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The PAROCHIAL TRACTS, complete in 7 vols., 12mo.

strongly bound in cloth. Price 288.

At the suggestion of many influential Clergymen, wbo were desirous of getting into circulation Tracts of a better kind than those usually distributed, Mr. PARKER h:.s been induced to undertake the PUBLICATION of a SERIES, suited to the various wants of a parish, which he hopes will be found to meet the views of the Parochial Clergy generally.

Tho Parochial Tracts have been issued under the direction of the Editor of the “TRACTS for the CHRISTIAN SEASONS,” and are principally by the same writers.

Having now completed the series of Parochial Tracts, Mr. Parker begs to inform the Clergy that he keeps in stock a constant supply of each separate Tract.

They may be purchased either separately, or for distribution in shilling packets, containing froin 6 to 33 copies of a Tract, according to its length. The Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and Ten Com

mandments. No.

No. 209. J. Thou shalt have none other Gods 215. IX. Thou shalt not bear False Wit. but Me. 33 for Is.

ness against thy Neighbour. 33 for Is. 210. 11. Thou shalt not make to thyself 72. Truth and Falsehood. 9 for ls, any Graven Image. 33 for 18.

216. X. Thou shalt pot Covet. 33 for Is. 211. III. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain. 33 for ls.

THE CREEDS. 131. Swear not at all. 33 for 1s.

5. IV. How to spend the Lord's Day. 1. Exposition of the Apostles' Creed. 12 for 1s.

6 for ls. 130. Where were you last Sunday! 16 186. Questions and Answers on the Athafor Is.

nasian Creed. 12 for 1s. 212. V. Honor thy Father and Mother. 134. Letter from a Clergyman on the 33 for ls.

Athanasian Creed. 6 for 1s. 166. Vi. Thou shalt do no Murder. 16 for ls.

THE LORD'S PRAYER. 213. VII. Thou shalt not commit Adultery. 33 for Is.

176. The Lord's Prayer. 16 for 1s. 214. VIII. Thou shalt not Steal. 83 154. A Scripture Paraphrase on the Lord's for Is.

l'rayer. 16 for Is. The Two Sacraments. BAPTISM.

THE LORD'S SUPPER. 200. THE BAPTISMAL SERVICE for 76 Plain Speaking to Non-CommuniInfants explained. 6 for Is.

cants. 12 for ls. 220. Holy Baptism. G for Is.

106. One Word more to almost Christ120. Friendly Words on Infant Baptism. ians, on the Lord's Supper. 16 for 1s. 9 for Is.

77. The Lord's Supper the Christian's 175. Questions about Baptism answered Privilege. 16 for 1s. out of Holy Scripture. 12 for Is.

189. Have you ceased to Communicate! 56. Registration and Baptism. 12 for Is. 12 for 1s. 185. Why should there be God-Parents. 133. Am I fit to receive the Lord's Sup16 for ls.

per? 16 for ls. 102. Choice of God-Parents. 33 for ls. 196. Have you Communicated since your 103. Advice to God-Parents. 16 for 1s.

Confirmation ! 12 for 1s. 169. Who shouid be Sponsors. 33 for 1s. 192. A Persuasive to frequent Commu

nion 12 far le

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Ofices &C., do.

115. Duties of the Married State. 12


explained. 9 for 1s
28. Questions for Confirmation.


205 SERVICE FOR THE VISITASeries. 9 for Is.

TION OF THE SICK explained. 6 29. Ditto. Second Series. 9 for 1s.

for 1s. 30. Preparation for Confirmation. 16 for Is.

123. THE CHURCHING SERVICE 100. A Few Words before Confirmation. explained for Women about to be 16 for is

Churched. 9 for 1s. 91. Hints for the Day of Confirmation. 2. Friendly Words after Churching. 33 for ls.

12 for 1s 158. Catechisti: on Confirmation. 12 for ls.

54. THE COMMINATION SERVICE 27. A Few Woris after Confirmation.

explained. 12 for 1s. 9 for 1s. MARRIAGE.


plained. 6 for 18 plained. 6 for 1s.

46. Thoughts about Burials. 12 for 1s. 114 Are you going to be Married ? 16

for ls.

The Church and Church Service. 13. Bc in time for Church. 16 for 1s. | 137. A word to the Deaf about coming to 25. “No things to go in." 16 for 1s.

Church. 33 for Is. 207 The Gate of the Lord's House, or 71. Church, or Market. 16 for 1s.

Counsels for Christian Worshippers, and 65 Beauty of Churches. 16 for 1s.

Devotions to be used in Church. 6 for Is. 153. Doors, or Open Seats. 9 for Is. 108. What do we go to Church for! 9 47. Plain Hints to Bell-Ringers. 16 for Is.

for Is. 20. How to behave in Church. 16 for 1s. 113. Church Choirs. 16 for Is. 181. Conduct in Church. 12 for ls.

150. Plain Hints to a Parish Clerk. 16 67. On saying Responses in Church. 16 for ls. for Is.

151. Plain Hints to Sextons. 33 for 18. 68. Do you sing in Church ! 16 for 1s. 179. Plain Hints to an Overseer or Guar. 145. Daily Common Prayer. 12 for 1s. dian of the Poor. 33 for ls. 3. Do you ever Pray? 33 for Is.

199. Plain Hints to a Church warden. 12 51. No Kneeling, no Praying. 12 for Is. for Is.



For Penitents. 167. Devotions for Penitents. 12 for 1s. 191. Tracts for Female Penitents. 161. Comfort to the Penitent. 16 for Is. IV. 6 for ls. 127. Tracts for Female Penitents. Part 198. Tracts for Female Penitents. 1. 16 for 1s.

V. 6 for ls. 128. Tracts for Female Penitents. Part 203. Tracts for Female Penitents. II. 12 for Is.

VI. I for Is. 182. Tracts for Female Penitents. Part

II. 6 for 16.


Cottagers' Series, 1. The Cottage Pig Stye. 6 for 1s. 13. Who Pays the Poor-rate. O for 1s. 2. Keeping Poultry no Loss. 6 for Is. 86. Mrs. Morton's Walk. 6 for Is. 3. Mrs. Martin's Bee hive 6 for Is. 148. Two-pence for the Clothing Club 4. The Honest Widow. 6 for ls.

16 for 1s. 5. The Village Shop. 6 for 1s.

159. The Widower. 6 for 18.


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Per. 1419.d


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