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The Rev. Cheeven Felch, Chaplain The Rev. John Smith was installed as in the U. S. Navy, was admitted to the Pastor of the Church and Society in holy order of Priest, by the Right Rev. Wenham, Mass. on the 26th of Novem. Bishop Griswold, at St. Paul's Church, ber. Dedham, on the 25th of November. The Rev. Heman Humphrey was in At the same time, Mr. James B. Howe, stalled Pastor of the Church and Socieof Boston, was admitted to the holy or- ty in Pittsfield, Masg. on the 26th of der of Deacon.


Art. 9. POETRY.

The han plain

The following portion of the first book of Lucan's Foes hath your country known in every age,

Pharsalia, being a specimen of a translation of And still finds enemies to glut your rage ; the whole of that poem, now preparing for the New sceptres, new dominiops, when ye've wot), press, in England, by Doctor Busby, the When all ye've conquered, and the world's your well-known translator of Lucretius, has been own, obligingly furnished us by a friend.

Then, foes to nature, bring the battle home,

And quench your fury in the blood of Rome. war that drenched with blood the Ema

Lo, the grand bulwarks recent labour raised,

That Genius modelled, and that judgment When Civil-Discord held her wildest reign ;

prais'd ; When hold Ambition, confident of might, No more their torvers the pompous head erect, Grasped her fell sword, and burst the bonds of The tottering turrets chide your base neglect; rigli

Stone after stone the mouldering rampart falls, A race that, in a mad, contentious, hour, Half-ruined stand the gaping, nodding, walls, On its own vitals turned its conquering power;, In towns and cities friends no longer meet; Romans 'gainst Romans marshalled-These the All blank desertion in the silent street ! Muse,

Rude thorns and brambles choke Hesperia's Borne on her wing of-fame, with rage pursues : plains, Sings of the State, whose laws relaxed, dis- Nor' bounteous harvests spring from golden solved,

grains; In her own doom the shaken world involved ; All waste and fallow lies her seedless soil, When eagles cagles, javelins javelins, dared, And hungry deserts crave the ploughman's to17 : And 'gainst their kindred legions, legions No foes like ye the reeking state have gored, warred;

Nor Hannibal's nor Pyrrhus' ruthless sword; Devouring fury spread to every clime,

Shallow the wounds they gave, scarce known to And plunged the world in un distinguished crime. fame,

O chicts! O citizens ! what frenzy hurled Only yourselves can sink the Roman name. To ills like these the Sovereigns of the world ? But since so rare celestial glory's given, What Demon prompted when your blood ye And so immense a price must purchase Ileaven ; poured

Nor Jove his own immortal reign enjoy d, To vanquished nations, and the vassal sword : "Till the red bolt his giant toes destroy'd, Wbere, when proud Babylon your glorious No plaint our tongues, no sigh our hosoms, vield, toils

But presem joy shall Rome's misfortunes gold. Might grace with trophies of Ausonian spoils, All hell may echo with our civil woes, When Crassus' wandering shade for vengeance And soothe the manes of our punic foes; cried -

Munda behold Contention's rage renewed, Where was your virtue ? where the Roman And new Pharsalias float with Ronan blood : pride ?

Perusia squalid Famine may consume, 0, lost to shame, to sense! to squander life, And Mutina from war receive her doom ; And barter honour for inglorious strise !

The stor my surges that round Leuca roar, Gods! what new realnis by land, by sea, the May dash the Latian tieet upon her

Yet is the fates these dread events ordain, That drank your gore, and worked your direst This gory path to Nero's golden reigne; harins,

Such ills, exulting, Romans will survey, For Rome had won! realms from which Titan Ills well endured for Cæsar's glorious sway. flings

o, Cæsar! when thou hast run thy bright His earliest rays, and morning's beauty brings ; career, Or where Night's sullen shade the stars conceals, And consummated all thy glory here ; Or raging Nonntide rolls on hurning wheels; In heaven's high Palace when thou tak'st tiry Where keenest winter binds the Scythian stream, seal, And Nature knows not Spring's relaxing beam; And stars beneath are proud to kiss thy feet; Realms where, in mountain caverns, pendent When at thy presence pealing raplures roll, wocris,

And a new joy's diffused from pole to pole ; Dwell the wild Seres and their sylvan gods; Then, whether thou assume imperial sway, Or where Araxes' billows roaring flow,

Or mount the flame-invested car of day, Or people (if such people Afric know)

Guiding the fiery steeds with golden reins, Far south of Romc, beneath the Tropics toil, Round joyful carth, and heaven's exulting plains And tracts inhabit at the Source of Nile.

Whoe 'er the God whose honours thou would'st Burn your fierce hearts with love of martial wear, deed ?

Whose power, whose glory, whose dominios; Fly to your foes--for Rome let Romans bleed ; bear,



Thy claim supreme that Deity shall own, When first your city was with discord rent, To thee that Deity resign his throne.

Did not fraternal blood your walls cement ? But not near Arctos fix thy sacred state, Yet then the prize of power could less excite, Nor where the southern skies dissolve with heat; Than now, the outrage of Ambitious Mighi ; Lest as oblique thy guardian glories come, Simple, uncostly, rose the regal dome, They bless too faintly thy adoring Rome ; Less tempted Romans to be foes of Rome. If either axis thou approach too near,

Crassus awhile the jarring chiefs restrained, And press 100 partially the yielding sphere, Crassus awhile reluctant peace maintained; The stars, unbalanced, will their order break, A timely barrier stood--a transient stayThe centre tremble, and the zenith shake; Belween Aibition and her gory sway. Throned in mid-aether, mark, with gracious A narrow Isthmus thus the sea divides, eye,

And at due distance keeps the neighbouring tides ; The world's great scales, by thee suspended When ocean chases the receding shore, high,

The lonian billows in the Ægaen pour. And with thy equal influence poise the sky. So when she Parthian scythe, or fiying spear, Around thee there serenest airs shall shunc, Arrested Crassus in his rash career, Nor clouds obscure our Cæsar's formi divine. On Carrhæ's plain his life, his glories, close, Then fatal Emmity shall far be hurled,

And Rome in sanguinary discord rose. Pale Want retire, and Plenty bless the world : Ye, fell Arsacidae! deadlier blow Peace shall the gates of angry Janus close, Dealt than yourselves desigued, and wrought a War quit the carib, and all mankind repose.

mightier woe! But now, Great Cæsar! noblest thoughts in Intestine war upon the vanquished poured, spire,

And Larium biled beneath the Latian sword. Fill, fill me with thy own imperial fire! Splil is the raging empire-rent in twainThou, Cæsar! Thou my Patron God! The fortunes of the globe-her lands-her mainPower,

Could not for two insatiale souls sufficeThat rules o'er sacred Cyrrha's mystic horr, Each Rival for the sole dominion tries No longer L ilivoke--nor Bacchus call

One universal Lord must grasp the boundless From Indian Nysa's plain-Thou, thou art al prize. My soul's desire to Thee the powers belong Thou, Julia ! ravished from the cheerful light, To raise the Muse, instrucı her tuneful tongue, Snatched by relentless Fate to endless night, Anii warm and energize the Roman Song. With thee dissolved the bond of kindred blood,

At these tremendous things my spirit tires, And Hymen's torch expired, the pledge of pub0, lend the force my mighty theme requires !

lic good. Broached the great work—now bid my strains Bur longer had'st thou feltethe flame of life, declare

A father's and a husband's fatal strife, What cause impelled impetuous Rome to war; Thy love had stilled-Fury her sword had Drove from the world with aggravating might,

sheathed Indulgent peace and every calm delight: Ambition slept--in peace thy country breathed-Tell the dire evils of malignant face,

So once of old the Sabine Mairons soothed Foe to the lengthened glories of our state,

Two nations' wrath, and war's grim visage And prone to crash her with destruction's weight.

smoothed. I!!s more disastrous than the final hour,

The deathful power that wrought thy early doom, When carih, deserted by cohesion's power, Brought woe and violated faith to Rome ; Long ages past, a crumliling wreck shall fall, Au equalthen each lowering hero spurned, And night and ancient Chaos conquer all; Fierce and inore fierce each Rivals'

courago The fiery planets from their orbits leap,

burned. Stars clash with stars, and plunge into the deep: Thou, Pompey! dread'st lest Cæsar's future When his broad tides no more old Ocean pours,

fame Nor earth extends her circumscribing shores;

Should rise superior and obscure thy name; When Cynthia, as disdainiul of the sun, New Galli, victories hid thy glory bow; Shall bid iser silver-pinioned coursers run

And blast the pirate laurels on thy brow: Full on his blazing orb-or wandering ily While thy proud foe, in toils and triumphs Self-urgec, self-kindled, through the sloping nursed, sky;

As first in arms, in empire will be first : While Nature, agonized through all her frame, Nor thou will deign divided sway to share, Bursts ber vast limits, and expires in flame ! Nor haughty Cæsar a superior bear.

On mighly things this law the gods impose- Who with the greater justice wageel the war, From mighty things their own destruction flows. What bold, what rash, presumption shall de No barbarous power, hy Fortune's wild decree, clare? Could subjugate the Lords of earth and sea : Each for his cause exalted sanction clains, Thou, Rome! who ne'er had owned a tyrant's And Jove and Cato fan Bellona's flames; sway,

To Cesar that his conquering aid extends, Of Three, at length, became the struggling And this to Pompey clings, and Freedom's van. prey.

quished friends. O, maddened people ! thus your doom to court! Unequal power the Rival Chiefs display, The fools of frenzy, and perdition's sport! One bends io stealing Age and slow decay; To civil warfare blindly were ye hurled,

Beneath the toga courts his fame's increases Holding in dread suspense the trembling world. Lost is the soldier in the calms of peace. While earth the ocean, aether earth contains, His lavish gists the giddy mob endearWhile Father Titan scours the aethereal plains. They feed and flatter his insatiate ear: While starry Night succeeds the radiant Day, He joys to hear the crowd his glory raise, And leads through lustrous Signs her silent way, His own proud theatre resound his praise ; No friendly bonds shall either rival owp

On Fortune's favours founds a sovereign's claim, His lust the sole dominion, and a Throne. Great in the shadow of a mighty name. Fear not that foreign thunders burst your gates, So a huge oak that rears his leatless head, Nor look remotely to the envious Faies :

While wide around his barren honours spread,


Thick-hung with troplies of guccessful fighe, And now the purchased mob their favours sold,
The sacred offerings of triumphant mighi ; And e’en the Fasces find their price in gold:
Lists proudly to the skies his branchy state, The annual votes are bought with annual
Weak at the root, sustained but by his weight; bribes,
O'er the rich soil his trunk's broad shadow throws, And base corruption rules the venal tribes.
And nods and trembles to each wind that blows í Hence Prodigality's unbounded sway,
Though lofty groves in grandeur round him rise, Hard Usury that waits his timely prey:
And bear their verdant beauties to the skies, And Treachery, and Discord's maddening
He claims alone the popular applause,

reignHe all the pious veneration draws.

The States' destruction, and the Rabble's gain. But Cæsar, while he boasts a soldier's fame, Feeds in his heart Mars' ever-restless flame; Now the high Alps swist Cæsar lest behind One only shame his fiery soul could know

On future war revolved his towering mind, To yield the battle's glory to the foe.

And proud dominion—when before his bands, While hope or anger his ambition raised,

As near the narrow Rubicon he stands, Untameably his martial spirit blazed ;

Enveloped in the darkness of the night, To fresh success with sanguine sword ne moved, His country's Image burst upon his sight! And all the bounty of the Gods improved : A wild, stupendous, agitated form, Crushing whate'er his projecs dare oppose, Labouring with anguish and intestine storm : And smiling o'er the havock of his foes.

Down from her awful head with irrels crowned, In tempests thus the glaring lightning flies, Her torn, dishevelled tresses stream around; And opens all the terrors of the skies;

bare were her arms-and now with mingled Pierces the clouds, while raging acllier roars,

sighis, And the crashed universe its ihunder pours ; And intermitting groans, aloud she criesBlasts the fair day, shoots thick its lurid light, 46 N bither, brave Soldiers ! whither tends your The astonished pations petrifies with fright,

course? With Hash oblique the airy region scours, “ Urge ye beyond this stream your conquering Shatters the temples of the Immortal Powers,

force ? of mightiest Jove himself, the Lightning's “0, if my lawsul citizens ye come, Lord!

Here stop—-here limit your advance to Nor fanes nor battlements defence afford.

RomeFirst downward darts its ire, then upward “ Respect any boundary, nor invade your springs,

bome! Shakes ruin from its coruscating wings,

A chilling horror seized the Hero's frame, Collects its scattered force.descends---re. Stiffened his hair, and damped his martial

bounds Seas boil-earth trembles and the sky resounds! Faint grew his limbs, and paralyzed he stood, Hence either Leader's proud pretensions Fixed to the Alpine margin of the flood. flow,

Then burst his speech-* 0, Thunderer throned While public vice invites the public woe.

on high! Fortune the seeds of Luxury had sown,

" Who from Tarpeia's Rock, with gracious eye, Seeds whence the ills of mightiest realms have “ The City viewest whose fortunes boundless grown;

shine! Wealth of the vanquished world, too long en- “ Ye Household Deities from Troy divine ! joyed,

" Gods of the Julian Race !--Thou, Latian The virtuous love of liberty destroyed ;

Jove! All of loose waste and dissipation share,

" Whose Alban Temple glitters from above : The fruits of rapine, and the spoils of war : “ Ye Rites of Romulus (who pierced the skies, Gold rears the palace for its gorghus Jord, “ Borne in the lightning's blaze) Dark Niveteries! Guld with the costly hanquet loads the board ; “ And ye, Devoted Feryours! Vesta! Fires! Robes that e'en bridal beauty would divain, “ Whose sacred flame unceasingly aspires; Voluptuous men assuie-no more remain " But chiefly Thou, whoin awtui now I see, War's hardy race--rude Poverty was scorned, " My honoured Rome! my Great Divinity! Mother of worth that ancient Rome atorued. “ Crowu with thy auspices my high design; Pernicious pleasures through the world were “ 'Gainst Thee I wage no warfare --Power sought,

Divine ! Wbate'er a nation ruins, dearly bought:

“ I, thay victorious chief, by land, by sea, With simple manners, patriot zeal retired, “Strike for my country's glory, strike for Thee! And all the nobler energies expired.

“ Me tby true soldier all my deeds proclaim, Then were far-distant fields in one combined " Caesar for Thee first ielt a warrior's tlame. Lands where a Consul's ploughshare once had “ He who this strife comp«!s, be his the crimeshined,

" For Thee to battle, Cæsar's praise sublime! Now lordly aliens hold-Slaves till the soil He said : nor more his ardour brooked delay, Where once patrician Curius deigned to toil! But through the swelling stream he urged his Then Peace and Freedom ficd the factious daring way. state,

So when on Mauritania's torrid sands, And Passion ruled the popular debate.

The caverned Lion scents the hostile bands, Torisc, by force, thy coun:ry's tyrant lord, Kindles bis ire, and, burning w assail, Was deemed a glorious effori of the sword, Foments his fury with bis lashing tail; And want-engendered Crime stalked fearlessly Erects his mane, lis rage in thunder pours, abroad.

Flames at his eye, and maddens as he roars. Justice no more her balance equal saw,

Then if his haunt the approaching foe molest, And powver became the measure of the law. And pierce with flying darts his dauntless breast; Hence new decrees the harassed people frame: Or if, the thronging war adventuring vear, Cousuls and Tribunes mutual strile infiame. He feel the pressing Moor's insulting spear, Both for the prize of power exert tbeir might, Disdainful of the wound the missile brings, And both contend against the people's right. His boiling bosom swelis, and forth he springs


While fervid Summer flings her burning beam, And Eurus' humid breath dissolves the Alpine
Flows the red Rubicon a slender stream,
His urn no more supplies the wonted tide, To stem the flood's obliquely-driving force,
And shallower waves along his vallies glide, First mid the billows plunge the dauntless horse;
A languid lapse his liquid boundary yields, Then through the obstructed tide the legions pour,
And severs Gaul from fair Ausonia's fields; Subdue the waves, and mount the Hesperian shore,
But now the sluicy Winter comes amain,

Past the rough stream, bold on forbidden land From her full horn dank Cynthia pours the rain; Stood the great Chief, and hailed the Ausonian At her third rise, the river swelling flows,





hand, by his actual representation, whilst on R.

engagement to delight the most given for the exertion of powers which we crowded and fashionable houses. The au- are pursuaded he possesses. dience were never weary of listening to him, The other members of the dramatic corps and he seemed never tired of complying with have played with various degrees of merit their wishes. His grace and his urbanity and approbation. Mr. Pritchard has obtained contributed not less than his vocal powers to deserved applause in a line somewhat wide render him a universal favourite.' He has from his usual walks. If this gentleman could left behind him an impression not easily gain that self-possession which he certainly effaced. Wherever he goes he will receive onght to derive from the complacency with a cordial welcome ; whenever he shall return which the audience regard him, he would to New-York a hearty greeting awaits hiin. rapidly advance in professional rank. Mr

Mr. Hilson's engagement terminated in the Barnes grows in public favour, but is too exlast month. His benest drew an immense travayant. Mr. Johnson has exerted himself, house ; attracted, as well by ood will to an and not in vain. Mr. Simpson and Mr. Robactor, who “take him for all in all,' is at the ertson have had few favourable opportunities head of his profession in this country, as by a for exertion. Mr. Baldwin improves. Mrs. strong curiosity to see him in the novel cha- Darley has displayed her vocal powers on racter of Richard the third. He enacted ibis several occasions to much advantage. We arduous part a manner highly creditable to have seen Mrs. Barnes but once, and then in his natural and mimic talents. His concep

a character which did not admit of great tion was excellent, bis enunciation good, bis range of talent. Miss Johnson played with unemphasis generally just. As a coup d'essai, his wonted ease, nature, and vivacity in Brother performance is entitled to the highest com- and Sister. Miss Dellinger has acquitted hermendation, and leads us to hope that he will self tolerably in more than one piece. Mrs. aspire to what we think he may attain, the Baldwin bas maintained her reputation in her rank of a distinguished tragedian. Had we peculiar cast of characters. Of Mr. Darley, never seen Mr. Hilson in Numpo,&c.&c. or had Mr. Jones, Mr. Bancker, and Mr. Williams, be appeared before us without any comic as- we shall say nothing-of Mr. Holland, Mr. sociations, and bad he himself been divested Hopper, Mr. Graham, &c. we have nothing of the apprehension of ridicule, a greater to say. etfect would have been produced, on the one



American cotton, the English manufacturers

have begun to procure that material from THE internal state of Great-Britain, with India; whence, it is stated, that in the year

, revival of industry, seems to have become during the present year, 100,000 bales have quite tranquil. The restless spirits are look- been imported, in return for which, Maning toward South-America for occupation, chester goods have been sent out at such and recruits for the patriots are openly raised, moderate prices as to command an extensive and in considerable numbers. The English sale. papers state that “at Birmingham, Liverpool, The number of emigrants who have sailed Sheffield, Nottingham, Glasgow, and other from the port of Belfast for America, from mercantile towns, scarcely a manufacturer is March 17th to August 21st, inclusive, is, for unemployed. At Manchester not a bale of Philadelphia 252, New-York 331, Norfolk goods remains unsold, and the orders for fire. 40, Baltimore 251, St. Andrews 256, Quebec arms at Birmingham, supposed to be destined 1030— Total, 2169. for South-America, are beyond all prece- Died.) At Brompton, on Tuesday, the deut. lo consequence of the high prices of 14th of October, of the palsy, the celebrated


Right Honourable John Philpot Curran, in During the month of September 114 ves. the 70th year of his age, Mr. Curran was scls sailed from Havre, viz: 61 French, 16 a native of Cork, in Ireland ; and received American, 10 English, 1 from Bremen, 1 bis classical education at Trinity College, Danish, 10 Dutch. 9 Norwegian, 2 Prussian, Dublin. After having attained to the highest 1 Russian, and 4 Swedish. honours of the bar, he was elected a member A sepulchre has been made in France for of the lish House of Commons, where he the remains of Marshal Massena. They have continued the steady advocate of the popular raised over it a Marble Obelisk 20 feei bigh. cause. Iu 1807 he succeeded Sir Michael with a Pedestal of 5 feet. On one side of Smith, as Master of the Rolls, in Ireland. the Pedestal is the portrait of the Marshal, on Very early in life Mr. Curran married Miss another bis arms, and on the two others baO'Dell, a lady of respectable family, but of tons and other military emblems. slender fortune, by whom he had a son, who is at the bar, and two daughters. At the

Spain is assiduously engaged in enlarging time of his death he enjoyed a pension of her marine establishment, a policy in a £3,000 settled upon him, at the resignation great measure dictated by the exposure of of his oflice in favour of Sir William M Ma

ber commerce to the pirates of South-Amerihon, the present Master of the Rolls in Ire

ca, who harass it greatly It is reported that land.

Spain has purchased from Russia five ships of At his seat at Ammondell, on the 8th of Oc. the line and three frigates, which are on their tober, the Honourable Henry Erskine. Mr.

way ti, Spain, where the Russian crews will Erskine was long the Dean of Faculty, to be replaced by Spanish, and the former rewhich he was raised by his brethren, from conveyed home.' It is believed that the ship their respect for the superiority of his talents, Asia, and a frigate, which are now fitting at and his uniform maintenance of the dignity Cadiz, will join the above squadron, from and independence of the bar. On the return which divisions will be formed. destined, of the Whigs, to office, he was appointed exclusively to protect maritime commerce Lord Advocate of Scotland, at the time when

on different points of the colonies. The gebehis brother was made Lord Chancellor of ral opinion is, that no troops will be embarkGreat-Britain.

ed in these vessels. FRANCE

It is stated that the king of Spain, in conNothing of much interest has occurred in sequence of a Inan, by the British governFrance since our last. Late accounts speak ment, of £400,000. has agreed tv abolish the of a conference that has been held with the slave-trade. If this be true, then there will Duke of Wellington by the Russian, Austrian, be but one nation in Europe ; the Portu. Prussian, and Netherland Ambassadors, and

guese, engaged openly in that traffic, and she the Duke de Richelieu, supposed to relate to must in a short time follow the general exthe army of occupation, which, as it is also ample. supposed, will be continued in its present The Spanish Consul at Rouen has notified situation, and in andiminished force. The all French persons, who propose 10 emigrate troops of the right wing of the army of occu

to South America, to join the Spanish insurpation, which extends from the Maese to the gents, that if they are taken with arms in North Sea, are now composed as follows: their hands they will be treated as robbers. The Russian corps amounts to 23,400, including all the persons belonging to the troops. The British corps consists of 22,200 men, of

According to the accounts from Italy, the whom it is supposed that 20,000 are really king of the Two Sicilies has issued a decree, military. The Danes, Saxons, and Hanove. forbidding his subjects from addressing ibe rians, make together a corps of about 12,000 Holy See for dispensations, briefs, or res men, including all the persons attached to the bis Majesty's permission. The Papal Bulls

cripts, without baving previously obtained troops. Every regiment of infantry has two

also are for the future to be of no effect un. field pieces completely equipped, besides a

less they have the Royal exequatur. a large park in reserve; and the British corps

A new Convent of Jesuits has been formhas besides a numerous horse artillery. The

ed in Piedmont commander of the Russian corps bas con

One of the principal noble. tracted in these provinces for a quantity of maldi, has taken their habit

. The goverri

men of the Court of Turin, the Marqnis Griaccoutrements. Louis has entered his 58th


ment has taken an annual revenue of 14.000 year, and is said to be in good health, and ac

francs from the University of Geno, to give tive He has given bis consent to the marriage of the Duchess of Castiglione, it to this religious order. the widow of Marshall Augereau, to Count de St. Aldegorde. Marshall Oudinot is the Great activity is displayed in the erection military favourite at court. The Grand Ad- of fortifications in the strong places and cities miral of France has been visiting the Marine towards the French frontier; the city of depots ; and the minister of the interior has Charleroi already presents the appearance of issued instructions from the Board of Agri- a fortress of the first order, and is expected to culture, to prevent the distillation of all fari. become one of the strongest bulwarks of the naceous substances, and of potatoes, which kingdom toward the Sambre. On the other are to be converted into bread-stuff.

part, the line of the Meuse is becoming fur


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