An Historical Sketch of the Greek Revolution

White, Gallaher & White, 1828 - 452 páginas

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Página 174 - Appals the gazing mourner's heart, As if to him it could impart The doom he dreads, yet dwells upon; Yes, but for these and, these alone, Some moments, ay, one treacherous hour. He still might doubt the tyrant's power; So fair, so calm, so softly seal'd, The first, last look by death reveal'd...
Página ii - In conformity to the Act of Congress of the United States, entitled, " An Act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of Maps, Charts, and Books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned.
Página 174 - He who hath bent him o'er the dead Ere the first day of death is fled, The first dark day of nothingness, The last...
Página ii - BBOWN, of the said district, hath deposited in this office the title of a book, the right whereof he claims as author, in the words following, to wit : " Sertorius : or, the Roman Patriot.
Página 174 - Tis Greece, but living Greece no more ! So coldly sweet, so deadly fair, We start, for soul is wanting there. Hers is the loveliness in death, That parts not quite with parting breath ; But beauty with that fearful bloom, That hue which haunts it to the tomb, Expression's last receding ray, A gilded halo hovering round decay, The farewell beam of Feeling past away ! Spark of that flame, perchance of heavenly birth, Which gleams, but warms no more its cherished earth...
Página 184 - I cannot quit Greece while there is a chance of my being of any (even supposed) utility : — there is a stake worth millions such as I am, and while I can stand at all, I must stand by the cause.
Página 189 - Philhellenist ; and you have seen him as your benefactor. This is, indeed, a sufficient cause for your tears, but it is not sufficient for his honour ; it is not sufficient for the greatness of the undertaking in which he had engaged. He, whose death we are now so deeply deploring, was a man who, in one great branch of literature, gave his name to the age in which we live : the vastness of his genius and the richness of his fancy did...
Página 75 - Nevertheless the spring of 1822 was the crisis of Grecian liberty, and its- cause appeared to many persons little better than desperate. On one side was a power larger in extent of territory than any in Europe; which had maintained its station for near four centuries, in one of the most commanding positions in the world ; whose integrity was admitted by all the other great powers to be essential to the general peace ; ready, by the nature of its government, to enter upon war at a short notice, and...
Página 259 - ... carcase lost all form of humanity, beneath the knives of his enemies. Some few died bravely, never attempting to escape, but falling on the spot, where they received the first thrust of the ataghans : other weaker wretches made an effort to reach the sea, through the crowd, but sunk down beneath a thousand stabs, screaming for mercy, and covering their faces with their gory hands.
Página 311 - I am proud to think that the blood of a Swiss, of a child of William Tell, is about to mingle with that of the heroes of Greece.

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