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under the Sun, nor any great number of Years, nor Tribes of People, because of their deceitful Tongues and wicked impure Lives, which they all liv'd, and spake prophane Words from their impure Mouths, which are false and wicked ; and they rebelld against the great God and King, and fpake falsy with their wicked Mouths: for this cause they shall be conquerd by a horrible Slaughter thro' the whole Land, and God Mall send them a miserable Fate, burning the Cities to the Ground, with their Foundations.

Note, That Ptolemais was taken by the Ægyptian Sultan and burnt, and the Foundation dug up in 1291. At that Siege there were many Murders, Felonies, Rapes, &c. committed in the City, and the Governours at variance about the Command of the City. In 1290, Tyre and Sidon were burnt by the Mammaluke's Sultan of Ægypt, and now they are heaps of Ruins. And Selymus, before his Conquests of Ægypt, took Phænicia from the Mammalukes.

O Crete! who must fuffer niany Troubles ! for a Slaughter shall happen to thee, which mall be à horrible and everlasting Overthrow, and all the Earth shall behold thy burning, and the Fire shall not leave thee for an Age, but thy burning shall continue so long.

Note, The Turks burnt and pillag'd Crète

1571, but af laft took it from the Venetians by a long


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Alas for thee, Thrace! because thou shalt conie into a servile Yoke when the Galatians, mix'd with the Dardanida, shall violently waste Greece, and then thou shalt fuffer Mischief: Thou Malt do Injury to other Countries, and receive the same thy self.

Note, The Turks took Gallipolis in Thrace, ann. 1358; and afterwards Adrianople, in 1362; and Conftantinople, in 1453. The Dardanide are in Opper. Mæfia, call'd Servia, near Macedonia, or in Alia minor, from Dardanum in Mysia minor. The Turks wasted Greece before they took Constantinople, and oft brought their Asiatic Armies into Thrace.

Woe to thee Gog and Magog, and all the other in order, Marsog and Angon! How many

ill Fates will attend thee? Many to the People of Lysia, Mysia, Phrygia, and the Pamphylian Nation: And many Evils will fall on Lydia, the Moors, Æthiopians, and other Nations of a barbarous Language; the Cappadocians and Arabians. But why do I relate all the Particulars? for the Highest will send a terrible Slaughter on all Nations who inhabit the Earth.

Note, Cappadocia was conquer'd by the Turk ann. 1537 ; and then was also Galatia and Armea nia subdued by him. The Countries which lie Northward in Little Asia the Turk did conquer, after their Conquest of Thrace, when the Caramanian and other small Kingdoms rebell'd against the Ottoman Emperors. And Ottoman conquer'd many Provinces before his Succeffors came into

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Europe. At this time they conquer'd the Tart ars, Gog and Magog, or the Mesopotamians, so call'd Hierapolis in by the Sibyls: the Tartars, in their own Tongue, led Magre by i are callid Mogli, from Magog. There is a Hill in Mlyrians. Asia minor call Mefogy, which may be Marfog here mention'd. Angon is mistaken for Dagon for the Philiftins, whose God he is.

But when the most barbarous Nation The Turks Co fall come into Greece, it shall deftroy the quest of Grecs Kingdoms of many great Men, and many fat Cattle of the inhabitants, the Horses and Mules, and Herds of bellowing Oxen, and unjustly burn the well-built Houfes, and by force carry away many Slaves into another Land ; and the well-cloath'd Women, who were tenderly kept, out of their Chambers, who will fall down thro’the delicate tenderness of their Feet; they shall fee 'em in Fetters under their barbarous Enennies, suffering all manner of cruel Reproach; and none shall spare them, or help 'en by War, or defend their Lives, but they shall see their Enemies enjoying all their Posessions, and all their Wealth; their Knees shall tremble, a hundred shall fly, and one shall destroy'em all ; five shall overcome a strong Army, they shall Mamefully fight, and raise terrible Tumolts, which will give great Joy to their Enemies, and Grief to the Grecians"; and all Greece shall be reduc'd into Slavery and Bondage. And they shall not only suffer all the Miseries by War, but by a Plague also: And God shall make the great and high Heavens


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like Brass, the Earth shall be like Iron, not having any Rain, but all Men shall afterward grievously lament their Lands unsown, and untili'd, and burnt with Fire; and God, who made Heaven and Earth, will raise high Trees on that Land fit for Mafts ; and the Third Generation of Men shall grow up again (the Men fit for War).

O Greece! why do you confide in Prin- . ces, who are mortal Men, who cannot avoid Death, to which they must inevitably come? Why do you give vain Offerings to the Dead, and facrifice to Idols? Who hath instill’d this Error into your Minds, to do these things, leaving and forsaking the Face of the great God, but own the Name and Worship of him, who made all things? Do not forget that it is 1500 Years fince the proud Kings reign’d in Greece, who first led Men to these Wickednesses, to make many Idols of Gods, who are only corrupt dead Men, for whose fake you were taught to think of vain things : But when the Anger of the great God shall fall on you, then you will acknowledge the Person of the great God, and all people shall much lamient, lifting their Hands up to the large Heavens; and they shall begin to call on the great King to help'em; and they shall seek who shall be their Deliverer from this great Wrath,

Note, That the Christian Idolatry is here reprovod, which they learnt from the Grecks; for when the Turks conquer'd Greece, the Heathen


Idolatry was extinguish'd long before in that Country. The computation of the 15.00 Years is from the last Heathen King of Greece till the Ottomans, who, according to the Sibyl Prophecy, now took poffeffion of it: Perseur, the last King, was carried to Rome 159 Years before Christ, and Badjazet conquer'd Macedon 1373, from whence to Perseus will be 1532 Years; the odd Years are not usually reckon'd in Prophecies.

But learn this, and keep it in your Minds, how many Funerals shall happen in Greece in the Ages to come : And when Greece shall facrifice Bulls and Oxen at the Temple of the great God, as Holocausts, it shall escape the noisie War, and its Terror, and the Plague, and also be deliver'd from Bondage and Slavery again : But yet the Generation of wicked Men shall remain there till the fatal Day of the end of the World shall happen ; for Greece shall not facrifice to God till all these things are come to pass : For there is an absolute necessity that all things should be done which God alone wills and decrees should be brought to pass.

Note, The Turks must continue in Greece 'rill the Millennium, when Chrift will come to destroy them. Whosoever does consider this Prophecy concerning this Conquest of Greece, and its Slave. ry, which must last to the end of the World, muft acknowledge, that 'tis a true Description of the Turkish Conquests there, after he had conquer'd little Afria and Thrace; and, that under the notion of the old Grecian Idolatry the Worship of Saines and Images in the Christian Church is represen



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