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and a City drowned ; and Civil Wars fball bap

pen in Greece, with a dcubtful Victory. And in ... the tenth Age Macedonia shall conquer Persia :

Thebes being taken, Tyre destroy'd, Samos overwhelm'd with Sand, and Delos ruin'd, Babylon fall make little resistance. The Macedonians inhabit Bactra, but thence they malt fly into Greece. When Pyramus skall reach the Holy Illand, Sybaris and Cyzicus fall fall by an Earthquake, and Rhodes be destroy'd; but the Macedonian Empire must fall by the Romans, who will conquer Carthage. Laodicea will be ruin'd by an Earthquake, and afterwards be repair'd. Corinth shall be conquer'd, and Lycia destroy'd by an Earthquake. Armenia fall be conquer'd by the Italians, and they fall destroy the Fews Temple ; but the Romans, thro' their Wickedness and Tyranny, mall fall. Nero's Cruelty in killing his Mother is mention'd, and the

vulgar Opinion, that be fled over Euphrates, Afterwards the Destruction of the Temple and Coun

try of Judea is defcribd; then the same Earthquake fail destroy Paphos and Salamina, and cause an Inundation in Cyprus. Tube Eruption of Vesuvius all fill the Air with Ashes, and red Drop's fhall fall like Minium: Then God will rem venge the Death of the Godly (Christians) by Wars in the West; and Nero (i.e. the Turk) Mall come over Euphrates, and take Antioch, and destroy Syria, Cyprus pall suffer by Winter Storms. The Riches of Rome shall be brought into Afia in the Holy War. The Famine Mall rise in Caria, afterwards Impiety and Cruelty mall encrease, and God hall destroy tbe World, by burning it, and these Signs shall precede it, Swords, Trumpets, and a terrible Noise at the Sun-rifing. After the Conflagration, Men fall be rais'd from the Afoes, and the Judgment Mall


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Succeed, and the Wicked mall be again cover'd by the Earth, but the Righteous mali again live on the Earth, and all shall see and know them. selves.

DJ Ear, Q you boasting People of Asia T1 and Europe!. what things I, who am a Prophetess of God, and not of false Phæbus, am ready to prophecy, which are very true, and these I will declare in pleasant Verses from my own Mouth.

Vain Men call Phæbus a God, and pretend that he can prophecy, but I am a Prophetess of the great God, who is not made by Mens Hands, like to dunib Idols hew'd out of Stone, neither has he a House, nor is a Stone set up in a Temple, dumb and deaf, and a disgrace to Men, being also an occafion of their Miseries. None can see God from the Earth, nor measure him with their mortal Eyes; no Hand of Mortals made him. He fees all Men at once, but is seen of none himself. He made the dark Night and Day, the Sun, Moon, and Stars, and the Sea full of Fish, the Land, and the Rivers, and the Water of the ever-flowing Springs, Creatures for Food, and Showres to produce the Fruits of the Earth, and Trees, and Vines, and Olive-trees. This is he who agitatęs my Mind to declare truly to Men both things that are present, and things that will come hereafter, from the first Generation to the eleventh ; for He reveal’d and told them to me, and will per


forn then. But thou, O People ! hear the Voce of the Sibyl, who from her holy Moith speaks these true Prophecies.

Pote, This Sibyl declares, that she was inspir'd by God, and not by Phæbus, Fove's Son, the God of te Gentile Oracles ; And since he begins from çheirst, as the Erythræan did, she must be anothe Sibyl, and probably the Cumean, because the - uses the Character of Nero for the Turk: By whih Observation we may distinguish cwo Sibyls. Anchhe who uses Nero's Character may be the


· Those Men shall be happy in the Earth whi love the great God, giving Praise to him before they eat and drink, observing Rigteousness, and who avoid all the IdolTerples they fee, and their Altars and Idol tatues of deaf Stones, which are pollutecwith the Blood of Mankind, and the Sacrices of Quadrupeds, but adore the Glor of the one God: They neither commit cel Murders, nor get great Gain by Theft, which are horrible to be done, nor have ay shameful Inclination to Adultery, nor torile, odious, and loathsom Sodomy; whose vious Life and Conversation other · Men wl not imitate, who delight in Impudence and deride them with Scorn and Laughte, and foolishly err thro’their want of Wisdm, who do mischievous and wicked Actins;. for all Mankind are hard to be goverld. But when the Judgment shall çome, bth of the World and of Men,

which which God himself shall execute, judging both the Wicked and Righteous, He will send the Wicked again into Darkness; and then shall they know the great Impietythey have committed : But the Righteous shall remain on the fruitful Earth, the Spiit of God giving them Life and Vi&tuals. All these things shall be finish'd in the enth Age. Now I will relate these things, vhich will happen from the first Generation

Note, Thar this Sibyl says, All must be tnih'd in the tenth Age; and therefore the eleenth, mention'd above, is some Mistake, for the Sibyls say nothing of it. Since Justin, Lactantin, and Clemens Alexandrinus quote the Verses i this Book, it is certainly genuine; but the Qucations differ in words, and not in sence; therefre the Fathers had a different Greek Tranflatio from the present.

The four Mo- . First of all, the Asyrians shall goern all

Men for six Ages, reigning over the World
from the time that the Sea cover'd de Land
by a Deluge, when God was angy with
the Cities and all Men. Those th Medes
will supplant, and reign in their hrones:
But they shall continue only twoAges, in
which time these things will happn:There
Shall be a Darkness like that of ie Night,
in the middle of the Day, andthe Stars
shall be wanting in the Heaven, and the
round Moon; and the Earth shd be mov'd
by a great Earthquake, join'd wth a Noise,



and shall overthrow many Cities and Buildings; and Isands shall rise from the bottom of the Sea. But when the great River Euphrates shall flow with Blood, then Mall be a grievous Fight betwixt the Medes and Perfians; and the Medes being conquer'd by the Pêrsians, Ihall fly over the great River Tigris; and the Persian Power shall be the greatest in all the World, and it shall be a. happy Empire for one Generation.

Then shall those evil Deeds be done which all Men bate, Fights, Murders, Seditions, and Flights, the subverfion of Towers, Insurrections in Cities: When boasting Greece shall fail to the broad Hellefpont, and shall niake great Devastations in Asia, and in fruitful Ægypt shall be a Famine. and Sterility, thoit be fit for the Plow and much Corn; and this shall rage there twenty Years; when Nile, which makes Ægypt abound in Corn by its Inundation, shall in some other place hide its black Water under the Earth. A great King shall undertake a War, coming froni Asia into Greece with innumerable Ships; he shall come on

foot over the Sea, but shall fail on dry ; 'Land; whom miserable Alia fhall receive

when he flies from that War.

Note, The Darkness in the time of the Medes may be like that which happen'd before Xerxes's Expedition, which Herodotus mentions. Delos was shaken by an Earthquake before the Peloponnesian War; the Athenians took Cyzicum and Colophon,


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