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ted, 'which must continue in thar Church till the Millennium ; tho' in the Western, in some parts, it mall be reformd.

description of Then shall rise a holy stock of Righteous Europe, anno

Men, who will observe the Counsels and -17. Law of the supream God, who will honour

the Temple of the great God, by Libations and Fumes and holy Hecatombs, with Sacrifices of fat Bulls and Rams without blemish, and the first-born of Sheep, with multitudes of fat Lambs, offering them devoutly, as holy Hecatombs, on the great Altar, and dividing 'em according to the just Law of the most High. They being happy, shall inhabit Cities and rich Lands; they shall be

Prophets set over others by the inimortal - God, and they shall occasion great Joy to

all Men; for God has given to theni alone wise Counsels, Faith, and a good Understanding,. who do not worship, thro’ vain Errors, the Works of Men, made of Gold, Brass, Silver, or Ivory, and the Idols of

Wood, Stone, dead Gods, or Pictures The Greek

Chip drawn to the Life by Chalk or Vermilion, : Pictures of which Men worship who are led by vain

Counsels; but they lift up to Heaven their pure Arms and Hands, and every Morning, when they rise froni Bed, they purifie their Skins by washing in Water, and worship God, who is always great and immortal; and afterwards their parents, and after that, the most excellent amongst Men : They are mindful of holy Wedlock; nej


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ther do they use in pure Sodomy, as the Phænicians, Ægyptians, Latins, large Greece, and many Gentiles of other Countries, as the Persians, Galatians, and all Asia use, transgressing the holy Laws of the Immortal God by many Transgressions; for which reason the Immortal hath brought upon all Men Mischief, Famine, Losses, Grief, Wars, Plagues, and painful Tears ; because they would not honour after a holy manner the immortal Father of all Mankind, but worfhip'd Idols; and things made by their own Hands were ador’d, which the same Person threw away, hiding 'em for Shame in the Clefts of the Rocks.

When the new King of Agypt shall reign, the seventh in his own Country, and be reckon'd as one of the Grecians King- .. dom, which the neighbouring Macedonian's shall add to their Empire,

Note, That Badjazet first conquerid Macedonia ; che second King of it was Solyman; the third Mahomet; the fourth, Amurath II ; the fifth, Mahomet II; the sixth, Bajazet II ; the seventh, Selye mus III, and he conquerid Ægypt A. D. 1517, at which time the Reformation began. And then this holy Nation are the Protestants who rejected the European Idolatry at this cime ; and Selymus is thus reckon'd the seventh of the Grecian Emperors in Macedonia, and a new King in Ægypt.

a great King shall come as a fierce Eagle, Selymu. out of Asia, who shall cover all the Earth with Horse and Foot, and shall beat down


all Things, and fill all Places with Misery; and he shall overthrow the Kingdom of

Ægypt, and carry away all the Riches as he departs thro’the great Sea.

· Note, That Selymus conquer'd Syria and Paleftine before he came into Ægypt, and new the Mammalukes Princes ; and he took Grand Cairo, and sent all its Riches by Sea to Constantinople. This Story of Selymus's Conquest of Ægypt confirms the former Interpretation, that he was the seventh Emperor in Macedonia. And by this Hiftory the time of the Reformation is evidently declar'd by this Sibyl, which is a great evidence that Providence design d it, and approv'd the rejection of the Worship of Saints and Images.

And then they shall adore on their bare This is an Ad. Knees, on the fruitful Earth, the Great monition to the God and Immortal King; and then all the Reformers, to avoid Coveroul- Idols made by Mens Hands shall be conaels, and co do Goms he Dir. and

.. fum'd by Fire ; and then God shall give buru the Idols, great Joy to Men: For the Earth, and and worship God Trees only: And the Trees, and great FIOCKS or C Christian crue give true encrease of Wine, and sweet Worship is reby the Honey, and white Milk, and Bread-corn,

y Fadzic Sacrif- which is most acceptable to Men. csa

But you, O Mortals ! of a various and evil Mind, leave Covetousness, turn to God and appease him, Sacrifice to God an hundred Bulls, and the first-born Lambs and Goats, but entreat him the Immortal God, who will be merciful, for he is the only God, and there is not another; and follow Righteousness, and do no Injury to others,


for the Immortal commands these Things to poor Mortals.

But do you avoid the Anger of the Great God, when a Destruction by a Plague shall The Plague and

Wars after the come upon all Men, and they shall suffer Reformation, Punishinent by a horrible Slaughter; and when one King shall captivate another, and take away his Land, and one Nation Mall destroy another, and the Governours their People, and all the Princes shall fly into another Land, and change their Native Countries. :

Note, This Prophefie relates to the Wars in Germany, in the time of Charles the fifth, who conquer'd the Protestant Electors, and took them Prisoners, as well as the French King. And a great Plague happen'd in Germany, 1541, and at Constantinople also, and there were Persecutions of the People for their Religion in France, and. England, and Wars in France afterwards, and King... Charles the second drove out of his Country. This does represent the State of Affairs in Europe in one or two Centuries after the Reformation: Mutabitq; homines tellus ; this may relate to the French Proteftanes, 5

And a Barbarian then ruling, Niall destroy all Greece, and shall rob that rich Land of all its Riches, and shall come against it while they strive about their Silver and Gold (and then the love of Riches shall do much Înjury to Cities.) In a strange Country they all shall lie unbury'd, and the Vultures and wild Beasts of the Earth shall devour their Carcases; And when all


things are done, the large Earth shall consume the Reliques of the Dead, and it Ihall all be unplow'd and unsow'd, by which Desolation will declare the Wickedness of innumerable Men. In a great length of time, in Years to conie, there shall be no need of Bucklers, Breastplates, Darts, and divers sorts of Arnis; neither shall Wood be cut from the Oaks to burn.

Note, This is the miserable State of Greece lince the Reformation; the Inhabitants drove into Europe, and utterly destroy'd, and Solyman the Turk then (1931) invaded Hungary, Austria, Stiria, Carinthia ; but Charles the fifth forc'd him to retire, and the old-fashion'd Armour of Shields, Darts, and burning Wood, us’d in Sieges, was laid aside.

- And then God shall send a King from The Arms of the the East, or Sun, who shall make all the Gophi of Perha s, the Sun on the Earth to cease from War, by killing some, Back of a Lyon, and making Leagues with others: And he

shall not do all these things by his own Counsel, but confiding in the Decrees of the Great God, which are good.

Note, This is the same Eastern Prince, as the Persian, who will come like Tamerlane, and conquer the Turks, and unite the Christian Princes, and thereby make way for the return of the Jews, according to the Decree of God, by which he . will be excited to this War.

The Jews return And the People of the Great God shall =!0 Judec. come loaded with great Wealth, Silver and


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