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ger thrust them out of his World, and shut sem up in the great Tartarian Prison under the bottom of the Earth.

Afterwards the Immortal God rais'd up The fift fra another Generation much worse, who dide

sion is of very wicked Actions; these became much ibe Giais more insolent than the other, they were the monstrous Giants, abominable Blafphemers. Noah, amongst 'em all, was the only righteous and just Man, truly faithful, studying how to do good Works. And to him God spoke thus from Heaven:

O Noah! be bold, and preach Repentance to Noah's all Perfons, that all may be saved : But if they Flood become impudent, and despise thee, I will destroy all Flesh by a great Inundation of Water; but it shall spring again from thee, as from a perpetual Root. I command thee to make a wood'en House, which shall nat be corrupted by the W.9 ters: I will give thee Onderstanding and great Škill to make it of a dye length and breadth; I will take care of all things, so as to fave thee and all those who súcim with thee : I am be who exists; (consider, this in your Mind) I am cloached with the Heaven, and the Sea is cast about me; the Earth is my Footstool, and the Air is spread round my Body, and all the Chorus of the Stars runs round me; my Name has nine Letters, and four Syllables: Consider who I am ; the three forft Syllables have each two Letters, the other has she reft; and there are five Consonants. The Hundreds of all this number are twice eight, and thrice Three Decads, with three revens. He that knows 1211 who I am, shall not be ignorant of that divine Wifdom which is from me.



Note, that God, who spoke to Noab, in Genesis is call’d Kero ó oeds; but these are not one word, and the numeral Letteľs will make but 1954, therefore the Numbers here mention'd seem to me to thew the Duration of the Antediluvian World. After the rime God decreed the Deftruction of it, he said, in Genesis, it should continue 1 20 Years; and the sense is, the Centuries of the remaining Years are twice eight, that is 16; thrice three tens, 90 ; and three cimes seven, 21; in all 127 Years. ' siui i av make 1793. But fince no other Greek Name of God has the Numbers above mention'd, 'tis plain the Sibyl writ in fome Eastern Language: Morellus thinks divexparc, which makes by the numeral Letters 1696, is the word defign'd; and that seems probable, because it comes nearest to the Age of the Antediluvian World : And then this Ænigma was design'd to express the Ages of the Old World.

as Antediluviae cause it comes deligna ; andenu

So he spoke, and Noah was struck with an infinite Terror to hear such things; and then wisely contriving all things, he exhorted the People, and began fuch Discourse :

To perfidious Men, agitated with great Fury God knows what you have done: for the Eternal Saviour knows all things;

for He fees all, who governs all things; Cand hath commanded me to warn you, that

you be not fatally deceiv'd in your Minds, Be sober, and abstain from Wickedness, nei

ther violently pursue one another, being of ça cruel Temper, fhedding human Blood all

over the Earth. O Mortals! fear the mighty God, invincible, the Celestial Crea


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tor, incorruptible; who lives in Heaven. . Pray all of you to him, for he is very

kind ; supplicate him for the Life of Cities, (and of all the World, of Quadrupeds and Birds, that he may be merciful to all. For

the time is coming when the whole World, band infinite numbers of Men, perishing by “the Waters, shall lament this dreadful Me! 4 sage; for the Air shall be suddenly di$ sturb’d, and the Anger of the great God,

from Heaven, shall come upon you. There « shall certainly be a time when the Everlastcing Saviour shall send his Vengeance on Men, unless you appease God, and immer diately repent, and hereafter do no Injury ļ the one to the other, contrary to Law, but every one follow a holy Life.

But they hearing him, mocked him, saying he was mad and foolish; and then Noah began again his Song or Message, in a loud Voice:

? O miserable, hard-hearted, unstable Men! ? who leaving all Modesty, delight in Impu

dence, tyrannical Thieves, violently wicked, Lyars, Infidels, workers of Evil, in nothing sincere, Whoremongers, Flatterers ! in Words, fpeaking Blasphemies, fearing not the Anger of the high God, being reservd to be punish'd in the Fifth Generation! You are obstinate, and do not go " by your selves and weep, but laugh; you ? shall laugh the Sardonian Laughter when this thing shall come to pass, I niean the terrible Flood of God, that is coming, when the holy



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Note that Stock which is on the Earth * shall float on kanvici is the Waters, which shall flourish eternally, multos with never-fading Roots; then all others,

xía: shall utterly be destroy'd in one Night, the Orherways & Sea shall make the Cities of the Earth, with Eerce.

"btheir Inhabitants, and shall open the Caverns band overthrow the Walls; then the whole World of innumerable Men Niall die ; and

then how niany things shall I lament, and ! mourn for! Being enclos’d in a wooden « House, how many Tears shall I mix with

the Waves! for if this Deluge, conimanded <by God, shall come, the Earth, the Moun(tains, and the Æther will swim, all places (will be cover'd by the Waters, and all things < will be destroy'd by them ; but the Winds 'Thall stop, and another Age shall come. O

Phrygia! thou shalt first rise from the top b of the Waters, and thou shalt first nourish another Generation of Men, who then again will begin, and thou shalt be the Nurse of all Men.

But when he had spoken these things in vain to that wicked Generation, the high God appear’d, and cry'd 'out again, and spoke : Co Noah! now is the time come wherein all things shall be fulfiked which I fpake of, and said I would do for thee in that Day, when I destroy the whole World of Infidels, for the innumerable Sins which they have committed. Do thou fud'denly embark with thy Wife and Children, and thy Sons Wives, and call together all I have como manded to come of the Kinds of four-footed


Beasts, creeping Creatures, and Fowls, and I will excite the Will: of those Creatures to whom I have granted Life, to enter of their own accord. So he spoke, and Noah enter'd the Ark, and cry'd out; and then his Wife, Sons and their Wives, canie into the wooden House, and afterwards all the rest came in whom God would save. But when a. convenient Key had falten'd the Covering of the Ark, being fasten'd across it in a hole made by shaving, then the Counsel of the Heavenly God was brought to pass, he sent forth the Clouds, which cover'd the fiery Globe of the Sun, Moon, and Stars, which make the Celestial Crown. This being cover'd, Mankind was terrified : He sent a fiery Tempest, rais'd all the Winds, and open'd all the Channels of Water ; great Cataracts being open from the Heaven, and the Caverns of the Earth, and from the unwearied Abyss; from these an infinite quantity of Water appear'd flowing, and the Earth was cover'd all over its vast Body. But the divine House swam in the middle of the Waters, being beat by many devouring Waves, and swimming violently by the strokes of the Wind, the Ship was carried timerously, and cut the infinite Foam of the roaring tem- . pestuous Waters.

When God had wash'd the whole Earth by the Waters, Noah desir'd to look abroad, according to the Counsel of God: Having escap'd the hazard of the Sea, he quickly open'd the Covering of his smooth House,


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