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made mutual arrangements to carry it in- mates, were in like manner overwhelmed to full effect.

to ruin, and pot a trace of their existence The population of Russia, according left. to the St. Petersburg Almanac for 1806,

AFRICA. amounts to forty-two millions : but since that period Alexander has added A revolution has taken place in the go198,800 square miles to the empire, in- vernment of Algiers, and the Dey is cluding the duchy of Warsaw, Finland, dead. On the 30th of September a Georgia, &c. so that this estimate of 42 number of Janissaries assembled round millions is probably several millions too the palace and summoned the Dey to delow. Of this population, not above five scend, who, being obliged to comply, millions are Asiatic; the rest is concen

was taken by the soldiers to the house of trated in European Russia. Notwith the Kishna-Aga, where he was stranstanding a destructive invasion, and wars gled, and a merchant, who had retired of great waste and expenditure, out of. from business, by the name of Ali Cogia, an establishment of one million two

was declared successor. The ministers hundred thousand men exclusive of mi- of the deceased Dey were exiled to diflitja, Tartars, cavalry, &c. she can range ferent cities of the regency.

The reason in order of battle 640,000 men.

assigned for this violence was, that the ASIA.

reign of the Dey had been attended by EAST INDIES.

nothing but disaster. The plague in Al- * It is computed by Mr. Raffles, in his giers is said to be growing less deshistory of the Island of Java, that from iructive. the year 1730 to 1752, twenty-two years,

AMERICA. the deaths in the city of Batavia exceeded the enormous amount of 50,000 a The Gazeties of Caraccas, under date year.

of 24th of September, report a dispatch A most desolating volcanic eruption from C-vne! Pimines to General Morillo, took place in Java, in January last; im- dater! Guria, 28th of August, which mense columns of fire and smoke, and states that he arrived before that place ignited substances, ascended from the on the day before ; that the enemy not Inountain with a noise like thunder or the coming out to meet him, he stormed the roar of artillery, and the carth quaked town, which was taken at the point of for many miles round. The cinders, the bayonet amid a tremendous fire of earth, and sand, vomited forth by the the patriots, who were compelled to remountain soon covered all the fields in treat on board their boats, and that the the vicinity, and utterly destroyed the fruits of the victory were 4 pieces of crops of rice, which were very promis- cannon, 4 colours, 6 ammunition chests, ing. The air became so filled with ashes and many muskets. and sulphurous smoke that it was hard- The Curracoa accounts had mentioned ly possible to breathe, and for several that the General Paez biad been defeatdays the light of day was almost wholly ed, but later advices state that he has intercepted. Multitudes of birds have been completely victorious, and the paperished, and the rivers are almost triots continue io prosper generally. One covered with dead fish. Enormous mass- of their armies is in Valencia, and the rs of rock, and large trees, were thrown royalists are removing all the valuables from the heights of the mountain, and they can. The city and province of Cuthe rivers every where burst their banks, mana and Barcelona are in their possesrising in many places 14 feet above their sion also, and Morillo, after liaving pilordinary level. The desolation was so laged Caraccas, has abandoned it and great that much distress was appre- proceeded to La Guira, which it is eshended from the scarcity of provisions pected he will be obliged to evacuate. that would probably ensure, and much Brion has had a naval engagement, in has already been caused by sickness which he gained the victory, but lost a occasioned by the bad qualiiy given to leg. the water. In the district of Gabang, a mountain tumbled down on the 27th of The royal forces, under the command February, and buried eight families who of General La Serna, which had taken dwelt under it. A similar event took possession of Salta and Jupuy, were put place in the night of the 4th and 5th of to flight on the 8th of May, and fell back March, in the district of Talaga, when to Potosi. a number of houses, with all their in- This discomfiture of the royal army




has been effected by the persevering at-- two proclamations of the “Supreine Juntacks of the guerillas, and the militia of ta of the Floridas," one of which ascribes the patriot governor Guemes, assisted the dissensions which have taken place to by Colonel La Madrid. The army of the intrigues of the royalists, and conTucuman was to be put in motion for gratulates the people upon the happy rethe purpose of acting in concert with the sult which had been achieved by his seaabove officers, and it was expected that men; and the other, addressed to the inthe entire evacuation of that province habitants of Fernandina, charging the by the royalists would be the result. party which had been attached to Hub

bard, (as it should seem) with treachery Accounts are very contrariant in re- and cowardice, and proclaiming martial gard to the success of the patriots in this law, for the sake of better preserving

liberty. province. Advices from Guanaxuato, dated 5th of August, stated positively that

PORTUGUESE AMERICA. Generals Mina, Ortices, Moreno, and Borga, with the main strength of the pa

The royal authority does not appear triot forces, were blocked up in the fort to be by any means settled in the proat Comauja, and that there was no pos

vince of Pernambuco, if indeed the whole sibility of their escape. Comanja is situ- southern part of the Brazils be not on the ated about three hundred miles north- eve of another insurrection. In the westerly from Mexico city, and is in that month of November, it is stated, ten thoupart of the country where the only re

sand Portuguese troops invaded that part mains of the insurgent people of colour of the territory that borders upon the La are to be found..

Plata, which, though assisted by a corLater news than the above states that siderable body of cavalry, are now in Mina was not in the fort, but that General possession only of the city of Monte ViMoreno, after being besieged for twenty- deo, the garrison of which does not one days by the royalists under General

amount to five thousand men. The inLinau, fought their way through the roy- surgents are commanded by GeneralAr::

! troops in the night, and proceeded to tigas, who is said to be an able and injoin General Mina, who lay not far dis- trepid commander, under whom, and setant, but could not come up to their re

cond to Artigas, is Colonel Ribeiro, a lief. Still later advices represent that most indefatigable officer, who by the Mina was within a short distance of the last accounts, was besieging the city of city of Mexico, and that the above reports Monte Video, and repulsing the royal were circulated, in order to obviate the troops in all their sallies. effect such information might produce at

BRITISH AMERICA. Hlavana. In consequence of Mina's advancement all speculations in the trade to

A mceting has been held at the CourtVera Cruz and Mexico had ceased at house in Montreal for the purpose of Havanna.

considering certain resolutions, there offered, for the establishment of an agricul

tural society. The arrival of Commodore Aury at The commerce on the lakes is in a veAmelia Island, though for a time it ap- ry flourishing state, both on the Canadian peared to have brought a great accession and United States shores. The porty of of strength to the cause of the patriots, Kingston, York, and Niagara, publish reyet it ended in squabbles between his gular marine lists; and Ogdensburgba

, forces and those which were previously Sackets Harbour, Oswego, Sodus, and there, and threw every thing into confu- Niagara, exhibit on their lists, sometiines, sion. Many skirmishes took place be- twenty arrivals in a week, of vessels of tween the party which were attached to 150 to 200 tons burden, fully laden. Governor Hubbard and the coloured Under date of September 11, the Quetroops of Aury, and the deat of Hub- hec papers assert that two hundred and bard occurring by fever brought on by forty vessels had arrived at that port duhis exertions to quell the disturbance"; ring the current season ; and the number Aury came off triumphant, and has taken of settlers arrived, chiefly from Great-Brithe inanagement of affairs into his hands. tain, is stated at four thousand eight hun; The Hubbard party, however, are by no dred and fifty-seven; and two hundred means extinct, and are said to be only more were expected from Germany. waiting the arrival of Commodores Tay- In the latter end of September a new lor and Champlin, who were shortly ex- Steam-boat, the Lauzon, of three hunpected with considerable reinforcements. dred and forty tons burthen, with all her In the mean tinie Aury has published equipments and apparatus on board, was



launched at Quebec. Her engine is of Mr. Rush, minister to the British Goa twenty-eight horse power.

vernment, has embarked at Annapolis, In the vicinity of Quebec the snow, on board the Franklin 74, for England. which fell at the close of September, re- Mr. Benjamin Ogle Tayloe, of Virginia, tarded the gathering of the fall crops, and goes out with Mr. Rush, as his private did them some damage. In the neigh- secretary, and Mr. John Adams Smith, bourhood of Montreal, the snow fell, ear- now in England, as American Charge ly in October, to the depth of six or seven des Affaires, will remain, as Secretary of inches; the crops had been principally Legation. secured, but pasture was very much in- The foreign ministers, now in the Unijured.

ted States, are Mr. Bagot, the British Died.] At Quebec, Peter Sambre, minister; M. Hyde de Neuville, the founder of the Roustigouche Society, French; Don Onis, the Spanish; the celebrated for its athletic exercises ; no chevalier Correa de Serra, the Portuperson was admitted a 'member who guese ; M. Dashchoff, the Russian ; M. could not throw a javelin of one hundred Greuhm, the Prussian, and the first pounds weight twenty-six yards. ever appointed by the king

of Prussia to

the United States; and M. Pedersen, the The following are the names of the Danish Minister; besides several unacmen who fill the executive branch of credited agents, from the South-AmeriGovernment, and its several departments. can provinces. James Monroe, of Virginia, President of There is also at the seat of government the United States; John Quincy Adams, , a deputation of six Cherokee Chiefs ; of Massachusetts, Secretary of State; their names are En-a-taw-naw-ae;speaker Wm. H. Crawford, of Georgia, Secreta- for the deputation, Roman Nose, James ry of the Treasury; John C. Calhoun, Brown, Richard Taylor, Richard Riley of South Carolina, Secretary of War; and George Harlin. The two first are Benjamin W. Crowningshield, of Massa- aborigines, the rest are descendants from chusetts, Secretary of the Navy, and intermarriages between white men and Wm. Wirt, of Virginia, Attorney General. Cherokee women.




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which at four days old weigbed one hundred THE decision of the Superior Court of Ibs. being fed from the cow during the time. Dartmouth College versus the Treasurer of ways makes one pound of butter. She is 1 Dartmouth University, was pronounced in fa. never fed on corn or meal, but cats a peck vor of the the Treasurer. The judges were of raw potatoes per day. The second calf unanimous.

raised from this cow is now seven years old, Mr. H. G. de Grandval, of Portsmouth, ad. and of the same size and colour with the pavertises an invention in the coustruction of rent. The quality of her milk is thought to carriages, whereby the passengers may be be a little inferior, and the quantity about a preserved from danger in case the horses run quarter less. The two cows furnish a family away, beyond the control of the driver, or' of twelve to fifteen persons with milk and the driver be thrown from his seat; or the cream for domestic uses, and of butter, there motion of the carriage may be stopped_to is often on hand a surplus of fifty to one hun. prevent its running down a precipice. For dred lbs. besides about 50 dollars worth of this invention he has secured a patent. milk sold annually lo customers.

Mr. Laighton of this state is the owner of a cow, now thirteen years old, of which he At a meeting held at the ball of the Union makes the following statement, which is er- Bank, in Boston, on the 10th November, for titled to full credit. The cow is of singular the purpose of considering the subject of a beauty of shape, of a delicate milk-white canal across the isthmus of Cape Cod, a comcolour, weighs one thousand lbs. and girts mittee of thirtcen was appointed to investisix feet two inches. Her average mess of gate the matter, and report accordingly. milk, for several months after leaving her The trustees of the Massachusetts General calf, is eleven quarts, ot twenty-two a day. Hospital propose to commence the following From the cream twelve lbs. of butter are made spring the erection of a General Hospital for per week, and it is not unusual to find in the 'the reception and cure of the sick poor, or pail

, after milking, particles of butter already any others, being resident within the Comformed. The cream taken from her milk monwealth, and have advertised for propoduring the thirteen first days after having her sals of plans for the building; and to enable last calf, measured three gallons; the calf, artists to form some idea of its required size, VOL. II.-No. 11.




the Trustees observe that they would wish to passed at the last October session, the civil have it so constructed or planned as to be authority and select men of the several towns capable of containing and accommodating in this State are authorised to adopt such one hundred and fifty patients at a time, with measures for the general Vaccination of the suitable rooms for the matron, apothecary. inhabitants of their respective towns, as they and trustees, together with all the otfices and shall think proper and necessary, to prevent conveniences usually attached to such an the introduction, or arrest the progress of the establishment. It is required that each plan Small Pox, and to defray the expenses in submitted shall be such as that each section whole, or in part, of such general Vaccination, or wing shall contain so complete an arrange- out of the public treasury of such town. ment in every respect, as to be capable of During the last session of the legislature, being improved with full convenience be- also, an elegant sword and a pair of pistois, fore the other parts shall have been erected; both mounted with gold, with suitable init being probable that the trustees will erect scription, and to be manufactured in the one wing, and wait to see the extent which State, were voted to be presented by the will probably be required in future.

Governor, to Commodore Isaac Hull, who is According to the report of a committee a native of Connecticut, as a token of the appointed for the purpose, it appears that high esteem in which he is held for his prithere are educated, in the several public vale worth and public services. schools, in Boston, at the expense of the A young man named Williams, who keeps town, two thousand three hundred and sixty. a retail store at Middletown, Connecticut, is five pupils. There are in Boston eight Cha. ascertained to be the rightful heir to an Earl. rity Schools, wbich contain three bundred dom in England, with an income of £15,000 and sixty-five pupils; there are nineteen pri- sterling per annum; and documents authorisvate schools kept by men, and one hundred ing him to take immediate possession of lvis and thirty-five kept by women, in which are estate and title, have been received. His taught one thousand four hundred and nine- parents emigrated from Bermuda. He is said ty-seven boys, and two thousand two hun. to be a mau of fair character, and of unasdred and eighty-eight girls--and in a popa- suming manners. lation of about forty thousand, which Boston contains, there are only two hundred and forty-three children above seven years of age who do not receive instruction. Ten acres of land, cultivated by Capt. Jo- ' first annual cattle show and fair on the 14th

The Otsego Agricultural Society held its nathan Allen, of Pittsfield, Secretary to the of October. The exhibitions were numerous, Berkshire Agricultural Society, yielded the and several premiums were awarded. Adpresent year as follows. Two acres, in spring dresses were delivered on the occasion by wheat, produced eighty bushels; two acres,

General Morris and E. Watson, Esq. and from in corn, one hundred bushels; two acres, in the interest manifested, much utility is es. rye, sixty bushels;

in grass, five

pected 10 result from the association. tons of hay, and two acres, in potatoes, two Robert Spencer, of Canandaigua, raised hundred and twenty-seven bushels. The this season, from one field bean, six hundred produce of ten acres is deemed sufficient to

and thirty-eight beans, of a good quality; subsist a family of ten persons, and to keep and from two seeds of the pye squash, one two cows and a horse.

hundred and sixty-three Ibs. of squash: two J. F. Mansony, Esq. has been appointed of the squashes weighed forty-two lbs. each: the consul general of his royal highness the

The Northern Canal, connecting the waters grand duke of Tuscany, for the New-Eng.

of Lake Champlain with the river Hudson, Jand States, to reside in Boston-and has re

was commenced on the fifth of November, curred the necessary papers from the Ameri.

and will be prosecuted till stopped by the can government to authorise bim to act in

frost; the whole, it is expected, will be comthat capacity.

pleted next summer. RHODE-ISLAND.

At the Ontario Factory, under the ma. Resolutions were brought into the assem- nagement of Messrs. Buck, Brewster, & bly of this State, during its last session, pro- Manchester, wool was taken from the sack, viding for the calling of a convention of the in its natural state, and after going through people, authorised to form a constitution of all the necessary operations, was made into government for the state ; the full considera.

cloth; the cloth fulled, coloured, four times tion of the resolutions was postponed till the shorn, pressed, carried to the tailors, and the meeting of the legislature in February next. coat completed and worn, in the short space During the last session, also, the proposition of nine hours and fifteen minutes precisely. from the State of New Jersey, to amend the Mr. William Bard, of the town of Clinton, Constitution of the United States, by making Duchess.County, raised, this year, on one choice of representatives and electors by acre. ninety-seven bushels and one quart of districts, was disapproved.

shelled corn, and this acre was in a field of The expense of supporting the poor in the

twenty acres, all covered with excellent corn, town of Providence is said to average near ten acres of which, Mr. Bard estimated $10,000 per annum.

would yield as much as the acre measured.

This corn was planted in hills, at the usual By an act of the legislature of this state, distance, in a field which had been pasture

two acres,



for sheep for a few years prior, and received Count de Survilliers, Marshal Grouchy and no manure except the usual quantity of gyp- his son, General Vandam me, and General sum; but the ground was well tilled, and the Charles Lallemand, senior. corn carefully tended. The New-York Female Assistance Society

MARYLAND. has expended, during the year ending Nov. It is now ascertained by actual expe10th, 1817, $1,970 25 cents.

riment in this State, that the description of Wheat known by the name of the

Lawler Wheat is not secure from the The Legislature of this state convened at Trenton, on the 28th of October, when, in a

ravages of the Hessian fly. A quantity joint-meeting of both houses, Isaac William- of Wheat, represented as genuine Lawson was chosen Governor, Audrew Kirk ler was obtained from Virginia by a genpatrick, Cbief Justice, and Theodore Freling. tleman whose farm is about ten miles huysen Attorney General of the State for the from Baltimore, and sown this fall; withensuing year,

in a few days past the young blade has A society for the suppression of vice and been blighted as with a blast from a furimmorality, and the encouragement of good nace, and on examination it appears morals, has been recently established in New

that the destruction has been caused by Jersey. The committee appointed to settle the ac

the well known Hessian Fly. counts of the State Prison, for the last year,

We learn, that the Lawler Wheat sown report that the stock on hand, October 1st,

on the Eastera shore of this State, and in 1316, amounted to $23,005 63; and the some parts of Virginia, has experienced amount drawn from the treasury for the pay- a similar fate. ment of salaries, transportation of prisoners, A Beet has been raised by a gentle&c. to Ist of Oci. 1817. to $11,760 84. The man of Annapolis, the present year, amount of stock on hand. Oct 1st, 1817, was from the seed, of the following dimen$ 16,361 34; from which deduct balance sions and weight; it measured round the due sindry persons, for transportation, &c. $9,456 31; and for losses $2,961 44, and thickest part ? feet 6 inches ; its length there will remain $34,443 59. The com

was 2 feet 2 inches, and its weight 15 Inittee further report, that the sum of pounds 10 ounces ! $3,870 99, of the money drawn from the treasury, bath been expended in costs of pri

DISTRICT OF COLUUCIA. soners on conviction, transportation, and The following Indians are now on a clothing, being for 77, sent to the State visit to the seat of government, from prison the year ending Oct. 1, 1817, many of the north-western country. whom were for a term less than one year, under the direction of Mr. Isaac Walker,

They are and could not in that time earn any part of their business is with the government. the charges against them. The committee therefore suggest, that if some other punish- Wyandots: Daanquote, or Half King, ment were devised for smaller crimes, the head chief of the nation, from Sandusky. system would be improved.

Tau-yau-ro-too-yau, head speaker. PENNSYLVANIA.

Dawautout ; Manoncue ; Scotosh, Two commissioners, appointed by the Gov: dou-tou-sou. Delawares, Captain Pipe ;

Tau-yau-dou-to:1-sou; Squindecte ; Youernor of this State, have arrived at Newlown,

Silas Tioga, to explore the route of the canal au- Armstrong. Senecas. Captain "thorised by the legislature of New-York, lo

Smit; Con-gu-tou. connect the waters of Seneca Lake with the

These are the identical chiefs among Susquehanna. This survey is undertaken whom the president of the United States with the view of reporting in the legislature passed a night, as he travelled through of Pennsylvania on the expediency of uniting the wilderness from Detroit, and by with the State of New-York to complete the whom he was voluntarily guarded dusaid canal.

In October last, Benjamin Kite, of Phila. ring his stay with themn. delphia, cut down three Lombardy poplars,

SOUTH CAROLINA. and on splitting one of them, about ifteen feet from the ground, he found a quantity of

The yellow fever bas almost wholly quicksilver in the tree. It did not appear disappeared from Charleston. By the that a bole could have been bored and the bills of Mortality, during the week endimineral poured in, for the trees grew in his ing October 30th, but one died of that court yard were very small when he took disease. possession, and had thrived well, nor could

October Soth, was launched at Charany trace of boring be discovered.

Married.] In Philadelphia, at the resi- leston, from the Ship Yard of Messrs. dence of Stephen Girard, Esq. General Hen- Pritchard and Knox, the elegant Strin ry Lallemand to Miss Harriet Girard, niece Boat Carolina, owned by the Georgia of Stephen Girard, Esq. There were present, Steam Boat Company, and construcci besides the other friends of the parties, the for the Savannah river.

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