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Ver. 5. After that I looked, and behold, the Temple of the Testimony in Heaven was opened.

Ver. 8. And the Temple was filled with smoak from the Glory of God; and no man was able to enter into the Temple' till the seven Plagucs of the seven Angels were fulfilled.

Note, The Oppression of the Fedos under the Gentiles (or Turki) is reprefented by a Sea of Glass, burning with Fire; the Joy of the Fews upon their return, by the Harps and Singing; the renewing their Worship, is the opening of the Temple. Ver.6. the seven Angels coming out of the Temple, built after the Fews Return : The Prefence and Glory of God fills the Temple, as is said in Ezek. 43. 5. No Fews nor Gentiles would be converted till after all the Plagues were executed : These Plagues are poured on the Beast's Kingdom, and from the Deftruction of the Beaft the date of the Fews Conversion muft be made. One of the four Beasts, or Christian Bishops, gives the seven Vials full of Wrath by his Prayers, and occasions this Fall of Antichrift by the seven Plagues.

The Destruction of Antichrist, and the

Converfion of the Jews to Chriistianity; occafion'd by that fignal Overthrow.

THE Old Prophets, Efdras, the Sibyls, and

the Revelations agree in the overthrow of Antichrist.

Dan.chap. 7. ver. 8. I consider'd the Horns, and there came up among them another little


i Hort, before whom there were three of the first

pluck'd up by the Roots. if Ver.21. The fame madeWar with the Saints,

e and prevail'd against them : . w Ver. 21. Until the ancient of Days čamı,

and Judgment was given to the Saints of the

most High, and the time came that the Saints Then the possessd the Kingdom.

Ver. 25. He pall speak great Words against the most High, and wear out the Saints of the most High, and think to change times and Laws (this Mahomet did) and they shall be given into his Hand until a time, and times, and dividing of time, (1260, or 1390 Hegira's.) .

Ver. 26. But the Fudgment pall fit, and they shall take away bis Dominiơn, to consume and destroy it, unto the end : i.e. the Beaft was destroy'd, and his Body given to the burning Flame. · Ezekiel, chap. 38, describes the coming of Gog from the North, after the Fews had return'd into their Country. Ver. 17. Art thou he of whom I have spoken in old time by my Servants the Prophets of Ifrael, that I would bring thee against them? ver. 19. In thar Day there hall be a great shaking in the Land of Ifrael, (that is, an Earthquake). Ver. 20. And the Mountains shall be throton down, and every Wall shall fall. Ver. 22. And I will

plead against him with Pestilence, and with of Blood; and I will rain on him and his Bands an

overflowing Rain, and great Hailstones, Fire and Brimstone. Ver. 23. Thus will I magnify my self, and fanétify my self, and I will be


known in the Eyes of many Nations, and they
Mall know that I am the Lord.
· Chap. 39. ver. 6. I will send a Fire on
Magog, and among them that dwell carelesly
in the thes, and they shall know that I am the

Ver. 21. And I will set my Glory among the
Heathen, and all the Heathen shall see my Fudg.
ment that I have executed.
· Note, This great Judgment laid on the Hea-
then, will convince 'em that God is a Protector
and Saviour of the Jews,

Ver. 22. So fall the House of Israel knom that I am the Lord their God. : Ver. 29. I have poured out my Spirit upon the House of Israel, saith the Lord God. ..

Chap. 47, ver, 1. Behold, Waters isued out from under the Threshold of the House eastward,

Ver. 7. On the Banks of the River were many Trees, on the one side and the other.

Ver.y. Every thing shall live whither the Waters come. Ånd, ver. 8, The Waters shall be healed in the Sea;

Ver. 11. But the miry and marsby places fhall not be healed.

Ver. 12. The Fruit of the Trees fhall be far meat, and the Leaf for medicine.

Note, The Water reprefents the Conversion of the Jeps, as our Saviour's Discourse in Samaria with the Woman signifies; the Fishers are the Apostles, or other Preachers; the Dead healed, the Jeps; the miry places, some Gentiles ; the Tree, the Plenty in a new Paradise in the Millen.

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nium. This Vision cannot be expounded literal-
ly, but is a Figure.. . ... . . .

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di Ifaiah, chap. 26. ver.21. The Lord cometh El out of his place to punish the Inhabitants of the

Earth. i

Chap. 27. In that day the Lord, with his a great and strong Sword, fall puniso Leviathan,

the piercing Serpent, and he will say the Dragon in the Sea. ...

Ija. chap. 59, ver. 19. When the Enemy hall come in like a Flood, the Lord will lift up

a Standard against him. : E Ver. 20. The Redeemer Mall come to Sion.

Ifai chap. 66. ver. 16. For by Fire and by his Sword will the Lord plead with all Fles, and the pain of the Lord fall be many.

Ver. 18. And I will gather all Nations and

Tongues and they shall come and see my Glory; 21. ver. 19, And they fall declare my Glory a

mong the Gentiles.

Ver. 24. And they mall go forth, and look upon the Carcases of the Men that have transgress'd against me. ..

*Note, This Chapter is a plain Prophesy concerning the Destruction of Gog. Ezekiel calls this time of Gog's Deftruction the Day spoken of, chap. 29, ver. 8; and. Gog is spoken of by the Prophet Ezekiel, chap. 38. ver. 17. : :

Ifa. cháp.66. ver: 23. All Flesh Ball come to worship before me. That is, both Fero's and Gentiles, who will be converted by the overthrow of Gog.


Zech. 12. ver. 2. Behold, I make Jerusalen a Cup of trembling unto all the People round about, when they shall be in the Siege both against Judah and Jerusalem. ::

Ver. 9. In that day I will seek to destroy all Nations that come against Jerusalem.

Ver. 1o. And I will pour on the House of David, and on the Inhabitants of Jerusalem, thn Spirit of Grace,' and of Supplication, and they shall look upon me whom they have pierc'd, pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only Son.

Note, This a plain description of the Appearance of Christ in the Air, to convert the Fenos, after he had destroy'd Gog.

Chap: 13. In that day I will cut off the Names of the Idols out of the Land, and I will cause the Prophets and unclean Spirit to pass out of the Land.

Note, All false Religion and false Prophets will then cease, and be asham'd of their Vifions, ver, 4. But Zechariah goes on with a new Vision, chap. 13. ver. 7. Awake, O Sword, against my Shepherd, and against the Man who is my Fellop (Citizen); Smite the Shepherd, and my Sheep fall be scatter'd.

Ver. 8. Two parts Mall be cut off, and die, but the third left therein.

Ver. 9. And I will bring the third part thro' the Fire, they shall call on my Name, and I will · hear them.

" Chap.

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