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The ties of stampathy which bad for more favourite, the audience forbade any afterthan thirty years bound him to all that was piece: and the performance of the night was great and noble in the drama, and knit him closed in compliance with their wishes. as it were into the heart of the public, were Here follows a correct copy of the address about to be at once, and it was to be feared, printed on the satin scroll, which is from the for ever, dissolved. Those who had seen his energetic pen of Mr. WILLIAM CAREI:outset in their youth, felt in his retiring the interests of the past, the present, and the JOHN PHILIP KEMBLE, ESQ. narrow future, crowded into the single moment. Several long and continued thunders

THEATRE ROYAL, COVENT GARDEX. of applause rendered it impossible for him to Sir,--After having so long received from be lieard for soine time. At-length in a fal. the display of your eminent abilities, the tering voice, and often interrupted by his greatest degree of gratification and instrucfeelings, he addressed the audience :

tion, which the highest class of bistrionie " Ladies and Gentlemen, I bave appeared representation could bestow, we think upon before you for the last time." (Here he was the near approach of your intended farewell interrupted by loud cries of " No, No,” from to the stage with sentiments of deep concern, all parts of the house.) He then resumed, and if possible, an increase of respect. In "I come now to close my long professional justice to the interest of the drama and to career. (Ile was again obliged to stop by our own feelings we would tain postpone the loud cries of " No, No-No retiring—No fare moment of a separation so painful. Fitted ecell for ever.") This tumult of applause and by the endowments of nature and by classithe reiterated proofs of public esteem affected

cal acquirements, by high association, and him to tears, and rendered him still less ca- the honourable ambition of excellence, you pable of collecting firmness. When he pro- have for upwards of thirty years dignified ceeded his tone was broken and bis counte- the profession of an actor by your private nance agitated.— Ladies and Gentlemen, I conduct and public exertions in the British do not wish to trespass on your time-I fear- capital. We bebeld, in your personification ed I should not have sufficient fortitude for the spirit of history and poetry united. In this occasion--and it was my wish to have embodying the characters of Shakspeare and withdrawn in silence from you :" (loud cries our other dramatic writers, you were not and applauses :) " but I sutiered myself to be contented to revive an outward show of persuaded, that if only from old custom, a their greatness alone :-the splendour of an few words would be expected from me at antique costume-the helmet and armous-partiug.” (Henewed applauses.) “The in- the crown and sceptre-all that pertains to variable kindness with which you have ever the insignia of command are easily assumed. treated me, from the first night of my coming When you appeared the habit and the man forward as a candidate for public favour were as soul and body. The age and coundown to this painful moment, will be eter- try in which we live were forgotten. Time nally remembered with gratitude. Such ta- rolled back a long succession of centuries. lents as I bave been master of have always The grave gave up its illustrious dead. Cilies cheerfully been exerted in your service; and nations, long passed away, re-appeared; whether ag an actor in the character allotted and the elder brothers of renown, the be. to me, or as a manager, it has ever been my roes and statesmen, tbe sages and monarchs embition to add to the splendour and pro- of other years, girt in the brightness of their priety of the drama, and more especially to shadowy glory, lived and loved, and fought, exert myself to give effect to the plays of our and bled before us. We beheld in you, not divine Shakspeare. (Loud applause.) On only their varying looks and gestures, their every occasion, permit me to say, all my ef- proud march and grandeur of demeanour; forts, all my studies, all my labours have been hut the elevated tone of their mind, and the made delightful to me by the constant ap- flame of their passions. We mean not here planse and approbation with which you have to enumerate the various characters in which been pleased to reward them. (Applauses.) you have shone as the light of your era: Ladies and Gentlemen! I must take my leave but we may be allowed 10 say that you tI: of you, and I now most respectfully bid you celled in that achich was most excellent ; that a long and unwilling farewell.” At these wherever the grandeur of an exalted mind words he bowed with much agitation, and was united with majesty of person ; wherer. omidst a repetition of enthusiastic applauses er the noblest organ was required for the and cries of regret from all parts of the house, noblest expression; wherever nature, holdhastely withdrew from the stage. The copying up the mould of character, called for an of the address on white satin and the crown impression from the most precious of metals

, of laurel were then delivered to the celebrat- there she looked to KEMBLE as her gold; ed French tragedian Mr. Talma, in the or- there you shone with pre-eminent lustre. In chestra, with a request that he would fling the austere dignity of Cato, the stern patriolthem upon the stage. This was done, and ison of Brutus, the fiery bearing of Coriolanus

, Mr. Fauceti, the stage manager, was sum.' and the mad intoxication of Alexander, you moned to present them to Mr. Kemble. As transported your audience in imagination an additional mark of bouour to the valued alternately iv Greece, Rome, or Babylon.

Seconded by the well painted illusion of local servedly acquired, and a sure pledge of the scenery, you seemed every where in your future honours wbich await the close of their native city : every where contemporary with professional career. We, therefore, earnestly the august edifices of the ancient world. entreat that you will not at once deprive the In you some of those great characters lived, public of their gratification, and the stage of and we cannot conceal our apprehensions, your support. We entreat you not to take that when you withdraw, we shall lose sight your final leave on the night named for your of them for a long time, and as life is short, last performance. All we ask is, that you perhaps for ever. In espressing this senti- will consent to perform a few nights each ment we feel a warm respect for every actor season, so long as your health will permit. of genios. A mind like yours would be We adjure you to grant this request, by yoor wounded by any compliment that was not own fame-an object which is not more dear founded in the most liberal sense of general to you than it is io us, and we confidently desert. It is an additional merit in you to rely upon your respect for public opinion have obtained distinction in an age of re- that you will not cover us with the regret of finement, and from a public qualified to ap- a refusal. We have spared the annexation preciate your powers. 'A small light shines of signatures as inadequate and unnecessary, in darkness; but you have flourished amidst even if our numbers and restricted limits a circle of generous competitors for fame, permitted that form. The pealing applause whose various abilities we admire; and in of the audience, each night of your performa whose well earned applause we proudly join. ance, and the united voice which accompanies They behold in the honours which your this, are the best attestation of the public country pays to you, the permanence of that sentiment. celebrity which they have already so de- Monday, June 23d, 1817.


which leaves a balance in favour of the GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. company of £10,894,351. THE "HE British government continue to Mr. Ellis of Barming, the largest hop

maintain neutrality, in regard to the grower in England, commenced picking contest between Spain and her South- the 8th of September, and employed American provinces; although it is stated two thousand seven hundred persons to that supplies of officers and troops, in gather in his crop. considerable numbers, well furnished with Subscriptions have been taken in Enarms and other warlike stores are fitting gland for cutting a canal to connect the out in England, and that toward the lat- eastern and western seas. ter end of September more than 3000 The London Waterloo committee have muskets, with equipments for infantry placed at the disposal of Marshal Blucher and cavalry in proportion, were inspected 200,000 rix dollars for the benefit of the by the agents of the Spanish patriots, and Prussian sufferers, besides £10,000 for shipped to South America. Accounts trose who lost their natural protectors by continue to represent the demand for En- . the battle. The king of Prussia has acglish manufactures increasin.5, particu- knowledged the receipt of these donations larly in the East-Indies, and South in a grateful manner. America, and so much so, that the price The English papers contain an account of wool has advanced 25 per cent. of a whale found in the Solway Frith,

It is estimated that the importation of which had been driven on the sand. It flour from the United States into Great was cut to pieces and carried ashore. Britain within a year, has amounted to Another while had got aground benear $15,000,000. The City of Liverpool tween Staxigo and Wick, near the Bothaalone is said to have imported about ven, measuring 66 feet five inches in 500,000 barrels at an average price com- length. The carcass was clained by Sir puted at $13 to $14 per barrel.

Benj. Dunbar, as lord of the manor, and hy From the annual accounts, up to May, the Provost of Wick, on the part of the 1817, it appears that the receipts of the crown. Owing to the dispute the animal East-India Company, for the year imme- remained undisturbed until a heavy gille diately preceding, amounted to £9,928, of wind tore his carcass to pieces, part of 932; the payments, to £9,824,116, lears which was driven to sea. ing a surplus of £104,816. The debts of On the 1st of Oct. the entire military the company are stated at £13,395,651, force in Ireland consisted of seven regiand its property is valued at £24,209,002, ments of cavalry, and twenty-five regi


ments of infantry, etelusive of artillery. four will be dukes, (and among them are

The board of commissioners of excise Prince Talleyrand and all the dukesin Ireland, have given notice to the col- marshals of Bonaparte,) forty-nine marlectors of customs, that in future they are quises, eighty-six counts, six viscounts, determined to prosecute to the utmost and six barons. rigour of the law, all attempts to defraud Upon examination into the amount of the revenue, notwithstanding the respec- the imports and exports of the various tability of the shipper or consignee. ports of France, for 1816, it has been FRANCE.

found that commerce has increased, parThe liberal party is said to have suc. ticularly in the cities of Dunkirk, Cherceeded at the sate elections, in France; bourg, Havre, Brest, L'Orient, Rochefort, and in the department Seine, which com- and Toulon. The imports are valued at prehends Paris within its limits, seven forty-two millions one hundred and fiftyout of the eight members chosen for the one thousand, five hundred and eleven Chamber of Deputies are said to have francs, and the exports at twenty milbeen of that party. The number of de-, lions, one hundred and four thousand, puties elected this year amounts to sixty-' nine hundred and sixty-two francs, learthree.

ing a balance in favour of the imports of A public subscription has been opened twenty-two millions, forty-six thousand, in Paris for the support of the liberty of five hupdred and eighty-five francs. the press, and to defray the expenses of From the table of deaths and births, such writers as may be prosecuted for prepared by the twelve municipalities of the freedom of their discussions. M. Paris, it appears that in 1816, there were Lafitte, governor of the Bank of France, nineteen thousand eight hundred and one and the Duke of Broglie, member of the deaths, and twenty-two thousand three chamber of peers, are to receive and ap- hundred and sixty-six births. ply the monies.

The French appear to be growing very Letters from Spain state that the restless under the superintendence of the troops destined for South-America, and allied powers, and several persons con- sent down to Cadiz and other ports of cerned in a very extensive plot, with the Andalusia, have been recalled into Estreinsignia of L'Epingle Noire, i. e. the madura, government not having the black pin, who were prosecuted under the means to subsist and pay them in the dispretext that their object was to expel tricts in which they were first ordered to Louis, appeared, upon trial, to have had assemble. in view simply the expulsion of the allied By a treaty ratified between the king troops. It was stated, hy the king's at- of Spain and the allied powers the rerer torney, that the numbers of these dis- sion of the duchies of Parma, Placentia, contents, were 80,000; the lawyers of and Guastalla, now possessed by the Exthe accused supported their cause with Empress, Maria Louisa, is secured to the great boldness, and the jury brought in a infant Don Charles Louis, son of the verdict of not guilty.

queen of Etraria, sister to the king of It is expected that this year's budget Spain, who is in the mean time to rein France will be heavier than the last, ceive the states of Lucca, with certain and it is attributed to the payments stipulations, will the reversion vests. which are to be made on account of the Spain is making an effort to restore its claims of the allied powers.

naval and military strength, and large orIt is, understood that the Admiral of ders for naval and artillery stores hare France, the Duke of Angouleme, has been sent to England. been employed in inspecting the coasts The coast of Spain and Portugal is and ports of Brittany, and the western said to be greatly infested by insurgent departments.

privateers, who have made many imporThe cabinet of Louis is composed of tant captures, the following members: the Duke de Richelieu, Gouvion St. Cyr, Pasquier, The Spanish and Neapolitan governCaze, Laine, Mole, and Corvetto, all of ments, as well as Sweden and Sardinia, whom, except Richelieu, held high sta- have solicited of the Porte the liberty of tions under Bonaparte.

navigating the Black Sea. It is said that A meeting of the two chambers has the Turkish government demands a very been summoned, and a number of new high compensation for the privilege. prers and deputies will take their seats. It is settled that the marriage of the The chamber of peers will consist of hereditary grand duke of Tuscany, with two hundred and eleven, of which sixty- the princess Maria-Ann, daughter of



the king of Saxony, is to take place in the compose the Germanic confederation :latter part of October.

Baden, Hesse-Electorate, Branch of Letters from Naples, of Aug. 12th, state Hesse-Philippstral; Branch of Hessethat “Prince Henry of Prussia, visited Rothenbourg; Hesse-Darmstadt;

Branch yesterday the American Admiral's ship of Hesse-Homburg ; Luxembourg ; HolWashington, of 74 guns, where he was stein ; Holstein Oldenbourg ; Mecklenreceived and entertained with great cere- bourg-Schwerin ; Mecklenburg-Strelitz ; *mony by Commodore Chauncey.” The Saxe-Weimar; Brunswick ; Nassau ; next day the prince gave an entertain- Saxe-Gotha ; Saxe-Cobourg-Salfeld ; ment to the Ainerican commander on Saxe-Meinungen ; Saxe-Hilburghausen ; shore.

Anhault-Desat; Anhault-Bernburg; An

hault-Coethan; Schwartzbourg-SonderThe conferences recently held at the hausen ; Schwartzbourg-Rudolstadt ; Hague, for the conclusion of a treaty of Hohenzollern-Hechingen ; Lichtenstein; commerce and navigation, between the Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen ; Waldeck ; kingdom of the Netherlands and the Reus-Greitz ; Reus-Schleiz; LippeUnited States of America, have been Schaumbourg; and Lippe-Detmold. postponed until the American ministers

Under Bonaparte the Confederation of have received ulterior instructions from the Rhine included, besides the above their government. In consequence of States, the Principality of Ratisbon, Bathis, Mr. Gallatin has returned to Paris. varia, Wirtembourg, Saxony, West

The prices of corn in Holland and Flan- phalia, Berg and Cleves, Neufchatel, ders, have advanced considerably, not- Wurzbours, Salm-Rysbourg, Isenbourgwithstanding the favourable harvest; and Bristen, Aremburg and Lingen, government has interfered to prevent It is represented that a complete union monopolies and speculations.

has been effected in Bavaria between the It is stated that of thirteen thousand Lutheran and the Reformed Churches. five hundred and forty-four births in In Munich and Bamberg the pastors of North Holland, during the year 1816, the two sects preach alternately to the one thousand three hundred and sixty- same flocks. eight were illegitimate.

The young men of Lombardy have A plan for a new palace for the king of been prohibited, by an order of the Court the Netherlands, at Brussels, has been of Vienna, from resorting to any forcign accepted, and the work is to commence country for their education, except by immediately. The expense is estimated permission from the government. No at three to four millions of florins.

similar prohibition exists in the Austrian

States. The Austrian Archduchess Leopoldine,

The monument of General Moreau who embarked at Leghorn on board the stands on the field of battle something Portuguese squadron, for the Brazils, to join her intended husband, the prince though extremely simple, consisting of

more than a mile from Dresden, and royal of Portugal, put into Cagliari, in

one granite stone, is very expressive. It is consequence of a storm, and the fleet

surinounted with a bronze helmet, wreath was obliged to send to Genoa and Leg- and swed. The inscription is mer:ly, horn for a new supply of provisions.

The Hero, MOREAU, fell here by the The emperor and empress of Austria side of ALEXANDER. had arrived, September 6th, at Zalanthia

His Serene Highness, the reigning Duke and Hennanstadt, in Transylvania, on a

of Anhalt-Dessau, Leopold Frederick tour through their dominions. That Francis, died at Dessau, on the 19th of province is a fine country, somewhat August last, in the 77th year of his age, similar to the north of Italy. Its climate, and the 61st of his reign. He was born soil, vines, waters, and rich mines, render

on the 10th of August, 1740, and sucit one of the most interesting portions of ceeded his father, Leopold Maximilian, the Austrian monarchy.

on the 10th of December, 1756 ; he was, 'The emperor has recently granted a

therefore, reckoning the years of his patent of nobility to an eminent merchant reign, the senior Sovereign of Europe. of Vienna.

During the last summer twenty-five vessels descended the Danube, having on Much political discontent is said to be board seven thousand Wirtemburg emi- growing up in Berlin and other parts of grants.

Prussia, and societies are forming for The following, on the authority of the 'the purpose of procuring a constitution French Calendar, are the states which founded on principles of liberty,



It is stated, that after much discussion, rigorous. All foreigners, who arrive at the Prussian government has determined any part of the kingdom, are forbidden to lay a duty of 30 per cent. on all im- to advance a step until they receive ported British Manufactures.

passports from Stockholm. The Duke M. Humboldt is announced as being of Devonshire, who was on his way to immediately to proceed to the Court of St. Petersburgh, to attend the marriage St. James as ambassador.

of the Grand Duke Nicholas, was reThe King of Prussia is expected to quired to wait on the frontiers till a passvisit Petersburg, on his return from port could reach him. At the remonFrance; and it is asserted that he has strance of Mr. Hughes, however, the agreed to withdraw his contingent of the American Charge des Affaires at the army of occupation of France, on re- Court of Sweden, any Ameriean may ceiving the amount to which he is entitled proceed, upon a passport from any neighby treaty up to the year 1820.

bouring American Consul, without interThe theatre royal, in Berlin, has re- ruption. cently been burned, as supposed by de- The old king of Sweden, who has sign. This theatre was begun not twenty long been in a state of mental imbecility

, years ago, under king Frederick William is said to be drawing near his end. İll, and opened on the first of January, The creation of a navy is represented 1802. The edifice formed a parallelo- to be an object of particular attention gram, 214 feet long, 155 feet broad, and with the Swedish government. A 74 155 feet high, within the walls. It had 12 gun ship, called Charles the XIII. has entrances. There were 3 rows of boxes, been recentiy launched at Carlscrona, and the fourth tier being the gallery, which ran is pronounced to be a fine ship. all round. The royal box, elegantly decorated and lighted, was of the height of

RUSSIA. trvo rows of boxes, and occupied, in the Count Nesselrode has informed the foform of a niche, the centre of the house reign Ambassadors at St. Petersburg, that directly opposite the stage. Another he has been sinmoned to attend the Emroyal box was on the left hand, next the peror at Moscow, and that in the mean stage; and opposite that a box for stran- time, privy counsellor Oubril will transgers. From the centre of the roof hung act business with them. a lustre with thirty-six argand lamps. It is stated that Alexander is enderThe whole house could contain two vouring to obtain from the different powthousand spectators. Besides the rooms ers of Europe, a convention to prohibit for the painting, for the scenery, &c. the subjects of any state from assisting which were at the top of the house; the South American insurgents with any there were on the north side several sa- kind of arms or ammunition, and to de. loons and rooms for festal occasions, par- clare pirates all their privateers that apo ticularly a concert room of unrivalled pear in the European seas.

Austria is beauty and magnificence, which was said to have complied, but England has opened on the 24th of February, 1803, objected, determining to maintain her with llaydn's Creation : it could con- neutrality. The manners and fashions tain, including the performers, 1,000 of the English prevail in Russia, and the persons. This fine building, with the ad- whole Russian army is clothed with Eng inirable scenery, with a wardrobe per- lish cloth. haps unequalled in magnificence and The Russian government has demandcompleteness, with an immense quantity ed of the Porte a disavowal of the expof music, the loss of part of which can cution of Czerny George, and the exnever be repaired, and with the most emplary punislıment of those who put excellent machinery, was so completely him to death. destroyed in a few hours that nothing This demand was made through the absolutely could be saved but a few boarrés resident minister at Constantinople, to and benches. The first notice of the whom were also communicated orders fire was hy the performers being sudden- to suspend the building of the new pa ly involved in sinoke, and a burning cur- lace for the ilussian Embassy at that tain falling down among them.

city. A courier, moreover, has been In 1816, in Berlin, there were 6160 dispatched to the head-quarters of Geo births, and 5474 deaths. The oldest neral Beningsen, commander of the person was 98 years of age.

southern division of the Russian army.

A strict quarantine is required of all

vessels in the Baltic, on the part of DenThe police of Sweden is uncommonly mar, Sweden, and Russia, who have


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