Maximize Your Potential Through the Power of Your Subconscious Mind to Overcome Fear and Worry

Hay House, Inc, 2007 - 147 páginas

Dr. Joseph Murphy’s classic book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind was first published in 1963 and became an immediate bestseller; it was acclaimed as one of the best self-help guides ever written. Following the success of this work, Dr. Murphy lectured to thousands of people around the world, and millions tuned in to his daily radio program. In his lectures, he pointed out how real people have radically improved their lives by applying specific aspects of his concepts.

Now, these lectures have been combined, edited, and updated in six books that bring Dr. Murphy’s teachings into the 21st century and provide readers with his proven tools on how to program their subconscious minds so that they can radically improve their lives.

This is Book 1 of the series. Within these pages, Dr. Murphy reminds us that we all worry—mostly about things that will never happen. Worry robs us of vitality, enthusiasm, and energy; and often causes ulcers, high blood pressure, and other debilitating diseases. Dr. Murphy teaches us how to replace fear and worry with harmony, peace, and love, and recommends prayers and meditations that will cleanse the mind of irrational concerns and implant uplifting ideas into the subconscious.


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I don't understand this text from page 63 of this book:
"Buddha discovered that thousands of years ago. He asked Brahma the cause of the all suffering and misery in the world ; and Brahma (which
means God) answered him: Ignorance. Teach the people the truth and set them free. That´s the answered he got, and that was 5,000 years B.C."
Surely it was a error, because Buddha lived in the 6º century B.C.

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Introduction to the Series
Preface xix
Overcoming Worry 1
Banish Guilt 13
The Supreme Mastery of Fear 23
The Healing Power of Love 41
The Inner Meaning of the 23rd Psalm 49
The Protective 91st Psalm 71
Why Did This Happen to Me? 93
Prayer Is the Key 111
Sleep Soundly 119
Living in the Presence 125
Three Keys to Peace of Mind 133
Biography of Joseph Murphy 141
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Dr. Joseph Murphy (1898-1981), the founder of The Church of Divine Science, produced books, tapes, and radio broadcasts on spiritual matters, the historical values of life, the art of wholesome living, and the teachings of great philosophers-both from the Eastern and Western cultures. Dr. Murphy wrote more than 30 books.

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