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there then soall be many Princes in Ægypt, (that

jg the Turks fall fupplant the Saracen Caliph, · and the Mammalukes the Turks). By the Inun

dation of Nile, these several Invasions are deScribd, The Inundation of Euphrates Mall deStroy Persia; the Iberi, Babylon; the Massagetæ, and all Aga, to Pergamus, Pirane, Lesbos, Smyrna, Bithynia, Syria, Phænicia, Lycia, Phrygia, Pontus; and this is Tangrolopix, who settid in Persia; and Cutlumuses, who was the Head of the Túrks, who settld in Anatolia; and anether Branch poleß'd Syria, Phænicia, viz. Ducas

and Meleck. The Inundation of Peneus vitt destroy Theffaly,

(this is the Turks Invasion of Europe.) Eridanus, (the Po in Italy ) will produce many

forms of wild Beafts, many Small States in Italy) at the time the great King of Rome invades the Isthmus, (that is, the Pope invades Naples, and

sets up many successive Princes there.). ' Tben a horrible King foall the from Babylon (this is · Meleck and Ducas, who set up the Syrian King

dom, and took Jerusalem,) or the Ottomans, who deffroy'd Conftantinople.

:'. When the Comet floall appear in the great Year, a

great Star soall come from the North, (Haolan

The Tartar) be mall burn Pontus and Babylon: * Then Civil Wars will make Italy a Defart. Then Ægypt will suffer, when the Men of Barca, who were in fordid Vestures, like Slaves, soall

put on a white Garment ; [the Mammalukes were " - Slaves, and possess'd Ægypt] then Libya will · Suffer much Injury, and Cyrene, in the Holy War. The French and English will stain the Sea with i their Blood, because they injurd the Defign of the .Holy War, by taking their Armies from thence, .. upon some Differences betwixt 'em. The Disputes --: in Italy ( betwixt the Pope and Emperor) will ..occafion the Naughter of the Christians in the East,

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* by diverting their Arms. The Eartb poal bo

burnt in Æthiopia and India. Corinth must be conquer'd, (by the Turk, who is like · Nero) and be will break thro' the Wall built on

the Is bmw. All Men Dill be affrighted when they remember the great City (Constantinople.) And Mahomer the Great is callid a great Mij. chief to Mankind. ; Now will the Sibyl declare what is to

happen in our Days. When Persia Mall be in Peace, the Nation of the · Jews Mall revive, who will inhabit the boly City,

which foall be encompassd with Walls as far as Joppa ; and these ball prosper in all plenty, but the Wicked Noall bide themselves till the World s chang'd: And a Showre of Fire foall fall from

Heaven on their Enemies. The next Calamities fall be Earthquakes in Afia,

Sardis, Trallis, Laodicea, and Ephesus : Greas Mischiefs fall befal Caria, Lydia, Ionia ; sbe Wicked Mall be hain by Thunder, and Smyrna and Cuma cast down : Lesbos, Corcyra, Hiera, muft fall; Tripoly and Miletus Mall be destroy'd by Thunder : In Thrace the Wall, baving the Sea on each side, mall be destroy'd. Toe Ålsyrians fall invade Hellespont, and overcome Thrace; 'and the King of Ægypt sball invade Macedonia; And there hall be a Civil War in Pisidia, beswixe the Lydians, Galacians, and Pamphylians. Icaly pall become a Defart ; a great Darkness fall bappen, and they ball bear much Thunder. An Eastern Prince jball make a deceitful War toe wards the end of tbe Moon, (that is, the Turkilla

Empire) be all destroy all, and be destroy'd." Wars fall arise in Macedonia, and obey Mcall fend

for Aid from obe West, (obis War Mall be in the Winter) sbon Fire and Storms from Heaven Mall destroy all the Kings, and to the miserable War will end, After all these things, Rome must be destroyd for its Wickednefjes ; tbe Popes are calld Malegnéta, and the City luxurious. The Capital was destroy'd at the same time that Vefpafian deffroy'd the Temple : but non an ignoble Prince mall ascend into Italy, and destroy Rome, and 'twill be a great Wonder bome Strangers could destroy so great a City, :,: .

. Cbrist jall come and burn all Cities, and build new

Jerusalem, and then will be the last times, in

which the Saints must reign. Babylon shall fall by an Earthquakes then will.all

Waters be dry'd up in the West, and the East suffer an Inundation. Crete, Cyprus, Paphos, Salamina, pall Suffer great Calamities, and Tyre also : Phænicia mall be destroy'd in the fifth Generation. When the Miseries of Ægypt Mall

cease, many wicked Kings Mall be mix'd in it, . and all Nations poffeß it. And in Macedonia,

Lycia, and Afia there will be a deftru&tive War, * very, bloody, which the Roman Kings and Western - Prince's will cause to cease. Then a barbarous Nation (the Tartars) mall como

over. the frozen Rivers, and invade Alia, and des stroy the Thracians, (the Turks; so the Cossacks invaded them, ann, 1616.) then shall be a great

Darknes, but a Light shall be to the Fust. The Idolatry in Ægypt Mall be destroy'd; and under

the Name of Ilis and Serapis, the Turks Wore Moip of the black Stone at Mecca, and their Alco

ran, and the Christian Idolatry, is defcribd; and ", then there will be erected in Ægypt a Christian

pure Church, which the Æthiopians, who will fetą. ile in Ægypt, will destroy. Then God will de stroy the Æthiopians, and the World will be burnt. After the fighting of the Stars, they fall fall, and consume all things,


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DUT now I will describe the fad Times

D of the famous Latins, who rofe first after the successive Kings of Ægypt were all dead and buried, and after the Citizen of Pella, [Alexander), who conquerid all the East, and the rich West, whom Babylox coni futed, and prov'd to be defcended' from Philip, and not from Jupiter Anmon, as Fame reported.: M SCI, · Note, That Pella is a Ciry in Macedoxia, where Alexandes was born; he died at Babylan : which provęs him to be the Son of Philip, and not of Fua piter. Or else this relates to Aridæus, the Brother of Alexander, who was callà Philip from his Fa. cher; and by the Vulgar he was made Governour of Babylon, after the Death of Alexandet, :..

Afterwards the Generation of Afaracus fhall reign, (of Æneas's Blood) who poco fefs'd Troy, and divided the Fury of it's Fire. After many Kings, and Men delighting in Wars, and after the Children who were

Twins fed by the Beaft; ( Romulus and Remus, fed by a Wolf ) there shall be the first King, [Fulius Cefax] the first * Letter of* K fignises 20. whose Name signifies twice ten, and he the Room shall conquer many Countries; and the peroars to do Letter will have the firft fignification of a drian. Denarius. The next Prince that reigns will have the first Letter of the Alphabet : Thrace shall fubmit to him thro' Fear, and Sicily and Memphis, which will be destroy'd thro' the Vices of their Governours, and of

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a Woman who would not bear Subje&tion, but cast her self into the Waters. He will give Laws to the People, and conquer all, [Auguftus conquer'd Anthony and Cleopatra] and after a long time he will deliver the Kingdom to another, the first Letter of whose Name signifies 300, and he shall have the beloved Name of a River, (Tiber.) He fhall reign over the Persians and Babylon, and shall have War with the Medes. (The Persians, ever since Augustus's Days, receiv'd their Parthian Kings from the Romans. ] Then he shall reign who hath the Number of three (Gaius); and afterwards he shall be King whose first Letter signifies twice ten (Claudius,) and he shall go to the extream parts of the Sea, and subject those Tides to the Romans. [ Claudius conquer'd Britain and the Orcades.] Then he whose first Letter signifies so thall be Emperour; he shall be a cruel Serpent, Author of a great War, who shall murder his Mother entreating his Mercy, and shall trouble all things by his Gymnastic Exercises, by kil. ling the People, and infinite Enterprizes: He fhall attempt to cut the Isthmus at Coo rinth, and level Mount Athos, (Nero began the Fewish War by Vespasian; be ftrove in the Olympics with Fidlers, Tragedians, &c. Athos is a Hill in Mygdonia] but he shall be utterly destroy'd. Afterwards he shall return, equalling himself to God, but God shall make him know himself to be but a Man. The three Kings after him fall destroy one


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