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Men-Light enjoyed, not appropriated—What the Apostles said to
the worshippers of Light-Connexion of Darkness with Falsehood
-Light social; Darkness separating—How we discover the nature
of Sin-Cognate words-Sense of Sin awakened by the message
that God is Light-Strong in proportion to the strength of that
message-Demand for purification- What the purification must
reach—The purifying Blood—The Confession of Sin-God's justice
in Forgiveness and Cleansing ............ 34–52

St. John and his little children—How the phrase is connected with

the business of the letter-The Family-Heathen and Jewish
notions of an Advocate-A deeper feeling discoverable at the root
of these notions in each—The Representative of the Family - The
Representative of Man-Force of St. John's expression, "for the
whole world'-Heathen and Jewish idea of Propitiation--Deeper
feeling latent beneath these notions-How that feeling was brought
out in the Jew by his education --St. John's doctrine of a Universal
Propitiation-How it redeems Prayer from a false and superstitious
use and makes it the great organ of humanity .....5368

[blocks in formation]

The Children of a Family going out into the world—Dangers of the

change-Why we should rejoice in it—The World an Order How
the Order becomes a Disorder—God's love of the World-How
can we be told not to love the world seeing we are to be like
Him—Effect of the World upon us—Testimony of Wordsworth-


The expression, 'He that denieth the Son hath not the Father,' illus-

trated-How the Apostles regarded a Christ who is not a Son, but
an independent being, as an Antichrist—How they regarded a Self-
Willed, Independent God, as a false God-How the idea of a Father
and a Son was inseparable from the idea of God--How the Uni-
versal Baptism was into the Name of the Father, of the Son, and

[blocks in formation]

of the Spirit, in whom they are One-'Abiding in the Father and
the Son, this phrase illustrated—The Eternal Life the blessing of
this abiding—Those who withdrew from the fellowship of the Church
denied the existence of a common life for all, of a divine life for
any-Connexion of the Anointing of the Spirit with the Unity of
the Church illustrated by the 133d Psalm-This Anointing never
withdrawn-Connexion of Theology with Morals—Pope's line, 'He
can't be wrong whose life is in the right, considered and vin-



The Accuser or Slanderer-Was St. John following an old Hebrew

tradition in speaking of such a Spirit ?—Experience of thoughts
that are presented to our Minds—Whence do they come ?—To say
that we are responsible for them is strictly true, but nothing to the
purpose--Suggestion of a Crime involves no obligation to commit it
-The words, The Devil sinneth from the beginning, considered
Do they involve the notion of Evil being as ancient as Good ?—They
merely assert the presence of Temptation to Evil in every period of

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