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he new all the Men, and deftroy'd all their Riches.

so that miserable Men had but the third part left. [This Verse is misplacid in the Oracles, and ought to be here.]

And a King was sent from God against them, and he shall come from the West, with a swift Sail, or Leap, who shall waste all the Land, and make it defolate.

Note, That Rex Cifli Missus is a Western Prince in the Holy War; Citrim is the Western Parts; fo the Ships are said to come from thence.

But when the (Saracen) Prince of Ægypt, shall be the strongest, it shall cause a fiameful Fear; he shall come to destroy the blesfed City, and then a strong King shall be sent from God, who shall say all the great Kings, and the most famous Commanders, and then the utter Ruin of Men shall foló low.

Note, This is a Description of Saladin's Conquest of the Christians, and of his taking Ferul de tem from them, Anno 1199. After it had been held

by many of them 89 Years, Saladin curn'd the Temples Foundations into a Mosch, and made Stables of the rest, only the Temple of the Sepulchre was redeem'd by the Christians. This is the fulfilling of that Prophecy concerning Antichrift sitting in the Temple of God. This last divine King is Haolan the Tartar, who new the Sultan at Damascus; and this Tartar was a Chriftian.


Alas for thee; O timerous Heart! why dost thou move me to declare the troublesome Government of Ægypt under many Princes ?

Note, This is the Saracen Caliphs, and after them, the Turks, from 1163, till 1245, when the Mammalukes poffefsid it, whom the Turk Selymus conquer'd, Anno 1517.

Turn to the East, to the foolish Nation of the Persians, and shew them those things that were before, and those things which are to come.

The Water of the River Euphrates shall The Invalion or make an Inundation, which mall destroy the Turks in

Perfia and Afic Perfia and Iberia, and Babylon, the Maffagetęs (Scythians) lovers of War, and all with their Arrows; all Asia shall be burnt and consum'd, as far as the Isands; and Pergai mos, formerly very famous, shall be cut down as a Branch ; and all Pitane shall appear a great Wilderness to all Men, and Lesbos shall sink into the deep bottom of the Sea, and seem to perish ; and Smyrna fhall Smyrna was fo weep, rolling down from its, Precipices, the Hills ; after and perish, tho’ formerly famous, and of its suffering b great Reputation. The Bithynians shall manke arba weep for their burnt Country, and for rebuilt on the great Syria; and Phænicia, abounding in Hills Trees:

bottom of the

Note, That by the Inundation of Eupbrates

; the Invasion of the Turks in Perfia and Alja is res,



presented. The Turks came first from Tartary into Armenia major, now callid Turcomannia, Anno 844, thence they were call'd by the Sultan of the Saracens to his Affiftance; and afterwards Tangrolopix, Anno 1030, conquer'd Persia. Anno 1075, the Turks having conquer'd the Caliph, of Babylon, came into Syria, and ir was agreed betwixt them and Axan, the Turkish Sultan in Persia, that Melec and Ducat should have Aleppo and Damascus, and what they could conquer from the Saracens in Syria. Cutlumuses, another of the Turkish Generals, conquer'd Cilicia, Media, Aro menia, Cappadocia, Pontus, Bithynia in Asia minor : And to these Conquests this Prophecy evidently belongs.

Euphrates is the great River of Mefopotamia : Iberia is Northward of Armenia major. Iberia is now Georgia. Pergamos is a City in Mysia; Pitane a City in Eolia, in Asia minor, or in Mysia major, near the Coasts of the Ægean Sea. Lefbos is an Isand in the Ægean Sea. Bithynia is a Country in Asia minor, over-against Thrace.

Alas for thee, O Lycia! how many Mischiefs are contriv'd for thee! He shall afcend amongit thy mniserable People, who Mall freely admit him into their Country: How shalt thou weep with bitter Rie vers of Tears, for this Invasion, or Earthquake ? Lycia ihall be without Ointments, who formerly us'd much; and Phrygia suffer a grievos Vengeance, because of the Mourning, for which Jupiter's Mother Rhea went thither, and remain'd there. He shall deItroy Pontus, whose Inhabitants are a Generation which came from Mount Taurus, and a barbarous Nation.



Note: This Destruction will befal Phrygia for its, ancient Idolatry of Rhea and Jupiter ; and afterwards the Christians worship'd Saints, and the Virgin Mary. Rbea was callid Dea Phrygia, and the Mother of Jupiter. Lycia is a Country in Afia minor, famous for Ointments. Pontus is a Country in Afia minor, near on the North to the Euxine Sea, and has Thrace on the West, and Bosphorus. All these were conquer'd by Cutlunujes and his Succeffors, when they came into Asia


And the Lapitha he shall utterly destroy; and Thessaly shall be destroy'd by the Inundation of Peneus, which is a deep River, and fall destroy the Figures of Beasts from the Earth.


Note, Thar the Lapithe are a People in Thessaly, which is a part of Macedonia; Amurath, Anno 1386, pofsefs'd many Places in Macedonia and Theffaly

. This is the Inundation of Pencus, a River on the North of Theraly: The Inundation of this River made Deucalion's Flood. And now this Inundation represents the Turks Invasion of Greece, and the Destruction of the small Kingdoms, which are call’d wild Beasts. The Beast is the Empire, in the propherick Stile. Bonifacius was made King of Theffaly; 1210 ; there was then a King in Epirus, and others in Peleponnesus, and the Venetians had much of Greece, which the Turk took from them. I

Eridanus (the River Po in Italy) is said to heget the Figures of wild Beasts at that time.

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Note, Many Princes at this time were set up by the Pope, and many small States are callà wild Beasts; and the Emperor made many free States.

And two or three Poets Wall describe the Miseries of Greece, under the Turkish Tyranny.

When the great King of great Rome (the Pope) a God-like Man from Italy shall invade the Neck of Isthmus, whom, they say, Jupiter begot himself, (that is, Christ's Vicar,) and honourable Juno, (that is, he was elected by the Church,) he shall destroy many (the Reformers) with their miserable Mother (the Church.)

Note, That the Pope is here call'd the great King of Rome, because of his temporal Power and Dominions there; the Emperors were then drove out of Italy, and could not be the great King, there. The Pope set up the several Kingdoms of Naples; the Norman Line he prefer'd, Anno II 25, the German in 1198, the French in 1261, and he niade them his Tributaries. The Papal Kingdom came to a grear Power in the Time of Gregory the 7th, Anno 1073, when he excommunicated Henry IV, the German Emperor, for meddling with the Investitures. Anno 1159, Alexander III. excommunicated Frederic the Emperor, and set his Foor on his Neck. Thus the Spiritual Tyranny at Rome began at the same time the Turkish Empire was set up in the East.


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