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the Mountains, and God shall send a great King from Heaven, who shall destroy those wicked Armies by Fire and Sword.

Note, This is the final Deftruction of the Ter. kish Empire at Christ's coming, as La&antius says, on Christmas-Eve, when he shall come as Vltor and Rex.

The Signs of Christ coining are, Cadet pladins repente ex cælo : He fall descend with the Angels, and a Fire shall go before him, to destroy Antichrist ; Qui feipfum Christum mentietur, bellum fæpe renovabit, Sæpe vincetur, donec quarto prælio confe&tis omnibus impiis debellatus, captus: and all other Tyrants shall be brought to Christ, and he shall condemu theni to Torments; and all Image-worship shall be abolished.

After these things, the Dead shall rise who are Christians, but none of the Wicked till after the Millennium; and the Saints Shall reign over them who remain alive a thousand Years, with Christ on the Earth. All the Nations shall not be destroy'd, but be govern’d by the Saints after the Judgment. The Holy City shall be built, in which Christ Mall reign. The state of Paradise will return, and the Sun and Moon Mall shine niore gloriously, and the Earth be very fruitful; the Rocks shall sweat Homey, the small Rivers run with Wine, and the great with Milk ; [this is a symbolical defcription of Plenty] the Beasts shall not de

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Earth shall come to worship Christ.
vour one another, and the Kings of the

Note, All this La&antius collected from the Prophets of the Jews and Christians, as well as the Sibyls; but Antichrift not being come, he was confounded in the account of the two Beasts. Till Rome is destroy'd, the end of the World cannoc come, illa enim eft civitas que sustentat omnia,

After a thousand Years the Devil will be loosed, and tempt the Nations to besiege the holy City; then shall the last Anger of GOD destroy Men by an Earthquake, which shall throw down all Mountains, and Gities in Syria; the Sun standing still three Days, shall burn the Earth, and with Hail and Lightning all the Wicked Mall be sain, but the Righteous will only remain in the Earth ; and then for seven Years there will be Peace.

When the thousand Years are finished, the World will be renew'd, and Men become Angels; then shall the Unjust rise to eternal Punishment,(such are they that worship Images, or deny Christ) and shall be cast 'with the Devil into Hell-fire. Hæc eft doEtrina sanctorum prophetarum, quam Christiani sequuntur, hæc nostra sapientia. Abscondi tegig; mysterium quam fidelisime oportet, maxime à nobis.

Note, La&tantius calls this Doctrin the Do&trin of Christ, which was conceald, for fear of the Emperors, in symbolical figures. Whence Lactan



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ciers had these 5 Battel, and mhe Sibyls or Revenge

tius had these Traditions of Antichrist's reign int Syria, his fourth Battel, and many other circumftances, which are neither in the Sibyls or Revelations, I know not, unless from Hyst'aspis, whom he mentions to reject the Millennium. Lactantius says, 'ris to deny the Doctrin of the Prophets, and the Traditions of the Christians. In this order he has plac'd all Events.

The World must last Six thousand Years, the Destruction of the Roman Empire niult precede that of the World ; then Antichrist shall persecute Elias, and be destroy'd by the Coming of Christ: Then Christ shall judge them that are rais'd from the Dead, and after this he shall reign a thousand Years upon the Earth: When all Mankind shall be rais'd, the Good shall be made good Angels, and the Wicked punilh'd in eternal Fire, and the Earth shall be made new after its Conflagration.

Collections from St. Austin about the Mil

lennium, in his Book of the City of God.

Aint Auftin confesles, that he once beD liev'd the Millennium, but afterwards chang’d his Opinion, because he could not allow a carnal Paradise, such as some Hereticks asserted. He makes the first Resurrection only a Spiritual Regeneration, and the binding of the Devil, the Encrease of the Church.


Note, This cannot be so allegoriz’d, because the Church encreasd in the beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven, and not only at the end of the World. ..

The last peant Iniquity of the Withopricht is

He says, The thousand Years signifie Eternity; and the loosing the Devil, the Persecution of the Church, which is the Kingdom in which Christ will reign: The Seats placed for Judgment, are the Bishopricks ; the Beast, is the Society of the Wicked : By Death is meant Iniquity : Gog and Magog is the last Persecution by wicked Princes : The Holy City, is Christ's Church : By Fire consuming the Wicked, we understand the Zeal of Just Men: The Books open'd, are Mens Consciences: Antichrist, is wicked Men, whose Persecution shall last three Years and a half: And, that by him who withholdeth the appearance of Antichrist, is meant the Roman State. And he describes this Order of Events; First, Elias must come, the Fews will believe, Antichrist will persecute, Christ will judge, the Dead shall rise, the Good and Bad Tall be separated. the World shall burn and be renew'd.

Note, This Allegorical Interpretation contradicts Daniel's Vision, That Antichrift fhall rise after the division of the Roman Empire, and the Kingdom of the Saints shall succeed Antichrist's Destruction. Besides, hereby the whole Apocalypse is made useless, and all, the Prophesies are made insignificant Allegories, and no Historical Events are fignified by them,

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Collections out of Sulpitius Severus's

second Dialogue. THis Account St. Martin gave concern

I ing the End of the World, de fine seculi, That Nero and Antichrift should first come that Nero should reign in the West over the ten Kings; and, that he should persecute there, ut Idola gentium coli cogat : That Ano tichrist fiould possess the Eastern Empire ; and, that he should place the Seat and Head of his Empire at Jerufalem ; and, that he should repair the City and Temple ; and, that his Persecution should be such, ut Christum dominum cogat negari ; fe potius Christum effe confirmans, omnefq; fecundum legem circumcidi jubeat ; and, that Antichrist should destroy Nero, and conquer the World, and all Nations, till at last he shall be overthrown by the coming of Christ.

There's no doubt but Antichrist was por. sess’d with an evil Spirit in his Youth, and when a Man he got the Empire.

. Note, St. Martin was a Roman Saint, and by Nero in the West he plainly describes the Popes, who held the Western Kings in subjection ; and he set up the Worship of Images and Saints; he persecured the Eastern Emperors who oppos'd it, and afterwards the Weftern Reformers for the fame, from the 13th Century to this day. And since there has been no Persecution in the West, to force Men to Image-worship, but by the Popes, they must be this Nero, who flew his Mother, [i.e. part of tbe Chriftian Church.] By Nero, a succession of


he set up the Wester plainly deten Saint,

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