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pillag'd, and ravish'd the Citizens; the Emperor and Nobles were slain.

1400, the Empire of Trapezond was conquer'd, David the Emperor beheaded : And besides the two Empires, the Turks took from the Christians 12 Kingdoms, and conquer'd 200 Cities.

1481, Badjazet the second subdu'd the Caramanian Kingdom, part of Armenia, and drove the Venitian out of the Morea, and their part of Dalmatia.

1512, Selymus, Emperor after he had poyson'd his Father, conquer'd Syria, Palestine, Arabia, and the Mammalukes in Ægypt.

1520, Solyman the second, the Magnificent, surpriz'd Rhodes, Belgrade, Buda, with a great part of Hungary; Babylon, Allyria, Mesopotamia were conquer'd 'by him! He besieg’d Vienna, 1529, but was drove out of Germany again the first time ; and from this time the declination of the Turkish Empire may be reckond; for after the Reformation the Sibyls say no more of the Turkish Conquests, altho' since they have taken fome Countries,

1567, Selymus the second took from the Venetians, Cyprus; and from the Moors the Kingdoms of Tunis and Algiers.

1575, Amurath the third took from the · Persians, Armenia, Media, the City Taurus.

1595, Mahomet the third took Agria in Hungary.


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Annals of the Turks.
1603, Achmet was Emperor, and he made'
Peace with the Germans.

1618, Mustapha fucceeded.

1618, Osman was Emperor; he was unsuccessful in his War with Poland, and was lain by the Janizaries.

1623, Amurath the fourth recover'd Ba' bylon froni the Persians, 1638.

1640, Ibrahim was unsuccessful in his' Wars with the Venetians, and depos’d.

1648, Mahomet the fourth, whose Army was best at the Siege of Vienna 1683, he took Candia from the Venetians.

1687, Solyman the third lost Hungary, and some part of Sclavonia, Servia, Transylvania, Moldavia, Walachia.

1691, Achmet the second, he succeeded by the help of the French Faction.

1694, Mustapha the second succeeded; he concluded a Peace with the Christians at : Carlowitz, 1698.

1703, The Janizaries mutinied, and set up Achmet, who is the 24th Ottoman Emperor, and 14th King of Ægypt, Selymus being the first.

. I have here describ’d the Saracen and Turke kisla Empires, to shew the great Changes

they made in the Roman Empire, and the
Prophesies must therefore take notice of
them: The Fall of the Saracens is signified
by the Destruction in the Harvest and Vin-.
tage; the Fall of the Ottomans is describ'd
in the seven Vials.

tin Empires, the Roman e take noticeified


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1571, The Turks maritime Power sunk in the Battel of Lepanto, where the Christians took, burnt, and sunk 230 Ships; the Sea seem'd red with Blood, and since that time the Turks have never been considerable at Sea. I have been often of Opinion that this might be the second Vial; but we find

the Turkish Empire encreas'd till the Siege orks kill'd in and taking of Candia, anno 1669, since which, le Siege of it has declin'd at the late Siege of Vienna: india.

But the Sibyls reckon its declination from 10,—754

the Return of the Fews, when a Plague, fiery Showre, Famine, and Earthquakes will weaken the Empire of the Ottomans. The full description of the Fall of the Turkish Empire may be read in the fifth Book of the Oracles, which foretel great Changes in

the Ottoman Empire after the 15th King of ib. 8th of Ægypt. Selymus is the first, and the 14th ne Oracles. now reigns.

But the simu at the 101669,1

Some Enquiries after particular Histories,

to which fome Prophesies relate.

THE General Changes in the History of

1 the Roman Empire are very evident, but the Earthquakes, Inundations, and other Prodigies are lost, or will be difficultly retriev'd ; and a particular History of the Turkish Conquests in Asia minor is frequently refer'd to, in the third Book. I cannot find some Circumstances of them describ'd in the


comnion Histories of the Turks, the want of that will make the Prophesies more obscure, like the old fewish Prophesies, whose Histories are loft ; I must therefore refer the Reader to the Bizantine History, and Chalcocondylas, &c.

ENQUIRIES Book 2. When the Star appear'd like a Crown ? the Star at Christ's Birth, or the Pillar of Light, in Constantine’s Banner, represented with a Cross and Crown on the top. This is most probable, the Historians mention it.

· Book 3. When the Asiatic and Europaan,
Cities fell by Earthquakes, lasis, Cebre, Pana

When Tanais River left Mæotis.
Who the Erinnys in Sparta was.
Who the old Poet Chion was, who impu-
ted all Success to the Saints falsly.

What Sidonian King invaded Samos.

When the Earthquakes destroy'd the Armies in Cyprus.

When Trallis fell by an Earthquake, and the hot Spring broke forth.

When Samos built Royal Cities. When the Thracians were remov’d, ad alios ventos.

When Cyrnus and Sardo sunk in the Sea. Whether Carchedon is not mistaken for Chalcedon.

1. T z . Book

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Book 4. When the River Pyramus came to the Holy Island Cyprus; and when the Greeks fied from Bałtria.

Whether Pyramus was Ibrahim the second, a Caramanian King, for in Opfopaus’s Fragments 'tis said, de Cilicii autem adventu in Cyprum, fapientissima mulierum fic ad verbum dicit. Erit posteris quando Pyramus lat & unda littora perfundens, sacram in Cyprum veniet. • When the darkness happen'd in the time of the Medes, the Earth quaked then, and Isands rose.

Where and when the City in Sicily was drowned.

The 20 Years Famine in Ægypt.

Book 5. When Nile did overflow Agypt, and rose 16 Cubits.

What Poets describ'd the Miseries of Greece under the Conquests of the Turks.

When was the Burning of India and Æthiopia by the Sun. Where Lesbos on Eridanus is or was. Who Soës is. Who was the Lycurgus at Smyrna.

Book 7. When Cyprus suffer'd an Inundation, and Sicily the same.

Where Sardo Island was.

What part of the Alps is cover'd with Sand, which belongs to the Celtæ. .

Book 8. When Ægypt shall have 15 Kings.
Who Hilara will be.


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