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which was join'd together with fit Joints near the Mast, and seeing a great quantity of Water every where, Noah thought he beheld Death in every place, and was afraid, and his Heart palpitated much : Then the Air being a little mov'd, ( for it had for many days water'd the whole Earth ) and then die viding, the great fiery Globe of Heaven ap. pear'd, weary, of a pale bloody colour.

Noah had scarce Courage; and then he fent A Raven. a black Bird abroad, that he might know

whether the Earth appear'd in its firmness; but she having fled about every where, return'd: Nor did the Water cease, but fill'd all places : But he resting some Days, fent again the black Dove, that he might know whether the Deluge ceased; but the flying up and down, Aed away: She descended on the Earth, and having a little rested her Body on the wet Earth, after that return’d to Noah, bringing a Branch of an Olive-tree, a great sign of good News: Then all took Courage and rejoic’d, because they hop'd to see the Earth. And then presently he sent forth another black winged Bird, and the confiding in her Wings, fled freely, and remain'd in the Earth: Then Noah' knew that the Earth was very near. But when the divine Building had swam here and there upon the violent swelling Waves of the Sea, it came and stuck fast on a fmall Bank.

There is in the Continents of Black Phrygia a very high and great Mountain, callid Arde xat, because Mankind should be sav'd upon it


uilding has very near.hen Noah and

froni the Deluge; on this their great Desire was accomplish'd, the Ark rested on the high Head of this Hill, when the Waters ceafed. From this Hill the Channels of the great River Marsyas arise. .

Then again the Voice of the Great God ery'd out from Heaven in such Words : O Noah! prefero'd from Danger, faithful and just, come forth boldly, with thy Wife, Sons, and three Daughters, and fill the whole Earth; en=' crease and multiply, delivering my juft Laws to one-another, and to all succeeding Generations, fill all Mankind come to the Day of Judgment, far there shall be a Judgment upon all Men. So the Divine Voice spoke.

Noah confiding in God, went out upon the Earth as from his Chamber, and his Sons with hini, and his Wife, and their Wives, and the creeping Creatures, and Birds, and all the Kinds of four-footed and wild Beasts, and all together went out of the wooden House into one place; and Noah, the eighth Person, the most Just of all Men, went out, having continued in the Waters, by the counsel of the Great God, twice twenty, and one Day more. - Hence 'rose a new Generation of Men, the The golden

Age after first Golden Age, which is call'd the sixth, the Flood; and the best since Mankind was made : It is the Sixth

: Geoeracall’d the Heavenly, because God took parti- tion. cular care of the first Stock of the sixth Generation. ( the great Joy that I had when Iescap'd the great Destruction, when niy Husband with me, and his Brothers, and


Father, and Mother, and their Daughterscin-law, suffer'd much by being long toss'd by the Flood!

Note, Thar this Account of the Deluge differs in some Circumstances from that in Genesis; for the Sibyl says Noah staid in the Ark 41 Days, but Mofes, a Year. Thence I may infer, that this Account of the Deluge was neither writ by a few nor a Christian; therefore this Account was the Gentiles Tradition, and from their Eastern Histories in Chaldæa, or Asia minor : for all Nations believ'd the Flood and Noah's Ark, but they believ'd it rested in Phrya gia; and they call'd all the Mountains from Armenia to Tanais, Ararat. This Hiftory of the Flood is callid Noah durch, and the Gentiles might probaz bly sing it, as they us’d to do Homer's Verses; and by such Songs they us'd to preserve the memory of famous Transactions, as Moses did by his Song. The Sibyl here declares herself to be one of Noah's Daughters-in-law, by a Poetical Fiction to repres sent the Joy of the Women after their escape from the Flood.

Note, That Fosephus makes seven Generations before the Flood.

A farther Now I will praise that Age, in which there

ripcion shall be great fertility in Flowers and Fruits, pithe Gola sa jen Age. and Saturn Mall reign, and divide his King

dom. For three nagnanimous Kings, righteous Men, shall divide their Kingdoms into three parts, and rcign a long time, and deliver just Laws to Men who labour'd much, and industriously pursu'd commendable Works; and then the Earth shall of itself produce its Fruits joyfully.

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A Generation mall foot forth many Branches one upon another, and the Parents shall continue young a long time, without malignant Fevers, which have hot and cold Paroxysms; they Mall die as it were in a Sleep, and they shall go into the Houses of Hades, where Acheron is, and there they fall be honour'd, because they are the Generation of the Blessed : And they are happy Men to whom the God of Sabaoth gives a good Understanding, and to whom he communicates his Counsels; these are the Happy, and shall be so when they are dead.

Then shall arise the second Generation of the Gene. terrestrial Men, great and horrid, the Titans, ration of having the sanie Figure, Greatness, Nature, in the reSpecies, and the same Language which God venth Age. before gave to the first Generation of Men: but these will be of a very proud Temper, and undertake desperate Projects for the procu-' ring their own Destruction, by fighting a- . gainst Heaven; and then the great Ocean This is owill make an Inundation thro’ the fury of the sees his Waves; but the great God of Sabaoth being which angry, shall forbid and restrain it, that no an Inunda

tion of the Deluge should conie again on wicked Men). Sea. But when God by his Anger shall cause the infinite Tuinor of the Water, and its Inundations upon divers places to cease, and Limits are set to the deep Seas by Ports and rough Shores, the great God, who causes Thunder, shall set Bounds to the Sea in every place.


but the lake delph Deltrithen the che fury being whistung

Note, That this Sibyl having finish'd the Hiftory of the Flood, immediately subjoins the Hiftory of our Saviour ; but the Hiftory of the Titans and Monarchies is supply'd in the Third Book, which seems to be abruptly broken off from this place, where it mentions Babel. · Note, In this Description after the Flood there's no mention of the Rainbow, nor the Permission of esting Flesh, nor Noah's Sacrifice; from whence I

infer, that this Tradition was nor from Sem's PorteSee Gene- rity, but Japhet's Abraham had his Traditions fis. from Sem, for all his Laws, Statutes, and Precepts,

Religious and Civil. And by these Oracles it appears, that the same were convey'd by all the Sons of Noah to their Postericy i witness this, Fustitiam tradent natis natorum : Therefore I conclude, this Tradition of the Flood and Ark, and a second Inundation on the Titans, was presery'd in the Histories of Japhet's Posterity.

Christ's · Then the Son of the Great God inall come Birth and amongst Men, being cloath'd with Flesh, beName.

ing like mortal Men on the Earth; his Name

shall have four Vowels and two Consonants I-10

8 which are double, and I will declare and in5-200 terpret what Number may be made by the

- 70 Numeral Lerters in that Nanie : First, there j-400 are 8 Monads or Units, as many Tens, and 5–200 Eight hundred; in all 888.


Note, That if 888 be deducted from the vulgar Year 3947; when Chrift was born, there will remain 3059, about which time the Sibyls might write; and then was the time of the Jewish Prophecs under the Allyrian Monarchy. And by this computation Christ was to come after 888 Years. Thus


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