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Cræcifixion, and Refurre&tion the third Day; and
the Destruction of the Jews and their Temple, and
the driving them aut of their country. by the Roo,
mans, attributed to tbeir Barbarity in the Crue
cifixion of Christ.

Here is One GOD, who alone rules; He is very great, unbea gotten: This One God is above

All, who made the Heavens, Sun and Moon, and Stars, and the fruitful Earth, and the swelling Waves of the Sea ; He alone is God the Creator, being himself most pure and uncompounded ; He made the Figure and Effigies of Men, and he mix'd the Nature of all the Generations of living Crea

tures. voreThis I will now begin to prophecy concerning Declarati. all Events, from the first Generation of Men on proves, hat this to the last; what was done at first, what Sibyl

things are now, and what are to come in the

bine wrote che chiee first World thro’the Impiety of Men. Books, in First, God commands me to declare how svhich all hings are the World was truly made ; therefore let all Jefcrib'd, Mortni

Mortals wisely praise the Supreme King, o laft. and do not despise my Prophecies. He

created all the World, saying, Let it be, and The Creaion de* it was made: He built the Earth over the Ecribide

Tartarian Caverns, and compass'd it about with Sca-waters : He gave the pleasant Light, and rais'd up the Heavens, and extended the Sky-colour'd Sea'; and he crown'd the Heavens with shining Stars, and adorn'd the Earth with Plants, and mix'd the Rivers

: ;''s with

from furt

Tartarimade: He built thing, Let it be

with the Sea, into which they run; the Vapors and Rainy Clouds are spread thro’the Air, and he put another Kind of Animals (viz. the Fish) into the Seas, and gave the Winds and Air to the Birds : He plac'd the hairy wild Beasts in the Woods, as well as the Dragons which creep; and all things we see round about us he made by his Word, and they did presently exist, and truly, because he is the Fountain of his own Being, and produces all other things by his own Power: He governs in Heaven after he had finifh'd the World.

Afterwards he franied a living Animal, making the New Man after his own Image; beautiful and holy, to inhabit a pleasant immortal Paradise, that there he might take care to perforin good Works; but he being alone in the fruitful Garden, desir'd one for Conversation, and wish'd to see another of the same Species with himself; therefore God produc'd beautiful Eve, taking her out of his Side, a young Virgin, and she was given him for a Wife, to live with him in Paradise: And when Adam beheld her, he Adam and

- Eve in Pavery much rejoic'd, and was astonish'd when and he beheld the Antitype so like himself; and he had the gift of wise Discourse, with Words flowing freely : for God took care of all. things. Intemperance had not yet corrupted the Understanding, nor any Shanie appear'd; they were without any wicked Heart; they liv'd as wild Beasts, naked. God afterwards gave them Precepts, and

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forbid 'em the touching of a Tree; but the horrible Serpent deceiv'd them, and caus'd them to err, and brought them to the decreed Death, and to the Knowledg of Good and Evil; but the Woman was the first Beo, trayer of the Man, who being ignorant, persuaded him to sin: He being over-persuaded by the Woman's Discourse, forgot the Immortal Creator, and took no care to observe his plain Commands; and for this reafon, instead of any Good, they proçurd Evil to them felves, as they had desery'd. Then they made themselves Garments, by sewing the Leaves of the sweet Figtree together, and cloath'd themselves, to cover their naked Parts, because they were asham'd of 'em. Therefore the Immortal being angry, colldemn’d them to Labour, and cast them out of the immortal place. For such was the Decree, that Mortals should live out of that place, because they rebell’d, and did not observe the Commands of the Great God. But they presently going out upon the face of the Earth, were overwhelm’d with Tears and Groans: Then the Immortal God spoke thus to them, Encrease and multiply, and work the Land by Art, that you may have sufficient Nutriment by your Sweat and Labour. So he spoke; and he caus'd the Serpent, who was Author of their Error, to creep on his Belly and Sides upon the Earth, and with sharp reproof drove him away, and excited a grievous Enmity betwixt them: The Serpent endeavours to fave his Head, and the Man to save his Heel;


They maid Cities verfant Life ; but Death div'd a long mented by For Men Werimmornot die like Sleeps, whom thif lov’d.

for Death is near to Men, and to the venomous Serpents, who gave the evil Counsel. Then the Generation of Men encreas'd in The

Age. number, as the Omnipotent himself commanded ; and springing up one after the other, becanie an infinite number of People. They made all manner of Houses, and others built wall'd Cities very skilfully, because they liv'd a long and pleasant Life ; for they did not die tormented by Diseafes, but Death seiz'd 'em like Sleep; for Men were then happy and magnanimous, whom the Immortal Saviour and King, God himself, lov'd. But these Wretches were infatuated with the Cain's Pleasures of Sin : some impudently ridicul'd“ their Fathers, and dislionour'd their Motbers; they would not own their Acquaintance, and dealt treacherously with their Brethren; they were defited and fatiated with human Blood; they niade Wars. But utter Destruction from Heaven came on them, which took away their Lives in a miserable manner. Hades swallow'd up these; fo calld because Adam first went. thither when he had tasted Death, and was cover'd by the Earth; hence all Men born on the Earth are fáid to go into the Houses of Hades; but all these, tho' they went into the Houfes of Hades, were nuch honour'd and esteem'd, as the strongest of Mankind.

But when these were dead, a second Gene- The Seration sprung from the remains of the best comics. Men, very ingenious, who imploy'd them



had the Adam's lwallow.jves in

selves in acceptable Works and laudable Studies, and singular Modesty, and curious Wifdom, and exercis'd all sorts of Arts, which their mechanical Heads invented: One found out the Art of tilling the Earth by the Plow, another the Art of the Smith, and another discover'd the Art of Navigation and Astronomy; another the Art of Divination by the flying of Birds: Others invented Physick and Magick, and others all other things by great Study, having hereby gain'd the Name of Vigilant Inventers of Arts, because they had a sedate Mind. And these were of im

mense Bodies, thick and great in shape. They ... all together descended into the Tartarian hör

rid House of Hades, being there kept in strong Chains, to be punish'd in Hell, which is the

pernicious everlasting Pit. The third

third Then the third Generation of Men of cruel Genera, ion. Tempers appear'd, after the other: They

were very proud and cruel, who committed many wicked things amongst one-another; private Murders, and Slaughters in Battels, continually destroy'd 'em, they being of a

violent Temper. The fourth From these proceeded the last and greatest Genera.. v:

Kind of Warriours, defiled with Slaughter,
Men of violent Councils in the fourth Gene-
ration, who shed much Blood, neither fearing
GOD nor Men." These were excited by a

mad Passion of Anger and wretched Impiety; in whom Wars, Slaughter, and Murders sent in

to Erebus, when they had made themselves very miserable and wicked." God in his an


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