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Cersb.sede: Alas for thee, O Libya! Alas for the Sea Proyd by the and Land in the Western Nations! yon

shall come to the iniserable Day, you shall

come being exercisd in a Conflict which ...will be terrible and difficult; you shall have

a fearful Judgment again, and you all are condemn'd to Destruction, because you have

deitroy'd the great Temple of the Imnior10:tal God, grievously grinding it as it were

with Iron Teeth: For this cause thou shalt see thy Land filld with dead Bodies, some

flain in War, and all the force of evil SpiThe Northern Lavalions. rits; others by Plagues and Famine, and

by Men of a barbarous Fury: All thy Land shall become a Defart; and thy Cities forsaken.

Note: This Prophecy must come to pass after the Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus ; and it seems to me to correspond with the Destruction of the Heathen Emperors by Conftantine, describ'd in Rev. 6. under the sixth Seal, where 'tis calld the Day of Wrach: Or this respects the Northern Invasions.

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In the West a Star shall shine, which is A comet appea- call'd a Comet, and that is accounted among sed in 453, a fign Men a sign of War, Famine, and Death by of several Inva- Di

Plagues, and of the slaughter of great Com

manders and Noblemen. And there shall snim. be other Signs amongst Men; for the M&o

tic Lake and deep Tanais Thall not continue their flux of Waters, and there shall be a fruitful Land in its Chanel, which shall stop



the course of the River, tho’it be infinitely encreas'd,

There shall be great Openings of the Earth, and vast Caverns fall appear, and Men with their Cities Mall be fwallow'd up. These Cities shall be overthrown in Asia, Tafsis, Cerbre, Pandonie, Colophon, Ephefus, in Jória.' Ephia Nicæa, Antiochia, Sinope, Tanagra, Smyrna,

Sinonna lus is in lungs, Marus; and these Towns in Europe, Cyagra, Nicea, a City in Clitus, Basilis, Meropea, Antigone, Marvefia, 5

Macle Bitbyx'e. Mycene, Pantheia, Hierapolis, wealthy Gaza, in pápblagonit and Astypalæi. Note, A great part of Antioch fell by an Earth- 363. Nicomedia

fell by an Eartb. quake, Ann. 525. And 458 Antiocb was ruin'd by an Earthquake ; and another happen'd there in overturnod Cities 478. Nicæa was utterly destroy'd by an Earth- in Macedonia,

Aha, Podt után quake in 372. In 446 an Earthquake threw vide' Ammianus down the Walls of Constantinople, and was all Marcellinuka over the World six months..


Then know the pernicious People of Æ- Diocletian, Ans.

ion and then the hen 298, beħeg'den

Foll, and the LC UCI Lexandriin, and Year will be over with the Alexandrians : took and panitia When Rome hath receiv'd the Tributes of keb

iv?d the Trihose cf the Agyptian Asia, then Asia shall receive thrice as much great Severity. Money again from Rome, and shall repay the same pernicious Injury to it: And as many as have serv'd the Italian Families, of those that came from Asia, twenty times as niany shall be Slaves in Asia; and the

Italians shall be punish'd with an infinite 1 Poverty. :,,,,? SE. van

Money again ia shall recent the Tributrians: Too medio and

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Note, that Constantine brought all the Riches he could, and many Inhabitants, from old Roma to Constantinople, and so the Empire passed from Europe into Asia; as La&antius observes.

O luxurious rich Virgin, the Offspring of Latin Rome! being intoxicated by many celebrated Nuptials, thou, who art a Ser vant, shalt not be married to the World: Thy Mistress often cuts off thy delicate Hair, inflicting Punishment on thee; the throws thee from Heaven to the Earth, and raises thee from the Earth to Heaven again, because thy Inhabitants live unjust and wicked Lives.

Note, That Conftantinople is the Offspring of Latin Rome, and it was call'd New Rome. It was first built by Paufanias, destroy!d by Severus, tëbuilt by Constantine, and then became after one of the Sears of the Roman Empire. It was besieg'd many times by the Saracens, taken by the Latins, and at last by the Turks, and now is the chief Seat of their Empire,

*Tis now a deso Jare place.

Samos shall become an heap of Sand, and Delas fhall disappear:

Note, Tho both the Illands remain, yet they might suffer by Earthquakes, which ruind the Buildings, and dispeopled those Countries; as it happen'd co Delos, Samos, Hierapolis, Rhodes, Coos, in Augustus's Reign. Delos was wasted in the cime of Mithridates; 'those Idands are not deftroy'd,


but only made defolare by Earthquakes. Tertuta lian quotes this Oracle, Cum inter Infula, xulla jam Delos, barena Samos, Sibylla non mendax ; therefore he had a good Opinion of the Sibyls, who had foretold this Event. St. Jerom mentions an Earthquake, in these words, Ann. 369 terre motu per totum Orbem fato, Mare littus egredi. tur, & Siciliæ multarumg; Infularum Orbes, & in numer abiles populos oppreffit. .

Rome fhall become a Ruin, (or a Village) and all things predicted shall come to pafs.

Note, Rome became a smaller City when the Emperor Conftantine remov'd from it ; and Rome was oft taken, and suffer'd by the lovafions of the Heruli, Goths and Vandals, and the Weftern Em. pire for many Years destroy'd.

And there shall be no mention of vindicating the Destruction of Smyrna, but only the all Counsels and the Treachery of the Governour. Peace and Tranquillity shall happen to This was in

i Conftantines "the Countries in Afia; then Eær ope shall be

de Days, when happy, the Seasons shall be fruitful, settled, embracd Chri

2 ftianity. without any Tempest or Hail, producing all things, Birds, and creeping things on the Earth: That Man or woman is happy who comes to that time; he will be happy, like the Countryman who fecurely fpeaks, and fees all about him. Al manner of jaft Laws shall descend from Heaven amongit Men, and just adminiftration hall accompany them, and found Concord, which is


profitable to Men, Love, Faith, Hospitali'ty: but ill Laws, Envy, Reproach, Anger, Madness, Poverty, Force, Slaughter, pernicious Contentions, cruel Wars, Thefts in the Night, and every evil thing shall

Men ayoid in those Times. he Goths and But Macedonia shall occasion a great Dąuns invade race, and war mage to Asia. A great Mischief shall befal ith the Eastern Europe from the Breed of Saturn, who are mperor.

Sons of a bastard Servant; and they shall he Saracens conquer strong Babylon, and all Countries onquest.

which the Sun shines on: She was formerly *call?d Queen; She shall be destroy'd by extraordinary Ruin, and shall not govern her wandring Pofterity:

Note, The Saracens were the Sons of Hagar by Ilamael; Abraham is Saturn, and these conquer'd * many of the European Countries, some Italy, and France, and Spain, Sicily and other Islands, and they fixed their chief Seat at Babylon, and

built Bagdat, Ann. 760. he Turk's comg into Afia. "

But in time there shall come a perfidious :: Man into the happy Country of Asia, being

cloath'd in purple Garments (like a Prince) .. he will be cruel, of strange Manners or Laws,

of a hot fiery Temper; a flash of Lightning seems to go before him, and he shall impose hard Slavery on all Asia, and that Land shall drink much Blood, which will be shed on it.

Note, that Aladin, of the. Zelzüccian Family, A. D. 1200, fled from the Tartars in Perfia, info Afia, and seiz'd on Cilicia, and fertlęd a Kingdom

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