morte adorna il freddo viso,
E pompeggia dagli avelli
La belià del Paradiso.








In the ruins of Herculaneum, says a London THE British government has contracted print, there have been found loaves of bread,

, loads of timber, from the forests of Croatia and bear the baker's mark, indicatiog the quality Dalmatia, for the use of the navy, to be re

of the flour, which was probably prescribed ceived in part payment of the Austrian debt. by regulations of the police. It is said to be some of the finest naval tim- The government of Parma has prohibited, ber in the world, and a contract has been under the severest penalties, every person, made with two merchants for the conveyance not connected with the military state, to of it from Trieste and the Dalmatian ports to wear mustachios, or other military insignia ! England.

It is stated that an arrangement has been It is said that Madame Murat has purcha made with the Turkish government, by which sed the Lordsbip of Orth. Parga is permitted to be retained by the loni. an Islands. The exploring expedition to the North Pole

It is rumoured that the king of Prussia is to is to sail in March.Intelligence has been re

be married to Miss Dillon, daughter of the

French ambassador at Dresden. ceived that the ice to the extent of 50,000 square miles has broken up and cleared away in the neighbourhood of the North Pole.

Several mercantile failures, to a large er. The expense of the proposed Hammer- tent, have taken place at Copenhagen, smith bridge over the river Thames, which will be 6000 feet, is estimated at 50,0001. ;

The king of Sweden was so unwell as to and that of the designed gigantic structure, be unable to open, in person, the Diet. A the East London, or Bridge of Trafalgar, at speech was read for him

by Prince Oscar at Rotherhithe, though its chord will be 3400 its opening. The Swedish paper currency feet, and its altitude, to allow ships to sail be- was, in 1802, 14,000,000, and is now, 30,000, neath it, will probably be 110 feet above the

000 of Bank dollars: having more than doutide at high-water, is reckoned not to exceed bled in 15 years. On the other band, the gothe sum of 300,0001. The latter will consist vernment makes the gratifying boast, that of three arches, of 320 feet each, over the wa. notwithstanding the natural wants of Sweden, ter, and eight others, of more than 300 feet none of its inhabitants have, like those of each, on the average, over the land on either more fertile countries, been forced to emi. side.

grate from the apprebension of famine. The daily consumption of coals in London, for producing Gas, amounts to 28 chaldrons, It is said that a Russian force has taken by which 76,000 lights are supplied, each equal possession of one of the Sandwich Islands. to the light of six candles.

The Emperor of Russia is using his endea

vours to form a league among the European According to the last census, the present powers for the suppression of the Barbary pipopulation of France is 29,045,099 inhabi- rates. tants.

ASIA. The Minister of Finance, has been em

EAST INDIES, powered to borrow 200,000,000 of francs It is stated that the disturbances which late for the service of the year 1818.

ly broke out in the East Indies between the The discussions, in regard to the regulation Mahrattas and the British have been adjusted of the press, are still continued in the Cham- by a peace, and that the former have ceded ber of Deputies.

to the latter a tract of territory producing &






was felt.

large amount of revenue, as an indemnity for ed to have been spoken off the Western Islthe expense of the war.

ands about the last of December. A party of Dutch troops, sailors, &c. which landed at Saparona, in Java, to reduce the na

Canada. tives, was nearly cut to pieces by them. His Excellency, Francis Gore, Esq. has re.

signed his commission as Lieut. Gov. of Upper The merchants of Canton have urged upon Canada, and has been appointed First Teller the Consul of the United States, at that port, of the Exchequer. Lieut. Gen Sir Peregrine the importance of warning American mer- Maitland has been appointed Lieut. Gov. of chaats against shipping opium to China, as it the Province in bis stead. subjects vessels to forfeiture.

The York, (U. C.) paper of the 8th Jan. AMERICA.

contains the following article.

About a quarter past 5 o'clock, in the even. Venesuela.

ing of Wednesday, the 31st ult. a luminous It is stated that Gen. Morillo left Valencia in front of the town, with two loud reports

body was observed in the air, wbich exploded on the 10th Dec, for Calabozo, where he will establish his head quarters. The independ report were so instantaneous, that although

and a strong blaze of light. The light and ents are said to be in possession of San Fermando de Apure, but no general accounts re

the noise was very generally heard, few perceived in Puerto Cabello. The belligerents and course. Having only heard the noise, we

sons agree in the description of its appearance must, however, be approximating very fast,

are not able to describe the meteor, if it was and we may anticipate that a dreadful conflict is on the eve of taking place, which will pro- nited matter thrown from the burning moun

one; some supposing that it was a mass of ige bably decide the fate of Venezuela.

tain at the head of the Lake. Exactly at the Bolivar is elected governor of Augustura. Gen. Piar has been executed for treachery:

same time of the year in 1795, a shock of an An official despatch of Col. La Torre, dated earthquake was felt here, when a large por

tion of the table rock at the Falls of Niagara Calvario, Dec. 8th, contains an account of a victory obtained by him over the independs far as we can learn, no tremor of the earth

was thrown down ; at this time, however, as ent army, posted on a height, in the Hato of Hagaza, in which the loss of the Independents is stated at 1200 slain-2 brass three-pounders-1200 muskets—4 colours-12 drums UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 60,000 cartridges—a printing apparatus, &c.

PROCEEDINGS OF CONGRESS. The loss of the Royalists is stated at 11 killed and 98 wounded.

Monday, Jan. 19. Mr. Williams, of Tenn. New-Grenada.

from the committee on military affairs, reSamano, lately named Vice-Roy, and resi•' ported the bill from the House of Represending at Santa Fe de Bogota, the capital of the tatives, to provide for the surviving officers Kingdom, officially_has communicated to and soldiers of the revolutionary army, with Montalvo, the Vice-Roy of the said Kingdom, amendments. exercising the functions of said office, until Tuesday, Jan. 20. The engrossed joint rethe aforesaid Samano, his successor, may as. : solution directing the printing of the journal sume the command; that it is impossible for of the Convention, which formed the Fedebim longer to sustain the kingdom, after hav. ral Constitution, was read the third time, the ing sent a division to the Plains of Casanare, blank filled with 1000 copies, passed, and which was completely destroyed by the Pa. sent to the House of Representatives for triots; only the commander of the same and concurrence. 17 soldiers escaping. A second one was im- Thursday, Jan. 22. The bill from the mediately afterwards despatched to the said House of Representatives, making appropriPlains, and only its chief and two drummers ations for the payment of arrearages incurcould escape from this still severer loss. red for the military establishment, previous

Pampeluna was taken by the Republicans to the year 1817; and the bill making apon the 6th of Oct. after a complete victory propriations for the military establishment over the Spaniards.

previous to the year 1817; and the bill ma. Buenos Ayres.

king appropriations for the military estaThe strongest port in Chili, Turcaman, is blishment for the year 1818, were severally still held by the Royalists, and was lately re- read and referred. inforced by troops from Spain. About two Monday, Jan. 26. The bill from the months back an attack was made on it by House of Representatives for the relief of General O'Higgins, but he was not successful. John Anderson was taken up, and after a St. Martin is indefatigable, and probably will, good deal of discussion, was postponed to before many months, make the attempt on Monday week. Lima. He has 8 or 9000 troops in good or- Tuesday, Jan. 27. Mr. Tait, from the der and well disciplined; but there is a strong committee on naval affairs, reported a bill party, striving to throw him out of the com- 6 in addition to an act giving pensions to mand.

the orphans and widows of persons slain in A Russian fleet of about 50 sail in all, with the public or private armed vessels of the troops, &c. bound to Buenos Ayres, is report- United States :" and the bill was read. VOL. II.-No. v.




Thursday, Jan. 29. The bill to provide for Monday, Jan. 19. The House went into a the surviving officers and soldiers of the re- committee of the whole, on the bill making apvolutionary army, &c. was taken up and propriations for the military establishment for

1818. The main provisions passed without opdiscussed. Mr. King and Mr. Barbour spoke at length on the subject. The latter gentle: viding 35,000 dollars for the compensatios of

position, but a debate arose upon the clause proman moved an indefinite postponement of brevet officers, when placed in situations entiit. The senate adjourned without taking tling them to pay according to their brevet rank. the question on this motion.

A motion was made by Mr. Lowndes to strike Monday, Feb. 2. The senate resumed the

out this provision, which was carried by a large consideration of the military appropriation majority. The bill was then reported to the bill, and agreed thereto, with several amend. House, and ordered to be engrossed. ments; one of which appropriates 20,000 Tuesday, Jan. 20. Mr. Harrison offered the dollars for brevet extra pay to brevet officers following resolution for consideration :

Resolved, That a committee be appointed, on separate commands.

Tuesday, Feb. 3. The military appropri- jointly with such committee as may be appointed ation bill was read a third time, passed, and by the Senate, to consider and report what

measures it may be proper to adopt, io manifest returned to the house of representatives for

the public respect for the memory of General concurrence in the amendments.

Thaddeus Kosciusco, formerly an officer in the Friday, Feb. 5. The request of the other service of the United States, and the uniform and House for a conference on the disagreeing distinguished friend of liberty and the rights of votes, respecting brevet extra pay being announced, the senate appointed managers on

On motion of Mr. Bassett the committee of their part..

ways and ineans, was discharged from the conTuesday, Feb, 10. The bill for the relief sideration of Beaumarchais' claim, and the same of Maj. Gen. Arthur St. Clair was received House agreed to concur with the committee of

was referred to the committee of claims. The from the House of Representatives, twice the whole in striking out of the military approread by general consent and referred.

priation bill, the provision for the extra pay of Wednesday, Feb. 11. Mr. Noble from the brevet officers. Ayes 130, Noes 30. The bill pension cominittee, reported the bill for the was then ordered io be engrossed and read & relief of Major Gen. Arthur St. Clair, without third time. amendment.

Wednesday, Jan. 21.–The engrossed bills makThursday, Feb, 12. Mr. Campbell, from ing appropriations for the military service, were the managers, on the part of the Senate, of read a third time, passed, and sent to the Senate

for concurrence. the conference upon the disagreeing votes of the two Houses on the Senate's amendment mittee of the whole, Mr. Smith, of Maryland, in

The remainder of the day was spent in comto the military appropriation bill, made a

the chair, in debating the bill prescribing the report embracing a detail of the proceedings effect of certain judicial records. of the conference, and of their inability to Mr. Pawling, Mr. Pindall, and Mr. Storrs deagree on the subject—which report was livered speeches of considerable length against read.

the bill, and Mr. Spencer replied also at con-, Friday, Feb. 13. The bill for the relief of siderable length. Major Gen. Arthur St. Clair was taken up The committee having risen, and the bill being and ordered to a third reading.

before the HouseThe revolutionary soldiers' bill was taken which, having been so largely debated, must by

Mr. Forsyth, to try the principle of the bill, up, and the debate renewed.

this time be perfectly understood, moved to postA message having been received from the

pone the bill indefinitely. House of Representatives announcing their

The question on this motion was taken without determination to adhere to their disagree debale, and decided in the affirmative by a large ment to the Senate's amendment to the majority. military appropriation bill

So the bill, after so much learning, labour and Mr. Campbell moved that the Senate re. ability displayed upon it, was finally rejected. cede from said amendment; which motion Thursday, Jan.22.-Mr. Johnson of Kentucky, was decided in the affirmative.

introduced a resolution for an inquiry into the disSo this amendment was accordingly witb- cipline of the navy; and another calling on the see drawn, and the secretary ordered to inform retary of the navy, for the proceedings of a court

martial ordered by Commodore Isaac Chaunthe House of Representatives thereof.

cey, on the Mediterranean station, for the trial of The debate on the bill providing for the Capt. Oliver H. Perry; also the proceedings of surviving revolutionary soldiers was a court-martial ordered by the same officer on sumed.

the same station for the trial of Capt. John Tuesday, Feb. 17. The Senate was prin- Heath of the marine corps. cipally occupied this day in the further dis- Hr. Harrison of Obio withdrew the motion he cussion of the bill for the relief of the sur- offered yesterday, and presented a substitute viving soldiers of the revolution.

but the proposition being opposed, he also witte

drew this, considering that a want of unanimity HOUSE OF REPRÉSENTATIVES.

would destroy the value of any legislative testiFriday, Jan. 16. A message was received from mony of respect. The only ground on which the the President of the United States, on the sub- measure was opposed, was, that no similar tribute ject of the claim of the representatives of Caron had been paid io the memory of any of the dede Beaumarchais, which was referred to the com- parted heroes, nalive and foreign, who fought millee of ways and means.

like Kosciusko in the armies of the revoludun, foreign languages, imported by bible societies, Gen. St. Clair's case was again taken into was, on motion, recommitted to a coinmittee of consideration. An animated debate ensued the whole house. and the coinmittee rose and obtained leave to The House took up the report of the commit



except in the single instadce of General Wash- amendments. The principal amendment by the fugton.

senate was the appropriation of 20,000 dollars The Commutation Bill was again taken up. for additional pay, rauions, &c. to otticers having Mr. Garnet of Va. moved 10 postpone inden- brevel commissions when holding separate nitely the whole subject. Ou this motion the commands. With this amendment the commits House was equally divided. I he speaker de- tee retused io concur. The other amendments cided against it. An amendment raising the were agreed to without debate. The commitice sum proposed to be given from 100 to 160 dollars rose and reported to the House. The House was made on motion of Mr. Smyth of Va.

took up the report of the coinmittee, and in conFriday, Jan. 23.—The Commutation bill was curring therewith in its disagreement to the taken up, and the debate renewed. On the ques- amendment of the senate, the question was de. tion shall the bill pass to a third reading, the cided as follows: for the amendment of the voles were 80 in the affirmative, 82 in the nega. senate 32, against it, 125. The remainder of live. So the bill was lost.

the report was agreed to. Monday, Jan. 26.- Mr. Sergeant made a re- Thursday, Feb. 5. The bill for the relief of port in favour of remitting the duties upon stereo- Gen. St. Clair was taken up in the committee of type plates, and upon bíbles and testaments in the whole. Mr. Clay proposed an amendment, foreign languages, imported by societies for gra- providing for placing Gen. St. Clair on the pentuitous distribution.

sion list, and allowing him an annual pension of Tuesday, Jan. 27.-On motion of Mr. Mason of dollars, and nioved to fill the blank with Mass. the claim of that Stale for remuneration of 60. Mr. Harrison moved to fill the blank with expenditures during the late war was referred to 1000, which carried 80 10 73. The question a select committee.

was then taken on Mr. Clay's amendment, and The bill remitting duties on stereotype plates lost, ayes 68, noes 80. Mr. Taylor of N. Y. then and bibles in foreign languages, imported for the moved an amendment directing the Secretary use of the American Bible Society, was read a

at War to place Gen. St. Clair on the pension third time and passed. Yeas 84_Nays 62. list at the rate of dollars per month, pay:

Wednesday, Jan. 20.—The order of the day on able as other pensions are. The blank was filled the bill “respecting fugitives from justice, and with sixty, and the amendment adopted by a persons escaping from the service of their mas- large majority. The committee of the whole ters," baving been announced

then rose and reported the bill as amended, to the The House resolved itself into a committee of house. The house coucurred with the report of the whole on the bill.

the committee ; yeas 123, nays 40. The bill was Mr. Fuller and Mr. Strong warmly opposed ordered to be engrossed, and read a third tiine the bill. Mr. Cobb replied to these gentlemen. Mr. Hopkinson suggested some objections. Mr. A message was received from the senate, Holmes made soine conciliatory remarks. Mr. announcing their insisting on their amendment Clay (the speaker) and Mr. Baldwin supported to the military appropriation bill, which bad the bill.

been disagreed 10 by the house. The committee rose and reported the bill with Friday, Feb. 6. The house took up the mese some amendments.

sage of the senate referred to above, and agreed Tkursday, Jan. 29.-The debate on the bill to insist on its disagreement to the senates amendunder discussion yesterday, was resumed in the ment, and to ask of the senate a couference House. After several motions to get rid of the thereon, and appointed managers. bill or to procure an adjournment, the bill passed The engrossed bill for the relief of Major to a third reading, 86 to 55.

General Arthur St. Clair was read a third time, Friday, Jan. 30.-Mr. Ogle reported a bill for passed, and sem to the senate for coneurrence. the relief of Maj. Gen. Arthur St. Clair.

Monday, Feb.9. Little business was done this The Speaker laid before the House a letter of day on account of the intense cold. The house the Secretary of the Navy; in obedience to a adjourned at an early hour. resolution of ihe House, copies of proceedings of Tuesday, Feb. 10. A message was receive certain naval courts martial, by which Capt. ed from the President of the United States, reOliver H. Perry, and Capi. John Heath of the commending the appropriation of a further sum Marines, were tried.

to purchase furniture for the bouse erected for A message received yesterday from the Presi. the President-and also the appointment of an dent of the United States, inclosing a corres- officer for the superintendence of the same. pondence between the Secretary of State, and On motion of Nir. Hopkinson, the committee the Spanislı Minister, Don Onis, on the case of on the judiciary were instructed to inquire into Richard W. Meade, was read.

the expediency of increasing the salaries of the Monday, Feb. 2. The House was principally judges of the supreme court of the United States. aceupied in discussing, in a commitee of the The house resolved itself into a commillee of whole, the bill for the relief of Gen. Arthur St. the whole, on the bill concerning hall-pay penClair, and the considerations counected with it. sions, &c. and for other purposes, de. Various

Tuesday, Feb. 3. A resolution offered by Mr. amendments were proposed, and variously de'Trimble, in authorize the President of the United cided. The committee rose and reported the States to make reprisals in case the Spanish bill to the House. government should refuse to liberale Richard Wednesday, Feb. 11. The bill for the remission W. Meade, now held in confinement at Cadiz, of duties on stereotype plates, and upon bibles in was laid on the table nem. con.

tee of the whole, concerning half-pay pensions, Wednesday, Feb. 4. The House resolved itself &c. and agreed successively to all the amendinto a committee of the whole on the bill making ments thereto reported by the committee. Vari. appropriations for the military establishment ous propositions for amendments were renewed whichi lad been returned from the senate with and negatived. On taking the question to order

sit again.

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