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les: He shall judge all, and perswade theni who are Enemies : He shall commend the laudable Stock of his Heavenly Father : He shall appease the Sea, and free Men from their Diseases: He shall raise the Dead, and drive away all great Pains; and from one piece of Bread many shall be fed, when the House of David shall produce a Brancho In his Hands is all the World, the Earth, and Heavens, and Sea : He shall shine again on the Earth, (at his second coming) such as they two law him at first, when they came out of one another's Sides. There shall be a time when the Earth shall rejoice in the Hope of David's Son (in the Millennium.) - 0 Land of Sodom! great Mischiefs remain for thee alone, for thou being perverse, didīt not know thy God, but wast deceiv'd by Mortal Imagination ; but thou crowned It him with a Crown of Thorns, and didft mix bitter Gall for the greater abuse; therefore, the Spirit shall contrive many Mischiefs for thee. .. : * O the happy Wood on which God was extended! the Earth shall not keep thee, but thou shalt see the Heavenly Places, when the new fiery Countenance of God shall appear like Lightning.

Note, This Book is quoted by Lactantius and Sozomen, who says, ipi Gentiles fatentur hoc elle Sibylle carmen, o Lignum fælix! &c. And Lađantius mentions this Complaint against Judæa. If chese Prophecies had been writ in prophetic Sym

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bols, bols, the Gentiles would never have understood 'em ; nor could they convioce 'em when they. came to pass : But the Jews, being us'd to Symbois, would more easily understand those sort of Expressions, which are very obfcure to us, who live in the West. The Jewista Prophets were read in their Synagogues, and there explain'd: And in the Revelations all the Symbolical Expressions are borrow'd from the old Prophets. It was necessary that the Prophecies concerning Chrift should be more clearly given to the Gentiles than the Jews, because 'tis the only Knowledg they had of Chrift; but the Jews had many Prophecies concerning him: Besides, this Prophecy was' obfçure to the Gentiles till Chriftian Religion was preach'd amongst them, and then they found it plainly in their Oracles: And the Christians appeald to them, to prove the great Articles of their Religion. But Galleus is offended, because so many Circumitances of Christ's Baptism in Jordan, and his Miracles, are mention'd. Is this a greater Circumstance than the Place of Chrift's Birth, and his Birth of a Virgin, the cafting Lots on his Garinent, and the thirty Pieces of Silver ? But I may affirin, that it pleas'd God to deliver Pro phecies to the Gentiles more plainly than co the Fews; as appears by the Maii, who found out the Time and Place of Christ's Birth, they being directed by some Prophecy to follow the Star that would lead them to Christ. And this Prophecy the Jews were ignoráni of ; neither could they by any Prophecy tell the exact Time and Place of his Birth, as the Gentile Magi did. And this is a sufficient Answer to our angry Commentator, that God mould inspire Pagan Women, majori Prophes tiæ dono, than the Jewish Prophets. But I have quored cwo Witneffes against him for the Divini. . : ::: 7 tavaszi

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cy of these Oracles, Lactantius and Sozomen, who fay also the Gentiles do not deny it. This ought to caution Galleus from ascribing them to fome Impostor, without naming any Person, or quoring any Author, to prove that any one believ'd them to be Impoftures in the first Centuries, when they were first quoted.

The Persica Sibylla wrote of Christ as God, in the 120th Olyinpiad, and he was born in the 194ch Olympiad : I therefore conjecture that this Book was writ by her. "

Because the Sibyl mentions the Names of Cicies where great. Calamities will happen, they seem more easie to be understood than the Revela. tions ; but it may be obsery'd, that many old Ciţies and Temples are long since "destroy'd, and then the old City must represent the People of that Country, and the Heathen Temple the Turkish Moschs, or Idolatrous Temples for Saints

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The CONTENTS Delos must be destroy'd by a Widow, Cyprus de.

stroy'd by the Sea, Sicily burnt by its own Fire, Water Mall destroy all, after which mall follow

another Age. Phrygia is the first place inhabited, and the first

which offended by Idolatry. The Æthiopians Mall

become miserable, and their Bodies slain. Ægypt soall be ruin'd by a Civil Dissension, and

then reje&t Apis. Laodicea fall be burnt, A Pillar encompafs'd

with Fire to destroy the Wicked, God gives a Throne to the House of David, and fube

jeits all Ages to him." The Persian small reign, and introduce Sodomy; the

Roman shall med much Blood, but at last be overcome. Ilias Moall not rejoice in her Musical InStruments, but in Funerai Lamentations. Colophon Mall be burnt, Thessaly unfortunate to her

Nymphs, for the Earth foall never see them again, * nor their Albes, but they swim away by Sea, and

leave the most fordid Prey to their Enemies, Christ is describd as baptiz'd in Jordan, tho he

was a Prince before the World, by his Father's Word, and the Holy Ghost ; be delights not in San


crifices, Frankincense, Silver, and Gold, but in

Piety, Hope, Religious Worship, Charity, and · Prayers. The Mand Sardo pall be burnt, and found no more.

The Maritime Towns in Mygdonia mui fall by a ** hot Wind. Some part of Gallia, near the Alps, fhall be cover'd

with Sånd. Rome fall be deftroy'd when it thinks it self most

strong and glorious, Syria salt be unhappy, and Thebes perish in War,

and all the Land destroy'd, and all the World ,' burnt. THOU shalt be the first of Cities, o

1 Delos! the first Widow of Men hall destroy thee, who is altogether unpleasant in her Diet. O Delos! thou shalt swim; ard halt he unstable in the Waters.

Note, This relates to the Story of Delos rais'd The Birth

• Apollo, a & above Water to receive Latona, who was there will

e tile God, in deliver'd of Apollo.

- bos.

- Cyprus ! the Waves of the Sea which Thc Inunda is married to thee, hall overflow thee. the Purning

* in Cyprus, O Sicily! the Fire which burns in thee shall Sicily are

ciun'd in th consume thee; neither canst thou evade the Book of Or: horrible and hated Waters, which God will send.

A certain Noah, of all Men, Mall escape Oures Delu them; the Earth Mall swim, and the Mountains swim, and the Air swim; all things shall be cover'd by Water, and destroy'd by the same; but the Winds Inall cease, and another Age shall come.


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