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Gold, and purple Garments; and the Earth Mall be full of all Plenty, and the Sea furnish'd with all good things ; and then Kings shall begin to be angry with one another, contriving evil things in their Minds.

The Gentile Envy is not proper for miferable Mortals, K

15, Kings are they but the Kings of the Gentiles shall again in- who will benega

Jerufalem aties vade that Land with great multitudes, che Millennium bringing on themselves a fatal Destruction ; at the end of the

World. for they design’d to destroy the Temple of the Great God, and the best Men, when they came into that Country. These defil'd Princes shall sacrifice round about the City, every one having his Jurisdiction apart, with his Infidels ; and then God shall speak to all the unlearned and vain People with a loud Voice, and he who is the Great God shall condemn them, and they shall all perish by the Hand of the Immortal, and fiery Swords shall fall from Heaven upon the Earth, and great Lamps of Fire Mall come and shine amongst Men. The Earth also, which is the common Parent, fall be Naken in those Days by the Iinmortal Hand, and the Fish in the Sea, and all the wild Beasts on the Land, and infinite kinds of Birds; and all the Souls of Men, and all the Sea, shall tremble at the Presence of the Immortal, and be much afraid ; He shall break open the high Tops of the Mountains, and the wast Hills, and the darkish place of the Dead shall appear to all, and the airy Caverns in the high Mountains


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fhall appear fillid with the Dead, and the Rocks shall flow with Blood, and many Channels shall fill the Plains, and all wella built Walls shall fall down on the Earth, which wicked Men built, because they knew not the Law and Judgment of the Great God, but foolishly attack'd the Holy Place. And God shall condemn them all to be destroy'd by War or Slaughter, and Fire and Rain in a Deluge; and Sulphur shall descend from Heaven, and Hailstones many and grievous; and the four-footed Beasts Mall dye: Then they shall know the Eternal God, who does these things. TheLamentation and Cry of the Men that perish shall come upon all the Earth, and they shall become mute, being wash'd in their own Blood, and the Earth Mall drink the Blood of the slain; and wild Beasts shall be fill'd with Flesh.

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Note, This is like the War in the rith Chapter of the Revelations; and the Earthquake there Inention'd, or the Earthquake and Hail in the seventh Vial, or the Destruction of Gog and Magog when they besieg'd the Holy City by Fire from Heaven : But it seems most likely to be the seventh Vial, because of the Thunders and Lightnings, Earthquake and Hail there describ'd.

The Great Eternal God himself commanded me to prophesie all these things, and they shall not be in vain, nor imperfečt; what the Spirit of God only puts into my Mind fall infallibly come to pass in the

World :

I World: All the Sons of the Great God

shall live in Quiet about his Temple, and shall rejoyce in all these things which the Creator gives, who is the righteous Judge and Monarch: He alone sliall protect them, and greatly assist theni, as a Wall round them of flaming Fire: Their Cities Mall be without Walls, all their Countries shall be free from the force of an evil War: He shall be their Defender, who is the Immortal, and the Hand of the Holy shall protect them : And then all the Islands and Cities shall say how much the Immortal loves those Men, for all things fight for them, and help them; the Heavens, and the Sun moy'd by God, and the Moon, and the Earth, the Mother of all, shall be mov’d in those Days, and they shall ging a pleasant Hymn..

Come, let us fall all on the Earth, and entreat the Immortal King, the Great God, and Eternal ; let us send Offerings into his Temple, for there he is the only Governour; and let us all declare the Law of the Supréam God, which is most righteous of all in the Earth ; but we erred from the Path of the Immortal, and thro'a foolish Mind we worship'd Statues made by Mens Hands, the carv'd Images of Mortal Men. These things shall the Souls of faithful Men say: Come let all the People of God fall on their Faces, let us pleasë God the Father in every House by our Hymns ; let us throw away all Arms niade for our Enemies in every Land, for the long space of feven Ages of


Years to come, and also the Shields, and
Breastplates, and Helmets, and all sorts of
Arms, and Bows, and many Arrows, or
Darts, of a wicked Invention; neither
fhall Wood be cut off the Oaks to burn
Houses in Sieges.

But thou, O miserable Greece! cease from proud Thoughts, and entreat the Immortal Conqueror, and send into this City the People that want Wisdom, who belong to the Holy Land of the Most High. Do not move a Camarina, it is better let alone ; nor move a Panther from his Den, lest you suffer Injury by it, but abstain; neither entertain in your Breast proud Anger, which provokes you to quarrelling and fighting, but serve the great God, that thou maist abstain from these things when the fatal Day shall have its end.

Note, Ne Camarinam agita signifies to procure Evil to themselves ; and the Panther here mention’d, is the Greeks Emperor, the Turk; so that this is an Admonicion to the Grecians, nor to provoke him by a Rebellion to rid themselves from his Slavery, for this must come at the end from God, who will then destroy him in the beginning of the Millennium, which here follows: And 'ris above intimaced, that Greece fould remain in fubjection till this time, and then they fhould facrifice to God.

A Description of The Kingdom of God shall come upon he Millennium.

good Men; for the Earth, which is the producer of all things, shall yield to Men the


belt, and infinite Fruits ; Corn, Wine, Oyl, and the sweet Honey, Drink from Heaven, the Fruits of Trees, and the Acorps; and fat Cattle, and Beasts, and Lambs from Lambs; and Kids from Goats, and sweet Fountains shall flow with the whitest Milk, and the Cities shall be full of good Men, and the Fields shall be fruitful, and there shall be no War in the Earth, not Tumult, nor shall the Earth groan by an Earthquake; no Wars, nor Drought, or Famine; nor Hail to waste the Fruits; but there shall be great Peace in all the Earth, and one King İhall live in Friendship with the other, to the End of the Age ; and the Immortal, who lives in the Heavens adorned with Stars, shall give a conimon Law to all Men in all the Earth, and instruct miserable Men what things niust be done ; for he is the only God, and there is no other; and he shall burn the great Strength of Men by Fire. But retain my Counsel in. your Minds, fly all unwarrantable Worship, and serve the living God; avoid Adultery, and the Confusion of Sodomy, and nourish your Children, and do not kill them, for with such Offenders the Immortal is angry. · Then he shall raise a Kingdom for ever

over all Men, when he hath given a Holy Law to the Righteous, to all whom he promis'd to open the Earth ; and the World of the blessed, and all Joys, and an immortal Mind, and Eternal chearfulness. Out of every Country they shall bring Frankin


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