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Temple, built in Rome, which was built by the Saints, and long preserv'd; and this is represented as destroy'd by wicked Men. And a reform'd Itate of Worship is represented by those who praise God in no obscure Land; and they have no Images, nor Ornaments of Gold to deceive Souls, but worship God, the Father of all Saints, who were only inspir'd Men. This third state of the Roman Church represents the Reformation. 1.1

· But now an ignoble and impure King is The ruining of come (into Italy), and has destroy'd this Turn Duro

: Reme by some City, and spoild the Structure with a great t'he Turks are

callid Inpure niultitude, and famous Men. He died when in

ring by che sia he invaded that excellent Land; and there byts. never was such a Wonder amongit Men, to see Strangers destroy this great City, Babe

Note, This is the last Destruction of Roone, by some Pyrare Turks, who Niall surprize and burn it. The fame History is mention'd in the Eigh:fi Book. This King is call'd spearsis, and there fore must be some inferiour Prince; and he is, t. callid zoajio, by wliich the Mahometans are describ'd. Finn

** :


: The Bleffed Man is come from the higli Christ com:inig Heavens, having His Sceptre in His Handscam

Millennium, which God gave Him, and gloriously go and builds Nico verns all; and He restores to all good Men Ferufalem. the Riches which Men formerly took from them; and He has destroy'd all Cities with Fire, to their very Foundations, and burnt all Nations of Men;" who were guilty of evil Works; but He hath made the City which God loves morc fplendid than the


Sun, and Stars, and the Moon, and hath adorn'd it, and made a Holy Temple, subftantial, large, and beautiful, and rais'd a Tower great and large, upon many Stadia, as if it touch'd the Clouds, and visible to all, that all holy and just Men may see the Glory of the invisible God; a desirable Spectacle! the East and West shall sing in Hymns the Praise of God; for there thall not be any terrible Evils to miserable Mortals; no Adulteries, nor detestable Sodomy, nor Murder, nor Sedition, but all shall strive for Virtue and Righteousness. The last tinies Thall belong to the Saints; for God Almighty determines them so to be, who is the Builder of the great Teniple.

Note, Thar Chrift's Reign is here describ?d after the Fall of Rome, and then he builds the New

Ferufalem. babylon's Alas for thee, O Babylon! who fittest on

thy golden Thronę and golden Footstool, an ancient Queen, who alone didst command the World, a City formerly great and fanious! thou shalt no longer remain on the golden Mountains, by the Waters of Euphrates, thou shalt be thrown down in the time of Earthquakes. The cruel Parthians help'd thee to conquer all. 0 impure City I stop thy Mouth, thou Gene.. ration of the Chaldeans ; neither be sollicitous, nor ask how you shall govern Perfia, or how to conquer the Medes, for, he that


'desir'd thy Empire, for which he hath · Hostages, sent to Rome those who serv'd

as Soldiers in Afia; therefore thou, who art a wife Queen, salt have the same Judge ment as the Athenians, for whom thou did pay a Ransom; and thou wilt suffer severely from thy Enemies for the perverse Words thou hast given them.

Note, That Babylon will fall by an Earthquake, as the Angel with the sevench Vial declares in the Revelations. She formerly was the Seat of the Babylonish Empire, and at last fell into the Turks Hands. The Parthian Kings were made by the Romans in the Time of Augustus, but they foon revolted from the Romans : Tiridates was set over them by Tiberius, and the Romans kept some HoItages at Rome. Trajan conquer'd Babylon, Anna 115. This ought to be carefully obferv'd, thas Rome was destroy'd before Babylon, and the Sibyls never call Rome, Babylon.

The Sea shall be dry in the last Tinies, No Sea or Ida

Rov. 16. and Ships shall not fail into Italy; then“ great Asia, which is very fruitful, mall be cover'd by Water, and Crete shall be a Field, and Cyprus hall suffer much damage, and Paphos Thall suffer' a terrible Fate, which may make it wife; and the great City Salamis shall suffer great Calamity, and the Land shall be barren on the Shore again, and a great number of Caterpillars shall destroy the Land of Cyprus ; and Men who shall look upon Tyre shall weep.


s Note, This is the Account in the Revelations, chap. 16, ver. 20, all Ilands filed away, and the Mountains were not fourd, and this immediately follows the Fall of Babylon, both in the Revelations and Oracles.

:: O Phænicia? "great Wrath is resery'd for thee, till thou fall, that the Sirenes may truly lament thy Ruin. There shall be in the fifth Generation, when the Destruction of Ægypt shall cease, when the shameless King Thall mix with one another Generations of all People, who shall settle them in

Ægypt : And there shall be a War in Macedonia, Asia, and Lycia, which will perplex the World, and be very bloody, and burn all to Ashes, which the King of Rome and the Western Princes ihall cause to cease. :

Note, That this Destruction of Phænició must be in the Macedonian War, and in that of Asia and Lycia.

re Hail in When the Winter Blasts shall bring niuch V, 19, or the Snor vafion of the · Snow, the great River being froze up, and

the cront River Itars. the great Fenns, presently a barbarous Peo

ple hall come into Afia, and destroy the terrible Stock of the Thracians, now easily destroy'd: The melancholy Mortals shall eat their Ancestors, being tormented by Hunger, and swallow greedily such Meats; and every House will yield a Table to all wild Beasts; and the Birds shall eat all Men; and the Sea shall be fill'd with the Wicked, from the Rivers in which the


bloody Bodies swim, as well as the Blood of foolish Men. Then there will be such a little City upon the Earth, that the number of Men and Women may be easily reckon'd.

Note, This must be an Invasion of the Tartars, near Thrace, in a hard Winter, coming over the River Danube and the Fens of Meotis. This is like the second Vial, where the Sea is turn'd into Blood; but I refer it to the last Destruction of them before the Millennium.

The miserable Generation in the Western

* In Rev.21, cherc ern Countries will lament infinitely, for was no more fear the remaining part of the Ocean should sea. not return to wash them with its Waters; for it saw the impure Wickedness of many Men: A palpable Darkness shall cover the whole Heaven, and a thick Fogg the Valleys of the Earth ; but the Light of God shall lead good Men, who have prais'd him.

Noto, The Seas lie most on the West, and they will become dry at the End of the World, · and a Darkness fall fall on the Wicked, but the

Good fall enjoy a divine Light, who praised

O Isis, the unfortunate Goddess ! thou shalt continue at the Waters of Nile alone, mad and raging upon the Sands of Acheron, and thou shalt no more be remember'd thro? all the Earth. And you, Serapis, plac'd on

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