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Note, This seems to be Ogyges's Flood, in which time the Illand Delos 'rose out of the Waters. Ogyges was King of Thebes, in whose time this Deluge happen'd; it is reckond after Noab's 536 Years, and before Deucalion's many Years. Ogsges's Flood was 1796 Years before Christ. This is the first certain Fact in the History of Greece ; with this the Sibyl begins this Book, to hew the beginning of Idolatry,

· O Phrygia! thou shalt first appear above
the top of the Waters, and first deny God,
and turn to Impiety, and delight in other
Idols which are horrid, and will destroy
thee in future Ages.
(The Æthiopians are miferable, suffering
lamentable Pains; they shall be Nain with
the Sword, trembling in their Bodies.

Ægypt Mall be destroy'd by intestine Sedition, which is fruitful, and always ar bounds with Corn, which Nile inundates with its seven Streams; then Men shall suddenly cast out Apis from amongst them, as no God.

· Note, That Phrygia is accus'd as the Author of Idolatry, and in future Ages must suffer for it, as ir did in the Revolutions of all the Empires, and at last by the Turks ; the Æthiopians must be lain in Battel, chiefly by the Romans, and they were expeld thence by the Saracens, 647, who were conquer'd by the Turk. The Ægyptians cast forth Apis under the Christian Emperors; and this is some preceding Sedition.

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Alas for Laodicea! thou neither did ft.fee Rev.3, Laodices God at any time, and thou, being very con- wants nothing

boaits, that she fident, wilt speak fallly; the River of Lycus is advis'd to a

" noin her Eyes, shall lament thee.

that the may sec. :. The same Great God, who is begotten, who shall make many stars, and hang his. middle Axis in the Air, shall raise a great Column for Men, as a terrible Sight, being : enconipass’d by Fire, whose Sparks hall... destroy the wicked Generation of corrupt Men. There hall be a common King, Sar turn; and then Men shall entreat God, but they shall not put an end to their fad Lorses; but all things Mall be perform'd by the House of David, for God hath granted :: him to pofless a Throne; for all the Genii shall be subject to hini, both those who ap-.. pear in Fire, and those who appear in Rio vers, and they who preserve Cities, and *** they who send Winds, or give a troublesom Life to many Men, insinuating themselves into their Souls, and changing the Minds of Men. But when the Branch shall spring .from the Root new in appearance, he Mall dissolve the Creation, by which he gave abundant Nutriment to all things. And about this time more shall happen, . But when other Persians shall reign, who me are a Tribe of Warriours, there mall pre- Persians, or the

Toman in Cofroes, who goc fently be unlawful Marriages of Women in

11 many Barrels of their sinful Tribes; the Mother shall marry the Romuns. her own Son, and the Son be a Husband to his Mother; the Daughter lie with the Fa. ther, and cause him to sleep after this Bar, .


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ha The Payt bian

" barian Pra&tice : But after these, the Roman

Armies shall be famous in many Battels, and

thed hoinan Blood in many countries; and Artaxerxes re. then the Italian Prince shall fiy, being con cover'd Perfia from the Perihi quer'd in Battels, and leave on the Ground ans and Romans. his Arnis adorn'd with Gold as he fled, and He ver: Severu6;. his Succeffor “they shall ever after suffer (Desolation) the Şapores cook. Ví. Sign of Necessity. Then Mall be a time he worsted core when llium, being always wicked and noiseSientiu.

rably unfortunate, hall taste of more Funerals than Marriages; then the Nymphs shall bewail grievously, because they knew 11ột God, but delighted in the Noise of

Drums and other sounding Instruments. Colophon is Ionis O Colophon! do thou consult the Oracle, on the River Fayltrus.

ve for a terrible Fire hangs over thee. Amur ath the ad. 0 Thessaly unfortunate to the Nymphs, conquer’d Thef, the Earth shall not see thee any niore, nor faly, 1432, and the vinetians thy Ashes, for thou alone shalt fly and swim who defended it away from Epirus: O miserable Land! thou fied away by Sea from The Jaloe shalt fall by the swift Rivers, and by the nica.

Sword. An. 1454, the ; 0 miserable Corinthy thou shalt be en: Palaologi (Thor mas and Deme-compass’d by the fame War, and you shall War with the

rein destroy one another. Albanians, and on ca!l'd in Mahoo Note, That after the Roman Holy War in the met, who con- Cart here Misforrnnes querid Pelopon East, thele Misfortunes will befal llias and Cola Refus, ann. 146c. phon, Cities in Afia and Theffaly, and Corintb in

Greece. These Wars shall be from the Turks, who conquer'd these places, as well as Tyre ; and Celo-Phænicia suffer d by the fame. The Nymph's fied from Epirus when the Turks conquer'd it by Sea; and there were intestine Diffenfions betwixt the Princes before the Turks cook Corinth: So

this Book contains fome of those Histories men-
rion'd in the third and fourth Books, and must be
interpreted by them. The Delage describ'd in an Allegorical
the beginning represents the Tartars Invasion in Interpretation

of this Book.
the East; and Noah's, the Turks coming into À-
Jia, because he is said, like another Nosh, to escape
it alone, and fugiens venit, which is the usual De. -
fcription of him.' And then follows the Deftru.
ction of Phrygia by him. And the Æthiopians are
the Arabian Saracens, whom the Turk conquer'd
first in Syria, and afterwards in Ægype; and Lam
dicea was taken by them. Christ's Punishment of
the Eastern Nations is represented by che Pillar
encompass’d with Fire, that thence be may destroy
the Wicked And this Power God gave him, and
the Pillar as a Throne. The other Persians may
be the Turks, or Tártars,' who learnt the inceftu.
ouš Marriages from the Persians." Then the Roo
mans oppos’d the Turks in the Holy War, and their
Blood was spilt in every Country, and they filed,
being conquer'd. 9 Afrer this War, the Ottomans
raisid their Kingdom, and conquer'd Ilium, Colore
phone Thrfaly, and Corinth, 1,

391W song 11: L .;;. 11. ☺

04Tyre! how many things fhalt thod
alone Tuffer, who art the Country of Righ-
teous. Men? O Asyrian Cælo-Phænicia bën
ingformerly poffefs'd by honourable Men,
over-against which lies the tempestuous
Jonian Seas, O thou miserable! thon knew-
eft not thy God; whom the Spirit washed
in Fordan three times, and refted upon him
a long time ; who was formerly made a
Lord, by the Word of his Father, and by
the pure Spirit to govern both the Earth,
and Ştarry Heavens... But he took a Body,


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and swiftly afcended into Heaven; but the great Heavens made three great Towers for him, in which the good Mothers of God now inhabit [the Patriarchal Churches in the East] hope; a desirable Piety, and Religi. on, not rejoycing in Silver and Gold, but in the Worhipers, and their Şacrifices, the Hearts of the most just. Thou shalt fàcrifice to the inmortaligrçat God, who is suspream, not pieces of Frankincense melted iby Fire, neither Malt thou slay with a knife a rough-haird Lamb; but with all those who are of the same Blood with thee, thou Thält take wild Birds, and (praying) send them with thy Eyes fix'd upward to Heaven, and thou shalt sprinkle Water on the pure Fire, speaking such things: “O Fa$6 ther, who hast begot thee, the Word ! 66 O Father! I have sent the Bird, a swift 6. Messenger of my Prayers : 0 Word of 66 God! sprinkld in thy Baptism with pure " Water, thou wilt not put the Door when " any Stranger shall come, being in want, 56 to be deliver'd from Fanine and Pover46 ty, but receive him, and sprinkle the - Head of this Man with water. And, praying, thrice speak such things to your God; “I do not love Riches; when I was

. Poor, I receiv'd the Poor : 0 Father! 46 the Governour in all Places, hear me , 5. And he will give to thee Praying; and then the Man will answer, “ Do not afflict

me, who am a holy Worshipper of God,

just, pure, free, and a chosen Offspring : bis


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