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firft at Sebastia, and afterwards at Iconium ; but at last the Zelzuccian Family was destroy'd by the Tartars and Mammalukes, in Persia, Syria, Palestine, and Ægypt, about the Year 1260.

The Saracens came first into Afia, and the Turkis afterwards, who destroy'd the other; and there were two great Families of them, the Zulzuccian and the Oguzian. The Tartars, in 1202, deftroy'd the Zelzuccians in Persia ; and Solomon, who was the head of the Oguzian, fled from Perfia also, and was the original of all the Ottomans, who in time destroy'd the other Family.

His Generation shall be destroy'd by the Generation of those whose Generation he would have destroy'd.

Note, The Zelzuccian would have destroy'd the Oguzian, when Ottoman began his reign, but this in time prevail'd over the Caramanian Kingdom, which is the Root here mention'd co be left.

Warrilf the pas troyed

But they left one Root [the Caramanian Kingdom]which shall be destroy'd by War; and that Mall cut off the Father of the Royal Stock, a Warriour, and he shall plant another Plant near the ten Horns; but as The Tartars soon as he hath taken care of Ida, which conque was utterly destroy'd, then he shall perish in Afia minor,

and made them by the Sons of them who confpire in the fame Fate of War, and then the Horn planted near the ten shall reign.

i'd the


Note, After 'Aladin's Death, these Princes divided his Kingdom: To Sarachon fell Æolis,. Jonia, and part of Lydia ; to Aidin the rest of :.


Lydia, Phrygia major, and the greatest part of
greater Mysia; to Cerasus, the leser Phrygia, with
the reft of Mysia ; to the Isfendians, the Cities of
Heraclea, Sinope, and part of Pontus, next to Bi.
thynia ; but the main body of the Turkish King-
dom was seiz'd by Caraman, who had chese Pro.
vinces, viz. Lycia, Lycaonia, Pifidia, Pamphylia,
Ifauria, Cilicia, with the Regal City of Iconium,
the greatest part of Caria, part of Cappadocia, and the
Armenia minor.

Ottoman fucceeded his Father Ethrogal in a to
small Village in Bithynia, Arno 1280; he con- der bar
quer'd Nice, Phrygia, Bithynia, and part of Pon-
su, and he was the first Sultan of the Oguzi
Family, Anno 1300.

* These were of the Zelzuccian Family : Tangro-
lopix, who conquer'

dPerfia, Cutlumuses settled
in Afia minor, Meleck and Duca in Damascus, an
Aleppo, Syria ; all these were in time conquer'd by
the Tartars and Ottomans.

The Turks are here describ'd to conquer Phrygia, and they are the little Horn, or Antichrift; they were originally Scythian Herdsmen, and are represented by the small Horns of Sheep. This is the second Beast in the Revelations, chap. 13.

And there shall be a Sign to fruitful Phrys The Turks. gia, when the corrupt Stock of Rbea fhall

flourish with prosperous Roots, and make

a perpetual Inundation. Dorilaum, a City in Phrygia, The Atifeis, in the City Antandros, a ruind by an Country oft shaken with Earthquakes, shall Earthquake. Am. Marcellinus be utterly destroy'd in the Night; and this says, The Sea is City is call'd* Dorilæum, in old black Phrygia, the cause of Earthquakes ; an unfortunate Country: There shall be a therefore Nepo, time for Earthquakes, which open the Catune's here called Concufor Terre. verns of the Earth, and throw down the


Walls of Cities; these Earthquakes are Signs of Evils to come, and are the beginning of them.

Note, That about the Year 1300, when the Ottoman Kingdom began, there was a Comet, and the greatest Earthquake that ever happen'd. See Plating.

The fad Calamities of the Pamphylian War Thall then happen, and then shall be spilt the noble Blood of the old Åneadé ; and They shall again be made a Prey to Men in love. O llium! I pity thee, for in Sparta a Fury shall flourish, as a Plant beautiful and famous, and shall occasion various Tumults in the Countries of Europe and Asia, but chiefly to thee he shall bring Mournings, and Sighs, and Labour, and he shall have everlasting Fame amongst Posterity. :

Note, That the Governour's Daughter of Abydws fell in love with Abdarachmen, a Turk, and betray'd thaç Castle to him, in the time of Orchan nes, Son of Ottoman, who took Nice, Prufa, Nicomedia, and Gallipollis in Thrace, Anno 1358. * In 1472 Mocenicus, the Venetian Admiral, plun. der'd Lesbos, and the Coafts about Pergamum, and so return'd co Peleponnesis; he then plunder'd the Coasts of Caria and Pamphylia, and burnt Smyr. na ; and the Venetians are the Egregium Germer bere mention'd.

And then an old falfe Writer Thall appear in that tine again, counterfeiting his Country; being alfo blind, he hall have much


Wit and Eloquence, but a small measure of Reason.

They shall call hini Chion, being two Names mix’d, and he shall write the History of llium, not just as things are, but according to my words; and he shall use the same Verse. He shall first celebrate my Books, by turning then over with his Hands, and he shall much adorn the Commanders in the War by his Praises, Priarnus's Son Hector, and Achilles the Son of Peleus, and all others who delighted in War, and he shall make the Gods to a list them, writing fally in every thing, that spacious Ilium may give Reputation to those who dy'd as mortal Men; but he shall publish his alternate Verses..

Note, That this was fome Christian Poet, who writ the Wars berwixt the Christians and Turks, and attributed all Success to the Saints and Virgin Mary; but because he is mistaken by vulgar Readers for Homer, it is commonly believ'd thar Homer stole some Verses from the Sibyls. :

And the Progeny of the Locrians shall do much Mischief to Lycia;, and the People of

Arolia shall come to Chalcedon, and depapulate it, being feated on the narrow Pasfage of the Sea. - . .. : : mas į

Note, The Locrians are from a Province in Achaia, and from them came the Locri in Italy. These are the Grecian Pyrates who invaded Chale cedon, Lycia, and Cyzicus. Chalcedon is in: Bithya

nia, over against Constantinople. Cyzicus in Mysia, near the Propontis.

. And the Sea (or Pontus :) shall destroy thy Riches, O Cyzicus! Thou, Byzantium, A Town in shalt encourage the Wars in Afia, for which thou shalt be rewarded with Sighs and much Blood..

Note; In the Holy War, the Constantinopolitans betray'd the Christians, Anno 1147, Commenius being Emperor, for which Reason they seiz'd Conftantinople in 1204, and then the Venetians poffefs'd the Eastern Ilands, and the Maritime Towns in Peloponnesus.

And the great Strength of Lycia shall be from the height of the Mountains.

Note, That Lycia is compass'd on three sides with Mount Taurus, and was a part of the Kingdom of Caramania; and the Rivers mention'd do represent the continuance of the Turkish Empire there till the end of the World.

And the Waters shall flow from the The Jewish Pro opening of the Rock, till the Prodigies per

HC Tougies Prophetic Faspoke of by the Prophetic Fathers Thall thers. cease.

O Cyzicus ! inhabiting the Propontis, where Vines grow, Rhyndacus shall resound about thee with swelling Waves :' And thou, Rhodes, shalt be free for a long time from Slavery. O Daughter of the Day (or Sun)! thou shalt obtain much Riches


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