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All the Characters agree with the
Mahometan Antichrist, and not
with the Pope.

d.THere must be a falling away first, be

fore the coming of Artichrist: This may be the denying of Christ's Divinity by the Arrians, which preceded the coming of the Impostor Mahomet ; and this is the Mystery of Iniquity, which is describ'd in 2 Theff. 2.

2. God shall send them a strong Delusion, that they should believe a Lye : i. e. that Mam homet was a Messenger sent from God; this is Mahomet's Lye thro' Hypocrisie.. .

3. Antichrist is call'd the Son of Perdition, and both the Saracens and Turks slew an infinite number of Christians, and made long Wars with 'em.

4. The Antichristian Empire must be part of the Roman Empire, and the Turke now posfelles one half.

5. The Seat of the Antichristian Saracens was Babylon, which they built, and call'd it Bagdet, but the Christians Babylon, to this

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now polhe seat of they built, and

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6. He shall fix his Tent and Dwelling in the Seas; which is, at Constantinople.

7. Antichrist must sit in the Church of God; and so did Mahornet the Great on the Altar in St. Sophia, when he took Conftantinople: He turn'd it into a Mosch, which remains so to this day; and the Turks sell all the Patriarchates in the East, and govern all their Churches in Asia and Greece.

8. He shall bring in damnable Doctrins: that is his denying Christ to be the Son of God; this is his Blasphemy.

9. He shall extol himself against all that is call'd God: This is Mahomets Pretence of being a greater Prophet than .Christ. The Turks call Mahomet the Lord of the Creatures; and the Turkifh Emperor's Title is, God's Deputy upon Earth, Lord of the Lords of this World, King of Greece. The Attributes and Praises of Mahomet are sung on Fridays in their Moschs, which is a sort of Idola

try. :

10. Antichrist's coming is with all Power and lying Wonders, in all deceivableness of Unrighteousness. This is Mahoinet's pretence of his Commision to conquer and oblige all to become Muselmen, or Tributaries to him, and some Miracles he pretended to. See the Life of Mahomet, in the four Treatises concerning the Mahometans, where Fire is said to come down from Heaven on the Christians.

Life Wut deny the Fats the son ann Life

11. He must oppose Christ both in Life and Doctrin; he denies the Son, and therefore must deny the Father. See Mahomet's Life wrote by Dr. Prideaux.

12. Antichrist has two Horns, the spiritual and temporal Authority; and these both the Saracen Caliphs (or Vicars of Mahomet.). pretended to. This is the false Matt. 7.15Prophet in Sheeps Cloathing.

13. He shall persecute the Christians 1260 prophetical Days, or Years. And this he has done above 1100 Years already.

14. He shall change Times and Laws, and subdue the Saints till Christ's coming, Dan. 7.1, Mahomet began the first Hegira, invented new Laws, and his Religion will last to the coming of Christ.

15. The Lord shall consume him with the Fire of his Mouth. .

16. The second Beast is the Image of the first; the Turk, of the Saracen Tyranny . and Religion, deriv'd from Mahomet; and

he shall worship Mauslim, which his Fathers knew not. The Turks were originally Heathen Tartars before they embrac'd Islanism, and they worship God.

17. The two Horns of the Ram may relate to the Turks Profession, being Herdsmen at first : Or, they may be describ'd like the Persian Ram with two Horns; that is, they first conquer'd Persia and Media : So Axan did. Mahomet says, there never was a Prophet who had not been a Shepherd ; and he kept Halimas Sheep in Shepherds cloathing.

Or, this is the false Prophet in Matt. 7.15, who comes in Sheeps cloathing, but inwardly mas a ravenous Wolf. ::

18. The Grecians had a Custom, in their Mysteries and Oracles, to observe the number of Names: Nein, the Ægyptian River, contains the number of the Days of the Year, 365, and for that reason St. John uses the same concerning the Number of the Beast ; 666 is the Number or .Mark of his Name, Macun'ins contains 665. Pudet Turcos vetufti nominis, quo latronem in fuâ not ant vernacula e juvat Muslemin aut Muselman nova appellatio. The Nuniber of the Beast is the Number of a Man, that may be counted in the numeral Letters; the Mark in the Forehead, is the Turbant ; the Mark in the right Hand, the Profesion at Circumcision, by holding up the Thumb and saying, God is one, and Mahomet his Prophet.

The Thumb on the right Hand must be held up at this profesion, and after this they are accounted Muselmen. The Numeral Letters in Mahomet's Name make 666, as Mountague observes in his Appello Cæfarem; and so does Napier reckon.

That the Pope is not Antichrift, these are my Arguments : · Î. He never deny'd the Father and the Son, which is St. John's Mark of the great Antichrist.

2. 'Tis no where said that Antichrist must be a Christian, but as his Nanie imports, the Adversary to that Religion. He may

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be said to sit in the Temple who turn'd it into a Mosch, and built one on the Ruins of Solomon's Temple, as Omar did. ,

3. In Timothy's first Epistle, chap. 4, the Prophesies of St. Paul relate to the Pope, and not to Antichrist, and to those Hereticks which Epiphanius describes to hold the same Opinions before the Papal Monarchy began : Ver. 1. In the latter times some shall depart from the Faith, giving heed to feducing Spirits, and Doltrines of Devils : Ver. 3. Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from Meats.

These are the Corruptions of the Western Church, and relate not to the great Antichrift.

4. The great Antichrist is destroy'd (chap. 19 of the Revelations) with the false Prophet; but the Pope is destroy’d, chap. 18, therefore the Pope cannot be Antichrist.

5. The great Antichristian Empire was at Babylon in Chaldea, but the Papal Empire at Rome, call’d the Mystical Babylon.

6. In the Turkish Prayers they use the following Epithet of God, Rabol Maizza, the Lord of Rowers or Fortitudes; which is the same with Eloah Mauzzi, Dan. 11.31, which is the Title of God omnipotent, and the Words of the Prayer are these ; Be that, far from thee, O Lord, O Lord of Powers : which they (Christians) attribute to thee, (that thou art a Father, and haft a Wife



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