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afterwards, and thou shalt have a more.exe cellent Command in the Sea than any others, but ät length thou shalt become a Prey to Men that are thy Lovers for thy Beauty or Riches, and submit thy Neck to a Yokë that is grievous.

Note, That Rhodes flourith'd in a Command at Sea under the Romans; and then gave the Maritime Laws. It continu'd under the Constantinos politan Empire till taken by Muhavids, in the beginning of the Saracen Empire; it was recover'd by. the Grecians, and taken by the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, 1308, and at last conquer'd by Solyman, 1522.

But the Lydian Commotions shall spoil the Affairs of Persia and all Asia, and Europe shall horribly suffer by them.

Note, The Zelżuccian Kings vigorously oppos'd the Rise of the Ottoman Family, and Persia was Confederatë with them. They warred with

Amurath, Anno 1387, and with Badjazet afterwards; and the Princes in Greece were in League with them; and when the Turks were in War with the Europeans, the Caramanians rebellid. By the help of the Persians, Mabomet the Great drovë Pyramet out of Caramania, who fled to Usu Cafe sanes for help in Perfia, Anno 1473, and the Zels zuccian Turks call'd the Tartars into lesser Asian to defend them against the Ottomans.

But the Sidonian përnicious King, and the War of his other Confederates, shall bring a miserable Destruction on the Sami


ans, by their Ships; and the Sea with a great noise, and the Wives, with the Damfels in splendid Garments, shall complain of their indecent abuses: These shall lament theit Dead, and the other their Children slain.

Nott, This Destruction must happen by the Tarks.

This shall be the Prodigy in Cyprus, the Earthquake shall destroy the Armies, and niany mall perish together.

Note, That Gyprus was subject to Earthquakes; and both Town and Idolatrous Temple are said to perish at the Prayers of St. Barnabas, but this Earthquake must be in the Time of the Ottoman Empire's beginning. It was conquer'd by the Saras cons, 656, by King Richard 1191; and the Veo netians held it from 1472, to 1561, when Selimus took it. 1291, Hugo, the last King, with many Chriftians flying into Cyprus, were drown'd near it, and sometimes by Earthquakes Invasions are describ'd.

Trallis, that is near Ephesus (a City in Lya dia) shall lose its well-built Walls by an Earthquake; these were built by pernicious Men, of a great Spirit. Then the Earth shall produce boiling Waters, and by its weight falling in, shall drink up the same; but there shall remain a smell of Sulphur,

And Samos at a certain time shall build Royal Houses.



royal Hornos at a cain a smelk up the

Notė; Thar Samos is now desolate; it was subs ject to the Greeks; Venetians, and now to the Turks.

Italy! thou shalt have no foreign Wars, but the effusion of Blood amongst thy own Nations shall afflict thee, being very impudent, but not easily wasted, very famous and celebrated : That part of Italy which, is extended near the hot Baths, shall destroy it self, upon the account of those things which it saw would come to pass. Thou shalt not be a Mother of the Good, but a Nurse of wild Beasts; and other pernicious Men shall come froni Italy.

Note, Thar from 1300 to 1400 there were Ci: vil Wars in Italy, betwixt the Einperor's and the Popes Factions, the Guelfs and Gibellines, which prevail'd in Italy also at the same time the Turk cook Conftantinople, Ann. 1455. The Wars betwixt the Emperors and Popes continued 200 Years, from Gregory the Seventh, 1073, 0 1273. That part of Italy near the Baiæ is Naples, whose Kingdom was transfer'd from the Normans to the Germans, then to the French, after to the Hungarians, and ac, last to the Spaniards by the Popes ; and they divided the Italian Cities amongst the Scaligers, Estenfes, Gonzaga's. The Duke of Milan attempted the whole Government of Italy, and had continual Wars with the Florentines: And Ladislaus, the King of Apulia, attempted the taking of Rome thrice. These things happen'd from 1200 to 1400. And the wild Beasts are the Prin- ' ces mention'd, the other Pernicious Men may be some of them, or the Emperors.


· Then Laodicea (a splendid City on the Banks of the divine River Lycus) shall be thrown down by an Earthquake : Thou shalt become filent, and no more lament thy magnanimous Parent.

Note, Thar Laodicea was built by Antiochus, o and had its Name from his Wife Laodice. Laodi

cea, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Magnesia, which are neighbouring Cities, were oft subject to Earthquakes į and this must happen in the cime of the Turks Conquests.

: The Thracians who live at Byzantium shall be driven from their Houses to another place. [This was when the Turks took Constantinople, many fled from thence.]

The Arabians shall be in Campania, because of the extraordinary Famine ; but, after many Years, they shall lament their Parents.

Note, The Arabians did invade Campania, (thar is, the Saracens) but, after some Years, were drove out again.

· Cyrnus (Corsica) and Sardo (Sardinia) Mall sink into the bottom of the Sea, by the Storms of Winter, and by the Strokes of the holy God, in their Maritime Houses (or Ships.) Alas! how many Damsels shall die ! and the Deep shall cover the young Maids living on the Shore. Alas for the Children swimming on the Shore, and the abundance of the Riches!


Note, This is the same Inundation on Corsica and Sardinia, of which the History may be lost.

The happy Land of the Mysians shall suddenly raise a Princely Stock ; but Carthage shall not continue long. And the Galatians shall have much Mourning, and Tenedos shall have the last, but greatest Mischief. ,

dinaria, in Turkeuropean

Note, The Caraffan and Aidinian Kingdoms were set up in Mysia, a Region in Asia minor, by the ZelquccianTurks, but they lasted a small time, being conquer'd by the Ottomans. The European Mysia's are Servia, conquer'd by the Turks under Mahomet, 1460 ; and Bulgaria, in 1396. I am of opinion, that Carchedon is mistaken for Chalcedon, because the rest of the Places are Afiatic. But the City of Carthage was taken by the French

1270, and Tunis by Charles V. 1535.

is ta. Tenedos is an Inand in the Hellefpont, in the posEen by the Vene. session of the Turks. siins in the War of Cardia, bur retaken by the And thou, Sicyon, shalt boast in the howlarks, 1657. ing of thy brazen Instruments; and so shall

Corinth; yet over all, the Pipe shall equally found: (that is, they shall both be conquer'd, and invaded by the Turks. These are both Cities in Peloponnesus, conquer'd by Maboinet.)

But when my Mind had ceased from my infpir'd Verse, the Word of the great God came again into my Breast, and command

ed nie to prophecy concerning every Land. The Cities in Alas för Phænicia, both Men and Women, bunicia over- and for all the Cities on the Sea-Coasts! Curke.

de for not one of you shall remain in being


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