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cense, and Gifts to the Houses of the Great God, and there shall be no other House to be enquir'd for by the Generations of Men that are to come, but the faithful Man whom God has given to be worship’d, for Mortals call hin the Son of the Great God ; and all the Paths of the Fields, and rough, Shores, and high Mountains, and the raging Waves of the Sea, shall be easily pass’d, or sail'd through in those Days'; for all Peace

Thall happen to the Good, through all their · Land, the Prophets of the Great God shall take away all Slaughter, for they are the Judges of Mortals, and the righteous Kings. And there shall be just Riches for Men, for the Governnient of the Great God shall be just Judgment. Rejoyce, O Virgin, and be glad, for He that hath created Heaven and Earth hath given thee Eternal Joy; He shall live with thee, and Eternal Light shall be given thee.

The Wolves and Lambs shall eat Herbs together in the Mountains, and the Panthers shall feed together with the Kids ; and the Bears shall be kept with the Calves in the same place, and the carnivorous Lyon Mall eat Straw out of the Manger, as an Ox; and very young Children shall bind thein in Bonds, and a small thing will affright a wild Beait; and Dragons Mall sleep with their young ones, and not hurt them, for the Hand of God fall protect them.


Note, That the Government of God is callid his Judgment, that is, the Judgment of the Juft will be in the Millennium. The Virgin is the Bride, or Church, in the Revelations : God the Creator Thallo inhabit the Earth: The innocent State of the Creatures in the Millennium is de fcrib'd, as in the Prophets; the Millennium will be before the End of the World.


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But I will tell thee very clearly the Signs These Prodigie

before the End whereby you may know when the End of the World." all these things shall happen in the Earth : When Swords shall be seen in the Night, towards Sun-setting or Sun-rising, in the Starry Heavens, and a Dust descends from | Heaven suddenly upon all the Earth; and the Light of the Sun shall fail in the middle of its Course in the Heavens, and the Beams of the Moon shall shine, and shali prefently come to the Earth with bloody Drops, and the Rocks shall give a Sign, änd in a Cloud the Fight of Horsmen and Footmen will be seen, like the Croud made in the hunting of wild Beasts ; this end God, who lives in Heaven, will give to War. But all ought to Sacrifice to the Great King.

Note, Thać the Swords may be the Tails of Comers, the Dust may come from the burning Mountains Eruptions; the Sun eclips'd by its own Macule, and the Moon losing its Luminous Rem flection, will appear red, as in Eclipses ; and the Smoke and Vapours in the Air, may represent the Fights mention'd: So that all these Signs are


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probable, and may come by natural means. These Things relating to the End of the World are neither in the Old or New Teftament; and therefore these Signs were neither writ by a few or Christian Lactantius quotes this Book often, and so does Justin Martyr; so that we know it to be genuine, tho' the Words in the Verses differ in the Quotations many times, but the Sense is the fame; which proves, that there were divers Greek Copies of these Oracles.

Note farther, That the Worship of God is describ'd thro' this Book by the Jewijs Sacrifices, and therefore these Prophesies were writ before Christ, otherways here would have been some mention of the Sacraments.

. These things I prophecy'd to the World concerning God's Wrath upon Men, when I was inspir'd with a Fury and left great Babylon in Allyria: And I'ani a Fire sent against the Greeks, and these are the divine Ænigma's, which I have declar'd by prophecying, but the Men in Greece will fay I am of another Country, born at Erythræa, very impudent; these will say I am mad, and a false Sibyl, born of Circe my Mother, and Gnost us my Father'; but when all things come to pass, then you shall remember me, and then none will say I am mad ; but a Prophetess of the Great God, who shew'd to me those things which were before my Parents; and what things were first done, these he taught me; and all things which were to be hereafter God put into my Mind, that I might prophecy of things that were past, and of things to come, and tell these

things to Men; for when the World was drowned, and only one Man of worth was left in his wooden House, swiniming on the Waters with the wild and tame Beasts, that the World might replenish again by them; I was his Daughter-in-Law, and of his Blood. The first things happen'd in his Time, and all the last were declar'd to him. Thus all things are truly deliver'd from my Mouth.

Note, This Sibyl declares the came from Babylon, and is callid by the Greeks the Erythrean. The Grecians say she is born of Circe, a Witch, and Gnostus, a Wizzard ; the Obscurity of this Prophecy got her the Name of being mad, bus che Design of this Prophesie was to declare the Fate of Greece, and its conquest by the Turks ; and since all these things are come to pass in leffer Asia, Greece, and Ægypt, and the Reformation from Idolatry, as this Prophesie has forecold, I have plainly prov'd, that this Sibyl was a Prophe.' tess inspir'd by God, and that these Oracles are no Forgeries of the Jews and Christians, since this could not be taken from the New or Old Tefta. menr: And there are more Circumstances concerning Christ's Star, the return of the Jews, and the Millennium, and Signs of the End of the World, than are writ in our Bibles. And I must farther remark, that this Sibyl here owns, the History of the Deluge was wric hy her, which is contain'd in the first Book; and then I infer that the writ this Book. The Sibyl calls her self the Daughter of Noah, because she was descended from him, as all Mankind must acknowledge they did. And note, this Sibyl does not call the Turk Nero, as the following Sibyls do, and therefore the is a different Sibyl from the following.

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